Open Letter to Bob Simpson by Ann McKay, Rise Up Quesnel Group

Open Letter to Bob Simpson, in response to

your letter Council Column September 21, 2021

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Council Column: 

None of us have unfettered freedom

For society to work we have laws. I have been to these rallies on a regular basis and I have not seen any laws broken by protesters, you’re saying that these protesters are calling for the freedom of anarchy.

Anarchy- a state of lawlessness.

Have you taken the time to attend the rallies to talk to the people to become more informed about what we are protesting? We are not there to riot and damage and we are not anti-vaxers. There are laws that we all abide by, speeding, stealing and many others. We are there to preserve our right to freedom of choice. To choose what we put into our bodies. How is that freedom of anarchy? The freedom to protest is protected by law, the very laws that you seem to passionately adhere to. If anyone is sloganeering that would be on you, at its finest. You say these freedom rallies make no sense, there is much scientific evidence and common sense, aka CRITICAL THINKING.

If anyone is sloganeering that would be on you, at its finest.

~ Ann McKay

This experimental vaccine has not given the results it was intended to do (there are many adverse effects from this experimental vaccine that doesn’t get reported). You say we should trust in our government. Trust and Government is an oxymoron. You, yourself, have lost confidence in government as well by switching parties on a couple of occasions. Government is not science. Freedom and ‘adhere to protocols’ is also an oxymoron.

Adhere- to bind oneself to observance to the rules. I’m not clear on where the freedom is there.

So, we all need to do our part: 

Step one: We have all followed the protocol, social distancing, hand washing, copious amounts of hand sanitizers and masks.

Step two: Vaccines are providing protection but according to your trusted government and your trusted mainstream media, CBC posted on their website September 23, 2021 that on September 22, 2020, before there was a vaccine available, the rolling seven-day average of deaths was 1.14. Vaccine rollouts became available in January 2021 and the rolling seven-day average for September 22, 2021 was 5.29 deaths, and this increase, as they have reported, after 87% have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

Step three: Support your local businesses. So by segregating vaccinated and unvaccinated how does this support local business? If the vaccine does what it is intended to do why would anyone vaccinated be fearful of the unvaccinated?

So, in closing, to abuse your position as Mayor, to impose your opinion on the employees for the city of Quesnel, is a form of dictatorship and you yourself have said you’ve seen what a dictatorial government can do!!!! 

Ann McKay


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