Vancouver Island Justice Critic Gordon Watson Sent to Jail for Posting Quesnel Cariboo Sentinel Article on Dr. Hoffe

[Editor’s Note: The absurdity of it all. I received an email from Gordon S. Watson of Metchosin, Vancouver Island today informing me that he had been sent to Facebook Jail for 24 hours for having sent the story about Dr. Hoffe to friends on his Facebook. While this is really just a “Touch of Levity” story the implications, sadly, are far from humorous. I shall let Mr. Watson tell his tale of woe below.]

Arthur and all

I hope you will take this the way I do – an indication that we are on the right side of the issue. Being censored for simply publicizing the facts of a matter, is a badge of honour in this game.

Back in the late 1970s – even with a couple of little calves at foot – we were still partying. Old Elvis Costello had a new album out. Many times when something absurd happens, particularly in Her Majesty’s Courts, I am reminded of his line “I used to be disgusted, now I just try to be amused!”, about the corruption in the music biz.

When it comes to “social media’ I’m the first one to admit that I am a tech. dinosaur. Nevertheless, I remember Buckminster Fuller saying “human beings can learn at any age”  So it was news to me, this afternoon, to be greeted by a screen notifying me that I’m banned for 24 hours from posting/commenting on FaceBook. Apparently – posting the Quesnel Sentinel’s report about Dr Charles Hoffe telling what had happened to folks who’d been vack-Zine-Ated in his little town of Lytton British Columbia, is somehow “harmful’. Harmful to what, pray tell? To others who read it and start thinking for themselves about what fully-informed consent means?

Only hours earlier, someone told me that Dr Hoffe’s letter is now part of Steve Quail’s website commentary – the Big Time. So I take it is a high compliment, that what I did (along with many others, of course) sending-on the plain facts of the matter,   rattled the so called ‘fact checkers’.

You’ve got to laugh at an outfit that treats a letter to the Chief Medical Officer, as a threat to the Central Party Line. Rather than get irate at the absurdity of the notice I am grateful for a bit of comic relief.

When politicians start getting mocked, it’s all over but the crying.

Gordon S Watson

Metchosin, British Columbia

Justice Critic

Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think for Ourselves & Be Our Own Politicians

Gordon S Watson

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