It’s Time Boxcar Bobby Rolled on Down the Line

It’s Time Boxcar Bobby Rolled on Down the Line

Arthur Topham

The following article will be a compilation of a number of articles, editorials, letters, etc. that have appeared both on my former website and this current site. The primary purpose is to make voters aware of all the shenanigans surrounding both Mayor Bob Simpson and the bulk of his city councillors who have proven over and over that they’re little more than lackeys of the mayor and incapable of independent thought and feeling.

It’s critical for the city of Quesnel to get rid of Bob Simpson so it can move ahead in the coming years and regain all the ground (and freedoms) that it has lost during Simpson’s tenure. It’s hoped that voters in the city have witnessed (and suffered) in enough ways over the past three years that they’ll realize that some serious changes have to take place in order to restore some semblance of harmony and stability in the community.

The one key event that took place back in the summer of 2020, while the Scamdemic, the mandates, masks and jabs were beginning to permeate the minds of everyone, was the theft by Mayor Bob Simpson and the majority of city councillors of the iconic Quesnel Gold Pan City sign that once stood atop the mound at the junction of Hwy 97 and Hwy 26.

In an earlier article on this issue which I had published back on July 23, 2020 titled, “Like a Thief in the Night: Quesnel Mayor Simpson Removes Controversial Gold Pan City Sign on Stormy Night”, which is no longer available on the net, I had stated, “In the midst of one of the more dramatic lightning and thunder storms to pass over the City of Quesnel this year, Mayor Bob Simpson, late in the day, on Tuesday, July 21st, 2020 sent out a city work crew that, like a thief in the night, furtively removed the controversial Quesnel Gold Pan City sign from its original location at the intersection of Hwy 97 and the Barkerville Hwy and set it up next to the train station downtown. Such audacity on the part of the city, given all the recent public discussions, petitions, heated arguments, poll results, intimidation toward city councillors opposed to the move, letters to the editor and even a public Protest Rally to boot, begs the question as to what Quesnel’s Mayor and Council were thinking when they pulled off this sly and unnecessary stunt.” 

The sign had stood there since 1987 and was actually a result of the efforts by current city Councillor Ron Paull now running for the Mayor’s seat on October 15th (tomorrow).

And so the gold pan sign has been sitting for the past two years plus along the train tracks. The city managed to finally clean it up and repaint it but that didn’t seem to help matters much and so in order to spend more of the taxpayer’s money the city decided to repaint the sign a second time! That project entailed setting up a complete scaffold and netting around the whole structure (a second time).

At the time I remarked in an Editorial titled “Welcome to Bobville”, “Will Mayor Bob Simpson change the name of Quesnel to Bobville in order to celebrate the legendary civic leader who has been behind all these frivolous, ego-bound, money-wasting endeavours over the past couple of years? God only knows but by the look of things it shouldn’t be too long before we witness the mayor’s next brain wave for the Gold Pan City.”

The thing that really irked local citizens was not only the manner in which the sign was removed but the ugliness of the place where it was relocated as is quite evident from the image below.

Train station across from LeBourdais Park, Quesnel, B.C.

The controversy continued and one result was the meme that I created based upon an album cover of singer/songwriter Boxcar Willie. Willie now morphed into Boxcar Bobbie.

It wasn’t bad enough that Quesnel Mayor Bob Simpson and the bulk of his gang of sycophantic city councillors had the audacity to steal the Gold Pan City sign off the intersection of Hwy 97 and Hwy 26 (Barkerville Hwy) back in 2020. Finding little else to do besides drain the taxpayer’s pocket books with one ridiculous initiative after another now the Mayor has decided to go on full attack against the citizens of Quesnel who are opposed to all the brutal and deadly decisions being implemented by the BC NDP government in response to the greatest scam the world has ever experienced in recorded history – the covertly manufactured Covid-19 deception of 2020.

In Quesnel’s City Council News for September 21, 2021 Mayor Simpson has penned one of his more scathing and deceptive diatribes, aimed at discrediting all the good efforts of intelligent, conscientious people in and around the city who’ve come to fully realize – after over a year and a half of government fear, misinformation, unnecessary lockdowns, mandated mask wearing, social distancing and, of late, forced jabs of untested, rat killing, experimental “vaccinations” now being manipulated in a myriad number of ways by all the political parties in the province and the mainstream in order to reduced everyone to a mental state akin to that of a genetically-modified turnip and thus more easily enslaved to the New World Order’s agenda for planet – that their governments at every level are no longer acting in the best interests of the people. The deluded, myopic and misinformed Mayor titled his attack “Responsible Freedom” when it truth he ought to have called it “IRRESPONSIBLE SLAVERY FOR THE MASSES!”

Of course the erudite-challenged social delinquent who scribbled out this poison-pen proclamation to the proletariats of Quesnel immediately dredged up the usual weaponized terms that every would-be dictator enlists in order to denigrate, disparage, slander and malign whomever they wish to destroy. “Anarchy”, “mob rule”, “might is right” all immediately spring forth from the fickle fingertips of Mayor Simpson in order to set the tone for his first gut shot wherein he states:

“That’s why these so-called ‘freedom rallies’ make no sense, especially in the middle of a global pandemic. The “freedom” that this minority is calling for is the freedom of anarchy: the freedom to make up their own rules independent of science, common sense, and good government.”

He then goes on to say, “The irony today is that the anti-vax and anti-passport protesters have nothing to fear from the government they are trying to get us all to be afraid of, because their freedom to protest is protected by law.”

It is at this juncture in Mayor Simpson’s litany of lies and sophistry that I have to stop and say to Bolshevik Bob, in a vernacular that most people in the Cariboo are very familiar with, “Bullshit!”. Your audacity to try and tell others that the protesters are “protected by law” is as simple-minded, false and absurd as it is to tell Canadians that their right to freedom of speech is also “protected by law”. Nothing could be further from the truth. The msm and all levels of government from the federal down to the provincial, municipal and regional are ALL guilty of carry out a witch-hunt against the normal people and have been doing so ever since they started down their dead-end road to mass inoculation of the whole human race. Incitement comes to mind and we see it every time some lousy, pin-head politician has the chutzpah to attack those who want to retain their God-given rights and sovereignty over their own bodies. And you Mayor Simpson are a prime example of what I’m talking about.

Further to the above fatuous frothings you carry on like a good foot soldier for the Fauci/Gates/WHO/CNC criminal cartel by pouring out more of your puerile, petrol-soaked lies and ongoing fear-mongering and hate-generating vilification, all designed to exacerbate what you’ve already attempted to cover up and deny – the Inquisitional attitude toward the “‘freedom’ protesters” who you claim are, “creating unnecessary confusion and disharmony at a time when we all need to be more trusting of our democratically elected government and its public health officers.” Nothing like a good bonfire to get rid of all those heretical protesters eh Bob?

Having betrayed the local citizens who are attempting to alert a dumbed-down public and judged them as being nothing but uninformed conspiracy theorists you conclude your hit piece with the same old worn-out status quo rhetoric in one last gesture of obeisance to your misinformed masters who you appear willing to collude with. 

Follow all the rules and mandates that have proven ineffective and remember to remember:

“That the significant spike in severe cases of COVID currently threatening our health care system and most vulnerable citizens is made up of primarily unvaccinated people should be sufficient evidence that the vaccinations are providing protection against this virus. We just need more people vaccinated.”

Yet another fabricated LIE Bob meant to deceive the public when in truth it’s primarily those who have been taking the jab who are still getting the annual flu (now magically having morphed into Covid-19) and proving itself to be ineffective. But of course we can’t have the general public realize this and so you do your damnedest to convince Quesnel residents to accept that it’s those terrible “anarchist” anti-vaxers and “unvaccinated” people who are responsible for it all and that we should “trust” government and trust the pseudo-science that emanates forth from un-doctors Gates & Fauci and the CDC and the 3-stooges in our own provincial NDP government – Horgan and Henry and Hix.

To conclude, what can one say about Mayor Bob Simpson’s hate-filled rant against the freedom rally folks of Quesnel that hasn’t already been said about Preparation-H? Not much.

I have been saying this for decades and it still holds true that those politicians who would rather indenture their cities and their taxpaying citizens to the bankers than face the realities of the times are, I suggest, not the ones who we need at the helm of our civic ships of state as we attempt to sail on through these trying, tempestuous waters we’re now in the midst of.

We need men and women of foresight and practicality; leaders who understand that not everyone has the ability to always pay, pay, pay for whatever little or big “service” that the Mayor and Council may deem of importance to the city.

That is why we need a new Mayor who we can count on to oversee spending and there’s only one choice when it comes to that and the person to elect on October 15th, 2022 is Ron Paull.

We need people in all levels of government who have a firm grasp of the political realities of the day and who will, when required, have the intestinal fortitude to admit when they have either overstepped the bounds of common sense or, should they realize and understand that previous decisions of council, taken during brighter periods of economic stability, are now no longer tenable or advisable, have the courage to speak up and do their best to alter the city’s course for the betterment and security of all its members.

But… (and there’s always a ‘but’ when it comes to the process we call democracy) we cannot, and should not, ever take for granted that the political leaders themselves are the sole recipients of the power that we, the people, bestow upon them every three years. While it may be comforting to think that we can download our personal responsibilities on to those we elect to lead us and then, should they not meet our expectations, rise up in indignation and outrage there is another component of the process that must be stressed again and again. That is the responsibility of all capable members of a community to fulfill their duty first and foremost and that means exercising their responsibility to get out of their armchairs and VOTE!

While it is the duty of the media to try and present as much information on the issues as possible and while it is the duty of those who wish to represent their fellow citizens to be honest and forthright in their campaign promises, the ultimate duty rests on the voters to do their due diligence and show up at the voting booth.

The next four years for Quesnel are in all likelihood going to be more of the same when it comes to facing the critical problems that municipalities everywhere are being challenged to address: deteriorating infrastructure; faltering and undependable sources of revenue be they corporate or those often coming from provincial and federal sources; the growing disparity between the rich and the impoverished; diminishing finite resources; the cancerous growth and systemic dangers posed by government bureaucracy that tends to increase with each passing year and make decision making at all levels more onerous, dictatorial, frustrating and complex; environmental challenges that tax both our individual and collective survival yet never seem to addressed and resolved; and last but not least the problems posed by the growing mass of homeless people and all the attendant issues that arise from this including the illicit drug trade now killing so many of our youth.

How we deal with these concerns depends upon how seriously we take them and our hard-earned franchise and whether or not we are willing to get off our collective ass and show up at the polling stations to register our personal mandates for resolution to these demanding issues. The ball is now in the court of the people. May the best people for the job be successful and good luck to all who have had the willingness to offer themselves for civic duty. Saturday, October 15th, 2022 is the day. Get out and Vote!


Your feedback is appreciated.