Why Did President Trump Push The Poison Jab?

[Editor’s Note: For many people, myself included, when President Trump announced to the U.S.A. that they ought to take the jab their reaction was “What the F***!!!???” It certainly didn’t endear Trump to all those who’d already twigged onto the fact that the jab was a killer in disguise. Clif High, an old radical truth revealer from way back, offers his viewers a different interpretation of that event plus a lot of other info on the jab itself and other remedies and cures plus a general overview of what the hell he thinks is really going on during these turbulent and trying times and what to expect in the coming months of 2022.]

5 thoughts on “Why Did President Trump Push The Poison Jab?

  1. Yes even the scientists that looked over all these companies sick jab, said these epitones in them do not mix with humans. This is something that never should of been and if the government really cared about the health of the American people this should of never been a pandemic. Common sense tells you that if they sincerely were concerned about people and them getting better, they wouldn’t be taken all the natural cures of the market every time one comes out. When they find out a doctor is using them, they end up taking them off the market. That is a red flag right off the bat…. The immunologists and too many Doctors like the Frontline ones and DR. Gold have been warning about these. Even reputable heart doctors around the world that really knows what is going on tell people not to fall for this. It actually shuts off your God given immune system…. My nurse friend said last year they were not going to ever say there was any flu cause they were going to diagnose everything with covid cause for each case its $8,000. A lot of these evil people that try and run the world are getting richer from the shots. If people get better naturally they can make any money off it. It’s all sick. They made the pandemic for the shots to follow.

  2. I listened to this fellow for half an hour and I had to switch off as the pain was too much. Though I was
    an economics student (Samuelson from front to back) I didn`t understand a word the man was saying.
    I do know though that Veritas (NJ) has made adverse comments about Trump, maybe “they” know
    something about him. I also know something: Golan heights, embassy, Jerusalem and “we have a beautiful Jewish baby”. At best one can consider Trump as a lesser evil, but telling people to get them-selves vaccinated hasn`t helped. I have always admired the things you were saying, Arthur, but it is a mystery to me why you are offering this man`s confused garbage. You haven`t been vaccinated yourself?

    • 🙂 Hi Wotan. No I’m jabless in BC and will always be! I put the vid up for friends and associates to get feedback. It’s easier than having to write to dozens of individuals. Then again maybe it was the projected price of gold that got me. 🙂 Being a placer miner with properties to sell I may have been swayed a bit. I’ve received feedback privately as well from other friends in Europe and their assessment parallels your own. Thanks for your reply and all the best in the coming times ahead Wotan.

    • Thanks BMan. Your assessment appears to be in sync with most of the other responses. Trusting you are well and staying warm. It dropped down to -42C last night in the Cariboo.

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