Dr. Mercola scrubs content from his website after frightening threats


Many of you have seen Dr Joe Mercola’s very viral lead story out this week where he details why he is scrubbing much of the info from his website about Covid.

Joe explains he’s had some very bad threats from bad people & organizations, and all of this is true. He also talks extensively about the 12 of us (himself included) singled out in international news (CBS, PBS, ABC, WSJ, NY Times, Newsweek, you name it) for sharing the vast majority of articles on certain controversial subjects to the world. These groups (many funded openly by Bill Gates) are spreading this online and on TV and calling us the #DisinformationDozen, but we’ve rebranded it the Information Dozen as you can see in the graphic below. (That’s me in the top left corner.)

MOST of the 12 of us named have lost at least one platform. Many have lost them in recent weeks, including Bobby Kennedy, who lost nearly a million followers when Instagram took down his page forever. There are only a few of us left standing with any platforms at all.

This campaign against us has been hurtful and actually very frightening, and while I respect Dr Mercola’s decision to remove the content he did, I plan on keeping my articles (and my chin) up, come what may.

I’ll keep you up to date on just what is happening with the 12 of us, so stay tuned.

Speaking of the truth, freedom, and censorship, I want to share this event with you that includes one of those brave 12 warriors (Bobby Kennedy) and it has just launched today.

It’s called Truth Over Fear.

Patrick Coffin is a legend in radio who has been broadcasting to a loyal audience for years. But apparently when he ventured into public health policies, Big Tech had enough, and last weekend they completely took down his online summit mid-launch. 

Last Friday, the Truth Over Fear Summit planned to unleash 40+ presentations from around the world that would have embarrassed some very powerful people. Some of the mind blowing presentations you’ll love include our own friends and a hero to many, Bobby Kennedy, Dr Bob Sears and people many of us have been supporting financially for decades like Barb Loe Fisher NVIC. So…. why don’t they want you to be watching these presenters? What were the videos about? Why don’t they want us asking questions?

Well I’m thrilled to announce they are relaunching this Friday (today!) May 7th through Sunday May 9th. Here’s the full line-up. Please share widely. Watch while you can!

Also, if you’ve already signed up for the series above happening right now, check out our brand new Grow your own, get off the grid, self sufficiency series here! << Limited space so save a seat now!! You’ll learn about foraging food and saving money big time.

Yours in health,

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Must Be the Season of Satan: A Defence of Dr. Charles Hoffe

Must Be the Season of Satan: A Defence of Dr. Charles Hoffe


Arthur Topham

Quesnel Cariboo Sentinel Reporter

April 16, 2021

As inevitable as the morning sunrise the reaction by mainstream media and its band of brainwashed minions to Dr. Charles Hoffe’s revelations concerning negative effects upon his patients by the experimental mRNA vaccine Moderna, is to commence a campaign of slur and slander against the courageous, Truth-telling Doctor from Lytton, B.C. 

Having published an Interview that the good doctor did with the Vancouver-based online News show Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson TV it wasn’t long before the mud started hitting the comments section on QuesnelCaribooSentinel. ca

In response to what I perceived to be a direct attack by the forces of Darkness against Dr. Hoffe I did some background research on the web to see the type of reviews he received from his patients and those who have had personal contact with him. 95% of what I found was positive and in keeping with the type of integrity that Dr. Hoffe has displayed publicly since he first opened the recent can of government manufactured covid worms better known as the fake Moderna vaccine.  

What I found was that Dr. Hoffe is looked upon as virtually a godsend for the small community of Lytton where he’s resided for many years. The following screenshots taken from BCDOCTORDIRECTORY.CA provide a good example of the type of reviews that the doctor has been receiving going back to 2006.

A comment on my site by a Mr. Richard Ferguson warrants a bit of rebuttal given his persistent condemnation based, by all appearances, on nothing more than vacuous assumptions. Readers wishing to review the lengthy diatribe can find it on the site.

Riddled with “dids” and “assumes” and “appears” and “may haves” and “mays” and “potentials”, all of which, based upon little more than the writer’s endless guessing that lacked any concrete evidence, finally fizzles to an end with his assertion “All of this brings into question his [Dr. Hoffe’s Ed.] ability to function properly as a medical doctor because of the potential harm he may cause his patients and other persons who will be exposed to unnecessary COVID infection as a result of not being vaccinated.”

Having given some thought to what the critic had to say I decided to share it with Dr. Hoffe himself and see what he thought about the upbraiding he was being subjected to as a result of going public with his concerns. The following response from Dr. Hoffe sets the record straight:

Dr. Charles Hoffe Responds to False 

Accusations Made Against His Professional Conduct 

As a Result of His Interview With Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

Dear Arthur,

Thank you for your interest in my open letter, and in my interview with Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to offer some additional insight.

In the pursuit of health, freedom and truth.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Charles Hoffe 

The mRNA in the Moderna vaccine is a non-human genetic code that is injected into your body, and enters your cells.  Once inside your cells, your body reads this genetic code and produces a Covid spike protein.  This covid spike protein is foreign to our bodies, so it triggers an antibody reaction, whereby our cells then make antibodies against it.  This is the basis of the protection against coronavirus, that is inferred by the vaccine. 

We do not know how long this protection will last.  This is a completely new therapy, that was never subjected to the normal animal trials, and has never been tried on humans before.  The long-term trials on this vaccine will end in 2023.  After that, we will know what the long-term risks and consequences are.  This is the first time that any vaccine has ever been released without animal trials, or any sort of long-term safety data.  We are all part of a global experiment.

Justin Trudeau has ordered enough Covid vaccine, for more than six doses each.  So we assume that the covid vaccine will be a regular event.  The problem is, from what we have seen so far, that the side-effects get worse with each shot.  From what I have seen in my patients, the side-effects can be quite serious for some people.  So this does not bode well for the future.

The most important thing to realise, is that the recovery rate from Covid, is similar to the seasonal flu, in every age category.   And the average age of those who have died with Covid in North America, is 81 years old.  The median age is 85.  Three quarters of all who have died with covid, live in long-term-care facilities.  So this pandemic is really in the long-term-care facilities, not in the community.

If you are under the age of 40, you are five times more likely to die from a car accident, than from Covid.  And the risk of children dying from Covid, is almost zero.

When this pandemic, first erupted, there was no known treatment or cure for COVID-19.  People were simply told to isolate themselves at home until they could barely breathe, and then go to the emergency room when it was probably too late.  A vaccine seemed to be the only solution.  

However there are now excellent therapies for both prevention and treatment of COVID-19, that improve your survival rate to substantially better than the seasonal flu.  Most people choose the vaccine, simply because they are fearful from all the media hype, and do not know of any other way to protect themselves from the dreaded COVID-19.

I now have six patients in my medical practice, who are suffering long-term neurological damage from their first shot of the Moderna vaccine. They are all First Nations.  I wonder how many First Nations Canadians, were in Moderna’s short-term safety trials.  I fully expect that there were none at all.

Dr Charles Hoffe                

15 April, 2021

Undoubtedly we will be seeing more of this type of behaviour by those who manufactured and control the Covid Narrative, as well as all the eager sycophants out to stake a claim to fame by hopping aboard the Covid Express while it rampages full throttle, hell-bound down Hwy. 666.

Be ye Christian, Buddhist, Moslem, Sikh, Atheist or otherwise, the time to stand up TOGETHER and oppose this catastrophic attack by the Satanic forces on the planet is NOW!