When Push Comes to Shove, Canadians Take a Stand!

When Push Comes to Shove, Canadians Take a Stand!


Tammy Harkies

We are facing one of the most monumental tests of character, that we have ever encountered in our lifetime.  The fate of Trudeau’s passports will show us exactly what Canadians are made of.  This is a test of our strength, character and fortitude.  A test that will determine exactly how much of our humanity remains.

We are talking about segregating a large portion of society simply because they refuse to inject themselves with an unknown, untested and unstudied concoction of Lord knows what.  If this is allowed to go forward, it will open the door to a dangerous trend.  The repercussions from this can and will be disastrous.  The majority of us refusing, understand this.   We will not bend, regardless of Trudeau’s tyrannical mandates, or whatever daily dose of madness he decides to present.  Businesses will go under.  People will lose their homes and livelihoods.  Many will starve.  Depression and suicide will be at an all-time high.  Even worse, our children’s freedom of movement and their future generations will be controlled at the whim of a government whose level of integrity I certainly question.  They will no longer live in a world where they have the right to express themselves without fear of repercussion or what view-points they choose to embrace.  This is already happening to many.  They will not be able to decide upon where they can go, what they can do or what is put into their bodies.  Saying no to these passports is our last line of defense and it is critical that we make a decision wisely.  It is our final chance to draw our line in the sand.

I hate to admit it but I was losing faith in the vast majority of my fellow Canadians.  Everywhere I would go everyone was wearing a mask when the mandates were in effect.  Maybe this was the goal all along.  To make us feel as if we were the minority.  Thank God my lack of faith appears to have been unfounded.  I opened my Facebook page and I was overjoyed to find that I had been proven wrong.  Thousands and thousands of businesses all across Canada are standing up and saying they refuse to discriminate against anyone, regardless of their vaccination status!  The vaccinated, right along with the unvaccinated, are declaring they will not ask anyone to disclose their health information.  They are not comfortable with the direction our government is headed in.  No longer are Canadians going along just to get along!  This was the last straw and they are drawing their line in the sand.  Yes, these businesses are more than likely aware that discrimination is not only not acceptable, but also illegal.  I am sure that they are well aware that the government was passing their dirty work onto them.  They are the ones taking all the chances when the flood of lawsuits would ultimately come pouring in.  They are the ones whose businesses are at risk and had the foresight to see the writing on the wall.  Standing their ground and telling the government that they will not participate in these crimes takes courage and willpower.  I applaud every single one of them!  I, for one, will be showing my appreciation by supporting their businesses and avoiding any big box store.  These big box stores, with their oppressive and overbearing attitudes, have made billions throughout this crisis while many small businesses were barely surviving.  A good portion did not.

It wasn’t just the businesses that were proving themselves to be of noble character.  I came across several vaccinated individuals stating they would not support any business who mandated these passports.  They believe in freedom of choice and that every single one of us has the right to choose what goes into our bodies.  I found myself very close to tears at times and my heart swelled with pride.  In spite of our government’s non-stop news tactics to try and create divide, many vaccinated individuals were refusing to buy into it.  This showed me that they are loyal to their unvaccinated loved ones, regardless of their choices.  They will not stand by, while potentially, millions will be segregated and subjected to discrimination.  They understood that this went far beyond being able to go to a football game or the cinema.  If our government is willing to go to these lengths what would follow next?  Will we be denied entry into a grocery store or a doctor’s office?  With the track record of government lying about vaccines not being mandated and two weeks to flatten the curve this was a distinct possibility.  Sure, Trudeau says he won’t force people to vaccinate.  But isn’t the threat of being fired the same thing?  I was hopeful that more and more people would continue to stand arm in arm in solidarity with their unvaccinated brothers and sisters.  

You know that Canadians have now passed the test and are showing true grit, courage and character as they continue to stand their ground.  Canada is a free country!  For the sake of us all, and future generations, it is imperative it stays that way.  We must stand united against any policy that jeopardizes our freedoms.  It is my hope that more and more vaccinated continue to stand up and tell the government to shove that passport where the sun doesn’t shine!  As for the countries that think Canadians are meek and mild mannered I’m beginning to think we just might surprise you, as well as our government.  When push comes to shove, Canadians will take a stand and we will fight back!


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