This Is How Ontario Plans To Enforce The New Vaccine Certificate At Businesses

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The Ontario government revealed its methods to enforce the province’s new vaccine certificate with businesses today amid concerns of non-compliance.

According to the government, starting on September 22, 2021, businesses and organizations will be responsible for checking proof of vaccination and identification from customers.

Christine Elliott, Ontario’s minister of health, told reporters during a COVID-19 update on Tuesday that any establishment that refuses to adhere to the policy will face immediate consequences.

“This is required and there will be bylaw enforcement officers that will be available and will be doing a lot of monitoring there and making sure that businesses conform as were expecting individuals to conform to the requirements,” she said.

In a press release that was sent to Narcity, the government also revealed that any individuals or businesses that do not comply with these new rules can face charges and fines.

Starting this week, enforcement officers will be visiting businesses to “raise awareness and understanding” about the vaccine certificates.

Elliott also encouraged businesses who face harassment or threats of violence for enforcing the vaccine certificate to contact law enforcement.

“We want them to call 911 as soon as possible to make sure that our police officers can be there to assist. We want them to make sure that everyone conforms to these rules, but if anyone feels threatened we do have the facilities available for people to seek help.”


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