Open Letters


From: Constance Fogal, B.A., B.Ed, M.A., LLB  

I write to comment on the video of Dix and Henry presented by the Vancouver Sun on or about February 25,2021 titled “Personal Attacks Unacceptable” and the subsequent chiming in of the Premier.

Dear Dr. Bonnie Henry, Minister Dix, Minister Farnworth, and Premier Horgan:

So, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!”

What an embarrassment (or is it a revelation?) to see our “rulers” whining almost tearfully (real or staged?) on video about personal attacks, about protests outside Bonnie’s office doors, about the “language” (i.e criticism) being unacceptable… So, now the censorship and media manipulation heats up?

Minister Dix said of Dr Henry, “She never loses sight of people in this pandemic. She continues to have compassion for every single person.”

Odd to admit the witting observance of the suffering of people, and odd to say she has compassion for everyone since she, Minister Dix, Minister Farnworth, Premier Horgan and all MLAs :

– are directly responsible for the reported agony of children, as well as the elderly and many others who’ve died alone, deprived of the comfort and solace of loved ones, not to mention the ongoing agony of the surviving families tortured by traumatic memories forced on them and their loved ones by Henry, Dix and complicit MLAs.

– are directly responsible for the year long and continuing lock up of seniors in old folks homes, deprived of all visitors, forced to languish in loneliness and despair and agony over what they perceive in their reduced mental capacities as abandonment by their loved ones, and in some cases, endure outright additional physical abuse because there’s no outside oversight. They’re dying in droves from abusive rules.

– are directly responsible for the reported cancelled surgeries and medical treatments and lockdown of empty hospitals causing the reported suffering and deaths from cancer, heart attacks and other ailments .

– are directly responsible for the reported impoverishment of small businesses driven to bankruptcy in lockdowns contributing directly to the reported broken families, family violence, suicides, child abuse, despair.

– are directly responsible for lockdowns, mandated masking and social distancing reportedly resulting in psychological pathology. 

If people write or gather to protest in person because of their experiences of these facts as set out above, then they are protesting against crimes against humanity, violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, violation of the Nuremberg Code, violation of the Geneva Convention, and violation of our Canadian Constitution and our Charter Rights.

If criminal language was directed at anyone, our Criminal Code protects everyone. And then the Premier weighs in saying that because Henry is not a politician, she should not be subject to criticism, never mind she is exercising the very globalist goal of unelected, unaccountable bureaucratic tyrannical power.

Bonnie Henry is the smokescreen and buffer behind whom all our MLAs and the Premier hide with self-righteous glee as they pass laws indemnifying themselves from any harm suffered by their constituents arising out of these “pandemic” orders. None of our MLAs have any problem letting

Dr. Henry take the flack. Nor does she opt to walk away from her powerful position.

Neither she nor Dix nor any MLA have any problem harassing pastors who open their doors ministering to their flock, while leaving casinos open to drive users to social and economic problems.

Instead Dix, Henry, Farnworth and the Premier would have the suffering citizens silenced while Dr Henry wrings her hands in pitiful commiseration with her colleagues about these ungrateful hordes who call for justice.  What?! Justice? Freedom of Speech? Freedom of assembly? Freedom of worship? The right to life and liberty? How dare they!

And so now after a year of clever finessing, deceit, and outright “pandemic” lies, we shall see the tightening of the screw to show who’s the boss and who’s the slave who has learned to submit under the mark of slavery: the wearing of the mask.

All this for a “global pandemic” in 2020 (and now 2021) with the WHO reporting fewer deaths worldwide from all causes (including Covid) than deaths from all causes in the previous five years.

Is there a pandemic? Hmm, let me see…

Oxford dictionary defines “pandemic” as “a prevalence, especially a disease over the whole of a country or continent or world.”

There is no increased prevalence of disease or deaths, but there is a deliberate increased prevalence of fear. We are subjected to a pandemic of fear perpetrated by the medical rulers emasculating and torturing the populations.

Was Henry called a “dictator?” Hmm, let me see:

Oxford Dictionary defines:

Dictator=a person exercising absolute authority of any kind or any sphere


Despotic=arbitrary, tyrannical

Despotism=an arbitrary government

Despot=any person who exercise tyrannical authority

Authority= power to enforce obedience

Tyrant= a ruler who exercises power in an oppressive, unjust, or cruel manner.

So, who is the tyrant here? “Poor Bonnie” who does the dirty work or her bosses who hide behind her skirt letting her suffer the slings and arrows, or Bonnie and her bosses, all of whom are complicit in these crimes against humanity, all of whom seem drunk on power.

Constance Fogal

Vancouver Island