Alberta Announces 3rd Dose

There is no end in sight, and the government will keep moving the goalposts until we die.

As of today, the Government of Alberta announced it will administer a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccinations.

First, it was “2 weeks to flatten the curve.”

I guess we should have realized that “2 shots to end the pandemic,” was the same sort of lie.

The Alberta government has yet to say whether they will be offering a fourth and fifth dose in the future, but I think you can guess the answer to that one.

Frankly, I wouldn’t care if the government wasn’t conditioning our freedoms on taking the shot(s).

What confuses me the most is that lockdown extremists are telling us that the vaccine doesn’t even work on the new Lambda variant – so why are we doubling down? 

All I ask is that the government quit moving the goalposts on our freedom. 

Keep fighting for what is right.

Keean Bexte


The Counter Signal

Calgary, AB

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