On Saturday, March 20th, 2021 a WORLD WIDE RALLY FOR FREEDOM is scheduled to take place and QUESNEL, BC is joining in to show its support for the International fight for Freedom.

This event is scheduled to start at 12:00 PM in LeBourdais Park and everyone is encouraged to come and support this global struggle to end the lockdowns and the enforced masking and testing and vaccinating of the general public all of which is based on questionable science and an ongoing campaign of fear and misinformation that’s been running rampant throughout the Mainstream Media (msm) since the start of 2020.

Unlike a growing body of Doctors and Health Care Practitioners and Scientists around the world who are speaking out against all of these draconian measures, politicians and the msm are pushing harder and harder to maintain their control of the general population via their 24/7 propaganda machines such as TV and Radio and Newspapers and Magazines.

The local Quesnel Rally is being organized by a loose-knit group of volunteers who are working hard to provide a public venue for people to gather in solidarity. A place where they can celebrate their personal freedoms and share their thoughts and ideas (and hugs and laughter) with each other. Plans thus far include providing an Open Mike for citizens to share their views and also for musicians and other artists and poets to express themselves.

Anyone interested in helping out with the preparations necessary or wishing to speak or sing are asked to contact the Rally organizers Tamara Morneau and Tami Viktil at the following email addresses:

Tamara Morneau tamaramorneau@hotmail.com

Tami Viktil tamiv70@gmail.com

This is the first event of its kind to take place in Quesnel and its hoped that people will do their best to attend. Please bring signs and cell phones for videoing if you wish and anything else that you might want to share with your friends and neighbour. The event is being Live-Streamed around the world so if there is someone local who has the wherewithal to do some Live-Streaming please let the Organizers know asap.

The grounds may still be covered with a coating of snow so lawn chairs are also recommended. Even though March 20th is Spring Equinox the temperatures could be cool so dress appropriately.


Please share the URL to this article with your friends and family and let’s all try our best to make this a peaceful and joyful and informative event.

P.S. The image of the gold pan is large enough that it could be easily downloaded and used to make 81/2×11 posters to put up in your local area.

For any other information feel free to contact the Editor of The Quesnel Cariboo Sentinel as the following address:

EditorQCS editorqcs@nym.hush.com

Your feedback is appreciated.