Do you deserve to die?

Will vaccinated dupes spread plague to others?


By John Kaminski

[EDITOR’S NOTE: John Kaminski is one of America’s more longstanding journalists working in the Alternative News Media. There’s rarely, if ever, a news story of import that he hasn’t covered over the last 30+ years of his career. John is noted for his blunt, frank, in your face, up front reporting on all the issues that the mainstream media either glosses over or never publishes. Were he living in Canada the censors would have liquidated him decades ago for numerous false charges. Thank God that he’s able to work under the US’s 1st Amendment and express his views.

This particular article is based upon the videos which John has included. Unfortunately the one at the bottom of his article won’t come to life here on the site so readers will have to click on the url and view it on the other site. What they portray is not a pretty picture at all. We’re looking at a future bound to be pock-marked by the most ghastly, ghoulish, Frankensteinish phenomena if these experimental demonic jabs of Satanic poison are not halted immediately and somehow the victims healed before they mutate into the zombies pictured in David Dees’ graphic above.

Being a Father of 4 and a Grandfather of 8 and possibly in the not too distant future a potential Great Grandfather, the thought of what these heinous poisons are now doing to those who’ve mistakenly trusted their governments and their health providers and taken the jab is almost beyond comprehension. Day by day new evidence is emerging which indicates the jab is exhibiting a whole new level of disastrous side-effects; one’s which have turned the carriers of the jab into walking disaster zones that are infecting people around them who thus far have managed to refuse the demonic poke.

From all appearances it’s the Women who are being the most affected and in the weirdest and most deadly ways. I would strongly urge anyone reading this article to pass it along to their family, friends and associates. This shit has got to END AND END NOW!]

Do you deserve to die?



We have been tricked into believing things that are not true.

If the bogus 2020 election of Joe Biden didn’t convince you (Trump had 402 electoral college votes by 11 p.m. and 232 by morning), and the bogus vaccines which kill people at a much higher rate than the so-called disease itself didn’t stop you from committing suicide by needle, what can possibly convince you that you are not living in an artificial reality over which you have absolutely no control?

Or are you just going to sit there and let them kill you?

My analysis of the current unprecedented political situation — with no leadership except the omnipotent coercion of the biggest corporations — is that we are all doomed — both as individuals and as a species — simply because of our inability to describe what’s happening to us, or face the essential facts of it once we fully comprehend the dire future facing us.

The massive censorship of Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon has essentially locked out of the public debate any mention of the actual forces controlling all the issues of the world. These are of course the filthy rich worldwide swindlers known as bankers, investors and of course philanthropists. They have infected every level of societal organization by excluding every aspect of basic morality.

You can’t ever solve a problem without actually addressing it, which is the situation that the whole world faces at this moment as everyone is prohibited from discussing the root cause of the world’s problems because those who create the money supply control the behavior of everyone in the world who worries about preserving their paychecks.

The people who are committing the crimes are the same ones who are reporting the news.

Until we realize that, we will remain slaves to a false reality, if we remain alive at all.

No thinking within the coma
Does anybody who takes a vaccine that is not a vaccine for an alleged disease that kills only a tiny fraction of those it infects when the vaccine has already murdered more people than all the vaccine accidents in history — ALREADY! and they’re just getting started — do people who line up to take such a ridiculous shot deserve to live? Do they deserve to die?

The people responsible for this gigantic hoax are surely the ones who deserve to die. But that’s never the way it turns out.

I suppose that if anyone would accept an experimental vaccine for a disease that can’t be proven to actually exist may well deserve to die simply for being fatally stupid, but I can’t be the one to say that, and I wouldn’t, because our whole culture is geared to deceive us, starting with the universal belief that we are not going to die if we just say the right words or follow the right preacher.

The deal is we’re going to die and we don’t need any twisted government to help us achieve that objective. If you don’t face that you’re not facing reality, and the current situation of total panic in the world directly derives from that.

Blacks urged to kill whites

Any resemblance of America’s Democrat ruled inner cities to the anti-white butchery that continues in South Africa is not purely coincidental. Now that they are preparing the U.S. for the fire sale to China, the new Democratic majority seeks exactly that kind of license to dispossess whites of their homes.

As fears grow that vaccinated dupes spread this so-called Wuhan flu to others, there follows Sherri Tenpenny’s prediction that 50 million will die from this vaccine that is not a vaccine. Of course the videos from Truth Unmasked have already been eliminated, which is why I sent them around so quickly yesterday.

Mysterious, unexplainable afflictions are happening to unvaccinated people who have come in contact with those who have been vaccinated. Apparently this is happening to thousands of the people.

Which means the real nightmare is just beginning.

What nobody is talking about is the snowball effect. When you start poisoning the whole herd, chances are good that no one will survive. It just might be the unavoidable human karma, the penalty for that willing unconsciousness that affects everyone and has created this whirlpool spinning humanity down the drain.

The cytokine storm is coming

Do you deserve to die?

And what will you do to the rich hypocrites who have caused all this needless destruction, suffering and death?

Not to mention all those smarmy TV anchormen paid to vilify whites. They were the ones who not only convinced you that Biden won the election and that war is good for the economy, but who got you to take the shot!

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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