CANADA IS NOW IRAQ 2.0: Letter to Globe and Mail Editor by Susan Standfield

[Editor’s Note: The following letter by Susan Standfield, Founder of NO MORE LOCKDOWNS Vancouver was sent to the editor of the Globe & Mail on July 26, 2021. I just recently got word of it when a friend on Facebook sent it to me in a message. I’m not certain whether it was published or not but it certainly warrants being published by every newspaper across the country. On her Facebook page Susan states, “Let’s see how transparent and democratic the Globe really is…I am an 8th generation Canadian, mother and human rights advocate and this is my opinion. Will they print my opinion?”

The title of her letter, “CANADA IS NOW IRAQ 2.0” is rather apropos on a number of levels. Having covered the Iraq War from its beginning back in 2003 on my former website I’m well aware of the underlying connections between it’s causes and the connections to the current cyber terrorism war taking place around the world including right here at home in B.C.]


Letter to Globe and Mail Editor by Susan Standfield

Vancouver BC, July 26 2021

Our country is being run by criminals who are engaging in what many will know is in fact, BY PROXY TREASON; the use of foreign funds (the by proxy part) to violate the rights of Canadians (the treason part). This is made possible by our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

I have known this for 16 months having started the NO MORE LOCKDOWNS movement in front of Vancouver City Hall on Easter Sunday April 12 2020. I have paid a very high price for exposing the fraud, collusion and racketeering 36 million of us are bearing witness to. I obtained a Bachelor of Political Science from Queen’s University at Kingston ’90 and I have lived and worked all over the world.

I started my human rights career in 2001 in the blood diamond wars of West Africa doing what’s called TEMOIGNAGE or ‘bearing witness to’ injustice for Doctors Without Borders Belgium. For the last 20 years I have done this work mostly in Africa and Canada designing public education campaigns to educate and mobilize people into their own form of small or large scale human rights advocacy. 

Yes I’m that person in the family who makes an ass of myself speaking truth to power and calling out corruption because it’s the RIGHT THING TO DO for our country.

Justin Trudeau has been engaging in BY PROXY TREASON, one of the highest crimes in the world save from genocide for nearing 2 years accepting foreign funds to run a fake health emergency that is now being exposed to the world. He has closed 9 International Airport terminals, lied to the public daily about restrictions and is misappropriating billions of public finances to break down our nation and force it to be governed by foreign powers using what is called THE CHINA MODEL. Capitalism up top for the rich and communism below that for the rest of us to live in a new form of social credit and slavery.

Last week I was finally contacted by a very high up whistleblower, a Federal MP in one of the major parties. He admitted covid is fraud, collusion and racketeering and was told in Ottawa if he didn’t go along with the fake pandemic he wouldn’t get re-elected. This is the evidence we have been waiting for, admission of guilt. Blatant admission of guilt that BY PROXY TREASON is happening in the PMO.

I call what we are all experiencing IRAQ 2.0 and if you know about that the takeover was made possible by one document called THE 100 ORDERS written by Paul Bremer that broke the oldest civilization and food system in the world forcing it into control for multinational corporations like Cargill. Canada is also being invaded using unlawful ORDERS but we haven’t seen the tanks yet, they don’t need them because Canadians are merely sitting at home and believing the lies they are being told on TV. We are in a ground war and our loved ones are the silent victims. I have borne witness to these crimes for 20 years and I never thought I would see it happening to Canada but it is and we need to stop it.

There never were any Weapons of Mass Destruction.

There never was a deadly pandemic.

And there never was a better time to stop the most corrupt Prime Minister Canada has ever had from destroying our country.

It’s time to stop Justin Trudeau and indict him for what he’s really engaging in behind closed doors in Ottawa and that’s BY PROXY TREASON, one of the highest crimes in the world.

Susan Standfield

Founder, NO MORE LOCKDOWNS Vancouver

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