Why Did President Trump Push The Poison Jab?

[Editor’s Note: For many people, myself included, when President Trump announced to the U.S.A. that they ought to take the jab their reaction was “What the F***!!!???” It certainly didn’t endear Trump to all those who’d already twigged onto the fact that the jab was a killer in disguise. Clif High, an old radical truth revealer from way back, offers his viewers a different interpretation of that event plus a lot of other info on the jab itself and other remedies and cures plus a general overview of what the hell he thinks is really going on during these turbulent and trying times and what to expect in the coming months of 2022.]

The Killing of Christmas: An Open Letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry

The Killing of Christmas:

An Open Letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry

Arthur Topham

“To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world,
that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the
truth heareth my voice.”
~ Jesus the Christ (John 18:37.)

To: Dr. Bonnie Henry,

British Columbia Provincial Health Officer,

Ministry of Health,

1515 Blanshard Street,

Victoria, BC V8W 3C9

Dear Dr. Bonnie Henry,

Seasons Greetings to you from the Cariboo.

The great 18th century British writer and pamphleteer Thomas Paine, considered by many to be the Godfather of the United States of America, played a crucial role in the struggle of the Colonists to break free of the yoke of King George III throughout the American Revolution that commenced in 1776. When the Colonial army under General George Washington was in retreat from General Howe’s British forces and their supplies and ammunition running low the moral of the volunteers was also at an all time decline. It was then that Thomas Paine, who fought along side the Continental militia, penned his now famous series of pamphlets known as the Crisis Papers.

In late September as he sat absorbed near an army campfire on a hogshead scratching out on paper Crisis I, his first of many pamphlets, he didn’t realize that someone had walked up beside him. Pausing for a moment he felt a hand on his shoulder and looking up he saw General Washington. While discussed the current situation that the Colonials were in Washington asked Paine if he might take a look at what he was writing. Tilting the sheets of paper toward the firelight he silently read to himself the following words:

These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier
and the sunshine patriot, will, in this crisis, shrink from the
service of their country; but he that stands it now,
deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.

The General complimented Thomas Paine on his writing and asked him to send him copies of it when he was able to have it published. Paine of course replied that it would be his first priority. When the General returned to his tent and the night fell silent Paine continued with his work and the word flowed forth:

Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM, should not be highly rated.

I chose to begin my letter to you with the words of Mr. Paine because they best convey, for myself and likely many others here in British Columbia and across our beleaguered nation, the sentiments now felt as we near the completion of the second year of the present Covid-19 crisis and the greatest of all Holy Days of the year – Christmas – draws nigh.

As a longstanding journalist working in the alternative news media and currently the publisher and editor of The Cariboo Sentinel (CaribooSentinel.ca) this manufactured ‘pandemic’ has become the mainstay of practically all msm and alternative news items since it first came to public light in January of 2020 and been both a boon and a blight for journalists, critics and proponents around the world, albeit at a cost yet to be fully ascertained.

In response to what, in the alternative view is best defined as a “plandemic” rather than a naturally occurred pandemic, I have written Open Letters to you before regarding the Covid-19 issue and sent them off knowing full well that the likelihood of receiving a reply back would be as assured as the proverbial snowball’s chance of survival in hell. Still, as Thomas Paine so aptly put it, the tyranny that has now come to my country and my province since Christmas of 2019 won’t easily be conquered and being by nature neither a “summer soldier” or a “sunshine patriot” I would be shirking my duty to God and to Canada were I to cease in my determined quest to inform your office and the provincial NDP government you represent, of the mendacious machinations and the unspeakable pain, destruction, death and anguish that your masks, mandates, lockdowns and specious inoculations have bequeathed to the people of this once beautiful, God-fearing province.

I know you are not alone in your quest to satisfy the urgings of those who, for the most ghastly of reasons, are adamant in their determination to murder millions, if not billions, of innocent souls in a sinister effort to pull off a final global coup d’etat and sink their greedy, filthy claws into the body of the world’s people in order to put a final end to our freedom as sovereign human beings created in the image of the Heavenly Father.

Never in the history of this glorious planet has there ever been a time where so many former independent nations have suddenly, as if by some sinister, magical spell, acted in such a unified manner in order to destroy their own sovereignty. It’s tantamount in some ways to the concept of global suicide, to a worldwide Jonestown event wherein the fevered brains and minds of the masses suddenly succumb to the will of a master sorcerer and lose all semblance of independent thought, reason and logic.

What it is that makes the rest of those in the provincial government and the mainstream media and, most tragic of all, the majority of the medical profession, willingly collaborate with you in order to lend a feigned sense of credence to your overt, duplicitous actions, especially given the reality of the effects they’re having upon the people of BC, still remains a mystery to the mass of t.v. watchers and newspaper readers who, thus far, have willingly ingested all the fake news reports, the fake statistics, the fake ‘viruses’ that instantly disappeared the historic common yearly flu, the fake untested, poisoned bioweapon euphemistically labelled a “vaccine” and the fake accusations being spread about concerning the dangers posed by those who, for various reasons, have not fallen into the jibberjabber trap you and Premier Horgan and Health Minister Dix have set for the people of BC. Their faith in you and in the NDP’s Machiavellian measures is a subject that future historians will undoubtedly debate over for a long time.

What the instigators of this fake global crisis have precipitated, knowingly or not, is a worldwide REVOLUTION; one that, were it compared with the writings of the major Communist authors of the past clearly delineates what their primary aim for the world at large has been since the Bolshevik take over of the Russian republic in 1917 wherein the Christian Tsar Nicholas II and the whole of his family (including the dog) were massacred and an atheistic, nihilist regime of brutal totalitarianism then reigned, ironically in a sense right up until Christmas day, December 25, 1991 when the Soviet flag flew over the Kremlin in Moscow for the last time marking 74 years of repression and lost freedom wherein approximately 66 million Christian Russians were genocided in various brutal ways.

And so Dr. Henry the similarities that surround you and the NDP government of the province of BC and the aforementioned Soviet communist example lead me up to your latest attack upon Christmas when we Christians traditionally celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. To further document all the attacks upon the Christian faith in Canada over the last two years would stretch this letter to the point of being onerous and I shall forego doing so but suffice it to say that the world is fully aware of these diabolic actions precipitated by those who serve another master.

I just want to close by saying that in this world of wonders there are many realms aside from the physical and political and financial. There are also spiritual and moral realms that we human beings are a quintessential part of which motivate and energize and inspire those of faith. It has always been one of the primary aims of the master Deceiver to destroy those who would willingly acknowledge and obey the supreme power and force of the Heavenly Father/Creator of this world and by your own actions and the actions of the atheist NDP leadership of the province of BC you have proven yourself to be a willing agent of the anti-Christ.

History will regard you as such but there is always the opportunity for everyone to cease and desist and this applies to you as well when it comes to your decision to attempt sabotaging the one religious celebration that Canadians have held dear to their hearts since the inception of this nation. I would ask that you stop trying to kill Christmas and instead start celebrating the rebirth of the peace and love and veneration of the Heavenly Father and His glorious Son that you so obviously are missing and so urgently in need of.

God grant you the courage to break free of your bonds and start serving Him rather than the Adversary.


C-4: Bad Politicians Pass a Bad Bill

C-4: Bad Politicians Pass a Bad Bill
Gerry T. Neal
December 15, 2021

As anyone who has followed my writings for any significant length of time will know when I identify my politics and general philosophy as Tory this is not in reference to the Conservative Party. This is something that I wish to emphasize in light of the disgraceful behaviour of that party in the last couple of weeks. To me, being a Tory means being loyal to and supporting traditional institutions that have proven themselves over long ages of time. In the political sense the primary such traditional institution is hereditary royal monarchy. The second such institution is parliament. True Toryism means placing these institutions ahead of abstract ideals like democracy, equality, and even freedom although freedom is not just an abstract ideal but also a basic human good, a good which over the long run is better protected by traditional institutions than by political crusades launched in its name as an abstract ideal. It also means suspicion and skepticism towards the utopian schemes of those who think that either such ideals or what they consider to be “science” should be the basis of a new, re-ordered, engineered society.  It is a confidence in traditional institutions over the long term, rather than the people who make them up in the short term.   This needs to be stressed especially in regards to parliament.   Earthly human institutions, even traditional ones, are not infallible. They are of necessity made up of people, and therefore fallible due to the flaws in fallen human nature.   Parliaments are made up of politicians, who have more than their fair share of those flaws.
The recent actions of our Canadian Parliament alluded to above in reference to the disgraceful behaviour of the Conservative Party illustrate the point. In passing Bill C-4, a bill which is objectively not only evil but insane, Parliament failed big time.   This was not because of some flaw in the Westminster System as it evolved over time that can be fixed by social and political engineers.   The problem is entirely in the character of the human beings who make up both the House and the Senate.  
Bill C-4 is a new version of a bill the Liberals introduced in the last Parliament which failed to pass the Senate in time to become law, itself a re-worked version of an earlier bill that had expired when Parliament was prorogued last summer. It was introduced on the twenty-ninth of November, passed the House of Commons on the first of December when all parties extradited it, and passed the Senate on the seventh of December. The bill that had been introduced in the last Parliament had been quite controversial and this new version, rather than remove the objectionable elements, made them worse. Therefore, for the Conservatives led by Erin O’Toole to help the Grits pass this bill unanimously was for them to abdicate their duties in the role of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. For the Senate to pass the bill so quickly was for them to abdicate their duty as the chamber of “sober second thought”. The Liberals, in this Parliament as in the last, are a minority government. Even if they were a majority, they ought not to be able to fast-track controversial legislation like this. Something is very, very, wrong here.
Bill C-4 amends the Criminal Code to forbid “causing another person to undergo conversion therapy”, “doing anything for the purpose of removing a child from Canada with the intention that the child undergo conversion therapy outside Canada”, “promoting or advertising conversion therapy” and “receiving a financial or other material benefit from the provision of conversion therapy”.   Now, some explanation may be required here.
There are people who, like almost everyone else, were born either biologically male or biologically female but who, unlike most other people, either a) think that they are of the other sex than what their body would indicate, b) think that they are some option other than male or female, c) identify as their biological sex but are sexually attracted to members of their own sex either instead of or in addition to members of the opposite sex, or d) are some combination or minute variation of the above.   Those among these who have politicized their gender/sexual identities – or allowed ideologues of the cultural revolutionary far-left to politicize these for them – and who collectively refer to themselves by an ever-increasing stretch of letters standing for the various labels they identify themselves with and which currently goes something like LGBTTQAEIOUandsometimesY, have demanded that “conversion therapy” be banned. 
Now, among those in the aforementioned group who believe their true “gender” to be different from the biological sex they were born with, some seek out reconstructive surgery that would make their bodies, at least in outward appearance, conform to the gender with which they identify.    This is not what is meant by “conversion therapy” and those who have been pushing for the ban on “conversion therapy” would be appalled at the thought of banning this sort of thing.   Indeed, many of them wish to see it available to young children with or without parental approval or consent.
No, “conversion therapy” could be said to be the opposite of the above mentioned procedure.   Whereas gender reassignment surgery is cosmetic surgery that makes the appearance of the body conform to the self-image, that makes the physical conform to the psychological, on the assumption that the physical is “wrong” and the psychological “right”, “conversion therapy” is psychological treatment aimed at correcting the psychological so that it conforms to the physical, on the opposite assumption, the assumption that the physical is right and the psychological wrong.
Now, among those who support legislation like Bill C-4 that bans “conversion therapy”, there seem to be many who base their support on the assumption that “conversion therapy” entails something like the Ludovico technique that features into Anthony Burgess’ 1962 novel A Clockwork Orange and the 1971 Stanley Kubrick film of the same title featuring Malcolm McDowell.   In that story, you might recall, Alex – the character portrayed by McDowell in the film – is the leader of a gang of “ultraviolent” youth that he calls his “droogs”, who, after robbing and beating an eccentric elderly woman, the last in a string of such thuggish acts, is abandoned by his friends, arrested, and charged for the murder of the woman who dies from her wounds.   In prison, he is offered the chance to get out early if he will undergo the experimental Ludovico technique that would make him incapable of reoffending.   He jumps at the opportunity.   The technique involves strapping him in a chair, with his eyes propped open, and forcing him to watch hours of extremely violent film footage, while he is injected with drugs that cause pain and nausea.    He is thereby so conditioned to experience pain and illness at the slightest thought of violence that he cannot even defend himself.   Proponents of Bill C-4 have certainly encouraged people to assume that this is how “conversion therapy” works.   The legislation itself, however, is worded in such a way as to cover a lot more than just this sort of thing.
The bill introduces into law a definition of “conversion therapy” as meaning:
a practice, treatment, or service that is designed to
(a)   change a person’s sexual orientation to heterosexual;
(b)   change a person’s gender identity to cisgender;
(c)  change a person’s gender expression so that it conforms to the sex assigned to the person at birth;
(d)  repress or reduce non-heterosexual attraction or sexual behaviour;
(e)  repress a person’s non-cisgender gender identity; or
(f)   repress or reduce a person’s gender expression that does not conform to the sex assigned to the person at birth.

Notice the following about this definition:
First, if someone were to create something like the Ludovico technique designed to turn a heterosexual person into a homosexual person, or a cisgender person into a transgender person, it would not meet the definition of “conversion therapy’ introduced in the bill.   Thus, although this sort of legislation has been sold to the public as a ban of a harmful technique akin to brainwashing it is no such thing.   No technique that has been used in “conversion therapy” in the past is banned by this legislation and remains legal under it provided the conversion is in the opposite direction of what the bill forbids.
Second, the definition is broad enough to take in any sort of counselling or advice that encourages people to recognize, acknowledge and identify as their birth sex and to live within the limits of traditional sexual ethics.   Indeed, (d) could be interpreted as banning the teaching of traditional sexual ethics altogether.   It would not surprise me if the clowns that now occupy Her Majesty’s bench in most jurisdictions in the Dominion were to interpret it in just this manner.
So what we have here is a definition that errs by being too broad and too narrow at the same time.   It is too broad in that it takes in things that government has no business legislating against – traditional sexual ethics and counselling based on the same.  It is too narrow in that it does not ban what the public has been told it bans – coercive and abusive techniques qua coercive and abusive techniques.
In its previous incarnations as Bill C-8 (first attempt) and C-6 (second attempt), this legislation met with opposition on precisely the grounds that the definition of “conversion therapy” was too broad and could take in professional and pastoral counselling, pulpit teaching and preaching, and even ordinary conversation in which traditional views of sexual identity and ethics are expressed.   The present bill has done nothing to assuage such concerns and, indeed, is worse than its predecessors in that whereas the earlier bills were attempts to ban “conversion therapy” for children the bill which actually passed Parliament also bans “conversion therapy” for adults.   The earlier versions were bad enough in that given the broad definition of “conversion therapy” they would have made criminals out of parents who seek out help for their children in accordance with their own consciences and beliefs rather than those of the left-wing ideologues in the Liberal Party of Canada.   With the passing of this bill, however, when it comes into effect the state of the law will be such that those who identify their gender as something other than the biological sex with which they were born will have no problem obtaining the kind of “conversion therapy” that consists of physical surgery to make the body conform in appearance to “gender identity”, and should someone for some reason or another want professional help in converting from heterosexuality to homosexuality or from cisgender identity to transgender identity  (1) the law would not prohibit some quack from providing this service even if it involves dangerous, pain-inducing, methods, but those who want help in accepting their biological sex or controlling same-sex desires that they believe it is wrong to act upon will be prevented from finding such help and anyone offering such help, even in the form of conversational counselling, will face criminal punishment for doing so.
A bill of this sort is fundamentally and thoroughly rotten legislation that is clearly aimed at imposing “woke” ideology as it pertains to sex and gender on Canadians at the expense of traditional religious and moral beliefs as well as personal freedom of choice.   It ought never to have passed Parliament at all, much less without debate and with unanimous support in both chambers, and with Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition and the Upper Chamber of “sober second thought” both patting themselves on the back for refusing to do their jobs.    Parliament is an institution that has stood the test of time and proven itself over and over again, but if we keep sending to it the sort of people who currently fill its seats – and I include those on the Opposition bench as well as those in government in this – then cruddy legislation like this will keep making it into law.


(1)    A case can be made that what goes under the name “education” today in most schools (other than private and parochial ones) and universities amounts to little more than just this sort of “reverse conversion therapy” inflicted upon unsuspecting youth.

The light at the end of the Covid

Published on December 3, 2021

Big stories coming later today.

But first this hopeful analysis: don’t let the rise in case numbers fool you. Culturally and politically, the United States appears to be putting Covid in the rear-view mirror.

And since Covid was always much more a cultural and political problem than a existential threat – or even a medical threat to almost anyone in halfway decent health – spring is coming. Omicron will likely accelerate this trend, unless the South African data are completely wrong.

It is easy to miss what’s happening, given the endless screeching from the elite media and outliers like Bill de Blasio’s idiotic effort to force vaccinations on kids in New York City.

But ask yourself these seven questions:
1: Do you have any idea how many Americans are now dying with/from/near Covid each day? The answer is still over 1,000 on average, but the daily death count – which was a national media-fueled obsession for a year – has been entirely forgotten.

2: What percentage of 5-11 year-olds have been Covid vaccinated? More than a month after jabs for kids were approved, the answer is barely 15 percent – not even one child out of six – despite a massive advertising and media campaign. And I can promise you that number is not going to budge much going forward. The parents who were dumb enough to give their kids a quasi-experimental and short-lasting “vaccine” for an illness that even before Omicron was a cold for most have already done so.

3: When was the last time you heard anyone suggest mandating Covid vaccines for kids? See question 2. Even deep blue state politicians have gone silent on this issue (again, except for the moronic soon-to-be-former mayor of New York). And even the craziest vaccine fanatics have mostly found other issues to froth over. Elections have consequences, and the Virginia election sure did.

4: How many different federal district courts have now ruled the Biden vaccine mandates unconstitutional? I believe the answer is ALL. All the courts.

5: What are the odds the Supreme Court follows suit? Yeah, that bet has been taken off the board. Too likely. Too much action on one side.

6: How many companies have “suspended” or “paused” their vaccine mandates since the courts stepped in? Not quite all, in this case. But many, including bellwethers like Oracle (which as a couple of readers noted to me is particularly telling since it is known for treating employees like widgets). The labor market is tight and companies don’t want to fight with 20-40% of their employees, especially since the vax nuts are now indicating they are going to try to make boosters a standard or quasi-standard to “remain” vaccinated. (Remain? Vaccination by definition should be a permanent or at least semi-permanent – as in lasting a decade or more – condition.)

7: Speaking of boosters, do you know anyone who actually believes the public health authority/media attempt to rewrite history and pretend that boosters within six months of vaccination were planned?
Here’s the thing about the booster. I don’t think the booster will work. I think it will fade within six to eight months. The [censored.Ed.] are four months in, and they are clearly concerned, even though cases haven’t actually spiked yet.
But in the unlikely event it DOES work, great! No one will need a fourth shot.
And in the much more likely event it doesn’t? We have already seen exponential decay in willingness to take a third shot, and that will surely continue to the fourth, especially as side effects continue to pile up. Even the dullest MSNBC viewers will eventually figure out they are better off taking their chances.
So either way, the third shot is the end of the line.

And all this was BEFORE Omicron,

the little cold that could.

Now, this analysis is US-focused. Europe is older, more frightened, leans harder left, and has national and supra-national bureaucracies with powers that make woke American progressives drool. Australia and New Zealand are in even worse shape, as they have never quite shaken the dream of zero Covid.
But I am increasingly convinced that by this time next year, barring some medical catastrophe, we will see all the Covid mandates – including the vaccine push! – the way we now look at school closures (and police defunding) – as regrettable and never-to-be-repeated episodes of societal insanity.


Canada Wide Alert! The Shit’s About to Hit the Fan

[Editor’s Note*** By the appearance of this December 3, 2021 letter to Bill Blair, Minister of Emergency Preparedness, Public Safety Canada and Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Health, Health Canada from Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health and Sylvia Jones, Solicitor General, the federal government of Canada now faces an historic decision; one that, if implemented, will plunge Canada into civil war and endless mayhem and bloodshed. It’s time stand up and resist. Share this news story with as many folks as you can and God be with all who fight to retain their rights and their liberty!

Given the fact that there is always the possibility that the letter is not authentic and my sources were incorrect I added the following caveat to the Facebook Groups that I shared the post with: ““This could be extremely critical for everyone who is resisting the federal government’s measures to jab all Canadians. Please share it widely. If it turns out to be a hoax by any chance please notify me immediately. Thanks.”

My position is that it’s better to be aware of it than not and if it’s false then people will be that much more cognizant of the possibility. Given the behaviour of these megalomaniacs thus far and what’s occurring in Ausralia and Austria and Germany there is a good probability that Canada is next. Time revealeth all.]

*** Update on the letter (8pm Dec 6/21):

[As suspected the controversial letter turns out to be another false flag event only this time it appears to be one manufactured by the federal government in cahoots with the Canadian military. As Dan Dicks of Press for Truth states on his Bitchute* video: “A document circulating online about apprehending unvaccinated people in Ontario appeared to be written by the Canadian minister of health Christine Elliott and Solicitor General Sylvia Jones but the document has been proven to be completely fake. Meanwhile secret quarantine facilities are still in operation all over Canada as the military is preparing to follow Australia’s lead when it comes to detaining and isolating anyone of their choosing all because of Covid-19(84). In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains why he thinks this document is a red hearing purposefully “leaked” by the Canadian military as part of their new initiative under their new organization that will use propaganda and other techniques to try to influence the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of Canadians.”

*Due to legal restrictions imposed upon me by the NWO criminal cartel I cannot post the url to the video so you’ll have to hunt it down on yer own.]


Heroes No Longer – Episode 3 – 100 Mile House Nurse Coleen Welton

[Editor’s Note: Coleen Welton’s story ought to be a graphic warning shot to anyone possessing even an ounce of common sense that the B.C. government, under the control of the NDP party, is totally out of control and in the hands of an international cartel of megalomaniac criminals who have long since stepped beyond the boundaries of logic, reason, sanity and human compassion. Not only are Horgan, Henry and Hix destroying the lives of honest, hardworking, dedicated health professionals like Coleen Welton they’re also murdering countless citizens of the province with their poisoned jabs, draconian lockdown mandates and useless masking demands. Jabbing parents and their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren with unproven, diabolical substances that undoubtedly will reap endless misery and mayhem throughout the population can hardly be considered sane behaviour.

Nurse Coleen Welton’s personal story of her added tragedy of losing her son only exacerbates a phenomenon that is bound to increase in the days and months and years ahead when parents everywhere will be faced with the horrid realization that their own children and grandchildren and great grandchildren may end up dead before their own lives have come to a natural conclusion. Coleen’s obvious pain as exhibited in this moving record is therefore a grim reminder of what those in political office and in the mainstream media and the courts and boardrooms of international organizations like WHO and the UN and numerous other elitist positions are doing to humanity on a scale never before conceivable by a normal human mind.

These heartless, soulless killers MUST BE STOPPED if we are to ensure the continuation of the human family in the future. There is no other viable alternative to preserving God’s Creation.]

The Genociding of Australians

[***Editor’s Note: Australia is under direct attack as I write these words. The N.W.O. psychopathic killers are hell-bent on murdering the aboriginal peoples (and the rest of the non-aboriginals as well) and the people are calling out (screaming might be a more apt way of putting it) to the rest of the world to DO SOMETHING to help stop these Stalinoid attacks upon them. The country was tricked with a false flag event (the infamous Port Arthur Massacre) back in the 90’s and they foolishly turned in all their weapons to the government thus leaving them in perpetual danger. That danger has now manifested BIG TIME in the form of the “Covid-19 Bio-weapon Scamdemic” which the Australian government is using to the max in order to fulfil their Gates/Fauci W.H.O. ‘mandate’ to depopulate the planet and take over all territories not presently under the globalist’s control. This video needs to be shared and shared and shared along with any and all the other information contained in it.

In the recent past we’ve watched this process unfolding in Gaza and at one point an international effort took place to stop the genociding of the Palestinian people by these same megalomaniacal low life sadistic maniacs. Now they’re starting it all over again in Australia and if they’re successful every other nation in the world who’s under the heel of criminal cartel behind all of this will be treated in the same manner. We MUST rise up and DO something while we still can and Australia is the place to begin.]

Death by jab

Death by jab

Ultimate betrayal by doctors:

Society imprisoned by the state


By John Kaminski

We are no longer citizens. We are prisoners of the state, commanded to accept fatal torture. We don’t need protection from a phantom disease that so many experts have proven does not exist. We need protection from the state.

Nightmare medicine. Bribed government maniacs flushed and excited by their own demonic declarations, so certain of their unchallengeable power, sneer with a lurid leer, “Take this shot that might kill you if you want to stay alive.” And they always forget to say: “We’re not sure if it will actually work.” Ordinary knaves by the millions, trusting in their own conceited leaders, fall down and die.

Doctors all over the world deceive their patients by telling them to get the jab. These doctors should be charged with murder.

Like a decaying cow skull at a poisoned waterhole, people dying who once bragged that only cowards refused to get jabbed serve as a ghoulish reminder to those who resist the government’s cynical death prescription.

The new government rationale imposed on a world population of semi-conscious media addicts, is “Killing people to keep them alive.” This is very much like Orwell’s ‘war is peace’. Remember that riddle, “We had to destroy the village in order to save it.” from the long ago Vietnam war, which like the current epidemic has never been satisfactorily explained nor ever really understood?

No more liberty and justice for all. Now it’s take the jab or you can’t go to work or buy groceries. And semiconscious people, those fools who won’t stop watching TV, keep saying, “It’s just a little mask, what’s the big deal?” The big deal is hospitals jammed with bacterial pneumonia and a host of other diseases, notably suicidal psychoses caused by locking down children isolated from their peers that in the natural order of things have always kept them healthy.

There is still no definitive proof that anyone has actually died from COVID, because what they’re calling COVID has never, in actual fact, been isolated nor purified in a lab, according to hundreds of doctors from around the world.

As the death toll from the jab are tallied by VAERS (the government’s much-maligned Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), one must remember the Harvard Pilgrim study which assessed that the VAERS system records only ONE PERCENT of all vaccine injuries and deaths. Which means VAERS reporting a combined total of 30,000 vaccine deaths from the U.S. and Europe actually means that THREE MILLION people have already died from these nightmare experimental unapproved jabs.

So, all over the world now, they’re putting people in jail for a disease that has not been proven to exist. In Northern Australia, they’re rounding up the aboriginals by bus, preparing for their mass extermination. In Slovenia, you can’t buy gas without a COVID passport. Millions of people in Canada who have quit their jobs rather than take the jab now face starvation and/or freezing to death as their supply lines are cut off by asymmetric weather warfare. They all will stay in the hastily constructed camps until they take a shot the state says will keep them alive, but statistics show most likely will kill them, soon if not sooner.

If they don’t accept the jab, apparently they will stay there forever, while ghoulish bureaucrats ooze joyous power from their satisfying satanic grins declaring their sadistic lies that turn joy into terror and freedom into prison. This is truly medical witchcraft, a fatal disease that cannot be cured except by shots that do not work yet are ordered by officials who are bribed by the criminal cartel’s companies which manufacture these demonic poisons and count their billions in profits while the population twitches and dies.

All over the world now people who have been deprived of their right to live and thrive take to the streets to protest this demented decision to kill off most of the population by insisting everyone is at risk from this phantom disease. Those who are supposedly cured by experiencing this fickle flu are ordered to take the jab anyway, even though their immunity is established to this disease that doesn’t exist.

But it’s the cure that’s the disease, and this deliberately devised state of fear that has been created by the state itself that is the true danger from which people need to be protected.

Why would so many people leave their jobs rather than take the jab? Because they’ve seen the evidence, the spasmodic patients forever injured by this devil’s concoction, or whose luckless lives end on a moment’s notice, as some, even teenagers, drop dead immediately after taking the shot in order to go on vacation.

Yet the average person doesn’t see much of this. They are lulled into their deluded sense of security by mass media morons who dutifully regurgitate Big Pharma propaganda. In fact their very jobs are kept secure by the Big Pharma advertising that sponsors the evening news. What would you expect them to say?

With each passing day reputable doctors find new ways to expose this sham menace, but at the same time inflexible authorities tighten the noose around the human spirit as they jab little children with a substance still largely unexplained except for the massive injuries and undeniable deaths they produce.

It’s almost like the psychotic government is saying you must die in order to live. And that’s about the truth of the so-called vaccine, as healthy people drop dead on soccer fields that never would have happened had they not taken the jab.

Overall you have to think this pandemic is not about a disease at all, but about political control used as an excuse to reduce the population, which some say will spin out of control and kill everyone with a manufactured disease that cannot be stopped at any point.

People who already know this much (which is most of the people of the world) are nevertheless apt to forget the central point of the plot that is deliberately destroying world society in order to remold it into a prison system in which everyone will be totally controlled by a central source.

They are apt to forget the one telltale aspect that connects the medical profession, the media, the politicians and the vampire vaccine makers, and that is the bankster’s programming which aims to conquer and place all the countries of the world into a single unit run by them.

By their control of the worldwide money supply, which enables them to control all media and all politics, they have now established their de facto one world government, which is why they are succeeding in killing off everyone they don’t like, which in point of fact likely includes you.

This is the overriding fact that must be addressed if we are ever to escape this barbaric tyranny that has turned the world into an execution chamber for all those who refuse to think and act. Without this thought and these actions, our doom is unavoidable.

The witchcraft of this woeful pox was obvious from the beginning when the ugly authorities advised people who got sick not to take action right away but to wait until they got worse and then go to the hospital, where they could be properly injected by poisons that made their kidneys swell, whereupon they could be put on ventilators that would drown them with their own fluids and make their lungs explode.

History will remember this as the Cuomo Technique, after the pervert governor who was removed from office for molesting women as he watched patients die as the consequence of his deliberate decision.

The actual contorted logic in all this is that the elite are killing off all the detritus drecks so they can live comfortably for a few more years on the dwindling food and fuel supplies calculated to be unable to support eight billion people. They’re fooling themselves that they can stay alive on Bill Gates Insectburgers as they block out the Sun with their toxic gases and poison the population with their Glyphosated canola salads and plastic bodysuits.

The one gift they’re giving to all those people they’re killing — all those nonessential useless eaters — is that real people won’t have to live in the monstrous world they plan to create. In part that’s why you hear so many people saying these days, “I’m glad I’m old. I wouldn’t want to live in this world they’ve made very much longer.”

This pleases Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and their legions of paid off politicians, doctors and news readers. It is exactly what they had in mind.