Protesters in Brazil invadeCongress & Supreme Court

Protesters invade government buildings, while
the army protects them from the Federal police

By David Sorensen

Something unprecedented is happening in our world, and it will only get bigger, louder and stronger – it’s UNSTOPPABLE.

War on tyranny. War on censorship. War on the elites. War on the one world government. War on the realm of darkness. War on corruption.

We are seeing the first eruptions of something that will sweep the earth, like a tsunami of truth.

Brazil for example is exploding with nationwide protests against the election fraud, that removed president Bolsenaro by a deep state puppet who betrays the nation, in favor of globalists who ultimately want to steer the world to a one world government. For months now millions have been protesting in Brazil. The Indians even came out of the jungle to show their support for Bolsenaro.

Why is Bolsenaro so loved by the people? Because he stood firm as a lion against the tyrannical mandates during the pandemic.

He was severely smeared by the mainstream media, but kept defending the basic constitutional rights of the people. On January 8 a historically unprecedented protest exploded in Brazil, with countless protesters invading official buildings like the Supreme Court, the Senate, National Congress, and so on.

A highly significant event is that many police officers refused to obey the orders to arrest the protestors, and the military prevented the Federal police from making arrests.

This shows that the Brazilian military is on the side of the citizens who defend their country – something every true soldier signed up for: defend your country against foreign invaders. A soldier who allows his country to be destroyed by criminal globalists, is complicit in high treason, and betrays every mother, child, and father in the country that he swore to protect against foreign intruders.

There is a foreign invasion going in every country of the world, by criminal financial elites, who bribe government officials to surrender their nation to them, so they can become the unelected rulers of the entire world.

May the roar of the lion of justice become so loud that it will awaken the sleeping giant of righteousness across the world.

Share this around to inspire hope, and courage to others worldwide….

David Sorensen


StopWorldControl is a ministry by Hope for Humanity PMA. Our goal is to build a better world, by bringing truth and hope to people in every nation. Therefore we provide a platform for world leading scientists, lawyers, physicians, journalists and other experts that reveal critical information that humanity needs to be aware of. We reveal criminal activity and corruption in the high levels of our society, so the people can defend themselves against these criminal practices, and build a better world together. David Sorensen is the founder of Hope for Humanity and StopWorldControl David is a strong believer in a loving Creator who has a beautiful plan for our world, and who wants to fill us with the love that overcomes evil.

***Editor’s Note: As always it’s necessary for me to inform readers that I am currently under severe legal restrictions that prohibit me from being able to include links in the articles that I republish. David’s website can be found easily online if one wishes to get more information. His site is quite massive and covers most of the main issues of the day. Being able to publish without the Orwellian censorship laws that Canada has in place allows David to provide the reader with much more details on the machinations of these psychopathic pariahs who are doing the utmost to create their misconceived and deadly New World Order.

Peter Menzies: Government’s Torquing of Survey to Show Public Support for ‘Anti-Hate’ Legislation Deeply Troubling

Minister of Canadian Heritage Pablo Rodriguez and staff arrive at a cabinet meeting on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Tuesday, May 10, 2022. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

Editor’s Note:

The following article by Peter Menzies is like a breath of fresh air for every freedom-loving person who has been living under the stifling, suffocating, toxic clouds of government censorship laws for the past half a century here in Canada. Finally, it appears, we’ve reached the breaking point with all the commie correct “hate” laws that forbid Canadians from speaking their minds on issues of personal freedom and government malfeasance.

I must apologize to both Peter Menzies and to The Epoch Times for removing all the links from the article and for censoring particular words which my own legal restrictions don’t allow me to publish at this time.

Also, the assorted memes which I embellished the piece with other than the photo of Minister of Canadian Heritage Pablo Rodriguez, are mine and not those of the writer.

I highly recommend that readers unfamiliar with The Epoch Times contact them and subscribe to their hard-copy publication as well as their online one. A donation to the cause wouldn’t hurt either as running a publication business in this day and age, especially a hard-copy one, is no small feat.

Peter Menzies: Government’s Torquing of Survey to Show

Public Support for ‘Anti-Hate’ Legislation Deeply Troubling

January 6, 2023


The next step in narrowing Canadians’ rights may be justified by a government survey that eliminated the views of anyone opposed to the government’s attempts to squelch freedom of expression.

In a hair-raising precursor of what’s likely to come in this year’s online harms legislation, it was revealed this week by Jamie Sarkonak of the National Post that Heritage Canada officials intentionally torqued a public survey measuring support for its “National Action Plan on Combatting Hate.”

They did so by inserting a screening question that disqualified anyone who didn’t agree that the government should crack down on speech of which it disapproves—including via legislation patrolling and scrubbing the pages of newspapers.

They did so by inserting a screening question that disqualified anyone who didn’t agree that the government should crack down on speech of which it disapproves—including via legislation patrolling and scrubbing the pages of newspapers.

Sarkonak obtained emails showing public servants noted that early survey responses were heavily opposed to proposals to create new laws or change existing laws to “add people or groups who fund, help, or take part in white supremacist activities to a formal list of white supremacist groups.” Also on the survey’s checklist was a proposal to create an “Anti-Racism law” to ensure that social media and traditional media (examples: television or newspapers) “follow standards that reject hate.”

Seventy-five to 80 percent of initial responses were from what public servants described as “non-allies.” In other words, regular Canadians, some of whom may have become aware of the survey after Quillette’s Jonathan Kay, who has a large social media following, tweeted about it. The remaining 20–25 percent—the allies—came overwhelmingly from Government of Canada IP addresses.

In other words, public servants dutifully supported the public servants trying to massage the views of the public they are supposed to serve.

And so, while the survey homepage continued to state that all Canadians were being asked for their opinions, the boffins inserted the question that “saved us (staff) well over 500 cases that should not have been included. … So it is helping us a lot,” according to Sarkonak’s report.

That comment came from an email sent in the second week of April following the move to “correct” the survey’s outcome by muting people who see things differently. By the time the survey closed May 8, more than 20,000 Canadians had participated in what appears to have been a process designed to produce a predetermined outcome. In other words, along the lines of how they handle these things in North Korea and not at all consistent with the principles underpinning a modern, liberal democracy. Hyperbole? I wish it were so.

This Liberal government is obsessed with creating menacing solutions to problems that are at best overstated and at worst pure figments of radical imaginations.

It introduced the Online Streaming Act to rein in companies such as Netflix despite the fact that in the decade following the debut of it and other online video stores, Canada experienced 80 percent growth in its film and television industry as demand for product erupted. For instance, the post-apocalyptic series “The Last of Us” will debut this week on Crave. Filmed in Alberta, it is the largest production in Canadian history and poured more than $200 million into the creative economy there. But the government felt it had to intervene on this and similar investments because it didn’t control it.

Facebook and Google have made commercial deals with most major media concerning the sharing of content, but the Liberals nevertheless introduced the Online News Act to force “web giants” to do what they have already done, except now they control it.

And now, using newly expanded definitions of hate and white supremacy—terms so loosely applied these days they were famously misused by notorious anti-Semite Laith Marouf in his government-funded media training contract to attack (“Zensored” ed.)—they are preparing to control the radical re-education of Canadians.

There is something deeply troubling about governments that manufacture evidence to suppress basic rights. And as has become smack-in-the-face obvious, Trudeau’s government is not going to use your parents’ definition of vile Nazi racist hate or hideous KKK-style supremacy to do so.

Nope, if you listen to the voices on the far left—as Trudeau does—hate and white supremacy are everywhere. These days there’s a supremacist under every bed, a hater in every closet. Your neighbour might even be one. Maybe there should be a snitch line.

As members of the military recently heard during an indoctrination, er, education session:
“White supremacy is a global problem that has completely infected our nation,” Dr. Rachel Zellars told them. “It comes in all shapes and sizes, and cleans up real good,” she said, specifically referring to the Freedom Convoy protests, according to a National Defence recap.

It remains to be seen whether Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez will use his so-called survey to support his upcoming disinfection of Canadian minds.

But what you can take to the bank is that any new laws won’t apply to the disinformation emanating from either the Prime Minister’s Office or its “allies.”

And as for the bureaucrats who fudged the facts about how Canadians really feel, let’s just say they’ve put a whole new spin on the public service’s once noble promise to speak truth to power.


Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

facebook: The Ugly Side

[Editor’s Note: Recently I learned that a good friend of mine on Facebook, Michelle Burstrom, had been give a 30 day ban from posting simply because she was posting the Truth. I was not a happy camper when I heard this bs and immediately created a meme which I posted on my own Facebook page expressing my angst.

When Michelle saw the meme she sent me the following article expressing her views on this globalist NWO platform created by the FBI a couple of decades ago. I felt that she expressed in a poignant manner how many users on that platform feel about the Orwellian tactics it’s now using to censor Canadians and promote the NWO agenda.

Michelle is blessed to be living in one of the most beautiful regions of the province of B.C. so I thought that just as a preface to her comments on being jailed by Facebook I’d share some photos of the ranch where she and her husband live and work.]

A child’s Paradise



The Ugly Side


Michelle Burstrom

The thing is Facebook is not our life. It’s not our everything. It’s not how we define ourselves ultimately.

Facebook is a platform where we speak to matters of our heart and reach others with our message.

Some choose to share pictures of animals, children, a good meal, or poetry that resonates with their soul. I was that person, and I enjoyed a high rate of approval with large amounts of likes and congratulations from many. Facebook was fun and engaging and informative when I first started.

Now I am well aware that Facebook is invasive in ways we weren’t originally told about. It’s a giant social experiment and the people sharing on this platform are the rats for sure. Not only are advertisers privy to our personal information and pictures but our governments watch Facebook posts very closely to see the mood of its citizens and the direction our political affiliations swing. I still participated in the sharing of information and sharing of warm fuzzy animal pictures without much concern and did so for about three years.

Around the time Justin Trudeau was placed in his position of sunny ways and transparency guardianship over our beautiful nation, I started to wake up to a hypocrisy and double standard in our government that made my stomach churn with sickness. I became a researcher and spent endless hours navigating alternate news options and underground sources of information. All I learned simply confirmed my suspicions of deep corruption and down right evil at the highest level. I began to share posts concerning the hypocrisy and corruption of our bought and paid for mainstream media and the Trudeau Liberal fascist dictatorship that was morphing from sunny ways to out and outright dirty identity politics and a disgusting attack on our beautiful culture and peaceful, prosperous nation.

My posts caught the eye of an admin on one of the largest conservative patriot Facebook pages in Canada. The page’s following was well over a 100 thousand and the reach was massive. He asked me to post on his page and I joined two others in doing so and we increased the following consistently. We did receive the odd warning from Facebook but it was rare and no consequences were forthcoming. 

As time went on my focus on that page turned to revealing the increasing levels of communism in our country and then I immediately zoomed in on the covid issue as it appeared to be a massive lie right from the beginning. I began to unearth information that confirmed the covid story was fraudulent and I hammered that information out on the page repeatedly as I came across more and more sources that proved it was all a lie. 

The controlling weaponized masks really bothered me as anyone with a drop of common sense should clearly see that they don’t stop aerosols and do literally nothing to stop micro viruses from getting through their material. Once I started to reveal information from experts around the world that debunked mask use as a form of protection….well, our page started to take a beating. 

We were warned that comments against masks went against Facebook’s community standards. We were cut back in our reach and we were shut down for 24 hours on a couple of occasions. I watched our views slide down from 40 thousand per post to 10 thousand and eventually to just a few hundred. Sometimes we were released from restrictions and our views went back up into very high numbers, once reaching 150 thousand for one post. 

As the covid scam went along and more and more doctors came on board with information that went against the Commie main stream media’s propaganda my focus became exposing the covid lies and revealing information about a coming vaccination that had not been announced yet. The page was getting more and more cut back so we opened several new patriot pages and we were able to increase followers to 5 or 6 thousand per page. We posted the same information on these pages and found the smaller audience far more engaging and comments were both interesting and informative. 

One day a little over a year ago I tried to open up our big page and it was gone. It had been taken down without warning and there was no accessing it. There was no way to appeal nor was there anywhere to lodge a complaint. Losing the page was angering not only because I lost an ability to reach a great number of people with an opposing view to the mainstream accounts of present day issues but also I was incensed that followers who chose to view our content had this freedom removed from them. My freedom of speech was removed but also our followers freedom to choose who they listened to was also removed. It reminded me very much of a stern elementary school teacher reprimanding children and giving them no opportunity to carry on a civil conversation. The thing is we were all adults who should be able to think what we want, discuss what we want, and share opinions freely. The big page was gone and in my opinion everyone’s freedoms were violated when this happened.

I took to my small page with vigour and enjoyed the lively conversations that this mini community of patriotic Canadians shared. Likes went up, comments were in the hundreds and views were usually around 5 thousand a post. I decided to share followers’ posts, comments and stories on the page – to include their valid concerns and ideas about the current state of encroaching communism upon our country. We were all learning together and sharing information that exposed the state controlled propaganda from mainstream media like CBC.

My posting really began to focus mainly on the Messenger-RNA, spike protein, experimental poison system that the blinded Canadians were lining up to have stuck into their arms. The more I revealed and uncovered about the lies concerning this fake vaccine the more Facebook ground me into the dirt on my little page. I say my page because bit by bit the other admins were shut down off of facebook and could no longer post. This left me to post alone and I decided to keep going no matter the consequences. 

My little page was warned, reduced in reach, and fact checked on almost every post I placed on site. Comments disappeared, being reduced from several 100 a post to maybe 3 or 4 comments if I was lucky. Almost no shares occurred and my reach went down to about 400 a post. Facebook had strangled the little page almost completely and violations of community standards became a regular daily occurrence. 

A few days ago a troll came on the page mocking my posts, calling me a wing nut conspiracy theorist, and posting tinfoil hat memes with replies of “this is you dduuhhhh.” Usually I ignore stuff like this as I find people who reply in this manner are very limited in their intellectual perspective and are blinded by years of ideological subversion. Their attacks are never based on facts but rather name calling and childish finger pointing. The tin foil hat giffs they send are so lame. Anyway I took the bait and responded with a curt rebuttal of his repeated attacks and I informed him I wouldn’t be taking any advice from a grown man who wears such a childish hat in his profile picture. Yes, I looked at his profile picture and it revealed a middle aged, squishy eyed, paunchy, swollen looking dim wit with a hat only a three year old would wear. I didn’t say all I would have liked to say to him even though I felt like it, but my limited reply was duly noted and no sooner had I made my comment in defence of all his repeated noxious replies to my post and BAM! Instantly….I mean absolutely the second I said it Facebook shut me down.  Account restricted and please see account status. You have shared a post that went against our community standards, as you have bullied, harassed, and terrorized a person. 

Your standard Facebook troll at work for the NWO

Not only did Facebook shut down my Patriots page but they also shut down my personal page. I decided to check an old facebook page that I hadn’t used in years and was under a different name with a different email address only to find it too had been shut down. I’m not shut down for two days I’m shut down for a month with no appeal allowed. When I tried to appeal I was told that the appeal couldn’t go forward because of covid. Ridiculous!

As I said at the beginning of my little rant, Facebook isn’t my life however the treatment I have received on this platform should concern everyone in Canada because it is a reflection of the censorship that is upon us in our country and is now in all western nations across the world. Voices that go against mainstream government propaganda are being arrogantly crushed to stifle truthful discussion and diligent research. Think about that….if we have to ask our government for permission to speak on any subject and if we are censored for wrong think then we clearly don’t live in a free country. 

Communism isn’t just on our doorstep, it has entered the building. So yes, please Facebook free me immediately so I can put one more post on the platform. It will say:


Have a lovely day.


50 Heavily Armed Police Raid Montreal Hotel and Arrest Rebel News Reporters.


Arthur Topham

QCSentinel Reporter

April 12, 2021

[Editor’s Note: This story is a prime example of what Censorship of media is all about. I received the story from an associate but due to the fact that I am being censored by the BC Supreme Court from publishing the names of any persons who I know are of a particular ethnic group this is what then happens when a news story comes out and I wish to report on it to readers.]

Reporting for Rebel News

50 heavily armed police just raided the hotel where our Rebel News reporters were staying in Montreal.

I told them they couldn’t come in without a search warrant. So instead they manhandled me. They handcuffed [Censored]. And They just put [Censored] in the back of a police car.

Police have sealed off the AirBnb we were staying in with police tape — they say it’s a “crime scene”.

Of course it’s not. In fact, when we asked them what the “crime” was, all they could come up with was that our staying in the hotel was an illegal “gathering,” contrary to Quebec’s lockdown laws.

That’s obviously not true. It is a registered, legal hotel rental on Airbnb. In fact, we had fewer guests than the facility is built for.

This is the same Montreal police who have harassed and assaulted our reporters for weeks. This is their revenge. Because we report on their misconduct.

I’m very upset by this. And I remember that, several times, Montreal police have pulled our reporters over and called us “[Censored] Media” or asked if we’re “[Censored]”. I can’t help but think that’s a bizarre anti-[Censored] motivation. That sure isn’t professional policing.

David is still in the back of the police car. Our lawyer is on the scene. I’m mad as hell.

Yours truly,


P.S. Have you ever heard of journalists being handcuffed or thrown in the back of a police for having an “illegal gathering”? Except it wasn’t even illegal. We rented a hotel.

P.P.S. This is going to be a long and bloody lawsuit. Please click on [Censored] to help us crowdfund our lawyers. Thanks.


“Goddam them all!…”


Arthur Topham


Quesnel Cariboo Sentinel

There’s nothing more sad than to watch the slow demise of Quesnel’s once long-standing, reputable community newspaper the Quesnel Cariboo Observer

In production for the last 113 years the newspaper was always the heart-beat of the North Cariboo covering all possible avenues of information and providing advertising space for local businesses. 

Like a spider’s sensitive web the slightest touch of a tale to tell and instantly its intrepid reporters and journalists would spring into action, shedding light on whatever story or event happened to be taking place, in order to keep the city and its vast surrounding area informed and up to date. Such was its character and purpose and the people loved and supported it. 

Probably the highlight of the Observer’s existence throughout its long career was the period when it was under the tutelage and professionalism of famed Jerry MacDonald, the Editor and Publisher for the duration of his tragically short life.  

After Jerry’s demise the Observer had a few different Editors and by around 2006 a new Reporter was hired by the name of Autumn MacDonald. It turned out to be Jerry’s daughter and after a couple of years Autumn held the reins as Editor and was like a chip off the old Mac block. She kept the Observer afloat like her Daddy had and retained the Editorship right up until 2017 when she retired somewhat disgruntled and burnt out and began a new career.

Back in 2007 when my extra-curricular writings on the web drew the attention of certain lobby groups in Canada who were opposed to the notion of free speech online and those who had the audacity to criticize their behaviour filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission that landed me in hot water. By that time Jerry MacDonald had been singing along with his favourite angelic folk artist Stan Rogers for a decade.

While Jerry was alive and kicking he had his own column in the Observer titled “PUNCHLINES”. One column in particular with the header reading “OPINIONS – So much Canada, so little time!” published on February 26th, 1997 a year prior to his passing and now 25 years to today is a apt reminder for all those who have come to suspect that the Mainstream Media aka the MSM is not all it’s chalked up to be when it comes to being “independent”. Thus I’ll present it here for readers:


So much Canada, so little time!

“Journalism has taught me that, for the most part, the people who speak out in their youth … are the ones who will continue to speak their minds when their Canada Pension Cheques bounce.”

~ Jerry MacDonald

AS YOU READ this, I should be skating my way through the Rockies in my newer-old four-by-four Ford truck.

I’ll be in full retreat from those damned daily deadlines we were talking about earlier this month. Stan Rogers will be belting out tunes on the stereo – oh, maybe Barrett’s Privateers. And as I slip the front axle into four-high in anticipation of that black-hearted black ice, Stan and I will be wailing the chorus at the top of our respective lungs: “Goddam them all!…”

You’ve got to know Stan Rogers to follow what it is that I’m talking about here. And that’s part of what is wrong with this country of ours: too few people know of Stan Rogers.

He’s a guy with a voice that could make a cod fisherman smile – even today. Stan’s dulcet tones capture the energy of Canada, its solitude, our triumphs, our pain.

Had he been a separatist, his songs alone could have rallied Quebec to votez oui long ago. But Stan’s dead now. A great nationalist, a poet and a bear of a man with a Quaker’s beard and a Mop ‘n Glo pate. He had a voice from heaven. And that’s where its gone, presumably.

But he’ll be with me in the Rockies as I think about you. About Quesnel.

As Stan leads and I do an acceptable job of backup Highway mumble-harmony, what’s left of my mind will reflect on home and the people who make it special. And those who don’t. 

So in a round-about way by introduction, this is one of those “thank you & good night” columns. And one of those “be warned” pieces too.

Journalism has taught me many things. Some of which I have actually, consciously retained.

It has taught me that if we are lucky enough, we will grow old enough to be bold enough.

In other words, most of us go through life pretty much afraid in this free society of ours to speak our minds. We’re afraid for two reasons:

In rural Canada if you speak your mind at a meeting of some kind you’re apt to be elected president. That alone is a practical inducer of self-censorship:

“You, Mouthy One! We the membership find you guilty of opinionationextravaganzi. You are hereby sentenced to a two-year term as president of the Quesnel Teacher’s Association …”

You could plug in the name of your own outfit here, but the point is taken.

And so Murphy’s Law being what it is, the “intelligent members” stay home and the wannabes of the world, with the anaemic anatomy complex, take over. Now this is not true in all cases, but from politics to unions to management – it’s scary sometimes to consider just how prevalent it is.

I ramble. But you’re used to it, otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far.

When it comes to really important issues in life, however, the biological verbal governor kicks in out of fear: We’re afraid if we speak out because it could affect our jobs; the possibility for promotion; our social standing; our kids’ chances of playing on the rep team; of being branded a racist; a sexist; a capitalist; a red neckist; an environmentalist….

We’re so paranoid of being branded some kind of an ‘ist’ we’ve forgotten the ‘s’ altogether. And that’s what we’ve become: the most free society in the world, afraid to speak out because it might cost us something. 

So, like a smoker waiting for a pack of butts to hit $20 before she quits, we wait to be ‘old enough to be bold enough‘. 

We wait for that time when we’re beholden to no-one. 

Trouble is, when that day dawns most of us are dead, or too old to give a damn. Rather we spend what energy we have at the time squeezing the remote or chewing our apple sauce.

Journalism has taught me that, for the most part, the people who speak out in their youth (Youth: Any age between 30-64, a definition which changes as the amount of ear hair in the definer increases) are the ones who will continue to speak their minds when their Canada Pension Cheques bounce.

So I’d like to thank the following people for speaking out over all these years – even when it wasn’t politically correct to do so.

Arthur Topham, Bert de Vink, Judy Campbell, Jude Davis and Doug Gook: Think what you like of their politics, priorities, or values – these people often served as the conscience of the area during the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Right or wrong, they spoke their minds. They stood up for their beliefs. 

In a generation that vows to be different from our parents, how many of us can truly say that today? They will always have my admiration because right or wrong they are people of conviction.

To Joan Huxley, Harvey Bryant, Susan Maile, John Maile, Andy Sear, Mary Glassford, Gloria Lazzarin, Bob Taft, the late Albert Johnston, the late Alex Fraser, former mayor Mikey Pearce, Ted Armstrong, former Rec Director Dale MacDonald … to all of these people we owe a debt of gratitude. Because they are been the builders in these past 20 years.

The $15 million hospital expansion; River-front Trail; building of the Rec Centre; expansion of the Civic Arena; Alex Fraser Park; the Senior’s Centre; Golden Centre – they were the eyes of the vision that has become our reality. They spoke out.

Politically, Quesnel has been assigned Leper Colony status since Alex Fraser’s death. We are lacking not only in vision, but in integrity, credibility and – most of all – brain-pans.

Clenched in a ‘what’s in it for me’ and ‘this will look good on my portfolio’ mentality, our current  collection of potential senators have a hard time managing their own cheque books. But we’ll elect them to office and as spenders of the public purse.

MLA John Wilson is a possible exception – but John’s inability to speak in public is why guys like Dale Carnegie are billionaires. 

These are the things one ponders while dodging big horned sheep and docile elk as Stan warbles away in the background, something about the Northwest Passage.

As long as the Lance Leas, and Brian Rankins, and Herb Bardens and Bob Normans and Betsy Van Haldrens and Collin Almonds of the community stay home at nomination & election time, we’ll continue to send the political equivalent of War Amps to the front lines in our battle for our future.

The sad part is we’re really no different than the rest of Canada.

We have a great community, an unbelievably beautiful province and an extremely special country. While we collectively seem to be doing our best to screw it all up, having apparently signed a long term mortgage with the Bank of Stupid, we survive despite ourselves.

Maybe when we’re all old enough and bold enough, we’ll look back and chuckle and shake our heads at our paranoia. Cuz everything works out in the end. Cuz nothing really matters much anyhow. Maybe.

Then again, maybe we’ll all be sitting in our wheel chairs, our grey pony tails plagued by split ends, our bony shoulders littered with dandruff … and finally we’ll all join Stan in toothless harmony:

“Goddam them all!…”

Editor’s Note: Jerry MacDonald died suddenly at the age of 44 while refereeing a senior hockey game between the Quesnel Kangaroos and Williams Lake Stampeders. His death was a tremendous loss to the Cariboo.


So given all the prescient warnings and hilarious invective in Jerry’s Punchlines opinion piece I return once again to the current reality of March 25, 2021 and quality of today’s Observer finding it lacking in so many ways that I’m hard pressed where to begin a critique. I will focus on one issue therefore.

On Saturday, March 20th, 2021 citizens of Quesnel and the Cariboo gathered at LeBourdais Park as part of a World Wide Rally for Freedom designed to challenge the official narrative of the global elite, the national government, the provincial governments and the municipal and regional governments, over the world induced crisis they’ve all shamelessly labelled the “Covid Pandemic”. 

Notices were put up around the city beforehand. The local media, the Observer included, were informed well in advance of the planned event. North Cariboo’s MLA Coralee Oakes and the Mayor and City Council (those, for the most part, “political equivalent of War Amps” as Jerry stated) were informed and invited to participate and social media was aflame with discussions concerning the Rally for at least a week in advance.  The day came and people gathered to listen to a number of inspiring speeches by women and men of the calibre that Jerry described so well. The event was peaceful and the RCMP were present to observe and ensure that all went as planned (and to do their duty for their masonic taskmasters). 

To his credit and the credit of Quesnel’s radio station My Cariboo Now, News Director George Henderson was the only media in the city that contacted the Organizer of the Rally, Tamara Morneau, and helped in advertised the upcoming event.   

After the Rally the only response was that four days later the local RCMP came to the home of the Rally Organizer Tamara Morneau and issued her with a ticket for $2300.00 for having organized the public gathering in the Spring open area of LeBourdais Park! The Quesnel Cariboo Observer was no where to be seen and when their March 23rd, 2021 edition of the paper came out there wasn’t a word in it informing the citizens of Quesnel and outlying areas of the event or of the heinous and draconian actions of those who feign would have us believe that they’re here to “serve and protect” the people. 

That dear readers is the present state of the msm everywhere around the globe and Quesnel’s once vibrant, informative and independent community newspaper is no exception to this world wide open conspiracy to destroy the basic freedoms of people everywhere and enforce upon us all the diabolical will of the New World Order gang of psychopaths who are destroying nation upon nation in their insatiable lust for power and control of the masses. And so I join in chorus with my old friend Jerry ‘Mac’ MacDonald and Stan Rogers in their ongoing refrain, “Goddam them all!…”

– – –