Imminent Medical Emergency in B.C. – Please Read & Share

***Editor’s Note: I just received word from a reliable long time associate down in Vancouver that the NDP government is planning to make it mandatory for all physicians in the province to be jabbed with their bio-weapon vaxx or else their licenses will be cancelled. Please read the message below and try your damnedest to write to the Board of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbian before THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 25TH. I’ve left the messenger’s name out for what should be obvious reasons. Share this information with your family and friends and associates. Thanks.]

Imminent Medical Emergency in B.C.

Please read and write and share

I am forwarding this to you as written by another medical colleague of mine but it IS a real matter and any support you can offer with your voice as below would be much appreciated. Many parents are speaking out about impending vaxx mandates affecting their children in schools, but most people don’t really realize that private practise medical doctors and then naturopaths and chiropractors and dentists who are un-vaxxed have already been given warning that they will be following the already terminated health care workers imminently.

The government needs to hear that we are already suffering a lack of access to health care and that mandating our care-givers out of work is not an option.

Thanks for your time and attention to this


Dear Friends,

I am asking your help on a very important matter. The Board of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia will be meeting in camera on Thursday, November 25th. A recent press release of the Minister of Health, Adrian Dix, gives us reason to fear that the Board will be discussing a vaccination mandate for all physicians, canceling the licenses of all non-vaccinated physicians. (I regret the short notice, but the meeting was not advertised, and it was only by Providence that I saw a notice of it at all.)

Please contact the College TODAY OR TOMORROW, expressing your hope that they will not impose such a mandate, and your reasons.

PLEASE call 1-800-461-3008 AND submit your concerns online at:

for the online form and the College’s phone number. (Local and toll-free).

Cite your own reasons, of course, but you might consider mentioning:

1.       Your fear that setting such a precedent with physicians will erode everyone’s rights to medical freedom from state interference.

2.      The impact of such a policy on BC’s already strained medical resources. This policy would especially affect GPs, effectively offloading their patients onto emergency departments in hospitals that are already labouring under staffing shortages.

3.       The unknown risks of COVID vaccination.

4.       Any particular concern of your own.

It would be best if you could write your own letter, but if for any reason you cannot, here is a sample:

To whom it may concern,

I am a _________ living in __________. I am writing in view of your upcoming meetings on Nov 25th and 26th. Minister Dix’s recent comments in the press lead me to fear that one topic to be discussed at these meetings will be the question of tying medical licensing to vaccination against SARS-CoV-2.

Should this be the case, I would like to register my strong objection to any such policy. Such a policy would directly violate the physical autonomy of the people affected by it, ironically enough, in the profession which ought to be the most conscious of such matters. Although that is already reason enough not to adopt such a policy, I am also very alarmed at the prospect of such a mandate eventually expanding to all members of society, as other organizations take the College’s example. Nor is there any reason that this should be limited to SARS-CoV-2 vaccination; I expect it be expanded to any medical procedure the State deems necessary. This would put us squarely in the ranks of the various totalitarian regimes that disfigured so much of the last century with their attempts to establish heaven on earth for part of society, at the expense of another part.

Such a policy, while wrong in principle, would be even more egregious in view of the fact that all available SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations are still in Phase 3 trials until late 2022 at the latest, and there is mounting evidence of significant harms caused by the vaccinations. Surely, if someone trained and experienced in medicine chooses to risk his career rather than accept one of these injections, that should be respected. These people are no less physicians than you are, and they are much more so than Mr. Dix.


[Your name here]


5 thoughts on “Imminent Medical Emergency in B.C. – Please Read & Share

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  2. Everything they are doing is illegal and we need to stand up and against these tyrannical dictators, WE ARE THE PEOPLE and we pay them, so we need to remind them of that !!!!

  3. Doctors have to go on strike, they made the mistake of being silent too long. “First they came for (fill in group), but I did nothing because I wasn’t one of them, then they came…………………”

    • Doctors are conscripted they are part of the military and they are registered by the Crown
      Look at the logo for the College of Physicians !
      They have to follow orders under admiralty law. If there is a war overseas they have to go . In this case they made us as PERSONS the enemy because of having to cough up pension money they already spent and as a corporation of CANADA follow the UN overpopulation globalists agenda death by Climate change is next if the shots don’t do us in.
      There is a way out for dr and nurses they can get out of the admiralty sea jurisdiction get rid of the registered and be licensed physicians that treat people not PERSONS. The only thing is they cannot treat federal or provincial government employees who also work for the Crown they can only treat people.
      Anna Von Reitz teaches this and so does Christopher James if you are into learning how to protect yourself .

Your feedback is appreciated.