Quesnel Safeway: Manager Bullies & Threatens Long Time Elder Customer for Refusal to Wear Mask

Quesnel Safeway Store: Manager Bullies & Threatens

Long time  Elder Customer for Refusal to Wear Mask

Interview & Video

By Arthur Topham

QC Sentinel Reporter 

[Editor’s Note: The following interview and video of Albin Stroniarz is important in a number of ways. It clearly shows the attitude of some local business establishments in the City of Quesnel when it comes to the controversial issue of masks. 

There is a general attitude prevalent throughout the Province of B.C. that the wearing of masks in public spaces is an unshakable law that must be followed by everyone regardless of circumstances. This mistaken impression, one fostered by the BC NDP government’s inept methods of advertising the Covid -19 hoax, has left many business owners reacting out of fear and ignorance and in turn downloading their misconceptions onto their customers and treating them with the utmost distain. The example given here involving Safeway Manager “Gloria” is a prime one and just one of many that are occurring daily around the province. 

In the process of putting this article together I tried to get a response from the manager by giving her a note and my business card. To date she has not replied after having been given sufficient time to do so.]  

Interview with Albin Stroniarz

Arthur: So tell me what was going on before you entered the Safeway store and afterwards when you did enter it.

Albin: Well, on Saturday, May 1, 2021 I went down to Quesnel to do my laundry before I attended the Freedom Rally down in LeBourdais Park at noon. I got my coffee at Safeway and that was all good. From there I went to the Rally. That was good. We walked around the downtown core and passed out pamphlets to people and spoke with business owners. It all went well. 

Albin along with members of the Quesnel Freedom Rally Walking around the downtown core of the city delivering pamphlets to interested people and talking with store owners on Saturday, May 1, 2021

After it was over I decided to go back to Safeway again. The Exit Door was left open and I went in and got myself a coffee at the Starbucks stand and left and went back to my pickup truck to have my coffee and a cigar. After that I decided to go back in the store to use the washroom as I had to go badly after walking all over town during the Freedom Rally. Like before I used the Exit Door as it was wide open. When I entered the store again a younger female employee was close by and she said to me “Oh no, you can’t come in through that door. You have to enter through the other entrance door. And where is your mask?”

It reminds one of the old movie “Up the Down Staircase”

I replied to her, “I can’t wear a mask and I’m going to the washroom because I have to pee badly.”

She replied again, “Oh no, you can’t come in through that door.” Again, I replied, “I’m going just to pee, and I walked past her.”

“I walked down the aisle to the back of the store where the washroom is. When I got to where the entrance was to the washroom the store manager “Gloria” was standing there. She said to me, “I heard you talking to the clerk and telling her that you wouldn’t put a mask on. I’m ORDERING you to put one on she yelled! There are free masks at the other entrance.”

I said to her, “I am not interested. I can’t wear a mask and I’m going to pee.”

This is a partial picture of the sign outside the Entrance door to Safeway

She got so upset and said, “I’m going to call the police on you!”

I replied, “Bravo!” and went right past her and back into the warehouse area where the bathroom was and relieved myself. Afterwards I came back out into the store and there was nobody there. I proceeded to go back the way I came in and left by the Exit Door. No one showed up while I was going back to my truck. I jumped into my pickup and backed up to leave. As I was backing up I noticed the store manager had come out to see where I was going. I thought that she was likely wanting to look at my licence plate given that she said she was going to call the police. Of course I live way out of town and the gravel roads are bad at this time of year and my licence plate was covered over with mud so I knew she wouldn’t be able to read it. 

I left the Safeway parking lot and headed for home but when I was turning onto the road that takes me out of town I noticed a police car a couple of vehicles behind me and I thought to myself, “Oh yah, she called the police so they could stop me and tell me I had to put a mask on.” They stayed behind me for a couple of kms and while they were following behind I thought I might have to explain to them why I had refused to put on a mask but then they turned off on to another road and I carried on back to my place.

I thought about the incident in the store and how ridiculous the behaviour of the staff was. It was just beyond me how they treated their customers. I have been shopping at Safeway for years. They have absolutely no obligation to force a person to put on a mask if they are told the person can’t wear one. I told the manager that I can’t wear one and that was that. She should have left me alone. I have very a good reason for why I cannot wear a mask and I haven’t wore one for many many years, well before all this Covid bs started last year, but there’s no way that I should be forced to explain to her the details. It’s none of their business. It’s my freedom of choice and if I’m going to give an explanation for why I cannot wear a mask I only do that with people I trust. I don’t have to tell everybody why and what not.

There is a small market and store out along the Nazko Hwy west of Quesnel where I live called Sylvia’s Cafe. I am now not allowed to shop there any longer either because I refuse to put on a mask. No more stopping to get gas or groceries or a coffee any longer. It’s all so crazy.

On Monday, May 3rd, 2021 I went into Safeway and gave my business card and the above note to a clerk who immediately took it upstairs and gave it to “Gloria” the Manager. I’ve had no response as of the date of publishing this article.

Arthur: One final question Albin. At anytime while you were in the store did either of the two women ask you if you had an exemption when it came to wearing a mask?

Albin: No. Not once did they ask me that.

Arthur: Thank you so much Albin for sharing your story with the QCSentinel. I recall that you were one of the first people to speak out back on March 20, 2021 when the World Wide Rally for Freedom was held around the globe. Being in your 70’s now, in your speech to the crowd at the time you told the audience that you had immigrated to Canada many years ago from Poland and you described to us what life was like there while the country was under the influence of the Soviet Union’s Communist system. I will post your short speech on my site along with your story about Safeway and hopefully viewers and readers will heed the warning that you are giving to Canadians – that we are headed in the wrong direction and the repressive measures now being implemented here in BC and across the country do not bode well for freedom of speech and democracy.

Again, much thanks and appreciation Albin for standing up for your rights. 

Video of Albin Stroniarz Speaking 

at the World Wide Rally for Freedom

Quesnel, BC,March 20, 2021

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