Canada Wide Alert! PPC Leader Maxime Bernier to Run in Portage—Lisgar Manitoba Bi-election!

[Editor’s Note: The time has come the Walrus said to speak of many things: Of traitors – Liars – Sell-outs – of Tranny’s without things. Of mainstream media mendacity – of global schemes with string – attached to politicians like Sauron’s golden ring.

But fret not dear reader for we have another ring; one to evoke hope and resistance to the 3 Dark Lords who now pose an imminent threat to Canada’s sovereignty and her freedoms.

Maxime Bernier has bit the ring so to speak and will be vying for a seat in that rockpile in Ottawa where he can begin his tireless efforts to weld together all the dissatisfied and despairing citizens of this great nation into one unified party under the purple flag of peace and prosperity and plenty. In order to accomplish this Herculean goal he needs the help of ‘the people’ of Canada from sea to shining sea. He will also need the coin necessary for the task at hand. So be generous as you are able to be. Together, with Truth & Love on our side, we can, as Max has stated in his article, really MAKE HISTORY!”]

Arthur, Let’s Make History!

I have some very exciting news to share with you today!

After much consideration, I have made the decision to run in one of the upcoming by-elections.

I will be running as the PPC candidate for Portage—Lisgar in Manitoba!

This by-election is an incredible opportunity for us to elect our first ever PPC Member of Parliament.

In the 2021 election, Portage—Lisgar was our best result around the country, with our candidate there garnering roughly 22% of the vote.

It was where we hosted the biggest rally in the Party’s history with more than 3,000 patriotic Canadians joining me in a farmer’s field near Winkler to demand our rights and freedoms back.

And it was just outside this riding where I was wrongly arrested two years ago for refusing to comply with immoral, unconstitutional, and tyrannical covid restrictions imposed on us.

I feel a special connection to this riding. This is where the renewal of our country will begin.

Arthur, I am really excited about this.

Our path to victory has never been so clear.

We have a real shot here, but there is still a lot of work to be done to secure our victory and start getting Canada back on track.

I’ll need an army of volunteers to help me get our message out, and knock on every door across the riding.

If you live in or near Portage—Lisgar and are able to help out, please click this link and fill out our volunteer form.

If you’re not able to help out on the ground, please consider making a financial contribution to support our efforts.

You don’t need to live in Portage—Lisgar or even Manitoba. PPC supporters from coast to coast to coast can get involved by making a $5, $20, or $100 donation today.

Arthur, elections are expensive, and we’re going to need to pull out all the stops if we’re going to beat the fake Conservatives that have held this riding for many years.

We need to pay for campaign literature, election signs, billboards, advertising on social media, radio ads, newspaper ads, rent for a campaign office and so much more.

We have to do a full court press to get this done.

Let’s send a strong message to the Ottawa elite class and the political establishment.

Let’s show Pierre Poilievre and the fake Conservatives that Canadians expect more than his milquetoast brand of politics, that there are necessary cultural battles that can’t be ignored.

Let’s make history.

Help get behind my campaign to get back into the House of Commons with a $20 donation today!

Thank you,


P.S.: If you have trouble finding where you can donate, you can just click this link!


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Thank you!

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