BC NDP Involvement in Creation of the MNRA Vaccine Exposed!

[Editor’s Note: A good friend from Switzerland just sent me the url to the following short video by David and Kim Martin. It’s an expose on the nascent beginnings of the mNRA vaccine and the players involved. What’s astounding is that it all began in my home province of British Columbia and is STILL being forced on the citizens of B.C. by the present NDP government headed by David Eby. The information that’s presented needs to be broadcasted across the country and those responsible for what’s gone on and is still going on must be called out and justice served. Please share this video as much as possible.]

6 thoughts on “BC NDP Involvement in Creation of the MNRA Vaccine Exposed!

  1. WTF? What an astounding video, but why is an American like Dr. Martin more knowledgeable about BC than British Columbians? This is embarrassing. Stop sitting on your butts and get out there and do something about this.

    • I thought I heard that too. I haven’t had the time to check out who he is although I recollect his name. Thanks for bringing that to the attention of readers. Ed.

  2. Question to BC Health: “Do you know what you’re doing?”

    Its all a matter of knowing what you’re doing, or put another way, wisdom arises when you learn from your mistakes. Here’s another way of saying the same thing: “an error is not yet a mistake until it is repeated” (JFK in his Secret Societies Speech https://www.youtube.com/watchapp=desktop&v=zdMbmdFOvTs — actually he said, …”unless it is not corrected” = same thing). Modern public health has not corrected its errors in “vaccine” technology, which with the mRNA shots is actually not a vaccine but an inoculation of genetic material = genetic experimentation. The results are horrific, but not covered by the MSM which are in cahoots with those who wish to control us, so many trusting individuals get their education from TV and demonstrate that “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”.

    Because sacred science has been contaminated by profane politics in BC, North America, and around the world, truth has taken a back seat to power, which is how communists see the path forward for their favoured ideology. Thus, centuries of measured vaccine/ immunology advice (from our leading scientists) has been supplanted by like-minded authoritarians who hold the reins of power in public health: they may have a university degree attached to their names, but their allegiance is to their political bosses, who sign their paychecks. And those bosses are beholden to pharmaceutical companies and universities that have combined the profit motive with the lust for monopoly, to give us the worst aspects of the novel 1984, compliments of the experts at BC Health, the WEF and others.

    What to do? It is better to laugh than cry, so consider the new definition of an expert: “X”, an unknown quantity; “spurt”, a drip under pressure. No, BC Health does not know what they are doing, and doing the right thing is the least of their priorities.

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