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Recent events (and not too recent events) indicate that Quesnel’s Mayor Bob Simpson and his underling, Councillor Scott Elliot, plus the local Cariboo Observer are all displaying collusive qualities designed to forestall any serious changes to the province’s current draconian restrictions on the people’s fundamental rights and freedoms as expressed in both Common Law and Canada’s falsely and long touted Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  

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Open Letter To Ministry Of Forests, Range Branch Re: Application To Use Herbicides.

[NOTE: The issue of the B.C. government’s use of deadly chemicals, toxins and poisons, commonly referred to as herbicides, on the forest lands of Beautiful British Columbia, has been with us for many decades now. Given the information contained in the following Open Letter to the Ministry of Forests, Range Branch in Kamloops, B.C. it…

Fire Bonnie Henry!

Arthur — On Wednesday, I stood up in the Legislature and called on David Eby to immediately fire Dr. Bonnie Henry. During the COVID-19 crisis everyday hardworking people were sucked into a whirlpool of chaos caused by constantly changing rules, brutal restrictions on people’s personal freedoms, and a heavy-handed approach that especially failed the most…


[EDITOR’S NOTE: The People’s Party of Canada under the Leadership of Max Bernier comes under fire from the usual Uniparty critics who often attempt to ridicule the name itself by saying things like “It sounds like the Communist Party” or some other such puerile remark. Contrary to the PPC’s critics I recently came across an…

Cancer Solutions and Today’s Persecution – Dr. Mark Trozzi

Cancer Solutions and Today’s Persecution • Dr Mark Trozzi• November 10, 2023 While I am facing a penalty hearing today, many injection victims are facing cancer. Here’s insight, hope and solutions. Today  is November 10th 2023 when I face the hardship of a CPSO hearing to decide their “punishment” for me in recognition of my three…


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  1. I’m an Albertan who shares the same views as Mr. Bory. Given that I hope the next election will see people wake the hell up and support this movement. Thanks to all connected to this site.

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