1000 pages of real EVIDENCE versus a handful of nothing


Gordon S. Watson

In its debriefing re: the ruling against the Petition brought by the churches, and others, to do with the Order outlawing congregation, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) states:

The Justice Centre provided the Court with over 1000 pages of expert evidence, including sworn testimony from an experienced and credentialed Epidemiologist and former Chief Provincial Medical Officer of Health, as well as from an Infectious Disease Specialist.

I was not aware of that. The lame-stream media sure didn’t breathe a word about it. What used to be called the “news media” are nothing but propaganda outfalls for the Central Party Line. Medical Health Officer Bonnie Henry ought to have been laughed out of court for her excuse that she was “too busy” to put in any evidence at all !

I find it hard to believe that such calibre of EVIDENCE as was compiled by the JCCF was simply ignored. You have to wonder if the Chief Justice even read it.   It is of utmost importance in an appeal … which will focus on REASON-able=ness.

It is crucial that this material be made available to British Columbians so we have the facts with which we can make up our own minds. 

Most likely, all that “paperwork”  will have been filed electronically. Which makes me wonder IF it’s actually on paper, somewhere in what we used to call “the real world”.

I shall go over to Vancouver Law Courts in the next couple of weeks and check it out.

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