Letters to the Editor

Date: April 12, 2021

Re: Nano-minerals are the silver bullet against viruses and bacteria.  Hundreds of Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies and multiple drug-level clinical trials on mineral supplements are now revealed at colloidalsolutions dot net. Lets make Truth accessible, not suppressed.

Dear Editor,

I am a retired Public Health physician and former federal scientist with the Health Protection Branch in Ottawa. Since retiring, I have devoted the last 25 years in my nanotechnology lab, researching the antimicrobial benefits and safety of nano-minerals  such as Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Silver and Gold.

As a retired public health physician (M.B.Ch.B 1964), I feel it is my duty to remind colleagues about the successful, safe use, over thousands of years, of silver, zinc and copper against infections of all kinds and to uncover hundreds or recent studies which I have read and collected. My 25 years of nanotechnology research now indicate that in order to pass the blood-brain and other organ barriers, these charged nanoparticles must be smaller than 20 nanometres and carry an effective Zeta Potential.

With patients and health professionals now dying due to the current pandemic, it is unhelpful that mainstream search engines and governing bodies have limited access to such natural self-help information and references in order to prevent public and professionals from knowing the truth. Vested interests can derive no income from these natural safe un-patentable remedies which are superior to mainstream pharmaceuticals.   Our governments and medical authorities are running a domestic terrorism campaign to destroy all treatments that might offer hope against Covid-19, clearing the way for high-profit vaccines and on-patent prescription drugs. To do this, they are criminalizing and arresting anyone who dares promote alternative treatments. There are now hundreds of research articles validating the broad-spectrum antimicrobial and antiviral efficacy and safety of nano-minerals, which I have collected at  www.colloidalsolutions.net 

Thank you in advance for promoting awareness and protection for all of us. Feel free to phone me any time.   Let me know if I can help you with any questions. I can offer, for clinical trials, free colloidal samples having the smallest nanosize (5 nm) to pass the blood-brain barrier.

I feel it is my duty to expose the tip of the iceberg of this information about well-controlled studies which can be read at  www.colloidalsolutions.net  and at https://www.naturalnews.com/search.asp?query=colloidal 

Of these the most powerful and widely used are colloidal silver and colloidal zinc, which anyone can make at home using a high quality colloidal generator and distilled water. People need to take their power back.


Dr John Stewart, 


Biophysica Inc.


Biomedical and Environmental Engineering Consultants

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6A 1S7

Tel: 647-478-6946 or 416-784-0463

URL: www.biophysica.com and www.colloidalsolutions.net

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President: Dr John A Stewart  M.B., Ch.B., (Glasgow), D.I.C. (Medical Physics, Imperial College),  B.Sc. (Elec. Eng), P.Eng. (ret), D.N.M. (Doc. Natural. Med.) Environmental Scientist, Biomedical Engineer, Certificant of the World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners, Member of the American Anti-aging Society, Member of the American Holistic Medical Association

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