Lytton is the new Paradise

Lytton is the new Paradise


Jeff Snyder2

UPDATE FROM EDITOR JULY 16,2021: I received an email from from a reader living in Escazu, Costa Rica by the name of Gery Warner. I thought his observations were worthy of posting as an addendum to Jeff Snyder’s video. He writes:


Excellent article!

I drove through Paradise after the fires … both fires … and stayed with old friends there both times.

Today, Lytton is Paradise revisited. Another “forest fire” that prefers houses and trucks to trees. Amazing.

But even more astounding; few Paradise, CA residents could bring themselves to even discuss the slightest possibility their fire made no sense. They were too traumatized; like New Yorkers after 9/11.

These fires are nothing like we have ever seen before in history. Just one more techno-wonder brought to you by the wizard of Oz behind [censored], Klaus Schwab, Fauci, Gates and the rest of the boiz.

Don’t you wonder who this monster is? Has he scared you yet? Or are we finally getting angry?

Thank you for facing the ugly truth, and it will get much uglier as you dig for facts. Great journalism!

Gery Warner, PEng

Escazu, Costa Rica

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