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Monday, February 15, 2021

Dear Friend Todd Doherty,

I am in receipt of your recent political pamphlet which arrived in my mailbox and I thank you for contacting your constituents regarding what you correctly state is “the biggest crisis we’ve faced in modern times.” 

If I may I would add to your assertion my own sentiment that this “COVID-19 pandemic” could be the greatest attack upon human life, liberty and freedom that the world has ever experienced depending on the outcome which, alas, still remains a mystery.

On Page 2 of your 4 page pamphlet the banner boldly states, “CONSERVATIVES ARE STANDING UP FOR CANADIANS”. Such a declaration Todd can only imply that the other political parties are failing to do so and you then go on to explain what the Conservative Party of Canada would do to address this “crisis” were the CPC, rather than the present Liberal government, the ruling party.

Space won’t allow me the opportunity to comment on all of your initiatives shown on Page 2 that are designed to support Canadians so instead I would like to focus on the 5 Questions that you pose to your constituents on Page 3 which we are asked to check off with either a “Yes” or a “No” or an “Unsure” and then send to you in Ottawa “postage and envelope” free.

Given the nature of the “crisis” that Canada and the rest of the world are currently facing I won’t mince my words but be as blunt as possible.

Question #1 asks whether you, Todd, have your priorities right and in reply I must state that as an individual and as my voice in Ottawa, you have, with one exception back in 2016, been one of the most hard-working MP’s that have ever represented the North Cariboo in all the years that I have lived here which now measure over half a century.

As an Editor and Publisher and a regular citizen who has observed the machinations of governments on all levels my observations of your ongoing efforts to implement positive, socially sensible legislation throughout your terms in office have all been laudable but (and there’s always a ‘but’ it seems in the wacky world of politics) in terms of the clear and present danger now being posed by the “COVID-19 pandemic” I find myself hard-pressed to find much agreement with your party’s efforts to address the fundamental issues that are now at stake as a result of this sudden, startling and for so many citizens, terrifying threat to our common safety and collective welfare.

You state in your pamphlet “COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic in March” [of 2020] but you fail to identify WHO it was that issued such an alarming declaration; one that struck the flint creating a spark that has set the world aflame with fear, anxiety, misery, poverty and suffering for common people everywhere and most importantly has done irreparable damage insofar as it has divided families everywhere.

I’m certain Todd that you are fully aware of the reality (at this stage of the media game) that we now have two diametrically opposed systems of communication that have arisen since the advent of the Internet – one traditionally known as the Mainstream Media or the MSM, the other the Alternative Media or what’s now become accepted as the “Social Media” where, in essence, the people rather than the mega-corporate media giants have a growing and influential voice in the affairs of our nation.

As a result of this present state of global communications the people are increasingly becoming aware of the fact that the MSM is not an independent, impartial platform but, on the contrary, is a mega-media mechanism designed to inculcate the propaganda which the large corporate entities and the global elite billionaires want the common people to believe and accept as the only truth in town. And that Todd is the crux of the whole issue and the source of all our nation’s and every other nation’s angst when it comes to dealing with this current man-made “crisis”.

In your second question to your constituents you ask if “Canada’s Conservatives are on the right track by calling for a vaccine plan?” and here again I and many others who have been following this massive event over the past year on the Alternative/Social Media are, in turn, asking you and every other government around the world to STOP and give your heads a shake and start asking yourselves the same question we the people are asking which is: Why Vaccinate People Against A “Virus” That’s Never Been Scientifically Isolated and Identified And, To Date, No Reliable Test Exists That Will Identify It?

Surely you are also aware Todd of the increasingly draconian measures being taken by all of the Mainstream Internet Platforms to censor, silence and de-platform all of the Scientists, Doctors and Medical Professionals around the world who are adamantly opposed to the Mainstream narrative that our Federal government and other governments have swallowed hook, line and sinker since International organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) first endorsed and openly declared to the world that such a dire threat actually was a proven FACT. No one questioned whether the WHO was, in actuality, funded by the same billionaire entrepreneurs that are pushing governments around the world to purchase THEIR patented vaccines nor were governments telling the people that these same billionaire vaccine pushers were also immune to any legal responsibility for their products should they prove to be ineffective or result in causing deleterious side effects upon those being subjected to such solutions to the alleged dangers of said crisis.

The lockstep manner in which all the governments suddenly implemented the lockdowns, the social distancing and the enforced wearing of masks belies the commonly held belief that such reactionary moves on the part of our political leaders were too quickly implemented without any forethought as to what the actual repercussions might be for the citizens of those nations thus affected by such hurried arbitrary decisions. As a result we’re now seeing the effects of government decisions that, in retrospect, should never have happened and Canada, like all the other countries thus affected, has unknowingly become entrapped by these international entities and is now left with a monumental mess that has brought us only torment, agony, misery and death due to suicides and false diagnoses and treatments that might never have been imagined only a year ago.

Being self-employed and also a Senior Citizen I’m not personally worried about whether my “job” might be impacted this year as your third question asked but I’m positive that any working stiff must fret about this constantly.

MP Todd Doherty in discussions with Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole

As for your fourth question concerning your leader Erin O’Toole and whether he’s “on the right track by standing up for entrepreneurs, workers and families” again I can only reiterate what I’ve already stated and that is the Conservative Party of Canada MUST cease from participating in this globally induced madness which the billionaires have created in order to deceive the world and at the same time fulfil their own heinous agenda of profiting off their admitted intention to radically reduce the world’s population by millions in order to satisfy their own psychotic delusions of world dominance and the destruction of all nation-states.

Your final question asking for feedback on whether I “agree that the Trudeau Liberals have failed to provide Canadians with certainty, clarity and competence during the pandemic?” can only be answered in the negative.

In closing Todd I would remind you of another time in history when a crisis occurred that threatened to have dire affects up a great nation. I refer back to the year 1776 when the American War of Independence was underway and the Colonial forces under General George Washington were suffering greatly from lack of arms and financial support and things appeared dark and bleak. It was then that the great American Patriot Thomas Paine first penned a series of articles that became known as The Crisis Papers. Washington’s army was half-naked and starving and many of his soldiers had only rags to wrap around their feet for protection during the winter months when Paine began writing to inspire the dejected men with his patriotic words. His opening paragraph summed up the times then and they still stand today for those who would resist governments that want to control and restrict the inherent rights and freedoms of their constituents. He wrote:

“These are time that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”

May you and your party’s efforts to end the current crisis that now afflicts all Canadians prove to be as efficacious as the words of Thomas Paine.


Arthur Topham

Cottonwood, B.C.

A Concerned Citizen and a Loyal Canadian Patriot


BCC: to multiple recipients on Alternative and Social media sites.

PS. Please add my address to your mailing list Todd. Much appreciated.

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