Vancouver Super Spreader Event March 20, 2021

By Gordon S. Watson

The rally put on by the Liberty Club was a good effort.  Not quite as many folks as previously. Very important that we showed up to align ourselves with millions of other folks at rallies in cities and towns … large and small … all around the world.

When I arrived at 11:30 am a light rain was falling, so I was pessimistic.   But the drizzle quit and the public square filled up … there were at least 400 warm bodies by 12:30 pm. Not more than a couple wearing the muzzle … everyone else breathing freely … delighted to be in the company of like minds.  I left early but photos posted taken later in the day show a crowd of around 1000.

It grated on me that the mistress of ceremonies spent time + energy, talking about how the lame-stream media treat our GATHERINGS. I strongly dis-agree with her pandering to them, stating that ‘we are not anti-maskers. We are not anti-vaxxers’. Oh, but we are. And we ought not apologize. This lady is going to learn the lesson we learnt the hard way,  ‘way back in the anti-abortion thing; you cannot grovel low enough to please the Adversary. In the rough-and-tumble of politics, it is MOST important to have the measure of your enemy. The directing mind of the conspirators who have brought about the God damned Lockdown, is wicked to its core. Their hirelings – so called “legacy media” – are only propaganda outfalls. So treat them accordingly.

A year ago,  40 dissident voices were raised at Vancouver City Hall against the Lockdown. If we’ve learned anything since, it’s that the SARS 2 Covid19 thing is the greatest medical mal-practice in history … essentially  using statistics of the annual incidence of influenza, rebranded as a cover story while the US dollar goes off the scale and off the rails. People like Provincial Medical Officer Henry, Premier John Horgan, cabinet Ministers Dix and Farnworth cannot be ignorant of the evidence that the thing is a blatant HOAX. From feedback at our bi-weekly protest in Victoria, I guess that an honest poll would reveal the majority of British Columbians don’t believe them.

My attendance at rallies in Vancouver, Victoria and Duncan has given me a sense of where the movement is heading. The NDPers are venal, but they’re not stupid. They most certainly are paying attention to this populist movement. Premier Horgan, Ministers Dix, Farnworth et al. are getting off easy so far. Horgan’s come-uppance will come when the recall campaign puts the evidence of his criminality in front of voters in his riding. 

The mouthpiece of Horgan and his ilk – Professor David Suzuki – took the lead vilifying us with his letter denouncing the End the Lockdown movement, as “white supremacist Klu Klu Klansmen”. Laughable, yes, but he really did say that.  

What I saw yesterday was focus being blurred of what originated as authentic single-issue populism … misled toward the pet project of Suzuki’s gang of un-apologetic communists, i.e de-colon-ization. As the 3rd speaker declared that the ground we were standing on is Indian Land, my suspicions were confirmed. She then addressed a prayer to Gitchee Manitou …. (the name of some spirit being?) who is no god at all to me and to Christians. After which the lady sang a religious song in her aboriginal language. I’d had my fill. I ‘got off the bus’. I walked away.    

A couple of weeks ago, Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson convened a Christian worship service on the steps of the Vancouver Law courts.  All was going well with about 100 sympathizers singing and praying as speakers exhorted the congregation. Along came a ragtag bunch of Native Indians, drumming and hollering, attempting to disrupt this religious meeting. Which just happens to be a criminal offence, per section 176 of the Criminal Code. They were quite obnoxious, loudly going on about “stolen land”.  Intimidating congregants, almost pushing over the loudspeakers set up for the meeting. Fortunately, a Vancouver Police officer standing by stepped in and put the aboriginals in their place. Pastor Art Pawlowski grew up under communism in Poland. He is a physically intimidating man. Story is, before he was saved, he was one bad ass there. Deeply insulted, he bellowed in his best street preacher voice “We are lions. We will not be silenced by hyenas!”

About as politically-incorrect as it gets. A word fitly-spoken, indeed! the hyenas left with their tails between their legs.

The genesis of the  End the Lockdown movement was authentic spontaneous assembling of people who are righteously indignant against profound in-competence in government. Even that much would be to give the   NDPers  more of the benefit of the doubt than they deserve. I don’t believe Horgan, et al are that stupid. Given half an hour, I could explain that what they’ve done is Treason; that some of them know they are complicit in crimes against humanity.   

I think that some of those who hold … or are close to … the reins of power, know that what’s going on is wrong. Fear hath torment. They are terrified that when they’re found out, the mob will turn on them. A hint of which, was when a dozen climate change fanatics / Extinction Rebellion showing up at Premier Horgan’s home a year ago February. What made Donkey-Bonnie Henry tremble in the CBC interview, was, NOT our band of persistent peaceful protesters. Rather, she worries that some loner who’s  reached the very end of his patience with her wickedness, will lash out, randomly.  Like what happened 2 years ago when an office worker was murdered right there in the porch of the Ministry of Health building. Bonnie Henry and the NDP MLAs should be afraid. But not of us. In reality, our dissident voices are a safety-valve for the resentment felt by the silent majority despising her confederation of dunces. 

Above photo is of scene of our protest on the boulevard outside the Ministry of Health

Doc. Bonnie better take counsel concerning legal responsibility in her personal capacity, for being part of the directing mind perpetrating this evil Covid FRAUD. The class action lawsuit now being put together by Rainer Fulmilch is the sound of a distant army on the march. There is no stopping an idea whose time has come. The “hall pass” the NDP wrote for themselves last summer … ostensibly waiving ALL right to sue for any and everything re Covid * … will come back to haunt them …  illegal in the first instance. What it demonstrates, is witting connivance to evade their sworn duty.

* Except gross negligence. I look forward to discussing that with a judge when my Claim against Cdn Tire employees – arising from KronaMadness – gets before Small claims court.

Last week we got the ruling of chief Justice Hinkson, re: the Petition brought by churches challenging the Order prohibiting them from congregating. It is so bad it’s ridiculous. But we are not laughing under the consequences of this utter perversion of Justice. People whose right to associate with each was outlawed. Carefully and as humbly as possible, they bundled-up their complaint then put it in front of someone whose job it is to do something about it. To his eternal dis-credit,  the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia shat on them.  

What astonished us courthouse hounds about that case, was that the Legal Services Branch – representing Provincial Medical Officer Henry – didn’t bother to put in any affidavits to buttress its position! At that level of government, you cannot be that stupid. Out of the mouth of govt. lawyer Gareth Morley came the excuse “She was too busy”. I am not making this up.

The crux of the constitutional challenge was to the ‘reasonable-ness’ of the particular diktat, re: how many people could associate inside a church building at one time.    Rather than get at it, Hinkson J. took Judicial Notice of saint Bonnie’s opinion that ‘there is a world wide pandemic underway.’ Then he launched-in to his Reasons,  tapdancing all ‘round the issue with a ream of legal-ese.  No evidence whatsoever to support that opinion … he deferred to surmise-upon-surmise-upon-computer models which proved over the year to be dead wrong. See how that works? Circular reasoning right out of Alice Through the Looking Glass: “Words will mean what I say they mean”.  

What went on was one of the most obvious charades we’ve ever seen. The fix was in and the judge was in on the fix. But so what, eh?  The Lockdown is officially pronounced as interfering with charter rights, “yes,  but such interference is ‘reasonable’” sez he. Lewis Carroll’s cartoon Cheshire cat smirks down from its branch in the thickets of the law.

The capper to the exercise being, Head Witch Bonnie spinning her non-sense now “allowing” outdoor protests!  The bright lights atop the Ministry of Health realized that thousands of people at our super spreader EVENTS all over the province were embarrassing her anyway.  So they papered-over genuine civil disobedience as though it was their idea all along!

But I am not cast down. I have great faith in our God to look after us. The energy of true Americans will not be strangled by these antichrists who think they rule over us. 

Gordon S Watson

Justice Critic

Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians

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