Information Package – The Truth about SARS-CoV-2 /n Covid-19

Editor’s Note: The following is presented as an Open Letter to any and all government officials who are pushing the Lockdowns and Masking and fake vaccines on the people of British Columbia. The information is contained in a 24 Page PDF which I’m planning to post here so readers can download it.

Open Letter: We, as concerned residents of British Columbia are serving you this package which addresses specific topics and questions. It sources international evidence-based material by well-respected scholars and professionals including leading scientific experts in the fields of virology, biochemistry, immunology, occupational health, medicine, journalism and economics. Censorship may attempt to silence, but it does not negate their presence or their opinions. We request you thoroughly review the documentation and personally raise the included list of influential questions with your superiors and colleagues. 

As citizens of B.C., we require that you adopt an accurate and honest approach to addressing that which is referred to as the COVID 19 Pandemic. It is our belief that our rights and freedoms to such fundamentals as freedom of speech, peaceful assembly, the right to employment, and access to health care have been infringed upon under false pretences. 

The government-imposed restrictions are in response to a supposedly “voracious” virus that is claimed to be causing abnormally high mortality amongst Canadians. However, the emerging evidence, as outlined in the attached information package, does not support these government claims regarding the SARS-CoV-2 virus and Covid-19 illness. With a demonstrated lack of virulence and disease burden due to SARS-CoV-2, these restrictions are in direct contravention of the Rights enshrined in the Canadian Constitution. This government has, and is, imposing mandates that are in non-compliance with the Criminal Code of Canada and directly raises the issue of malfeasance and terrorism. 

Censorship has become commonplace. With a top-down approach, most governments globally are following a strict narrative, confabulated by corporations such as The World Health Organization (WHO) and The Centres for Disease Control (CDC) and promulgated by mainstream media. Opposing thoughts or opinions are being silenced. 

Further, the restrictions imposed have not protected, but are harming, the most vulnerable in society. Concurrently, not only have our elderly died alone, the unfounded mandates have put other individuals at greater risk; suicide, drug overdose, domestic violence, and loss of life due to an inability to receive effective and timely health care which are worldwide issues, worsened with the “lockdown”. 

In addition, the economy has been brought to the edge of collapse. Could this be a desired outcome of the Covid-19 manipulation, to further the World Economic Forum’s global agenda for an economic and societal reset? 

Where is democracy? Why are opposing viewpoints that stimulate critical thought and analysis, along with cross-curricular resources, being censored? Why are professionals being interrogated, disciplined, and disenfranchised when not in alliance with the main stream view? 

We ask you to consider your own position and actions. There are serious effects on individuals and communities when you support the “lockdown”. Following your consideration of the enclosed material, we request that when asked, you answer questions regarding your position on these topics in a manner that demonstrates transparency and includes the data on which you based your decisions. There remain many unanswered questions from community members and business owners that share concerns about the lack of transparency from our officials. 

We would remind you, being informed and acting accordingly, is a requirement of your responsibilities of office. 

Please be in touch with our local point of contact (listed below) with any questions, and we will do our best to answer them.

Concerned Citizens of the Cariboo region of British Columbia.

Your feedback is appreciated.