UNDRIP: Interview with Ron Valiant on What’sUPCanada?

[Editor’s Note: This video, and others produced by Ron Vaillant on his YouTube channel, are of critical importance to every resident, landowner and taxpayer in the Province of British Columbia and the rest of Canada.

B.C.’s NDP government under then John Horgan signed on to this United Nations Agenda 2030 three days after the last election which, among many other controversial items, has now placed all Crown Land into the hands of the ‘Indigenous’ people of the province of B.C. The term “Indigenous” is not defined anywhere in the literature surrounding this agreement. What this means to the working people of the province and to private property owners and businesses across B.C. is that our future is now threatened by a international communist organization that was formed in the United States of America back on June 25th, 1945 in San Francisco, California.

It needs to be stated here in the most emphatic manner that person spearheading the formation of the UNO was a man by the name of Alger Hiss who occupied the directorial chair during the organizing conference in San Francisco and afterwards was made the first Secretary of the United Nations. Later he was exposed by a fellow traveler within the communist underground by the name of Whittaker Chambers and after a long and contentious trial (wherein Chamber’s lawyer turned out to be none other than Mr. Richard Nixon) was proven to be a Soviet agent and part of an extensive and pervasive Soviet spy network that had been operating out of the State Department throughout the 1930’s, 1940’s and into the 1950’s.

Vigilance is therefore advised when we hear mention of this international organization and its now undue influence on the fundamental rights and freedoms of the vast majority of citizens in the province.]

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