Breaking News RCMP Ticket Quesnel Rally Organizer

Breaking News RCMP Ticket Quesnel Rally Organizer


Arthur Topham

QCS Reporter

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

At 12:30 PM today (Tuesday, March 23, 2021) I received word from Tamara Morneau, co-Organizer for the Quesnel World Wide Rally for Freedom that the two RCMP officers who had approached her and myself prior to the start of the Rally finally appeared on her doorstep around 11:30 AM. 

They didn’t identify themselves or show her their badges just handed her a ticket. One cop told her that she might remember them from when they were talking to me at the park and had asked her what her name was. Of course they had their faces covered with black masks all the time so it was a rather ignorant thing for them to say. Every male cop looks the same behind their black mask.

Count (1) of the DESCRIPTION OF OFFENCE(S) readS: “ORGANIZE OR HOST NON-COMPLIANT EVENT”. It was issued under the “Emergency Program Act” Section 4(1). The Ticketed Amount read $2300.00. 

Wow! I thought to myself, only $2300.00 for a young mother with little children. How gracious of those who came up with this Orwellian piece of pseudo legislation. 

Here we had a wonderful gathering out in the fresh air of LeBourdais Park where people listened and voiced their concerns about all the draconian measures being taken to control people and destroy businesses and kill off the elderly in our society and the dedicated, courageous women who worked so hard to provide this venue are now rewarded for their community-minded efforts with a ticket for $2300.00.

One can only be outraged by such a cruel and tyrannical act of deliberate malfeasance on the part of the Provincial government, its politicians and the judicial system that countenance such irrational and unjust laws. 

There’s more people sitting around the bar mask-less in the Cariboo Hotel partying it up on a Saturday night than what we saw gathered in LeBourdais Park for the World Wide Rally for Freedom Saturday, March 20, 2021.  The logic of it all is inescapably absurd yet the Crown’s flatfoot minions trudge about,  likely at the behest of the Mayor of the city, searching for some innocent victim to sacrifice on the alter of the Covid-19 madness that’s tearing the fabric of the world to shreds day by day.

It’s time to call all these “representatives” of the people and demand that they do something to end this monumental mockery of our human rights. Time to write the local rag in town and voice your opinion and let these misguided misfits who are allowing this travesty to go on and on and on. 

Write your MLA and your MP and your Mayor & Council, your Premier and PM, your Observer Editor and tell them what you think of this ridiculous and unfair attack on Tamara Morneau.

Here’s a list save it and USE it:

MLA- Cariboo North Coralee Oakes

MP-Cariboo North Todd Doherty

NDP Premier John Horgan

Bonnie Henry

Adrian Dix

Mike Farnworth

Justin Trudeau

Mayor Bob Simpson

Councillor Ron Paull

Councillor Laurey-Anne Roodenburg

Councillor Martin Runge

Councillor Mitch Vik

Councillor Tony Goulet

Councillor Scott Elliot

Cassidy Dankochik

Editor Cariboo Observer

Your feedback is appreciated.