Ontario Lockdown Political godfather breaks down in tears and apologises

By Mike Walsh

April 22, 2021

Boss Ontario Premier Doug Ford broke down in tears and issued an apology after his province applied, then relaxed, the strictest coronavirus restrictions in North America. His critics weren’t pacified.

The Canadian province of Ontario has had the longest lockdown of any North American territory, with little to show for its efforts except for business closures and a spike in suicides and depression. Nevertheless, Ford’s government ratcheted up the restrictions last week, sealing off Ontario’s borders to non-essential travellers, extending a stay-at-home order to six weeks, closing playgrounds and empowering police to enforce the draconian crackdown.

After a massive public backlash, in which Ontario’s scientific advisers disavowed Ford’s decisions, the provincial regime reversed course almost immediately, dropping the new police powers and reopening playgrounds. Ford himself addressed the public on Thursday and apologized for the overreach.

‘Simply put, we got it wrong. We made a mistake. These decisions, left a lot of people really concerned,’ Ford said. ’For that I am sorry, and I sincerely apologize.’

Ford then broke down into tears. ’I understand your frustration,’ he said, addressing struggling business owners and citizens unable to visit dying relatives in hospital,’ This experience, this pandemic, it’s something that has affected every single person.’

The premier’s apology came amid a public outcry, as even US newspapers were publishing op-eds calling for his resignation. As such, it didn’t win his critics over. 

‘Doug Ford has no idea what he’s doing, he has no interest in learning, he can fake remorse for about thirty seconds and then goes right back to blustery self-defence,’ one Toronto writer declared.’Nothing is going to change until he’s out of office, and people will keep getting sick and dying.’

Aside from the severity of Ontario’s lockdown, Ford is also facing criticism for his reluctance to implement a provincial paid sick-days program, and for allowing hospitals to become overcrowded and vaccine deliveries delayed.

The question is, when will the appallingly corrupt political cults infesting the Western nations be driven from office at the point of the people’s pikes or pilloried. Source

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