Dr. Charles Hoffe Sounds the Alarm: Part 1-LauraLynn Video Interview

Editor’s Comment: This is a very important video interview with Dr. Hoffe regarding the whole background leading up to his controversial OPEN LETTER to Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer. Apparently (what’s new?) the video is being removed from YouTube and so I’m posting two URLs for viewers to check out. As of this posting the YouTube video is still working but if not try the Rumble video.

My advice to viewers is to share them as quickly and as widely as possible. Remember the old adage that the Truth Shall Set You Free!

Dr. Charles Hoffe Part 1

Dr. Charles Hoffe Part 1 on Rumble


3 thoughts on “Dr. Charles Hoffe Sounds the Alarm: Part 1-LauraLynn Video Interview

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  3. Did Dr. Hoffe follow up with a phone call to make sure his initial communication to the Interior Health Officer was received? He assumes that there was deliberately no response, but that may be because his communication was not received or that it was buried with many other emails.

    He then assumes that his next communication to Bonnie Henry would not be responded to, but Dr. Henry immediately responded. It appears Dr. Hoffe has made some seriously wrong assumptions about how to communicate effectively in BC Health as he was working his way through this issue.

    In his open letter to Bonnie Henry, Dr. Hoffe makes the claim that the vaccination uses “gene modification therapy.” This is a serious and gross misunderstanding of how the Moderna vaccine works. It might be understandable for a person who is ignorant of biological science; however, Dr. Hoffe is a medical doctor. There appears to be a serious deficit in his medical knowledge.

    As a professional person, Dr. Hoffe has a duty of care to his patients and he is fully justified in bringing these issues he has encountered to the attention of authorities in BC Health. However, by arbitrarily issuing his “open” letter, he may cause far more injury to vulnerable persons (specifically, First Nations). Serious neurological issues similar to those he identifies with the vaccine are also caused by COVID infection. So his influence may cause people to choose not to be vaccinated and this will expose them to the potentially greater harm of a COVID infection.

    Dr. Hoffe appears to have not considered the potentially more serious and adverse impact of his actions on all First Nations persons. In addition to this, he appears to believe his experience is representative, when in fact, it is not. This vaccine has been delivered to many First Nations (and other racial groups) without the extent of issues that are concerning Dr. Hoffe and these few patients. These issues his patients are experiencing need to be addressed, but in the larger context of all persons in this province and in Canada who have received the vaccine.

    Given the above, it appears that Dr. Hoffe has made some serious blunders in his effort to communicate his concerns to the appropriate authorities. He appears to have a serious deficiency in his medical knowledge about how vaccinations work. He has made assumptions that could adversely impact the care of not just his patients, but of many others.

    All of this brings into question his ability to function properly as a medical doctor because of the potential harm he may cause his patients and other persons who will be exposed to unnecessary COVID infection as a result of not being vaccinated.

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