Bigfoot, Covid-666 & Genocide By Injection: Further Fulminations From Franklin Foley

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Subject: CHD and VHD

Thank You Arthur for passing this on a little further and also Laura Lynn for her as always, professional interview. I also rate Den TV (You Tubes/Bitchutes) by the amount of note-making I do, In the case of the Laura Lynn – Hoffe interview my hand writing speed could not keep up. This is also a HISTORIC piece of videography … if there is going to be any history of humankind after 2030.

Eschatology and post-humanist SHAI (Superhuman AI) is what my new private You Tube channel is about. I made a first recording recently and when it is of better quality with some improved camera skills and Zoom and editing SW skill I will be sending out selective sessions. I also want to pass this on to people like Hawk who have a story to be told which even talented interviewers like Rex Bear may not be able to tell as the interviewee wants. Without boasting I am a very good tutor and I have often thought I would like to have taken the BCIT program in “technical writing”. It trains you to prepare technical manuals in ANY field of science. I am also hoping Don V whose You Tubing is more advanced than mine will visit Chilliwack-Hope again this summer as he is an avid Bigfoot “hunter” (catch and release Don?). Don knows the Bigfoot hot spots here better than me and we can have some fun when each of us carries a camcorder recording and “interviewing” (talking to) the other on this subject. My position in a nutshell is that I would like to see a Bigfoot alright … at a very safe distance!.So I do not know what I will do if a large 3rd party shows up to star in our movie. 

Don first told me about the Sto:lo (Bigfoot) Adventure Park by Skawahlook Reservation near Hope on Lougheed Highway and I want to go there. Also I will ask Dr McHalsie at Sto:lo Administration for an interview on the priceless Transformer Statue which is in his keeping. Under the weathering and crust the rock looks speckled so I am thinking granitic and maybe from Silverhope Highway region south of Hope which is where I also had that encounter with a possible “Bigfoot scent-territorial marking”. That report is on a Bigfoot channel. Stoteleq (“River Prince”) was my next-door neighbour for a year. I don’t think he was afraid of anything but when he told me the story from childhood his eyes went very wide. He saw the red eye glaze of a Bigfoot in the dark. That was on his reservation near Hope. Scary if you are ten years old! Don and I could go there. When I last visited we picked apples in their orchard. Don is Cree by background and both of us are outsiders so maybe Dr McHalsie can give us a note to serve as a diplomatic pass and we can tour the Sto:lo reservations and ask about Bigfoot encounters on camcorder. They are sovereign territory in my books … as much as Italy or China.

MPP Hillier may be able to give Don some email addresses from Ontario for Huron, Cree, Ojibway and others who are all indigenous to different parts of Ontario. I am not sure about Ontario Iroquois who have the largest reservation in Canada. They may be descended from REFUGEES who fled USA tyranny in 1814. Canada promised Tecumseh 100% sovereign First Nation recognition but were forced to renege as a term of the Canada-USA peace treaty (Treaty of Ghent as I recall). There is a Dakota (Sioux) reservation on the Blackfoot prairies which is officially recognized by Canada as having refugee status. I will set aside my messages on MAGA refugees to Dr Gold, Dr Boyle et al. for now.

It was Dr Boyle (law professor) who first gave me a heads-up on the use of COVID in First Nation genocide about a year ago. I think the Ontario Ford fascist nightmare makes it even clearer than the nightmare from BC because Ford is stupidly blatant about his psychopathic criminality.  As now being reported to OHCRH for Hague justice, his fiats include (1) A smash-down the door and force-vaccinate fiat and (2) A $750 fine to anyone leaving their home who does not concede to a roadside police interrogation. 

In this way Premier Ford’s psycho-political brilliance prescribes a cure for COVID hesitancy disorder and VACCINE hesitancy disorder. DSM has never been stated as a comprehensive taxonomy of psychopathology. The “discretionary” categories are far greater than the diagnostic categories explicitly listed. Therefore I could sum up the FOOF Ford fatuous fiats by writing on my diagnostic report, “That boy ain’t right in the head”. FOOF = Fairly Old Ontario Family. I think English teacher Paul Fromm in Toronto may have coined FOOF.

If you will  pardon my French, people like MP Strahl and PM Trudeau are  turning this country (culturally) into a filthy fascist shitbox. The politics they practice is a disgusting desecration of God and man. Carpe diem. Which First Nation will be the first to take a seat in the UN General Assembly as self-defense against Canadian governance genocide? 

The only “variant” of COVID which could justify Ford fascism is the ANDROMEDA STRAIN. That is the COVID-666 strain and I think Camelot may still have my very-rough-draft science fiction pdf from a year ago on that subject. “If you see nothing, say something”. Some say the Wuhan flu is the Wanhu flu. A superb You Tube with a Swedish military analyst one year ago from Dr Weber’s den tv studio in deepest, darkest Vancouver put forward one theory among many that THERE IS NO COVID VIRUS. It was the PSYOP product of the Wuhan War Games. The statistical variance in “excess deaths” for 100 nations is no more than one would expect from the bell curve normal distribution + the excess deaths CAUSED by malpracticing health administrations. From Toronto for example I read a report by surgeons at several hospitals who said that Ford’s (criminal) malpractice cost lives because they had to delay life-saving operations.

Stats Canada made an appropriate analysis of its data from Kenney’s criminal Alberta health administration. They said there MAY be a small number of excess deaths due to VARIOUS possible causes in Alberta. I do not have their expertise but I do have enough course work that I could claim a BSc in mathematics/logic at any time and I did TA/tutoring work in social science stats as a grad student. The astonishing ILLOGIC in the Ford Fiats however, takes the proverbial cake. “That boy ain’t right in the head”.

There is with 100% proof NO PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY IN ONTARIO. It is a LIE used to cover up these criminal, fascistic fiats. Ford the criminal liar cannot name one community where CBC and CTV might do interviews and filming to prove that there is an emergency because the Andromeda strain variant is on the loose. Don’t ask – Don’t tell say MP Strahl and PM Trudeau. 

Suppose the Ford fascist (COVID) police break down a door on the Iroquois Confederacy in Ontario and inject the VICTIM with A Moderna poison as at Lytton. BC. They do this under the LIE of protecting the public from this COVID-19 “emergency”. J Doe the victim dies and becomes a COVID-19 “excess death” statistic. Should the thousands of other Iroquois on and off reservations say Oh this was “just” one person and this does not apply to all of us as a GENOCIDE? Of course not because, unlike Ford, their minds and brains work right. They have read his psychopathically monstrous fiats and know that he can and will come for them as well, making this IRREFUTABLY one death in a GENOCIDE. Please mark my words because they are meant as depositional for The Hague. If ONE person is killed by a Ford-Moderna injection under fiat in Canada’s sick “game” of chemical roulette, that is ONE death which is prima facie 100% conclusive evidence of GENOCIDE … mass murder. That one death is FIRST DEGREE MURDER and the perpetrators include Ford and Trudeau.

That is irrefutable LOGIC. I invite anyone to refute it. It is not an “opinion” statement, This is smoking gun/prima facie FACT.

Therefore any police

officer in Ontario who enforces the Ford Fiat is NOT engaged in “serve and protect” under any law except the laws of hell. As Red White 2 says, Covid-Vax Fiats in Philippines are used by police as an excuse to shoot/murder political enemies for not presenting the proper Covid-Vax statements/papers. As in Gates-Trump warp speed passports? That is what Ford is really, truly about – FIRST DEGREE MURDER AND GENOCIDE. In other provinces “1st degree” may be lessened to the extent that the chemical roulette with Trump’s protein and mRNA poisons for which he says he “deserves full credit” (at CPAC-Orlando) is voluntary.

To what extent are people only superficially choosing to be vaccinated because they are bullied, tricked, coerced, pressured into being vaxxed to death by the pack of lies which MP Strahl loves so dearly.

Perhaps BC vaccination deaths are “only” 2nd degree murder.  


(Alpha Kappa Studio)