No Retreat, No Surrender! Quesnel Civic Elections 2022

Quesnel Civic Elections:
A Return to Normal and a Time for Healing

The last three years on planet Earth were a precursor to what will be coming down the track for humanity as a whole if things generally don’t take a radical turn back to square one, i.e. 2019.

This is not to suggest that everything was hunky dory then but, by comparison to today, it was a virtual paradise.

When the global power elite decided to go on an open attack with their Covid-1984 card they’d had up their serpentine sleeve for some years – a brutal bushwhack encompassing every nation in the world – the pre-meditated ambush took the general population by surprise and the resulting destruction to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has not abated since.

The Cariboo region of central British Columbia, along with every level of government within it, was no exception and any effort today to try and ‘mask’ the matter and the negative effects upon the way of life that we previously enjoyed won’t serve the greater good of local citizens or mitigate the problems that it has created in our lives. The time for radical change is NOW! Another four years of this madness is unacceptable for anyone who respects and wishes to retain their sovereignty and their safety.

That said it’s imperative those now running for office in the upcoming civil elections address this issue during the campaigning and not try to side-line it with all sorts of minor issues like pot-holes in the streets, housing problems, by-passes that have been on the back burner for the past 50 years and numerous other local concerns that any intelligent tax-paying person would assume ought to be addressed.

Quesnel needs a Mayor and Councillors who are truly hipped to what the hell’s been going on world-wide and, should they gain the confidence of the voting public, won’t turn a blind eye to the threat that these past three years have subtlety imposed upon the city.

The health and well-being of the citizens (mentally/physically and economically), must take priority over all these other non-critical issues. To neglect this will only continue to weaken and disenfranchise the citizenry and perpetuate the growing fear and anxiety that so many people now feel when it comes to political matters and the retention of our collective sovereignty.

Above all else though the current Mayor of Quesnel, Bob Simpson, MUST GO!

It’s beyond high time that we elect a new Captain to pilot the Gold Pan City’s ship over the troubled waters that Quesnel has been through over the past three years and will continue to face in the years ahead. The last thing we need at this point in Quesnel’s civic life is an arrogant, kowtowing, ass-kissing, ego-bound, tyrannical commissar who’s unwilling to listen to the voice of the common folks. We should have realized this when the issue of his theft of the Gold Pan City sign at the intersection of Hwy. 97 and Hwy. 26 (Barkerville Hwy) occurred back in ???

The manner in which Bob Simpson and the majority of his lackey Councillors harassed and intimidated Councillor Ron Paull over the theft of the Gold Pan City sign and it’s relocation to the rail yard in downtown Quesnel was a prime example of the ‘arrogance of power’ that currently possesses the majority of today’s City Council. This is an issue that has to addressed and rectified if the city is to move ahead in a harmonious way in the times ahead.

Judging from what the corporate media (Black Press) is saying and what is appearing on social media it looks like there will be a number of new candidates running for office this election. That is a good thing provided that their platforms offer the citizens viable alternatives to what the current crew of burgher brains have offered up over the past three years and longer.

As Editor and Publisher of the Cariboo Sentinel I would extend a hearty welcome to them all and if anyone wishes to present their platform online via this site the invitation stands. I am willing to do interviews and advertising gratis. Just contact me at the following email address:

Your feedback is appreciated.