SAPED Maya La Selva – Fair-trade Products from Guatemala

Base of operations in transit to San Pedro Carcha, A.V.P., Guatemala,
Frontera Corosal, Chiapas, Mexico


Miracle! Managing to escape the country (Guatemala) And with a load.

The shutdown began by the popular organizations, Monday. By Saturday morning the entire country effectively shut down 90% Plus! With total support of the people. No movement, no transport, no business, no government…with tens of thousands of trucks and private cars stranded on the highways. Unbelievable!!

The Police? Impotent to do anything but watch from the sidelines.

The Government will not back down. With the incoming newly elected government January, anti corruption and serious, present government leaders, functionaries and business leaders will be jailed for their documented acts of corruption.

In this case of stalemate, the army will decide! Which may mean mega violence.

The People tasting their powers and effective shutdown won´t back down! can´t back down!

Our work is well known. Our affiliations well known!

We have escaped, just barely, with life!

One must conclude that this year´s cacao harvest has been a failure.

We manage Fair-trade, so despite the poor quality, we´ve paid out generously, despite the losses (more than 25% rejected seed!).

It´s not the be all and end all, our profit margin. We´re concerned for the health and welfare of our growers and families!

Thankfully, we´ve been building up our stock, for just such emergencies:

Roasted hulled cacao, dozens of our 90 pound sacks. Milled into 6 to 7 # bars of pure cacao paste, hundreds of such bars!

And our honey chocolates, 20 ounce bars, dozens and dozens even after this latest shipment.

So despite the looming stagflation/hyperinflationary economic collapse ongoing…we maintain ample supplies!

So even if people can no longer afford basic food supplies…there will be ample supplies of our honey chocolates

Interesting how our petty daily routines are out the window….as the crises unfold…..

The bus into El Estor, the base of our operations faced almost unpassable roadways, which had been financed for asphalting, if not for the corruption!

Lateness disrupted all my plans…as we arrived to face El Estor in pitch blackness!

No electricity!

The city, without the kickback scam from the Russian mining operations, shutdown over USA/Russian geopolitical confrontation, bloated bureaucracy, no revenues, could not pay their hydro bill!

Worse with the total shutdown and paralysis of the economic sectors, one billion losses per day to the corporates…..

It´s neat (as intended!) how the processing of a cash crop can extend benefits throughout the community! Natural economy based on careful utilization of the natural resources of food forest, soils and subsoils. Just a matter of supplying the skills and processing equipment, which has been our work!

We grade the cacao into primary for direct sales of the cacao medicine, for its central nervous system benefits…the secondary quality into our honey chocolates, roasting and hulling and milling operations carried out by the community…and third grade; roasted at home by the elders, to sell on the village roadways…everyone making a little cash!

Our model for how rural society can function..promoting rural campesino lifestyle and culture…no corporate wage labour…a community of workers and service providers, all ages!

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