[Editor’s Note: I’m unable to upload the actual video to the site so please click on the url to this extremely important interview with Dr. Peter McCullough and German legal expert Reiner Fuellmich.

Dr. McCullough makes it resoundingly clear that the world is now under a global bioterrorist attack and the weapon of choice by the criminals responsible for this is the experimental “vaccines” that are being pushed on people around the planet.

It should also be made clear that Dr. McCullough is acting with the greatest of integrity and his and those associated with him have stopped trying to communicate their concerns with the established government agencies and the WHO and the CDC and are, to use an old expression, taking it to the streets BIG TIME in order to show and convince THE PEOPLE themselves how this contrived assault upon America and the rest of the world has been orchestrated and to help people realize what is REALLY going on as opposed to what the Big Brother Mainstream Media is fervently trying to brainwash everyone in to believing.

The factor of FEAR has so many otherwise sensible people mesmerized to the point where they can’t think rationally any longer and so it’s vital that Doctors and other health professionals plus the Alternative News media and Social Media and the legal professions act on their own to counter this aspect of the bioterrorist agenda.

Please share this with as many people as you possibly can. It’s a video that will convince you of the urgency and necessity to act somehow to help spread the truth about what’s really going on. These criminals aren’t satisfied with killing off the old folks and now they’re going after the youth and future generations. THEY MUST BE STOPPED!]

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