Victory for Freedom to Assemble: Tamara Morneau case stayed by BC Court

It was a good day for freedom of assembly when Tamara Morneau arrived at the Quesnel, B.C. Court House to attend her 2 p.m. appearance for having refused to pay a $2300.00 ticket which the RCMP issued her back on March 23, 2021.

Tamara had been one of a group of local Quesnel residence who had gathered in a local park back on March 20, 2021 when the first World Wide Rally for Freedom was taking place in cities and towns around the world.

Quesnel citizens attending the first World Wide Rally for Freedom on March 20, 2021

The local RCMP had sent some of their officers to observe the event and then a couple of days after the peaceful gathering ended they showed up at Tamara’s doorstep to issue her with a ticket stating:

Count (1) of the DESCRIPTION OF OFFENCE(S) readS: “ORGANIZE OR HOST NON-COMPLIANT EVENT”. It was issued under the “Emergency Program Act” Section 4(1). The Ticket Amount read $2300.00. 

Early in July Tamara received a letter from the B.C. Court notifying her that she was to attend a hearing on the 27th of this month.

As a reporter for the Cariboo Sentinel and knowing that there wouldn’t be a snow-ball’s chance in hell that the other community paper would cover her story I was there to see what might unfold. Arriving at the Court House a few minutes before 2:00 pm I could see that Tamara was there outside the building talking with some friends. When I approached her the first thing she said was, “It was stayed!” I could tell from the look on her face that she was pleased with the fact. Not seeing her name on the docket when she arrived she then went up to the Registrar’s Office to check and was informed by one of the court clerks that her hearing had been stayed.

As we were discussing the outcome some of her supporters arrived and they too were thrilled to find out the good news.

Supporters of Tamara Morneau were thrilled with the news that a threat of a $2300.00 fine for a mother of 3 young children had been stayed.

Asked if this was then end of her efforts to help stop all the government lockdowns and other curtailments of the people’s human rights she replied that she was not about to quit fighting for the freedoms that her and her family valued so much and that those who felt strongly about their fundamental rights would continue to gather every week and do their best to educate the general public about all the government disinformation and lies that were causing so much fear, anxiety, pain and death not to mention destroying the economy of the nation.

With young people like Tamara Morneau and others fighting hard to wake up the slumbering masses their dedication to retaining their rightful freedoms left me with a feeling of hope that the struggle to regain our basic freedoms was not in vain.

It’s time that the power was returned to the people everywhere.


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