The Final Push: VOTE PPC On June 19th!

The Final Push: VOTE PPC On June 19th!

It’s coming right down to the wire in Portage-Lisgar!

With just days left before the election, my team is busy at work getting our message out.

Over the last 4 weeks we knocked on tens of thousands of doors across the riding and the reception has been amazing.

Pierre’s fake Conservatives are starting to get desperate!

They know they can’t attack me or the PPC for our ideas, they would lose that argument!

So they resort to lying and smearing me for things I did more than a decade ago.

Back when I was part of their corrupt party!

They don’t seem to understand that these attacks speak more about their Party than they do of me!

Over the last couple of weeks Pierre’s team has dumped tens of thousands of dollars into ads to try and associate me with the World Economic Forum. They have ads on Facebook and on the radio.

Take a look at the mailer they sent out this week.

It’s kind of funny really!

The same Conservative Party that signed us up for the United Nations’ globalist agenda is trying to smear me – the only anti-globalist federal politician – as a globalist!

I’ve explained many times why Stephen Harper sent me to Davos in 2008, if you don’t already know, you can click this link to watch the clip.

I’m not too worried about these silly attacks. Ultimately we have the truth on our side which is much more powerful than the lies our opponents are spreading.

But we have to make sure we spread the truth before election day!

Here is my strategy for a final push before election day.

I’ve put together a radio ad to make my final appeal to local voters. You can listen to it by clicking here.

We’ve been running ads on local radio throughout the campaign, but I want to kick things into overdrive for the last few days.

My team has put together a contract to get our ads playing 3 times an hour throughout prime time, 8am to 6pm, on EVERY radio station in the riding.

You won’t be able to drive anywhere in Portage-Lisgar without hearing my voice at least once!

I think it’s a good plan.

The race is tight right now, a lot of swing voters are having second thoughts about supporting the CPC, we just need to remind them that I am the best choice for the community!

The one catch is this plan won’t come cheap. 30 ads per day, on 7 different stations for the last 4 days of the campaign.

It’s going to cost us about $50,000, but I think it’s worth it.

Please chip in $15 to help us fund our FINAL PUSH to make me the next MP for Portage-Lisgar!

Thanks so much!

P.S.: If you have trouble finding where you can donate, you can just click this link!

Never Before: An Open Letter to the Voters in the Portage-Lisgar, Manitoba By-election

Never Before: An Open Letter to the Voters
in the Portage-Lisgar, Manitoba By-election
Arthur Topham
June 16, 2023

Dear Portage-Lisgar Voters,

I write to you from British Columbia as a 76 year old Canadian-born citizen, father of 4 and grandfather to 8. My purpose in doing so is to try and convince you to vote for Maxime Bernier the Leader of the People’s Party of Canada in next Monday’s Portage-Lisgar by-election on June 19th, 2023.

I’ve been living in B.C since 1957 but was born into a farming family on the eastern border of Saskatchewan near Togo back in 1947 about 200 miles NW of Winkler so in that sense we were practically neighbours back then. 🙂

Over the course of my lifetime I’ve witnessed all the political/social/economic changes that have occurred in our now beleaguered country and to say the least, never before in the history of our nation since the BNA Act of 1867 has Canada had to face the imminent loss of its national sovereignty along with all the fundamental rights and freedoms it has fought so hard to gain in order to remain “Strong and Free”.

As conscientious and caring Canadians we who have been witnessing the events of the past half century and longer are well aware there is now an open, acknowledged conspiracy on the part of the world’s power brokers to extinguish the basic rights and freedoms of citizens everywhere; not only to extinguish but to exacerbate at the same time, unnatural and perverted acts which are presently destroying the lives of future generations and putting at risk the very original purpose of Providence itself.

Basically there are two versions of the present political narrative afoot: one broadcast to the world on a 24/7 basis via the legacy or mainstream media (msm) created, owned and controlled by the international globalist elites and the other via the world wide web through social media outlets such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other electronic formats. These two fundamental forms of communication compromise the yin and the yang of all our interactions amongst each other as human beings.

That said I want to get down to the nitty gritty of “Never Before” and see whether somewhere, amid the dark and sinister clouds that are quickly gathering over our nation, there might be found a ray of hope which holds promise of stemming the present tide of infamy, deception and censorship that’s now threatening our very existence not only as an independent country but even so far as a species upon Mother Earth.

A Trinity of Trouble

From a political perspective Canadian voters are facing a major conundrum in terms of differentiating fact from fiction when it comes to believing the words and actions of those “Leaders” of the legacy parties the Liberals, Conservatives, NDP and Greens. Together they comprise what’s been nicknamed “The Uniparty”. The rhetoric of all three is coming on fast and furious as we approach that fatal day when voters across the nation will have to decide who is who and who, upon gaining power, will address and remedy all the present crises that are becoming more openly grotesque and disquieting with each passing day. Allow me to present a short list of said grievances which “the people” are becoming increasingly alarmed by:

  • World Economic Forum (WEF) influence on Canadian Politicians
  • COVID-19 Scamdemic of 2000
  • Government Lockdowns
  • mRNA Vaccinations
  • Vaxed versus Unvaxed
  • Vaccine Passports
  • Forced lay offs of Unvaxed Nurses/Healthcare Workers
  • Sudden Death Occurrences related to said bio-weapons
  • Transgenderism & the 2SLGBTQI+ agenda
  • Stabbing & Killing by Transgendered
  • Transgendering Canada’s Military
  • Liberal/Trudeau/Conservative/Poilievre Promotion of Drag Queen camps
  • Grooming of little children by Transgendered
  • Mass Immigration
  • Far Left Wokism
  • Trudeau’s Attack on Legal Gun Owners
  • Liberal Censorship Law C-11
  • Liberal collusion with China
  • Inflation, Debt & Unfair Equalization
  • Liberal Climate Change agenda
  • 3 party Liberal/Conservative/NDP support for Ukraine and Zelensky
  • Hate Crime laws in Canada’s Criminal Code
  • Disregard for Canadian Constitution
  • Globalism
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • United Nations Organization (UNO)
  • Truckers Convoy to Ottawa in 2022
  • Trudeau’s Emergency Order
  • Residential School Disinformation
  • Anti-White, Anti-Christian agendas

It is practically self-evident (or ought to be) that given the past 60 years since the days of PM John G. Diefenbaker and his Bill of Rights Canada’s identity and sovereignty have suffered massive assaults by foreign organizations like the UNO, WEF, WHO and NATO. The Liberal Party, buttressed and blessed by the NDP, plus the Conservative Party under Harper and now Pierre Poilievre, have all sacrificed the nation’s sovereignty and dignity on the alter of Globalism in favour of an International agenda that precludes the rights and freedoms of the common people of Canada.

What Canadians now face is a dark future fraught with increasing turmoil, sickness, confusion, poverty, perversion and lack of principles with nowhere to turn to when it comes to the political platforms of all the major federal parties. That leaves “the people” caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place unless…unless…unless…they wake up to the realization that it is truly time to take a leap of faith and give the only other federal political party, the People’s Party of Canada, a chance to turn the ship of state around by electing the PPC’s Leader Maxime Bernier in your riding and then into the House of Commons where his voice, the voice of the People, will finally be heard.

All this said it therefore behooves the voters of Portage-Lisgar to give the people of Canada a chance by voting for the one and only candidate whose platform addresses all of the list of grievances listed above that the Canadian voters want to have resolved. The fate of our nation now lies in your hands. That one ray of hope is the People’s Party of Canada. Please do the right thing and vote for Max Bernier PPC on June 19th.


Arthur Topham
A Concerned Citizen of Canada


Self-defence – the People’s Right by Maxime Bernier – Leader People’s Party of Canada

Self-defence – the People’s Right
by Maxime Bernier – Leader
People’s Party of Canada

Canadians should be able to defend themselves when they are violently attacked or are victims of robbery in their own homes, without fear of criminal charges.

Any justice system grounded in morality and reason allows self-defence.

In Canada, this right is, however, inconsistently applied due to the law’s complexity and imprecision.

Too often, honest Canadians face charges, trials, and even jail time for defending themselves and their families.

Their actions are deemed “unreasonable in the circumstances” and “disproportionate to the perceived threat.”

Condemning a person to years in prison for having made the wrong assessment of a “perceived threat,” or having used too much force to defend themselves while in a state of panic after being violently attacked, is clearly a breach of the universal human right to self-defence.

Victims of robbery are typically advised to call the police and avoid any confrontation with assailants while waiting for the police to arrive.

In rural areas however, police stations are often far away and it can take a long time for the police to arrive at the scene of a crime.

The threat that a victim may retaliate with force is a crucial way to deter crime.

The Criminal Code even makes it illegal to carry and use even non-lethal devices such as pepper spray as modes of defence against potential attackers.

This makes women in particular even more defenceless and prone to fall victim to aggression and sexual violence.

Everybody, and women in particular, should be allowed to carry effective means of self-defence against aggressors and rapists.

Yesterday, at a press conference in Portage-Lisgar, I announced the new PPC policy on self-defence. Here is my 3-point policy proposal:

•   Amend section 34 of the Criminal Code to clarify and fortify the right to self-defence, and increase the burden of proof necessary to charge and convict victims who used force to defend themselves against a violent attacker.
•   Amend section 35 of the Criminal Code to include the concept of the inviolability of one’s home, known as “Castle Doctrine,” that allows victims to use force (up to and including deadly force) to defend themselves against a violent intruder, free from legal prosecution.
•   Amend the Criminal Code to remove pepper spray from the list of prohibited weapons and make it legal to possess and carry it for self-defence.

To be honest, I can’t believe these common sense ideas aren’t already law!

In Canada we must do more to protect honest, upstanding citizens, while punishing criminals.’

Consider a $10 donation today to help me continue to push common sense policies like these!


P.S.: If you have trouble finding where you can donate, you can just click this link!



Arthur Topham – Reporter

Travelling into Quesnel yesterday to pay our property taxes I came upon a familiar site as I drove past Baker Memorial Hospital along Front Street. There on the sidewalk next to the parking lot across the street from the Co-op gas station were three elderly people all holding up signs. One of the ladies, Marilyn, who is a member of the Covenant of Life Church in Quesnel, was sitting on a chair on the grass and holding up a sign that read “ABORTION HURTS WOMEN”. Below it, leaning against her leg, was a second sign stating, “ABORTION KILLS CHILDREN”. A second elderly lady, Phyllis, a member of the Catholic Church, was standing holding a sign that read, “ADOPTION THE LOVING OPTION”. Next to Phyllis closer to the road into the parking lot was a gentleman, Rick, who was holding up a sign that read, “JESUS FORGIVES & HEALS”.

Rick, Phyllis and Marilyn protesting against the practise of Abortion in Quesnel, B.C.

After paying my dues to Rome and securing our home and property for another year I drove back to where the protesters were and parked in the lot and went to talk with them. Introducing myself Marilyn told me that it would be best to talk to Rick as he was the spokesperson for their group. After some preliminary chit chatting Rick, who is with the Baptist Church, told me that they have been coming out on a regular basis for some time now. They used to protest for two hours each day but now come out for one hour each time. Our message is pretty clear and simple Rick said. As Christians, who believe in God and the Holy Book and have given our lives to promoting the message of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, we understand that Jesus would not be in favour of killing children while still in the womb. He made that plainly evident in Mathew 18 Vs 1-6.

Rick also added to his remarks that even those who have been found wanting by promoting and engaging in this awful practise should not think that they’ve sinned and are now lost forever for should they come to their senses and sincerely repent that Jesus will forgive them.

As the three were just about to pack up for the day my short interview ended and I went back to my vehicle. As I was leaving the parking lot I noted that Rick and Phyllis and Marilyn were praying together prior to leaving and I was able to record their prayer for all those souls whose pending lives here on Earth had been cut short while still in their gestation period and were never given the opportunity to live out their lives. I imagined too that their prayer would also have included those unfortunate women who, for whatever reasons, had decided to end the lives of their babies.

During these dark and troubled time when the children everywhere are being targeted by Satanic forces in an effort to undermine their lives and even mutilate their God-given gender one can only hope that the prayers of good Christian folks like Rick and Phyllis and Marilyn reach the Heavenly Father and the abominable practise of Abortion will cease to be.


Public Health NOT Public Harm

Public Health NOT Public Harm
Gail Y. Davidson LL.B., Dr. Matthew Cockle, Dr. Steven Pelech

The threat of COVID-19 has passed. But the threat of COVID-19 policy remains for the thousands of healthcare workers terminated as a result of their decision to refuse the COVID-19 genetic vaccines. And the threat of COVID-19 policy also remains for all British Columbians who wish to preserve our essential right to informed consent, and our essential freedom to refuse both unwanted medical interventions and non-consensual experimentation. To be perfectly clear, COVID-19 restrictions are not over in BC—not by a long-shot. On the contrary, the temporary restrictions brought in ostensibly to deal with COVID-19 are now formalized. In other words, these emergency measures, which flagrantly violated the rights and freedoms of British Columbians, have been written into BC law on a permanent basis.

Unvaccinated BC Healthcare workers have been stripped of their right to employment since October 2021. Hailed as heroes the year before, thousands of vitally important healthcare professionals have been fired, with nearly half of these in the Interior and Northern Health regions. Rural hospitals throughout BC are unable to operate their emergency departments due to staffing shortages. And just as the province is experiencing a healthcare crisis—fuelled by this staffing shortage—continuing COVID-19 restrictions are forcing highly trained and experienced health care workers to leave BC for work in other provinces or take early retirement

BC’s Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry has issued a series of catastrophically harmful and apparently unlawful public health orders. The most recent of these, released on April 6, 2023, mandates COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment for healthcare workers and as a condition of enrollment in training for healthcare professions. When rights restrictions are imposed upon a population in the context of a public emergency, there is a legal requirement that the restrictions be necessary, legitimate, proportionate, and temporary. To begin with, this public health order is utterly unjustified, because there is no COVID-19 emergency in BC. Even worse—showing a blatant disregard for the law—this particular order is not only unnecessary, illegitimate, and disproportionate, but it has no termination date.

When we examine this order, we see that the Public Health Officer has formally terminated all of BC’s unvaccinated healthcare workers, even those who practice alternative medicines such as acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy and chiropractic medicine, to list a few. There is essentially no recourse for these healthcare professionals and support workers. Stripped of income, not eligible for unemployment insurance, and not eligible for legal aid, our terminated healthcare workers have no means to effectively challenge the lawfulness of this order.

The order, Issued by Bonnie Henry on April 6, 2023, should be terminated immediately. Furthermore, those deprived of employment by the order should be reinstated and receive fair compensation for loss of income and other consequential damages. There is no justification whatsoever for a vaccination, or a vaccination status requirement for healthcare workers. Even the World Health Organization has announced, on May 5, 2023, that COVID-19 no longer constitutes a pandemic. Public health orders that coerce individuals to accept a medical treatment not voluntarily chosen can arguably never be considered lawful, even in a state of public health emergency. Orders, such as that of April 6, 2023, that use the coercion of job loss to compel involuntary submission to injection with a pharmaceutical product that is either ineffective, unsafe or properly considered experimental, are always unlawful and prohibited by both Canadian and international law during normal and emergency times.

In addition to blatant disregard for the law, the public health order of April 6 ignores established scientific facts. The order fails to acknowledge that COVID-19 genetic vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission of disease. The last date that the BC Centre for Disease Control released data linking COVID-19 vaccine status to hospitalizations and deaths was on June 23, 2022. During the period of January 2 to June 18, 2022, some 74% of British Columbians who were hospitalized and 81% of those who died with COVID-19 were double or triple vaccinated.

The April 6 order completely ignores the proven effectiveness of natural immunity. This is indefensible. One would expect levels of natural immunity to be very high in these healthcare workers in view of their increased exposure to COVID-19 patients during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The vast majority of people in BC have now acquired both natural and vaccine-induced immunity to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Unvaccinated health care workers simply do not pose a greater risk to patients than their vaccinated colleagues.

The April 6 public health order also ignores mounting evidence available in government vaccine injury reporting systems such as VAERS in the US, EudraVigilence in Europe and the World Health Organization’s VigiAccess databases. These databases show more vaccine injuries, hospitalizations, and deaths from the COVID-19 genetic vaccines than from the 80 other vaccines combined over the past 30 years. The risks of these injuries has been well documented to be unacceptably high for a vaccine given to healthy adults. For example, published data from the BC Centre for Disease Control shows a risk for symptomatic myocarditis or perimyocarditis in about 1 in 1900 males aged 18 to 29 years after the second inoculation with the Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. Mandating COVID-19 vaccination puts the health of healthcare providers at risk, and endangers the health of all people in our province.

The April 6 order also prohibits unvaccinated and non-disclosing students, faculty, and staff, in post secondary institutions, from any work in healthcare settings. The order thereby prevents unvaccinated students from completing training in the health care professions and other occupations. This is particularly egregious given that there is no factual basis for assuming that unvaccinated students pose any COVID-19-related risk to those in health care facilities. Furthermore, by barring admission to healthcare premises, this order also effectively prevents unvaccinated and non-disclosing staff and faculty from remaining employed. 

The April 6 order bans already certified and desperately needed health care workers from employment. It thereby further reduces timely access to competent health care in BC even as patients suffer life-threatening health care delays because of short staffing. And for those who are not yet aware, BC is indeed facing a health care crisis. More than 35 emergency room physicians in Surrey have warned BC authorities that patients are going without timely care and even dying due to a shortage of staff, acute care beds and adequate hospital accommodation.

With the second worst wait times for cancer patients in all of Canada, BC’s provincial government has announced that starting May 29, 2023, the province will pay to send patients currently awaiting radiation therapy in BC to the US for treatment. The financial costs for this program will be enormous. Additionally, it will place increased stress upon patients with an attendant decrease in positive outcomes. At the same time, patients unable to travel for treatment will be faced with increased risk of death due to further treatment delay. In a particularly sad twist of irony—considering both the terrible cost of cross border radiation treatment and the groundless prohibition of employment for unvaccinated healthcare workers in BC—vaccination is no longer required for healthcare workers in Washington state!

By limiting the pool of trained health care workers allowed to serve the critical needs of cancer patients—even as BC cancer treatment centres are being plagued by staff burnout—the April 6 order compounds the problems that BC’s healthcare system is facing. It requires no great flight of the imagination to see that this public health order will inevitably lead to enormous harm for the people of British Columbia—particularly those in need of urgent care.

Apart from Nova Scotia and BC, none of the other provinces require mandatory COVID-19 vaccination of healthcare workers at this time. In contrast to BC, public health authorities in many other countries, including Australia, Denmark, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, no longer even recommend COVID-19 vaccinations for healthy adults and children. It is time for the BC Ministry of Health to acknowledge what has become plainly obvious to health authorities elsewhere—COVID-19 is no longer considered a threat, and the harms of these genetic vaccines outweigh their benefits. Healthcare workers should not be coerced into submitting to mandatory COVID-19 vaccination their training and experience does not support.

“The April 6, 2023 Public Health Order must be terminated immediately. Our healthcare workers must be reinstated with compensation. Unlawful orders, such as this, must never again be imposed upon the people of British Columbia. Those responsible must be held accountable.”

The April 6, 2023 Public Health Order must be terminated immediately. Our healthcare workers must be reinstated with compensation. Unlawful orders, such as this, must never again be imposed upon the people of British Columbia. Those responsible must be held accountable.


Policy Announcement on Radical Gender Ideology from PPC Leader Maxime Bernier

Policy Announcement on Radical Gender Ideology
Maxime Bernier – Press Conference – Winkler, May 23, 2023

With the active support of the woke far left and all establishment parties, including Pierre Poilievre and the fake Conservatives, radical trans activists are trying to destroy one of the key building blocks of a healthy society – the distinction between men and women. This evil agenda, which contradicts basic biological realities, is particularly harmful to women and children.

In recent years, cultural Marxists and radical activists in the media, government, and schools have made every effort to normalize toxic transgender ideology. They teach children that stereotypes determine their gender, and if they do not fit into the traditional male or female gender roles, they encourage them to think they were born in the wrong body.

Children are never born in the wrong body. Children should be taught to accept themselves, not seek solutions through pharmaceuticals and medical procedures.
Chris Elston, better known as Billboard Chris, is a father and activist trying to raise awareness about the danger of gender ideology. As he likes to say: “There’s only two sexes, zero genders, and infinite personalities. Just because a little girl plays in the dirt, or enjoys sports, does not mean she’s a boy. She’s a beautiful young girl. There is no such thing as a ‘transgender child’”.

Most boys and girls suffering from gender dysphoria simply grow out of it. Many suffer from other mental issues, such as autism, or are under the temporary influence of a phenomenon of social contagion.

Bill C-4, which was unanimously adopted by all parties in the House of Commons in 2021, including the fake Conservatives, criminalizes parents and therapists who try to help minors with gender dysphoria accept who they are. In effect, the law bans “conversion therapy” in one direction, but allows it in the other. It is illegal to treat children for a mental disorder, but it is legal to encourage them to undergo “gender affirming therapy” and mutilate their bodies.

Taking puberty blockers at a young age will transform their body and sterilize them for life, when they are too young to evaluate the impact of such a momentous decision. Sex change surgeries cause many complications and require lifelong treatments. More and more trans people who underwent such surgeries regret it later in life and want to “detransition”, but it’s tragically too late.

Cultural fads like Drag Queen Story Hours promote this ideology among children and make it appear normal to identify as the other sex or as different invented genders.
Last week, I met parents who are trying to get books removed from school libraries that promote gender ideology and contain inappropriate pornographic images. There is actually an article in the Criminal Code that says it’s illegal to make such images available to minors. Why is it not enforced? I will also attend a board of trustees meeting in Brandon this evening with concerned parents, where this issue will be discussed.

Women’s rights and security are being trampled to accommodate men pretending to be the other sex. As a result, women are encountering men in changing rooms and bathrooms. Violent male criminals are being incarcerated in women’s prisons. The transfer to women’s prisons of male inmates who self-identify as women has been standard practice in Canada since it was introduced by the Trudeau government in 2018. It has resulted in male criminals with histories of sexual abuse being housed alongside female inmates, with several cases of violent behaviour being reported in the media.

There is a particularly horrific case in British Columbia involving a man, Adam Laboucan, who raped a three-month-old boy when he was 15 years old. He drowned a 3-year old boy. He became Canada’s youngest violent sex offender when he was sentenced to prison at 17 years old. After he started identifying as a woman and changed his name to Tara Desousa, he was transferred to the Fraser Valley Institution for Women in Abbotsford. This is a minimum security prison with a Mother-Child Program.

It’s unbelievable that this can happen in our society today. Instead of protecting our most vulnerable, Justin Trudeau’s insane woke policies put women and children at risk, while accommodating violent rapists who pretend to be the other sex. Pierre Poilievre’s fake Conservatives have nothing to say – they even signal to trans activists that they want their support!

Women also have to compete unfairly with biological men in sports. A few weeks ago, for example, a bearded pro powerlifter, who has decided he is actually a woman, entered a women’s competition in Lethbridge. He smashed a record held by another so-called transgender powerlifter who was watching on. I’m not joking! Canada in 2023 is stranger than fiction! This is not only totally unfair for the real women participating in these competitions. It’s absurd. It’s ridiculous. It’s an insult to our intelligence.

Gender ideology is even transforming our language. Bill C-16, adopted by the Liberal government in 2016 and famously opposed by Jordan Peterson, recognized gender self-identification and opened the door to compelled speech. Since then, businesses and government agencies have banned the use of words like “woman” and “mother” in favour of “menstruating people” and “birthing people”.

While adults can make whatever choices they want regarding their sex and gender identification, Canadians who believe there are only two immutable sexes and genders must not be compelled to adapt their language and behaviour to accommodate woke gender ideology.

The normalization of radical gender ideology will have a catastrophic impact on women and children if we do not reverse course soon. That is why I am releasing this official PPC policy today. The People’s Party is the only party taking this issue seriously. None of the establishment parties, including the fake Conservatives, have anything to say about it. On the contrary, they support these disastrous policies and trends.

It is completely unacceptable that not a single elected MP is brave enough to stand up for women and children, and basic biological realities! I have been speaking out against this madness for many years already, and I will continue to speak out against it in Parliament once I am elected MP for Portage-Lisgar.

First, a PPC government will modify the Criminal Code to outlaw the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and any form of bodily mutilation on minors with the goal of “transitioning” to another sex. Moreover, any person encouraging minors to “transition” will be held criminally responsible for attempting to cause harm.

We will remove the ban imposed by Bill C-4, the so-called “conversion therapy bill”, that is preventing parents and counsellors from helping minors who suffer from gender dysphoria accept their body.

We will strictly enforce section 163.1(1)(b) of the Criminal Code in order to remove inappropriate pornographic content from schools and libraries.

We will protect women’s spaces – bathrooms, changing rooms, shelters, and prisons – from intrusion by biological men.

We will maintain separate competitions for women in which biological men cannot participate in sports regulated and funded by the federal government.

We will abolish federal programs that fund sex change operations for civil servants and prisoners.

And finally, a PPC government will repeal Bill C-16, the bill that added gender self-identification as ground for protection against discrimination.

Most people living in this riding support these policies. They have a choice on June 19: They can support a fake Conservative who, like the rest of his party, will say and do nothing; or to elect someone who is not afraid to speak up against radical gender ideology and to fight to protect women and children. Thank you.


People’s Party of Canada
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Tyranny at Nuremberg by Paul Craig Roberts

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Given the controversy ever present these days on the net when it comes to the issue of the Nuremberg trials and the subsequent Nuremberg Code so many people on line tend to employee when talking about governments and their growing tendency to becoming more and more authoritarian (Canada’s federal Liberal government under PM Justin Trudeau is one of the more blatant examples) it’s necessary for me to provide readers with a short bio on journalist Paul Craig Roberts.

Considering the amount of misinformation surrounding the trial of the 21 German military personal and related persons Paul’s article is necessary reading for anyone seriously interested in knowing the truth about this grandiose, Victor orchestrated travesty of justice; one on par with Stalin’s showtrials in the Soviet Union during the 1930’s and 40’s.

Any [Censored-Ed.] is due to legal restrictions on my ability to post certain words.

The following bio is from Paul Craig Roberts’ website:

“Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Paul Craig Roberts is one of the most respected columnists in the alternative media. His syndicated articles can be seen on many leading alternative news websites including Lew Rockwell, Infowars, Counterpunch, InformationClearingHouse and countless others. Roberts scores huge points in the credibility department having been the former head of policy at the Department of Treasury under Reagan, and an editor of the Wall Street Journal — among a long list of other accolades. His research is impeccable and his vision of how the world really operates is second to none. He knows why and when the global chess pieces are moving, and has the incredible talent to communicate difficult concepts to the general public. He has written several books including The Tyranny of Good Intentions and How the Economy was Lost. His many interviews can be seen on Russia Today and Prison Planet TV. Roberts is also a recent contributor to Gerald Celente’s esteemed Trends Journal. There is no one better at reporting the reality of geo-political events and the workings of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve.]

Tyranny at Nuremberg

August 11, 2017

The showtrial of a somewhat arbitrarily selected group of 21 surviving Nazis at Nuremberg during 1945-46 was US Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson’s show. Jackson was the chief prosecutor. As a long-time admirer of Jackson, I always assumed that he did a good job.

My admiration for Jackson stems from his defense of law as a shield of the people rather than a weapon in the hands of government, and from his defense of the legal principle known as mens rea, that is, that crime requires intent. I often cite Jackson for his defense of these legal principles that are the very foundation of liberty. Indeed, I cited Jackson in my recent July 31 column. His defense of law as a check on government power plays a central role in the book that I wrote with Lawrence Stratton, The Tyranny of Good Intentions.

In 1940 Jackson was US Attorney General. He addressed federal prosecutors and warned them against “picking the man and then putting investigators to work, to pin some offense on him. It is in this realm—in which the prosecutor picks some person whom he dislikes or desires to embarrass, or selects some group of unpopular persons and then looks for an offense—that the greatest danger of abuse of prosecuting power lies. It is here that law enforcement becomes personal, and the real crime becomes that of being unpopular with the predominant or governing group, being attached to the wrong political views or being personally obnoxious to, or in the way of, the prosecutor himself.”

Later as a Supreme Court justice Jackson overturned a lower court conviction of a person who had no idea, or any reason to believe, that he had committed a crime.

Having just finished reading David Irving’s book Nuremberg (1996), I am devastated to learn that in his pursuit of another principle, at Nuremberg Jackson violated all of the legal principles for which I have so long admired him. To be clear, at Nuremberg Jackson was in pursuit of Nazis, but their conviction was the means to his end—the establishment of the international legal principle that the initiation of war, the commitment of military aggression, was a crime.

The problem, of course, was that at Nuremberg people were tried on the basis of ex post facto law—law that did not exist at the time of their actions for which they were convicted.

Moreover, the sentence—death by hanging—was decided prior to the trial and prior to the selection of defendants.

Moreover, the defendants were chosen and then a case was made against them.

Exculpatory evidence was withheld. Charges on which defendants were convicted turned out to be untrue.

The trials were so loaded in favor of the prosecution that defense was pro forma.

The defendants were abused and some were tortured.

The defendants were encouraged to give false witness against one another, which for the most part the defendants refused to do, with Albert Speer being the willing one. His reward was a prison sentence rather than death.

The defendants’ wives and children were arrested and imprisoned. To Jackson’s credit, this infuriated him.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt, General Eisenhower, and Winston Churchill thought that surviving Nazis should be shot without trial. Roosevelt laughed about liquidating 50,000 German military officers. Eisenhower told Lord Halifax that Nazi leaders should be shot while trying to escape, the common euphemism for murder. Russians spoke of castrating German men and breeding German women to annihilate the German race. US Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau wanted to reduce Germany to an agrarian society and send able-bodied Germans to Africa as slaves to work on “some big TVA project.”

Robert Jackson saw in these intentions not only rank criminality among the allied leadership but also a missed opportunity to create the legal principle that would criminalize war, thus removing the disaster of war from future history. Jackson’s end was admirable, but the means required bypassing Anglo-American legal principles.

Jackson got his chance, perhaps because Joseph Stalin vetoed execution without trial. First a showtrial, Stalin said, to demonstrate their guilt so that we do not make martyrs out of Nazis.

Whom to select for the list of 21-22 persons to be charged? Well, whom did the allies have in custody? Not all those they desired. They had Reichsmarschall Herman Göring who headed the air force. Whatever the valid charges against Göring, they were not considered to be mitigated by the fact that under Göring the German air force was mainly used against enemy formations on the battleground and not, like the US and British air forces in saturation terror bombing of civilian cities, such as Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, or by the fact that in Hitler’s final days Hitler removed Göring from all his positions, expelled him from the party, and ordered his arrest.

The Nuremberg trials are paradoxical in that the law Jackson intended to establish applied to every country, not to Germany alone. The ex post facto law under which Germans were sentenced to death and to prison also criminalized the terror bombing of German and Japanese cities by the British and US air forces. Yet, the law was only applied to the Germans in the dock. In his book, Apocalypse 1945: The Destruction of Dresden (1995), Irving quotes US General George C. McDonald’s dissent from the directive to bomb civilian cities such as Dresden. Gen. McDonald characterized the directive as the “extermination of populations and the razing of cities,” war crimes under the Nuremberg standard.

They had foreign minister Ribbentrop. They had field marshals Keitel and Jodl and the grand-admirals Raeder and Dönitz. They had a German banker, who was saved from sentencing by the intervention of the Bank of England. They had a journalist. They had Rudolf Hess who had been in a British prison since 1941 when he went to Britain on a peace mission to end the war. They wanted an industrialist, but Krupp was too old and ill. He was devoid of the persona of a foreboding evil. You can read the list in Irving’s book.

Göring knew from the beginning that the trial was a hoax and that his death sentence had already been decided. He had the means (a poison capsule) throughout his imprisonment to commit suicide, thus depriving his captors of their planned humiliation of him. Instead, he held the Germans together, and they stood their ground. Possessed of a high IQ, time and again he made fools of his captors. He made such a fool of Robert Jackson during his trial that the entire court burst out in laughter. Jackson never lived down being bested in the courtroom by Göring.

And Göring wasn’t through with making his captors look foolish and incompetent. He, the field marshalls and grand admiral requested that they be given a military execution by firing squad, but the pettiness of the Tribunal wanted them hung like dogs. Göring told his captors that he would allow them to shoot him, but not hang him, and a few minutes before he was to be marched to the gallows before the assembled press and cameras he took the poison capsule, throwing the execution propaganda show into chaos. To this injury he added insult leaving the prison commandant, US Col. Andrus a note telling him that he had had 3 capsules. One he had left for the Americans to find, thus causing them to think his means of escaping them had been removed. One he had taken minutes prior to his show execution, and he described where to find the third. He had easily defeated the continuous and thorough inspections inflicted upon him from fear that he would commit suicide and escape their intended propaganda use of his execution.

There was a time in Anglo-American law when the improprieties of the Nuremberg trials would have resulted in the cases being thrown out of court and the defendants freed. Even under the ex post facto law and extra-judicial, extra-legal terms under which the defendants were tried, at least two of the condemned deserved to be cleared.

It is not clear why Admiral Dönitz was sentenced to 10 years in prison. The chief American judge of the Tribunal, Francis Biddle, said: “It is, in my opinion, offensive to our concept of justice to punish a man for doing exactly what one has done himself.” “The Germans,” Biddle said, “fought a much cleaner war at sea than we did.“

Jodl, who countermanded many Nazi orders, was sentenced to death. The injustice of the sentence was made clear by a German court in 1953 which cleared Jodl of all Nuremberg charges and rehabilitated him posthumously. The French justice at the Nuremberg Tribunal said at the time that Jodl’s conviction was without merit and was a miscarriage of justice.

The entire Nuremberg proceeding stinks to high heaven.

~ Paul Craig Roberts

The entire Nuremberg proceeding stinks to high heaven. Defendants were charged with aggression for the German invasion of Norway. The fact was kept out of the trial that the British were about to invade Norway themselves and that the Germans, being more efficient, learned of it and managed to invade first.

Defendants were accused of using slave labor, paradoxical in view of the Soviets own practice. Moreover, while the trials were in process the Soviets were apparently gathering up able-bodied Germans to serve as slave labor to rebuild their war-torn economy.

Defendants were accused of mass executions despite the fact that the Russians, who were part of the prosecution and judgment of the defendants, had executed 15,000 or 20,000 Polish officers and buried them in a mass grave. Indeed, the Russians insisted on blaming the Germans on trial for the Katyn Forest Massacre.

Defendants were accused of aggression against Poland, and Ribbentrop was not permitted to mention in his defense the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact that divided Poland between Germany and the Soviet Union, without which Germany could not have attacked Poland. The fact that the Soviets, who were sitting at Nuremberg in judgment on the Germans, had themselves invaded Poland was kept out of the proceedings.

Moreover, without the gratuitous British “guarantee” to Poland, the Polish military dictatorship would likely have agreed to return territories stripped from Germany by the Versailles Treaty and the invasion would have been avoided.

“The greatest hypocrisy was the charge of aggression against Germany when the fact of the matter is that World War 2 began when the British and French declared war on Germany. Germany conquered France and drove the British from the European Continent after the British and French started the war with a declaration of war against Germany.”

The greatest hypocrisy was the charge of aggression against Germany when the fact of the matter is that World War 2 began when the British and French declared war on Germany. Germany conquered France and drove the British from the European Continent after the British and French started the war with a declaration of war against Germany.

Irving’s book is, of course, politically incorrect. However, he lists in the introduction the voluminous files on which the book is based: Robert Jackson’s official papers and Oral History, Francis Biddle’s private papers and diaries, Col. Andrus’ papers, Adm. Raeder’s prison diary, Rudolf Hess’ prison diary, interrogations of the prisoners, interviews with defense counsel, prosecutors, interrogators, and letters from the prisoners to their wives. All of this and more Irving has made available on microfilms for researchers. He compared magnetic tape copies of the original wire-recordings of the trial with the mimeographed and published transcripts to insure that spoken and published words were the same.

What Irving does in his book is to report the story that the documents tell. This story differs from the patriotic propaganda written by court historians with which we are all imbued. The question arises: Is Irving pro-truth or pro-Nazi. The National Socialist government of Germany is the most demonized government in history. Any lessening of the demonization is unacceptable, so Irving is vulnerable to demonization by those determined to protect their cherished beliefs.

[Censored. – Editor] have branded Irving a “holocaust denier,” and he was convicted of something like that by an Austrian court and spent 14 months in prison before the conviction was thrown out by a higher court.

“As I understand the term, a simple truthful modification of some element of the official holocaust story is sufficient to brand a person a holocaust denier.”

In Nuremberg, Irving removes various propaganda legends from the holocaust story and reports authoritative findings that many of the concentration camp deaths were from typhus and starvation, especially in the final days of the war when food and medicine were disappearing from Germany, but nowhere in the book does he deny, indeed he reports, that vast numbers of [Censored-Ed.] perished. As I understand the term, a simple truthful modification of some element of the official holocaust story is sufficient to brand a person a holocaust denier.

My interest in the book is Robert Jackson. He had a noble cause—to outlaw war—but in pursuit of this purpose he established precedents for American prosecutors to make law a weapon in their pursuit of their noble causes just as it was used against Nazis—organized crime convictions, child abuse convictions, drug convictions, terror convictions. Jackson’s pursuit of Nazis at Nuremberg undermined the strictures he put on US attorneys such that today Americans have no more protection of law than the defendants had at Nuremberg.


Vote Purple for the People of Canada!


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The Reform Party first entered Parliament in 1989 when they won a single seat in a by-election.

In the subsequent general election in 1993, 51 more MPs were sent to Ottawa. The following election saw them become the official opposition.

All the populist-conservative Reform Party needed was a foothold into Parliament, a single seat, and then the floodgates opened.

Sounds familiar?

The PPC will pick up the torch from the Reform Party, and it starts right here in Portage—Lisgar.

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$BANKS$ The Debt Based Banking System

[Editor’s Note: The following article on the Debt Based Banking System by Hans J. Krampe appeared in the 1st Edition of The Radical newspaper which hit the streets of the Cariboo and soon the country back in June of 1998.

Hans Krampe was the feature writer for the newspaper throughout its short lived history (it ran from June of 1998 to June of 2002 when I took it online and it became the RadicalPress[.]com).

To commemorate this event I’ve reproduced the article along with the original graphics that appeared in the paper; one’s which Hans drew for the occasion. Tragically we lost Hans Krampe on December 14, 2014 when he succumbed to diabetes.

The article is relatively long and is an excellent overview of how the global banking system works. The final part toward the end gives Canadians a clear and cogent explanation as to how it applies to Canada and our Bank of Canada and what we, the people, can do to take back the bank from the global moneylenders and put it to work for the nation in a positive way.

It’s highly recommended that readers share this important article with their friends and associates.

One further note. Certain words within the article have been censored. This is due to legal restrictions which I am forced to obey. Most readers will likely be able to put 2+2 together and figure out the answer.]


The Fox in Charge of the Perfect Golden Goose
The Debt Based Banking System

by Hans J. Krampe
June 1998

These days concerned citizens are well advised to supply themselves with a copy of the Canadian constitution and check for themselves if our government complies with its principles.

Nowhere is vigilance more necessary than in the area of monetary policy because for almost a century the Canadian government has knowingly operated on the basis of rules that are totally incompatible with Section 91 which gives the Canadian parliament the exclusive authority to control the issue and circulation of money. Any legislation that diminishes or transfers this control is illegal since all legislation has to comply with the spirit of the constitution.

Most Canadians are deliberately misled to believer the government exercises its authority through the institution of the Bank of Canada, a Central Bank.

“The Bank of Canada, like all
Central Banks, is neither a
government bank nor is it
controlled by government.”

It is, in fact, a private corporation, operating solely to profit its shareholders which are private international moneylenders. Yet it controls our money supply.

To people like you and me it doesn’t make any sense that the federal government must borrow non-existent Canadian money from foreign moneylenders and pay usurious interest to them, when on the basis of our constitution only it can legally create and circulate Canadian currency – which would be, of course, interest free. For bankers, however, it makes not only sense but it amounts to a positively enriching experience.

In 1914, presumably in cooperation with the U.S., and despite widespread objections, an apparently ignorant and, at least, partially corrupt parliament passed the Canadian Bank Act. It represented everything international moneylenders had conspired, deceived, blackmailed and murdered for in the U.S. during the preceding century. With this act they were able to establish the Bank of Canada, their private Central Bank, which gave them total control over our money supply, our government, and the riches of our entire country. It also allowed them to operate legally their fraudulent and devastating Fractional Reserve Banking System and, as well, put our money supply on the gold standard – gold the moneylenders control.

There were, however, some objections raised concerning the legality of the Act because it conflicted blatantly with the British North America Act (B.N.A.), as it does with our current constitution. The full implementation of the Act was temporarily put on ice with the outbreak of the first World War.

Then, in 1933, the bankers and their agents in government decided that the time was ripe for implementation. With R.B. Bennett, their front man, in the position of Prime Minister they had no trouble at all to generate enthusiastic agreement in cabinet with the idea that it was better to borrow at interest what one could otherwise create interest free. Through vigorous arm twisting from R.B. Bennett, whose callous and merciless conduct towards the multitude of the unemployed is a matter of history, the establishment of the Bank of Canada was approved sat the height of the Depression and the slow drowning of our country in a sea of debt and taxes had begun.

Monetary policy of the bank is decided by its officers who meet in secrecy and keep no minutes. One wonders what makes them so shy of public exposure.

At the end of his term as Prime Minister R.B. Bennett retired to Britain to enjoy the fruits of his labour.

The following is the sixth statement statement of Thomas Jefferson, a knowledgeable and staunch opponent of privately controlled Central Banks. It illustrates what R.B. Bennett had entered our country into. Note that his language uses the word ‘people’, not taxpayers or consumers:

Ever since our country’s inception unprincipled politicians endeavored to serve our nation – on a golden platter – to the foreign moneylenders, lock, stock and barrel; guided by greed, corruption and sinister intentions. And the moneylenders have been laughing all the way to the bank. In fact, our national debt [In 1998 – Editor], of $1 trillion dollars consists of 5% money that was illegally borrowed and 95% of illegally compound interest the bankers claim are owed to them. This demonstrates the quintessential meaning of the word “usury”, which implies a criminal act. It’s also called the Debt Based Banking System, which is another fancy term for the bankers control over our government. Power and control is the name of the game, and the bankers seem to have it.

The establishment of privately controlled Central Banks in North America has been controversial and hotly contested, to say the least. The push for Central Banks was aggressively applied by the principle shareholders of the Bank of England, one of the first Central Banks and the most influential in Europe and the English speaking world. They were an exclusive club of international moneylenders which initially concentrated their efforts on the U.S. in order to gain control over the riches of the North American continent. They succeeded in the early 1800’s temporarily with the establishment of the First Bank of the United States through bribery, deceit and the use of their Fractional Reserve Banking System.

The Canadian banking system descended directly from the First Bank of the U.S. with the adoption of its charter by the Bank of Montreal. Since then its been the ambition of Canadian governments not only to copy U.S. monetary policy, along with British guidelines, to a T, but to do it one better by creating greater opportunities for Canadian banks to form monopolies which, these days, is called free enterprise. Now the Canadian public can be fleeced much more efficiently. In other words, Canadian and the U.S. Central Bankers have the same goals, use the same methods, have a common past and pursue a common future.

Before we say ‘so what?’, let’s examine what a variety of statesmen, based on their experience, had to say about the machinations of international moneylenders and their relentless and often violent drive for the establishment of a Central Bank which raged, particularly in the U.S., back and forth for two centuries.

Again, Thomas Jefferson:

President Andrew Jackson, ‘Old Hickory’, considered it his life’s greatest achievement that he had killed the Second Bank of the U.S. in 1836 which had been operating since 1816 as a private Central Bank with disastrous effects on the economy. His statement is almost identical to Jefferson’s sixth statement:

“Controlling our currency,
receiving our public monies,
and holding thousands of our
citizens in dependence
would be more formidable and
dangerous than a military power
of the enemy.”

James Madison, fourth president of the U.S. equated the private moneylenders with the biblical moneylenders and had this to say about them:

“History records that the
moneychangers have used
every form of abuse, intrigue,
deceit and violent means
possible to maintain their
control over governments by
controlling money and its

Abraham Lincoln wrote in 1864, shortly before his assassination, in a letter to a friend:

“The money power preys
on the nation in times of peace
and conspires against it in
times of adversity. It is more
despotic than monarchy, more
insolent than autocracy, more
selfish than bureaucracy.”

Napoleon Bonaparte, whose contempt and distrust of the moneylenders and their Bank of France is a matter of record, refused their offer of credit and financed his European war campaigns with the proceeds from the sale of France’s North American colonies (the Louisiana Purchase). This is how he perceived them:

“The hand that giveth is
above the hand that takes.
Money has no motherland.
Financiers are without
patriotism and without
decency. Their sole object is

President James Garfield knew how the economy was being manipulated. As a congressman he had been chairman of the appropriations committee and a member of the banking and currency. After his inauguration in 1881 he publicly exposed the moneylenders conduct in a passionate indictment:

“Whosoever controls the
volume of money in any
country is absolute master of all
industry and commerce…. And
when you realize that the entire
system is very easily controlled,
one way or another, by a few
powerful men at the top, you
will not have to be told how
periods of inflation and
depression originate.”

Within a few weeks of making this statement, on July 2nd, 1881, James Garfield was assassinated.

Those of us who believe that periods of boom and bust (i.e. the “business cycle”) are an act of God, should really submit to a reality check. Depression, inflation and recession are planned and executed by those who control the money supply. And the do it ruthlessly without conscience or any regard for life, and even brag about it. The increase of the money supply beyond the smooth function of exchange causes inflation, i.e. decline in purchasing power. Contraction of the money supply means depression, unemployment and suffering for most of us. For the moneylenders it means cheap acquisition of assets due to forfeiture, for a penny on the dollar.

The following is an unconcealed threat of blackmail that illustrates the criminal mindset of the proponents of privately controlled Central Banks. Nicholas Biddle, a Central Banker, threatening to cause a depression by contracting the money supply if President Andrew Jackson would not re-charter the Second Bank of the U.S., a Central Bank, in 1836 openly declared:

“This worthy President
thinks that because he has
scalped Indians and
imprisoned judges, he is to
have his way with the bank.
He is mistaken.
“Nothing but
widespread suffering will
produce any effect on
congress… our only safety is in
pursuing a steady course of
firm restriction [of money] –
and I have no doubt that such a
course will ultimately lead to
restoration of the currency and
the re-charter of the bank.”

By ‘currency’ Biddle meant money based on the gold standard – gold which the Central Bankers controlled.

Money doesn’t have to be based on a gold standard to be an effective medium of exchange. History shows us that anything upon can be used as a medium of exchange – even pieces of wood, such as the tally sticks of the Middle Ages in England, which were used for 700 years as the longest lasting medium of exchange in the world.

Here is a classical illustration of the subservient manner in which the established media rides on the coattails of corporate wealth. In 1862, in an extraordinary bout of frankness, the London Times had this to say about the U.S. government which, under Lincoln, created its own debt free money supply by issuing a totally fiat currency, the famous ‘Greenback’:

“If this mischievous
financial policy, which has its
origins in North America, shall
become indurated down to a
fixture, then that government
will furnish its own money
without cost. It will pay off
debts and will be without
debts. It will have all the
money necessary to carry on its
commerce. It will become
prosperous without precedent
in the history of the world. The
brains and wealth of all
countries will go to North
America. That country must be
destroyed or it will destroy
every monarchy on the globe.”

In 1864 Lincoln’s former Secretary of the Treasury, Salmon P. Chase, regretting his role in the passage of the National Banking Act a year earlier, lamented:

“My agency in
promoting the passage of the
National Banking Act was the
greatest financial mistake in my
life. It has built up a monopoly
which affects every interest in
the country.”

As an aside, here’s what [censored-Ed.], the quintessential moneylender, pronounced in 1790 from his bank in Frankfurt, Germany:

“Let me issue and control
a nation’s money and I care not
who writes the laws.”

History has born out the validity of all these statements.

One thing needs to be stressed: yes, we do need a Central Bank, but we don’t need it under the control of private and anonymous financiers, operating in secrecy.

Under private control a Central Bank becomes a dangerous instrument of exploitation which a relatively small and exclusive number of anti-social individuals use to enrich themselves without risk, without limits and without commitments.

In the hands of the people (i.e. government), however, it becomes an empowering institution that potentially facilitates and protects the endeavors of a nation for the benefit of all society.

The goldsmiths of the Middle Ages were acting as bankers by keeping the people’s gold in safe storage for which they would issue a paper receipt. This was the birth of paper money. Observing that people never came at the same time to withdraw all their gold the goldsmiths started to cheat on the system. They would loan more paper receipts than they had gold in storage and collect interest on them. Thus they had created the Fractional Reserve Banking System.

In a nutshell, here is how it works today.

Let’s say the government needs $1 million. It simply issues government bonds – which are, in fact, I.O.U.’s – in that amount and offers them as security. Without actual money changing hands the Central Bank accepts the bonds and credits the government with $1 million. Loans to the government are covered by our taxes, as is the interest, which is usually somewhere between 24% and 35%. In other words government loans are virtually risk free and yield the highest interest, for which you and I are paying through the nose with our taxes, via our government and the Central Bank, right into the pockets of the moneylenders.

Through the magic of Fractional Reserve Banking the bank is permitted to use government bonds as reserve as if they were money, and lend ten times the amount, all at interest. Hence the term “Fractional Reserve”. The bank now collects, arbitrarily, any interest that it figures the market will bear. For example, 8% interest on $1 million x10 on non-existent money they lend to the public equals 80%, plus 35% on $1 million amounts to a profit of 115% in interest that the bankers have created out of nothing, all at no risk. If you or I did this kind of thing we would be charged with fraud – a felony.

All banks operate under this system. This way they create money out of nothing, lend it and collect usurious interest. It is obvious that Fractional Reserve Banking is rooted in fraud. It causes widespread poverty and reduces the value of everybody else’s money, causing 90% of all inflation.

The diligent application of the Fractional Reserve Banking System combined with control over Europe’s Central Banks made the legendary [Censored-Editor] clan the richest family on earth, owning by the turn of the century, over half the world’s wealth. There is no indication that their wealth has ceased to grow since then.

Throughout history Canadian governments have been dominated by members of the wealthy establishment to ensure the entrenchment and expansion of their financial interests. It is reasonable to assume that humanitarian issues played only a secondary role when they formulated our constitution which isn’t couched in a language of the people but rather in the uninspired and opaque wording of business and law. It is riddled with amendments which the various governments seem to have hatched secretly and in collusion with corporate lawyers who insured that the wording is ambiguous enough to facilitate easy circumvention of the humanitarian rules on the surface. Corporate lobbyists routinely monopolize government’s time in an effort to erode the unassailability of our constitutional protection and, in general, they meet with enthusiastic cooperation since our governmental positions have become home to corporate imposters for decades.

Today, in terms of fiscal decisions, the question of conspiracy has been raised repeatedly by alert citizens, compelled by their gut feelings and their observations of the implications and effects of government policies before the background of history. The possibilities of Prime Ministers as well as Cabinet Ministers conspiring with international moneylenders or acting treasonously on their behalf is routinely and facetiously shrugged off by the established media, as if such ridiculous allegations couldn’t possibly be true in the pristine political climate of today. Yet, the involvement of conspiracy of recent PM’s and cabinet ministers is glaringly implied by the speedy and well executed implementation of disastrous policies they didn’t dare mention during their election campaigns.

Lies, deceit and the casual breach of important election promises have become routine tools of the trade in Canadian politics which indicates that politicians were already in league with the felonious money interests before they got elected. In this scenario the charge of treason and conspiracy is simply common sense.

So, what happens when a government creates its own debt free money? The moneylenders, of course, will hate it and make all sorts of dire noises. After all, fear-mongering, deceit, lies and even the resort to violence are second nature to them.

But let’s look at the Island of Guernsey in the English Channel. For 200 years the Guernsey government has been financing all its capital expenditure projects with debt free money they created out of nothing. As a consequence their economy is stable, with no sharp declines and very little inflation. Prosperity and peace are the result.

In the early 1700’s the British colonies in North America were relatively poor until they started to issue their own paper money, which they called ‘Colonial Scrip’. Very quickly the standard of living rose, there was full employment, and people prospered until the British government forbade Colonial Scrip and demanded its taxes in gold. Within a year the colonies plunged back into poverty, the streets were filled with the unemployed, and the people again struggled to survive.

The coliseum in Rome, the aqueducts, the great roads of the Roman Empire, were all built under Julius Caesar who used debt free silver coin to pay for it. Caesar made sure money was plentiful by using silver and the people prospered and loved him for it. The moneychangers hated his guts. One of the main reasons for his assassination was probably his monetary policy.

Last, but not least, there is the famous Greenback which Lincoln used to finance his armies and the civil war. It was debt free money, not based on the gold standard and was used until 1994, when it was taken out of circulation and replaced with money borrowed from the U.S. Federal Reserve, another private Central Bank, whose interest is compounding into the stratosphere.

Here is what Abraham Lincoln had to say about governments’ control over the issue of money:

“The government should
create, issue and circulate all
the currency and credit needed
to satisfy the spending power
of governments and the buying
power of consumers.
“The privilege of
creating and issuing money is
not only the supreme
prerogative of government, but
it is government’s greatest
creative opportunity.
“By the adoption of these
principles… the taxpayer will
be saved immense sums of
interest. Money will cease to
be master and become the
servant of humanity.”

History shows us that Lincoln’s opposition to the charter of the Central Bank and the establishment of a gold based currency seems to be the most likely reason for his assassination by John Wilkes Booth. Evidence that has been deleted from the public record and that the Canadian attorney G. G. McGeer obtained from secret service agents who had been present at Booth’s trial revealed in 1934 that Booth was a mercenary in the empty of the international moneylenders.

Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, the creator of the German nation and the first statesman to introduce a national social program, observed closely the activities of the moneylenders in the United States. Here is the almost clairvoyant assessment he made of the assassination of Lincoln:

“The death of Lincoln
was a disaster for Christendom.
There was no good in the
United States great enough to
wear his boots… I fear that
foreign bankers with their
craftiness and tortuous tricks
will entirely control the
exuberant riches of America
and use it to systematically
corrupt modern civilization.
They will not hesitate to
plunge the whole of
Christendom into war and
chaos in order that the earth
shall become their inheritance.”

In retrospect we can discern in the last two decades a clear demonstration of how the moneylenders control governments via their Central Banking system. We have also seen the consequences of their control. Buzz words like “global economy’, ‘restructuring’, [the Great “RESET” of the WEF today. Editor] and ‘decentralization’ are merely fancy rhetoric that try to conceal conditions of merciless exploitation, spread destitution and relentless environmental degradation.

The triumph of corporate crime over human decency cannot be tolerated by an enlightened society that desires to live in peace and dignity. Hopefully, a threshold of patience is reached soon that compels the Canadian public to call for an in-depth investigation into the Bank of Canada, its officers, and their activities.

It will be necessary for citizens to form a unified front to force government into a conduct not only in compliance with principles of our constitution but also with acceptable measures of integrity, decency and compassion that can and will be expected from representatives of our society.

Here are three basic suggestions on which meaningful monetary reform can be expanded:

1.) Cancel the Bank Act of 1914 and put the control of the Bank of Canada where it legally belongs… in the hands of the people, our federal government.

2.) Amend the constitution, forbidding the government to borrow money – anywhere. This would force government to exercise its exclusive prerogative to create and circulate money… at no interest.

3.) Phase in a new bank act which permits chartered banks to operate only under a 100% reserve system, while replacing the present gold based money with a fiat currency.



Canada Wide Alert! PPC Leader Maxime Bernier to Run in Portage—Lisgar Manitoba Bi-election!

[Editor’s Note: The time has come the Walrus said to speak of many things: Of traitors – Liars – Sell-outs – of Tranny’s without things. Of mainstream media mendacity – of global schemes with string – attached to politicians like Sauron’s golden ring.

But fret not dear reader for we have another ring; one to evoke hope and resistance to the 3 Dark Lords who now pose an imminent threat to Canada’s sovereignty and her freedoms.

Maxime Bernier has bit the ring so to speak and will be vying for a seat in that rockpile in Ottawa where he can begin his tireless efforts to weld together all the dissatisfied and despairing citizens of this great nation into one unified party under the purple flag of peace and prosperity and plenty. In order to accomplish this Herculean goal he needs the help of ‘the people’ of Canada from sea to shining sea. He will also need the coin necessary for the task at hand. So be generous as you are able to be. Together, with Truth & Love on our side, we can, as Max has stated in his article, really MAKE HISTORY!”]

Arthur, Let’s Make History!

I have some very exciting news to share with you today!

After much consideration, I have made the decision to run in one of the upcoming by-elections.

I will be running as the PPC candidate for Portage—Lisgar in Manitoba!

This by-election is an incredible opportunity for us to elect our first ever PPC Member of Parliament.

In the 2021 election, Portage—Lisgar was our best result around the country, with our candidate there garnering roughly 22% of the vote.

It was where we hosted the biggest rally in the Party’s history with more than 3,000 patriotic Canadians joining me in a farmer’s field near Winkler to demand our rights and freedoms back.

And it was just outside this riding where I was wrongly arrested two years ago for refusing to comply with immoral, unconstitutional, and tyrannical covid restrictions imposed on us.

I feel a special connection to this riding. This is where the renewal of our country will begin.

Arthur, I am really excited about this.

Our path to victory has never been so clear.

We have a real shot here, but there is still a lot of work to be done to secure our victory and start getting Canada back on track.

I’ll need an army of volunteers to help me get our message out, and knock on every door across the riding.

If you live in or near Portage—Lisgar and are able to help out, please click this link and fill out our volunteer form.

If you’re not able to help out on the ground, please consider making a financial contribution to support our efforts.

You don’t need to live in Portage—Lisgar or even Manitoba. PPC supporters from coast to coast to coast can get involved by making a $5, $20, or $100 donation today.

Arthur, elections are expensive, and we’re going to need to pull out all the stops if we’re going to beat the fake Conservatives that have held this riding for many years.

We need to pay for campaign literature, election signs, billboards, advertising on social media, radio ads, newspaper ads, rent for a campaign office and so much more.

We have to do a full court press to get this done.

Let’s send a strong message to the Ottawa elite class and the political establishment.

Let’s show Pierre Poilievre and the fake Conservatives that Canadians expect more than his milquetoast brand of politics, that there are necessary cultural battles that can’t be ignored.

Let’s make history.

Help get behind my campaign to get back into the House of Commons with a $20 donation today!

Thank you,


P.S.: If you have trouble finding where you can donate, you can just click this link!


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