Won’t Get Flued Again

Uh oh, it’s magic!

In the playpen of a recent Eugyppius post about how not everything is fake I posed this question about the magical disappearing flu of 2021:

When you OD on snark and satire, nobody thinks you’re sincere.

It’s a problem.

It appears those questions answer themselves, but I was actually quite sincere.

Eugyppius bless his Bavarian soul gave me his best:

how this happened, I don’t know. i’ve tried to explore a few options here. it’s possible that hope-simpson is right, and that viral transmission doesn’t happen person-to-person, but depends upon a two-phase process, whereby some people recover, become carriers, and infect others; and that this process was somehow disrupted by a new pandemic virus.

There’s only so much space for competing illnesses and the newer one said to the older one, “Get outta my way. But just for this year. Pilfer and Mode-RNA wants me starting quarterback this season.

You can have the limelight again next year old man.”

And the old one replied, “Okay Covid kid. Here’s looking at you.”

I thanked our Bavarian brother and posed a few more questions, but he left me hanging:

My sincere curiosity has not abated.

Has there been a scientifically-backed explanation for why Influenza just magically disappeared the entire winter of 2020-2021 the exact year of mass experimental vaccination on the global population?

I’d drop my sinister cynical black pilled facade instantly and happily read it with an open mind to the extent that my limited one could understand the virologic minutiae, assuming it’s science and not “The Science”, not that I could readily tell the difference without following the money, but damn it, I’d try!

(Leave your theories in the comments below in a way that a five-year-old child could understand it, or say a golden retriever.)

I went digging laboriously across all the permissible tools for digital searching and as usual was left with tremendous, displeasure. The kind only the corporate state propaganda machine can deliver.

In April of this year the San Jose Mercury News ran this headline:

Magic! The flu is back again! But we won’t explain anywhere how it disappeared. You’ll just have to believe it for the same reasons we “journalists” do because the experts say so.

It opens with: “Cold and flu germs, which nearly vanished for two years, are roaring back, according to doctors and federal disease trackers.”

Federal disease trackers? Presumably working full-time at the Kardashian lingerie closets.

What do these federal disease trackers, actually track?

A quick visit to the CDC website reveals the flu went missing somehow at the exact time of mass experimental vaccination.


2017 — Positive Specimens 4500 per week

2018 — Positive Specimens 3500 per week

2019 — Positive Specimens 3500 per week

2021 — Uh oh, it’s Magic!

Then I went digging through all the impermissible “disinformation” tools of digital discovery and found some interesting and plausible explanations, though one stood out more than all the others.

No shit?

It all starts making sense in a way that, after the past two years, really makes sense.

Anthony Fauci explains that bringing a new, untested kind of vaccine like an mRNA vaccine, would take at least a decade (“if everything goes perfectly”) to go through proper trials and be approved by the FDA.

They just come right out and say everything before they get down in the dirt and hope there will be no receipts from their Korean dry cleaners.

Agenda 2030 couldn’t wait.

They had to get that mRNA into bodies in a hurry and they found a way.

The Flu wasn’t cutting the pharmakeia delivery mustard anymore, so they rebranded it, disappeared it, combined it with another scarier virus through PCR sorcery, dropped in heavy on the fear, planted some hysterical psyop material everywhere, invented a language, created a cult, added a dash of people collapsing in the streets of China, and voila, the dish was ready to be served a la piqûre de poison.

That’s about as scientific as things are going to get around here.

Flu me once, shame on me.

Flu me twice, shame on you.

Flu me three times…we won’t get flued again!

I see you under the midnight

All shackles and bows

The high shoes with the cleats a-clickin’

A temperamental glow

I’ve got a hold on you

I’ve got a hold on you tonight

Oh, I got a hold on you

I got a hold on you

(I got a hold on you)

That’s right

Your feedback is appreciated.