The Politics of Language: Propaganda, Truth & Justice – A Quesnel Cariboo Sentinel Special 3-Part Series (Part 3)

The Politics of Language: Propaganda, Truth & Justice  

A Quesnel Cariboo Sentinel Special 3-Part Series 

(Part 3)


Arthur Topham


The Quesnel Cariboo Sentinel

May 23, 2021 

[Editor’s Note: As I was putting together Part 3 it quickly became apparent that my initial plan for a 3-Part series was not going to manifest in the way I had originally envisioned it. I ought to have known, from past experience, that to attempt such a feat in three relatively short articles would be next to impossible. Books of great length have appeared over the years that deal with the same subject matter that I’m attempting to cover in these brief essays. One of more recent ones, ironically, appeared back in 2012 during the same year in which the forces now under scrutiny in this 3-Part series were responsible for the major attack upon my person and my publishing business via the use of Canada’s “Hate Propaganda” legislation as contained in Sec. 318 – 320 of the Criminal Code of Canada. The title of the book was “The Myth of German Villainy” and the author Benton L. Bradberry. The book is a storehouse of factual information relating to the real history behind the manufactured image of Germany as the most vile, evil nation that ever graced the pages of recorded history. I would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to understand why Germany, a nation of hardworking, honest, forthright and spiritually robust people, ended up becoming, in the eyes of future generations the ultimate pariah nation in the world.

The relevance of Bradberry’s book, and others like it, to the current global dilemma, only becomes apparent when those who are aware of the actual history of the 20th Century begin observing the growing resistance to the Covid-19 False Flag deception and noting the responses of the protagonists who are now becoming representative of those currently under direct attack by this dark and sinister cabal of psychopaths; in particular, men of the cloth like Pastor Artur Pawlowski and other Christians who, because of their faith and their courage, have remained steadfast in their dedication to God, Truth and Justice and to the spiritual principles which guide their lives. 

It’s my hope that in pointing out who the real enemy is they might see the logic of focussing their accusations of guilt on the true perpetrators of the present crisis and cease from perpetuating a century old myth whose demise is long overdue.

In order to clarify the issue of responsibility it’s my intent in Part 3 to display via graphic and photographic evidence “the rest of the story”. If, as it is said, every picture tells a story (and every painting as well) then readers and viewers will find a potpourri of visual evidence that should expose a completely different face on the man and the nation whom the world has been brainwashed into believing were the Devil incarnate.]  

Part 3

Adolf Hitler the Christian

Not wishing to stray too far afield from the stated objective, as explained in Parts 1 and 2 of this 3-Part series, I must return to Pastor Artur Pawlowski and my initial purpose which is to draw attention not only to the false perception being spread about the net when it comes to the actions of the Calgary, Alberta police but to reach out to all the other writers, critics and victims currently analyzing the events of the day who, and in their earnest attempts to lay blame upon those responsible for this monumental deception the world is now struggling to understand and counter, are also resorting to the same inaccurate, misleading weaponized terminologies which were purposely designed by the criminal cabal to throw the Truth seeker off the scent and onto side trails that only lead them deeper into darkness and deception.

At this point it must be stated clearly and concisely in the most unequivocal manner possible that Christianity was NEVER under threat at any time by the actions of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Party. No lie could be further from the Truth. Only in some dreary, deserted corner of hell could some depraved mind conjure up such a grotesque and manifest deception and then perpetuate it throughout the world over the past 88 years since Adolf Hitler was first elected Chancellor of Germany in 1933 in what was the most globally covered, transparent, free election of the time. 

Being a professed Christian and fully confident in his belief in God and the Church, the suggestion that Adolf Hitler or any of his government agencies would have prohibited the masses of German people (themselves also Christians), from gathering to commune in both spirit and flesh, flies in the face of logic and reason. Knowing the true history of Germany during the time of Hitler’s rule rather than merely mumbling and mouthing what most people today think is true because they saw it on the “History Channel” or in some Hollywood movie, the accusation that the German government would be involved in shutting down churches and dragging pastors out of their vehicles along public thoroughfares to then be subjected to the type of physical and mental abuse we’re witness today here in Canada is too ludicrous to even contemplate.

It’s only because the world has been prevented from seeing who Adolf Hitler really was and what his goals and aspirations were for his beleaguered country that the global cartel of psychopaths have been able to sell the world an image of a man that, upon unbiased inspection, proves itself to be as worthless as the German mark became in 1923 after the Treaty of Versailles virtually bankrupt the nation.  

Such are the lies and deceptions of those who, then and now, remain firmly entrenched behind their wall of silence hell-bent on carrying on with their satanic agenda for the destruction of not only Christianity but ultimately, any faith that stands in the way of their atheistic, immoral, heinous agenda for absolute global control.

Given this premise it behooves me to ask of the good Pastor Artur Pawlowski (and anyone else who may be of the same bent of mind), to carefully view the paintings which the real person, Adolf Hitler, bequeathed to the world during his relatively short tenure here on earth and see with their own eyes the things that he held dear to his heart and to then decide whether or not he would be advocating the type of behaviour we’re witnessing today here in “free and democratic” Canada. Let us begin with Adolf’s vision of the birth of Christianity itself.

Ye Shall Know Them By Their Works

Need it be stated that the heart, mind and soul of the artist who created this painting was of a pious, spiritual nature? Is it conceivable to a sane mind that with every brush stroke Adolf Hitler was scheming to destroy Christianity and tear down the churches and imprison Pastors? 

What strikes the eye almost immediately upon viewing many of the paintings that the artist, Adolf Hitler, produced are the churches with their steeples reaching heavenward. 

What most people never learned in school or from the controlled media or Hollywood was that Adolf Hitler’s first aspiration in his early years was to become an architect. When one sees the quality displayed in many of his artistic works it’s obvious he possessed the gift necessary for such a task. After serving in the front lines during WW1 as a corporal and then realizing that his country was being turned into a Bolshevik Communist hell-hole and a cultural Sodom and Gomorrah, his patriotism and love of Germany forced Hitler to set aside his initial dream in order to help the people understand and overcome the dire straits brought upon them by the International Banking cartel that then held his nation locked in its usurious claws. 

 A little steeple here…

Everywhere we see in Adolf’s paintings the love of nature combined with the architecture of the times.

A little steeple there…

 A little steeple almost everywhere.

The Munich Opera House (before the Allied bombers destroyed it during WW2).

More buildings, more steeples with their crosses prominently displayed. 

The architecture of the day drew the artist’s eye to it and he captured it so well.

Unfortunately I am unable to identify all the locations of the buildings that Adolf Hitler painted but given the massive aerial bombing of German cities throughout the war it’s highly likely that most of the structures like those in the above painting were destroyed. 

Landscapes, and again the buildings, were a major part of Adolf’s paintings.

Again we see the German countryside with quaint villages and churches displaying a prominent position within the painting.

Always the love of architectural design is present in so many of Adolf Hitler’s works.

Adolf Hitler’s Love of Animals

It is a well known fact among those who have done their research into the true history that Adolf Hitler, apart from being a vegetarian, was also a great lover of animals. Birds too tended to flock to him as well as deer and squirrels as the following photos show.

Hitler’s Architectural Feats

The two things bequeathed to future citizens by Adolf Hitler that actually survived the onslaught of endless hate propaganda and bombing were the Volkswagen which he personally designed and gifted to the German people and the famed Autobahn which he also designed along with a number of public buildings (I’m not privy at the moment as to whether any of the major public buildings which Hitler designed survived the Allied bombings).

The Two Most Loved Leaders

of the 20th Century

John F. Kennedy – President of the USA

The only comparable leader in the Western world who the people loved and adored in the same manner that the people of Germany loved their leader was John F. Kennedy. The similarity of images below will easily illustrate this. It is little wonder therefore that JFK recognized the genius and true nature of Adolf Hitler and spoke highly of him. (It’s also one of the saddest footnotes to 20th Century history that both these great mens’ lives were ultimately destroyed by the same forces who today are attempting to genocide the bulk of humanity).  

Adolf Hitler – Chancellor of Germany

The image painted by the Western media of Adolf Hitler as being a tyrannical beast out to murder and destroy the family unit and turn the whole world into one gigantic concentration camp filled with slaves is as virulently hateful as all the other lies that were pumped into the heads of the unwary public throughout the 1930’s and ever since. 

Adolf Hitler loved his country and his people and he gave every ounce of his strength to ensure that they would become prosperous again and that the real Beast from the East, i.e. Bolshevik Communism, would never invade and destroy all that the German nation worked so hard to create after 1933. 

No unbiased mind could ever honestly testify that the unabashed enthusiasm and joyful countenance present in the faces of these young German girls waving their flags to their leader was the result of being coerced to do so.

Smiling, Exuberant Youth carrying flowers and raising funds for their projects

Flowers and gifts for their leader were the norm.


So, given my arguments against the misuse of any terms associated with Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Party of Germany when describing the brutal treatment Pastor Pawlowski experienced, the obvious question arises: who, if not the dreaded “Nazis”, are responsible for all the notorious behaviour we’re now witnessing on our computer screens as we sit by idly observing the gross acts of the Calgary police toward Pastor Artur Pawlowski and his brother Dawid? 

The answer to that burning question is furnished from historic references provided by various individuals who were present during and after Christianity received its first major blow in 1917 in former Tzarist Russia, a period well before the advent Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. 

It’s rather ironic really, given the current climate of government shutdowns, hyper pushing of experimental jabs and ‘mandated’ orders to wear masks, that the one reference book which I’m about to quote from; a book that first appeared back in 1943 (of which I possess the 5th Edition that appeared back in 1970) is titled “COMMUNISM UNMASKED”! The 274 page soft cover book authored by Jean Patrice, S.T. M. B.A., is an in-depth study of Communism covering its birth during the 1917 Russian ‘Revolution’ (aka coup) and running through to the time of its 5th edition. 

On page 187 the chapter heading reads: “Persecution of Religion in Russia”. I will quote from that chapter to illustrate in greater detail how the actions of the Communist Party toward Christians and Christianity generally, parallel what we’re beginning to see occur here in Canada and elsewhere around the world, albeit on a more subdued level (at least at this stage of events). The author states:

“Let me say something further with regard to the persecution of religion in Russia.

It is a well-known trick (a contemptible one, I grant) for a footballer to be told to “get” some prominent player in the opposing team. The “getting” of that player will make victory surer for the culprit’s side. Now, the real enemy of Communism is religion. Those who believe in God, who maintain that Christ of the Gospels is God, who believe that man is more than a mere animal, but is destined for an after life, those who believe in the immortality of the soul, who believe in certain inalienable rights of man, who stand up for the sanctity of the home – those maintaining such beliefs have no time for Communism, at least, when they realize the true meaning of Communism. So, then, we must not be surprised that Communism in Russia should have picked out the Churches and clergy for special attack….

Let me give a few details with regard to the slaughter of Churchmen in Russia:

From 1918–1920 [Note we’re looking at exactly one century ago. Ed.] 26 Archbishops and Bishops of the Orthodox Russian Church and 5775 priests were massacred. The eyes of the Archbishop of Perm were put out and his face was then slashed, and his Grace was then buried alive. After enduring two months of penal servitude, the Archbishop of Tobolsk was drowned. The Archbishop of Varoneje was hanged before the altar of a church. In 1923 death sentence was passed on the Catholic Archbishop of Leningrad, Monsignor Cieplak, and on Monsignor Budkieviez. As a result of world-wide protests the Archbishop’s sentence was commuted to solitary refinement, but protests on behalf of Monsignor Budkieviez were fruitless. The Monsignor was stripped, shot in the back of the head, and buried with nine criminals in one of Moscow’s suburbs.

In the summer of 1923, 56 Archbishops and Bishops, most of the Orthodox Church, were held captive in different prisons. Archbishop Cieplak suffered the horrors of solitary confinement in a cell measuring six feet by eight.

In December, 1925, 50 Bishops were arrested. In January the following year the Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church was arrested with 500 of the clergy. From 1917 to the spring of that year the Government had closed 364 churches in Leningrad alone. In the middle of 1927, nine Metropolitan, 25 Archbishops, and 83 Bishops were arrested and thrown into prison or taken into concentration camps, or sent in exile into Siberia or Turkestan or the Caucasus. No charges were made against them; they stood no trial. In the concentration camps the prelates were compelled to do all kinds of menial work.

In the history of the world we have seen one religion persecuting another, but the Communist movement in Russia aims at the destruction of anything supernatural in life.

With the coming of the five-year plans, anti-religious activities became intensified, and those who had any active belief in any form of religion had their physical and moral courage put to the test. W.H. Chamberlin, in “Russia’s Iron Age,” page 312, says: “The basic tenets of religion, its ministers and practitioners are ridiculed in cartoons, caricatures, posters, and moving-picture performances; denounced in books and magazines; satirized on the stage; held up in scorn and opprobrium in the anti-religious museums, which have now been installed in many of the most famous Russian churches and monasteries.”

In 1917 there were about 896 Catholic Priests in Russia, and, according to a Russian paper issued in Warsaw, only 30 remained by 1936. The remainder had either been put to death or imprisoned or banished. It is well know that, to-day, practically no Priests remain at liberty in Russia. Even foreign priests are not allowed to enter the country. 

We may well imagine what has happened to the churches and monasteries and convents in Russia. Some of the churches have been demolished, whilst others have been converted to other uses, namely, anti-religious museums. Monasteries and convents have become the property of the nation, whilst ecclesiastical property is under the control of the local Soviets….”

Article 124 of the new Soviet Constitution says: “In order to insure to citizens freedom of conscience, the Church in the U.S.S.R. is separated from the State and the school from the Church. [Sound familiar? A.T.] Freedom of worship and freedom of anti-religious propaganda are recognized for all the citizens.

Now, let me examine that. The Constitution guarantees “freedom of worship” and “freedom of anti-religious propaganda.” So then, a person can worship God according to the dictates of his conscience, provided he can find a church or a religious minister. But it is extremely difficult to find one. The Communist Party declared that at the end of the second five-year plan, namely, 1937, there would not be a single edifice in Russia consecrated to religion. The atheistic paper of Russia, entitled “Bezbojink,” of May, 1935, when speaking of the churches, says: “We have closed all the opium shops.” In January, 1936, Soviet newspapers declared that the last Catholic Priest in Odessa was cast into prison.

In the schools, by means of the cinema and newspapers and books, anti-God propaganda is being pushed on. It is difficult to realize fully the appalling results of the Communistic attitude towards religion and morality and family life. Sex vice has become rampant. In November, 1920, the U.S.S.R. became the first nation in the world’s history to legalize abortion.” 


It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to be able to put 2 and 2 together and get 4 rather than attempting the old Soviet method that Joseph Stalin used during the early 1930’s when his government’s economic recovery program motto was 2 + 2 = 5 and he was already solving the problem of overpopulation by starving to death around 10 million Ukrainians and sending millions more Russian Christians to the Gulag Archipelago where the vast majority were worked to death in the slave labour camps. He was well ahead of Gates, Fauci & Co. and the WHO and not forgetting to “Think Global and Act Local” let’s not leave out our own provincial government Kommissars like Alberta’s Jason Kenney and B.C.’s John Horgan & Associates. 

Premier Kenney isn’t really that difficult to figure out. I’ve followed his crooked course for years beginning with his tenure in the former Harper Conservative Party as Canada’s Defence Minister. Rather than doing his due diligence and actually defending Canada’s sovereignty he was always too busy kissing foreign ass and taking free trips to the Middle East compliments of lobbyist handouts. 

The fact that he would condone the actions of the Calgary Police department and the Edmonton cops who so enjoy locking up churches and intimidating Christian worshippers doesn’t surprise me in the least. I think that little beanie that he has atop his dome is restricting his 7th Chakra too much so that he’s lost his connection with the heavenly realms.

Then again, maybe he’s never been a real hockey fan and is unaware of some of the more provocative teams that Alberta has hosted over the years. I’m positive that if  his ol’ grandpa or granny was once a fan of the famous Edmonton Swastikas who were the hottest team on the ice back in 1916 that his attitude toward those nasty “Nazis” in the Calgary Police force would be a lot different!

Calgary Mayor – Naheed Nenshi

Then there’s this goofy SOB who thinks that it’s “white nationalists” (a code term of course for neo-Nazis) who are raising all the fuss about the killer jabs and the masks where everyone’s breathing in their own exhaust fumes thanks to Alberta and BC’s “ mask mandates”. 

And why, now that we’re on the subject of the Calgary Police, are we not hearing anything about the head honcho who’s in charge of this gang of hooligans, Chief Mark Neufeld?

The BC Three

As for BC and our own 3 Bullies on the block we too are looking at a group of manic misfit managers who are so out to lunch in terms of honesty, integrity and reality itself that like Albertans we’ve got some very serious work to do in order to stop these psychopaths from killing off more and more unwary citizens who, because of their sincere belief and trust in their government, are being bushwhacked and hoodwinked and jabbed with poisons that will destroy their lives and in the process likely destroy countless others around them including their families.  

But, putting all levity aside, Christians who have studied their Bible and understand the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ should be the first group of people to realize exactly who is behind all this Satanic cult energy we see manifesting practically everywhere around the world. Christianity has always been under attack and always will be so long as Satan is left to do his thing and lately he’s been having a heyday doing what comes naturally for the Prince of Darkness. 

One ray of hope that I do see is the willingness on the part of many Christians today to openly embrace and cooperate with others who also see what they see and whether this common darkness is perceived as being Satan or Lucifer or simply power-crazed lunatics and psychopaths and criminals, Christians are uniting with this growing mass of individuals everywhere who realize that they’ve got a real common enemy that MUST BE STOPPED and it’s now imperative that we all put sectarian issues aside and work together if this Beast 666 is going to be destroyed so that life might carry on as God meant it to be.


P.S. If any reader can pass this series of articles on to Pastor Pawlowski it would be greatly appreciated.

The Politics of Language: Propaganda, Truth & Justice – A Quesnel Cariboo Sentinel Special 3-Part Series (Part 2)

The Politics of Language: Propaganda, Truth & Justice  

A Quesnel Cariboo Sentinel Special 3-Part Series (Part 2)


Arthur Topham


The Quesnel Cariboo Sentinel

May 18th, 2021 

[Editor’s Note: Some years back, prior to my former website being removed from the internet in March of 2017, I had published a series of images taken from a book published by Ian Verner Macdonald a former Canadian Trade Commissioner who had served successfully in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and North America following his war service in the RCAF. Mr. Macdonald’s interest in world history inspired him to investigate and research the causes behind WW2 and in the process he put together a rather large collection of images that were used in Canada’s msm during WW2 for propaganda purposes. His book, published in 2009 was titled, “Star Weekly at War”. I became acquainted with Mr. Macdonald and communicated with him via email for a number of years. The following visual images that will be presented to the reader in Part 2 of this 3-Part series are all taken from the Toronto Star Weekly and will illustrate how, during the war, the anti-German propaganda was presented to the Canadian public. 

Following the visual presentation I’ve published excerpts from Mr. Macdonald’s Epilogue which will summarize and complete the 2nd part of this Series.

In Part 3 I shall present the other side of the picture that our Canadian forefathers and foremothers were never privileged to have witnessed and which might have given them cause to pause before venturing into a second world war.]

Part 2


Masks, mask, masks! No getting around them it seems.
Ah yes, let’s help them poor peasants in the Soviet Union. You know the one’s that Stalin didn’t cart off to the Gulag Archipelago by the millions from Ukraine and elsewhere to be worked to death in the concentration camps.
Looks so romantic eh as these Bolshevik Communists go riding into a wave of machine gun fire. Takes one back to WW1.
“We fight for freedom” Freedom for whom one might ask? Is Britain free today? Is Canada free today? Is China free today?
I include the following Front Page Covers where the “Japs” are on the receiving end of the propaganda. Strange isn’t it how we never see any references to the “Japs” in the National Post or any of the other corporate-controlled media in Canada these days.
A “Jap Trap”. What a nifty idea eh? Only in Canada you say? It should be noted that this particular image isn’t a part of the Star Weekly collection.
Let’s not forget good old British Columbia and the Vancouver Harbour with the plane cruising over famous Lion’s Gate Bridge.


~ from “Star Weekly at War”


Ian Verner Macdonald

“…As an active combatant, Canada was seen by all men of goodwill as making a significant contribution to the defence of Western Christian civilization. Conforming with the English-language media world wide, the Star accepted without question the thesis that Hitler and the Nazis had to be stopped lest ‘we all end up in concentration camps’ or worse, under the heel of a ferocious dictator and his sinister Gestapo. Such was the temper of the times.

There was no hint in the Star Weekly that there could be a much more menacing evil afoot, even though some coverage was given to the Soviet invasion of Finland and the Nazi-Soviet pact that expanded Stalin’s bloodthirsty rule into Poland and the Baltic countries where thousands died at the hands of anti-Christian Kommissars, many tortured to death and their families sent to Siberia in sealed box cars. Even less attention was paid to the devilish mischief wrought by the vengeful, punitive Treaty of Versailles. It was the festering resentment of the misery caused by the unfair terms of this treaty that set the stage for the emergence in the ’twenties of an inspiring populist Fuehrer, promising to restore German honour and dignity, and the German economy, by the retrieval of its conquered territories. 

Once Canada was committed by Prime Minister Mackenzie King to enter the war against Germany on Britain’s side on September 9, 1939 (no doubt with mixed feelings since he had written an adulatory letter to Hitler shortly before suggesting that history would remember him as the “Statesman of the 20th Century” for  his accomplishments), the Star put the best face on the inevitable death and destruction, shielding readers from the disconcerting reality. Like most other media, the Star Weekly glamourized the war, helping to persuade hundreds of thousands of young men, including this writer, to lust for the opportunity to get into action, preferably in the RCAF even when, for a time, the chance of survival in Bomber Command was slim, at best. 

…The Star Weekly has passed from the scene, as have most participants in the war it so vividly and optimistically portrayed, leaving survivors to wonder how a Good War and Total Victory could have brought such calamity and so tragically betrayed the trusting patriots who had dedicated, and often lost, their lives in rallying to the defence of Freedom.

It is now clear that the celebrated Allied Victory did not save Western Christian Civilization as promised, but precipitated its demise. There is even good reason to doubt that the case for making war was ever sufficiently plausible and compelling to justify the inevitable horrendous sacrifice, especially coming on the heels of the Great War (“to end all war”) that already had stripped both the Allied nations and Germany of many of their best and brightest, and, in most cases, of the victim’s priceless progeny.

…In retrospect, the Star Weekly, with the best of intentions and in tune with the times, appears to have accepted the Hollywood version of German intentions, and along with the entire country, acceded to the most monstrous contrived miscalculation in history, carried out against the best interests of the British Commonwealth and Western democracies. Britons and Canadians were led to believe that their German kinfolk, who held no animosity toward them, were the enemy who threatened their freedom when in fact the enemy was the atheistic Soviet regime whose bloodthirsty Kommissars had liquidated, by 1939, at least 20 million Christians and was intent on subjugating Europe at the earliest opportunity. Germany offered the sole effective defence against such a fearful prospect.

Germany, astutely and persistently but with increased frustration, sought peace with Britain in order to concentrate on eliminating the imminent Soviet threat but, on Churchill’s orders, the generous “peace with honour” proposals were rejected out of hand, sounding the death knell for tens of millions, including 45 thousand young Canadians. The same Churchill, when shortly after the destruction of Germany the Soviet threat quickly re-emerged, quipped flippantly to an Aide “It looks like we slaughtered the wrong pig!” Britain and Canada were soon in a military alliance with Germany, but it was a decade too late. The hostile Soviet Union had already enslaved Eastern and Central Europe and the Baltic countries. Poland, the country whose independence Britain had ostensibly gone to war for to defend from Hitler, was cynically delivered into the bloodstained clutches of a far more sinister and malevolent dictator.

Other newsworthy issues and anomalies even more studiously ignored by the Star Weekly were the identities of the sinister forces behind the inexplicable decision to declare war on on Germany alone when both Germany and the Soviet Union invaded Poland in September, 1939 (no less illogical than the subsequent refusal of the Churchill government to accept an honourable peace). The rationale for making war was not widely debated at the time, partly because of censorship and self-censorship by the media….

In the dangerous realignments of the immediate post-war era, the miscalculations of Allied “statesmen” became clear; the most calamitous being the designation of our Christian European ethnic and cultural German kin-folk as the “enemy.” In fact, Germany was our natural ally, just as the atheistic, genocidal anti-Christian Stalin dictatorship was our natural enemy. Making war on Germany ensured that Communism (and [edited for legal reasons. Ed.]) would triumph, and that Britain and European importance in world affairs would decline accordingly.

…Could there have been a more palatable outcome than the Pyrrhic victory? “What if Hitler had won?” – a rhetorical question asked usually to evoke shivers of horror among listeners. But if Germany had won, arguably the world would by now be in a much better and safer place. And the “what if” is not nearly as far-fetched as Allied propagandists would have us believe. Germany certainly would have won if Britain and France, and eventually America, had acted in their own obvious best interests and remained neutral or entered the war on Germany’s side….

Had Britain not been deceived and betrayed into war with Germany, with whom she had no authentic quarrel, there would have been no Second World War, tens of millions of lives would have been spared, priceless European architecture would not have been destroyed, Europe would have been united under German leadership, international communism would have become a footnote in history, trillions of dollars could have been used for the betterment of mankind, the environment could have been protected, the Cold War would have been forstalled, (along with the Korean and Vietnmese wars and communist sponsored revolutions elsewhere), negotiations for the resettlement of Six Million or more [edited for legal reasons. Ed.] to Uganda or Madagascar would have reached fruition, there would have been peace and justice in the Middle East, China would have evolved along Taiwanese lines under capitalism, sharing with Japan and the Colonial Powers influence over S.E. Asia, there would have been no UN meddling, no Third World turmoil, no “refugee” migrations, no deprivation of freedom in the name of “human rights,” no Affirmative Action, no asinine Political Correctness and, above all, no subversion and corruption of Western society and the democratic political process by a cunning, avaricious alien minority. 

It does not speak well of Establishment historians and journalists that they refuse to address squarely what is probably the most crucial and perplexing enigma of our time, namely, the real purpose of WWII and why politicians, notably Churchill and Roosevelt, knowingly acted against their countries’ best interests. Honest, unbiased, patriotic scholars who have attempted to stimulate discussion of this intriguing issue have been viciously denounced as historical revisionists (or worse), and their findings have been viciously suppressed. [Editor’s note: this, I would add, has been my own fate with respect to the past 14 years of enforced litigation, arrests, jail, trials, home invasions, msm vilification, etc. and is still ongoing as I type these words.]

The Toronto Star Weekly did its wartime duty in boosting morale and enthusiasm for the seemingly worthy cause – the preservation of freedom and justice and protection from purportedly-looming world-wide dictatorship. Ironically, the fundamental freedoms, especially freedom of expression, have been steadily eroded throughout the world – not least in Canada – largely because of the war, and the dictatorship of the New World Order could well be at hand….”

~ Ian Verner Macdonald


(End of Part 2)