Heroes No Longer – Episode 2 – Doctor Charles Hoffe

Rumble — This interview was removed from youtube due to it being reported by someone. It had received 55,000 views before it was taken down. Freedom of speech is dying.

Doctor Charles Hoffe of Lytton BC, one of the few doctors in our province willing to speak about that which is forbidden to discuss. Because of this, Charles has sacrificed a great deal. Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do, Doctor Hoffe.

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3 thoughts on “Heroes No Longer – Episode 2 – Doctor Charles Hoffe

  1. More [censored.Ed.] christian values? “Religion has caused more damage to this earth, than any other single idea.” M.M.O’Hair

    • I suppose David that if one wishes to append the vile and evil actions of men and women who live in fear and without hope or any experience of love to your definition of “religion” there might be some merit to M.M.O’Hair’s quote. As for the censored portion you need to understand that it was removed for legal reasons which you should, were you paying attention to the times, already be very much aware of.

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