Genocide against Lytton BC First Nations People and the cure for VHD

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Dear OHCHR, et al:

Could you please investigate the likelihood that genocide is being perpetrated by the Governments of BC and Canada against First Nations people at Lytton, BC? The nightmare which Dr Charles D Hoffe describes on Laura Lynn TV “began with the First Nations members of our community in mid-January 2021 (and) 900 doses (of Moderna experimental drugs) have now been administered”.

Health Care in Canada is jointly a national and provincial responsibility. Combining the wording in the Canada HealthAct and AccessToInformation Act it is 100% certain that all Canadians under the rule of law are granted “reasonable access to medically necessary (information) services”. Those information services are illegally denied when medical data is suppressed. Information which the public needs is in the files of Dr Hoffe and it is under Government suppression.

Disturbingly even the basic symptom-level information which Dr Hoffe received from patients came under suppression with a gag order because it led to the obvious question of whether these symptoms (especially neurological) were caused by the Moderna injections. Dr Hoffe’s two-part statement under gag order is the sine qua non for every medical practitioner in the world. What are the symptoms? What is the likely cause of those symptoms?

Dr Hoffe says the form sent out from Government “does not even have any place to report vaccine injuries of the nature and severity that we have seen”. Does that not suggest deliberate coverup of a crime to you? Dr Hoffe says “In our small community of Lytton, BC, we have had one person dead and three people who look as though they will be permanently disabled” (ages 38-82). But there may well be many more fatalities and injuries since these cases came to him by accident in the course of his practice as a GP. He did not seek them out. An investigation as OHCRH might conduct would I expect lead to the conclusion of culpable homicide and injury inflicted on the First Nations people in Lytton undertaken with full knowledge of both provincial and national governments. This gives every appearance of a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY centered in Victoria and Ottawa. It gives every appearance of genocide, proscribed under the Criminal Code of Canada and proscribed by international law.

I have apprised Drs Bettinger, Sadarangani, etal of this concern about falsification of medically necessary information/data in their large scale survey which has two sample sizes, one for vaccinated and one for non- vaccinated, each in the hundreds of thousands. Even the forms used may serve to distort the situation as Dr Hoffe observed. The Nuremberg penalties for medical experimentation causing death and injury included capital punishment so therefore we would expect the most extreme and desperate efforts by genocidalists in Victoria and Ottawa to falsify the data.

Should the word “genocide” be qualified by “suspected” or “accused”? Falsely inducing or tricking someone into playing Russian roulette is first degree murder when the gun goes off. This Government has induced false fear in the public with a COVD-19 pandemic which Conrad Black at National Post has called “hysteria”. Emergency legislation has been invoked in BC under the 100% PROVEN LIE that there is a public health emergency. Dr Hoffe states that “we have not had to give any medical care whatsoever to anyone with COVID-19”. NO COVID MEDICAL EMERGENCY has been proven all over Canada and that means for one person as above to have been falsely induced into taking a dangerous experimental drug which resulted in death is a case of first degree murder.Thisisfirstdegreemurderbychemicalrouletteas surely as first degree murder by Russian roulette if the victim is tricked, deceived or forced into participation. Theindividual casewhich Iam askingyoutoinvestigateindetailimmediatelyopensuptheissueoftargeting theFirst Nation populationand that is genocide.

VAERS statistics leave no doubt that fatalities are caused by the injection of mRNA experimental gene-carrying drugs. How many of those killed by injection were told that the drugs were safe? How many were told that the injections could be fatal or could cause severe injury?

The BC Government LIES about the COVID-19 “emergency”. There was and is no emergency in Lytton or here in Chilliwack-Hope where MP Strahl covers up for the lie or anywhere in Canada. My repeated request over the past year to COVID-19 “believers” in media, academia and government has been totally ignored. When will they name onecommunityinCanadawhereCBCorCTVcouldtakeafilmcrewtoshow theemergencyas the emergency conditions would be shown if the dykes here failed and Chilliwack-Hope came under flood waters?

If the vaccine is so safe and effective as the Governments in Victoria and Ottawa say and strongly advised for everyone why don’t Government personnel and their families step forward to participate in a 1 day/1 week/ 1 month study?

If someone questions whether the food I serve is poisonous I will gladly eat it myself to prove it is not poisoned. Will MP Strahl and Prime Minister Trudeau et al likewise prove that these experimental vaccines are not causing neurological and other injuries? So let’s say you have 100 volunteers from the political class of Canada “from sea to sea”. One half are randomly assigned to the control group and 1/2 are randomly assigned to the experimental (vaccinated) group. What does a COMPREHENSIVE symptom list for members of the Canadian political class reveal post-vaccination after 1 day/1 week/1month?


(Alpha Kappa You Tube)

Footnote – My career included 10 years of full time work on a multidisciplinary medical psychology team which used DSM and many standardized psychological tests to make diagnoses. How did I miss, on the pages of DSM, “vaccine hesitancy”disorder(VHD)a psychological illness so important that a physician like Dr Hoffe could lose his livelihood if he does not take the cure?

Do the health administrators in Victoria who have put this absurd diagnosis of Dr Hoffe on paper happen to know? One of my greatest single case challenges required making a psychological assessment of a patient with Tourette’s Syndrome. It is “challenging” to give IQ test blocks and puzzles to someone who is cussing you out and spitting on your test kit. But how would I test someone with dreaded VHD? I shudder to think that it could become a world-wide psychological pandemic, perhaps progressing into a more severe “variant” like VDD or vaccine denial disorder. Newfoundland had a political tome so authoritative that it was called the “Newfoundland Catechism”.

When will we see the “Canadian Covid Catechism” with a section on the  dogmas related to VHD and VDD as well as a section on the heroic politicians like MP Strahl and PM Trudeau who participated in the 1 day/ 1 week/1 month study with their families and friends?


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