SUPPORT the Prince George & Area Freedom Rally

Like colourful blossoms of golden yellow dandilions in the Spring sunshine the Truth Seekers and Freedom Fighters of Prince George, British Columbia are fast emerging from their once snow-covered, frozen Earth to bring forth new signs for the times we’re now living in. 

Their primary purpose in lining the roadways of BC’s hub city of the central north is to visually display and share information and ideas on how to fight the current lockdowns and public health orders that are restricting the personal Rights and Freedoms of Canadians guaranteed to everyone under the Canadian Charter.  

“Covid (as the nascent Facebook Group states), has brought much division with it, this past year. Let’s endeavour to bridge the gaps and be understanding that everyone is at different places in their quest for truth. Be kind, patient and gracious with one another. Feel free to ask questions and share your opinions.” 

Judging from the growing interest that the group has stirred up around the city their peaceful and colourful presentations are having a positive effect. According to one of the Group Moderators Trina Forbes the initiative to begin the weekend rallies was given a kick-start back on April 14, 2021 by local residents Jonathan Misch and Daniel Forbes. In following discussions with Trina about the rallies she told the QC Sentinel that their “first big one was the World Rally day, as well, and we’ve been going full steam ever since. It is really taking off, now the weather has gotten nicer. The police have gone out of their way to tell us we shouldn’t have any trouble from them, in our town… We changed the name of our group from “Prince George” to “Prince George and Area” because we wanted to include as many people as possible.”    

From around 100 people or less in the Facebook group only a couple of weeks ago their numbers have grown to 541 as of the time this article is being published. Last Saturday’s Rally on May 1st had around 150 people attending and the previous Saturday as 100 so the numbers are quickly rising. 

In conversation with other group members I enquired as to whether the local msm in P.G. was giving the group any coverage. The response was, “No media in PG has picked us up, that I’m aware of. I think there may have been some interest back in early March, but not sure as it was never followed up on. Our radio newscasters are so brutal, it’s wear a mask and get vaccinated every half hour on our stations!!! CBC is the worst.”

The messages that the group wishes to share with their fellow citizens are best expressed in their own words and with that in mind I will turn over that part of the article to the sign bearers and wish them all the best in their quest for greater understanding and an end to the injustices now plaguing every community across our great nation, be they tiny towns or the larger urban centres. 


Dr Sheppard from the UK. He was there with his dad and spoke at the rally.

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