Heroes No Longer – Episode 3 – 100 Mile House Nurse Coleen Welton

[Editor’s Note: Coleen Welton’s story ought to be a graphic warning shot to anyone possessing even an ounce of common sense that the B.C. government, under the control of the NDP party, is totally out of control and in the hands of an international cartel of megalomaniac criminals who have long since stepped beyond the boundaries of logic, reason, sanity and human compassion. Not only are Horgan, Henry and Hix destroying the lives of honest, hardworking, dedicated health professionals like Coleen Welton they’re also murdering countless citizens of the province with their poisoned jabs, draconian lockdown mandates and useless masking demands. Jabbing parents and their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren with unproven, diabolical substances that undoubtedly will reap endless misery and mayhem throughout the population can hardly be considered sane behaviour.

Nurse Coleen Welton’s personal story of her added tragedy of losing her son only exacerbates a phenomenon that is bound to increase in the days and months and years ahead when parents everywhere will be faced with the horrid realization that their own children and grandchildren and great grandchildren may end up dead before their own lives have come to a natural conclusion. Coleen’s obvious pain as exhibited in this moving record is therefore a grim reminder of what those in political office and in the mainstream media and the courts and boardrooms of international organizations like WHO and the UN and numerous other elitist positions are doing to humanity on a scale never before conceivable by a normal human mind.

These heartless, soulless killers MUST BE STOPPED if we are to ensure the continuation of the human family in the future. There is no other viable alternative to preserving God’s Creation.]

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