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Friday, June 25th, 2021

Dear Traitor and Enemy of Canada Todd Doherty, MP for Cariboo-Prince George,

In my first Open Letter to you back on February 15, 2021 and again, in my second Open Letter on April 8, 2021 (neither of which you bothered to respond to even though I have been a full time resident of the Cariboo for the past 51 years and supported your efforts to gain a seat in the House of Commons), I then focussed on your ineptness in addressing the most critical issue of the day; that being the global frontal attack by an International cartel of criminally insane, mega-rich gangsters and psychopaths out to destroy the very fabric of Canada’s historic position in the world as a free and democratic country; an attack that has only become exacerbated further since sending you my first two Open Letters.  

When your third Pamphlet arrived in my mail box in mid-June I was fully expecting to see some positive initiatives on the part of the Conservative Party of Canada with respect to this dire, deadly, manufactured global Covid-19 crisis that’s tearing our families and our country apart. Instead, all that you were able to muster in defence of my nation was a blatantly pathetic plea for Canadians to display their Patriotic “National pride” in Canada come Dominion Day, July 1st, 2021. 

You then had the unmitigated gall to tell me and other constituents here in the Cariboo-Prince George riding that “Canada Day is around the corner!” when what’s actually right in front of our eyes and in our faces 24/7 is the greatest threat to our national security that’s ever occurred throughout Canada’s history as a nation, an observation that you yourself had previously stated back in your initial February pamphlet when you referred to it then as  “the biggest crisis we’ve faced in modern times.”

Attempting to play on the shattered emotions of Canadians at this most catastrophic time has got to be one of the cheapest tricks in the political book I’ve ever witnessed on the part of a national political party and the fact that you, Todd Doherty, are playing this card only reinforces my belief that your mental acuity to present yourself to this riding as a strong “leader” is severely compromised. 

Yes, as you say, “Our region is full of hardworking friends and families who serve our community and make our nation truly an amazing place to live” but given this reality don’t you feel it behooves you and your party to actually DO SOMETHING about this bio-warfare attack that’s destroying the lives of these workers and their families and dispense with all the phoney patriotic bullshit bombast until the crisis has been overcome??!! 

To see you state, “I know the last year has been incredibly difficult for everyone” then, dispensing with any further commentary on what those difficulties are and offering some positive solutions to all your “hardworking friends and families,” immediately switch the narrative to “but despite these challenges, we are fortunate to be able to call Canada our home, where principles of freedom, democracy and justice are more than just words” has to be the height of political rhetoric and hypocrisy.  

Appealing to the principles of “freedom, democracy and justice” at this juncture then attempting to convince Canadians that these attributes of a real democracy are “more than just words” when Canadians have obviously lost their basic freedoms to the dictates of a foreign cartel of sociopathic killers hell-bent on murdering and maiming millions, if not billions of the world’s population while at the same time every level of government across Canada from the federal to provincial to regional and municipal are all colluding with these murdering sons of Satan is beyond the pale of understanding Todd and only further proof that you haven’t a goddam clue as to what’s REALLY going on in the world. 

Then, to further exacerbate your futile rhetorical attempt at conjuring up some fake patriotism, you have the unmitigated gall to suggest that “…we celebrate the cultural mosaic that makes our country so great; our diversity is truly our strength.” Pure, unabashed Liberal bullshit propaganda that’s been shoved down the throats of European Canadians since the daze of P.E.T. and our phoney “Constitution” and its attendant flawed “Charter of Rights and Freedoms”. Let’s flood our Canada with the world’s refugees, like they’ve been doing in Great Britain and Europe and destroy the Anglo-Saxon race that built these once glorious nations and call this perversity our “strength” when it’s actually just the foreshadowing of our destruction and demise as a once proud and independent country.  

And finally, your feeble, disingenuous request to “…celebrate those who keep us safe, secure and healthy.” And just who in hell might “those” be Todd Doherty? The provincial health ministers and their covert World Health Organization, CDC henchmen like Dr. Bonnie Henry of BC NDP fame and others who, across the country, are bullying and bribing everyone from young children to the aged to get “vaccinated” with the deadly, untested, poisonous jabs that are already killing and maiming thousands of unsuspecting citizens around the world? Ordinary people Todd who took their “National pride” to heart and placed their trust in their governments and these treacherous lunatics. Or were you thinking of the police across the country who are acting at the behest of these same atheistic control freaks in government and shutting down houses of worship and arresting, incarcerating and fining pastors and threatening the very foundation upon which our nation was founded – Christianity? Does that phrase “One Nation Under God” mean anything to you at all?

What IS IT Todd Doherty, MP about the stupidity, dishonesty, shamefulness, malfeasance and neglect of duty toward your constituents of what you’re doing and saying that you can’t seem to fathom?

The icing on the cake though has to be the wasted space in the two inside pages of your Pamphlet wherein you could have offered up some actual HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT for your constituents by presenting us with some real initiatives to address this global crisis now besetting Canadians. But, given that you and your party appear to be bereft of any solutions, instead you treat us like little children and give us a little paper “Canadian flag” that you suggest we put up in our window or on our front door to mark this once glorious “Canada Day” on July 1st, 2021. I’m actually surprised you didn’t leave the maple leaf blank and include a red coloured crayon so we could have filled it in with patriotic pride!


The back page of your patriotic pamphlet consisted of the Conservative Party of Canada’s 5 Priorities for security. Not a single one addressed the primary threat to our country’s survival. In fact the closest you came to even hinting at the immediately and present danger was to state that your party would “secure our country” by “building the capacity to manufacture vaccines at home.”!!!

While you appear to be totally oblivious to what’s going on in the world today I’m sure you will recall the rules and regulations of one of Canada’s national sports – baseball.  This is my 3rd Open Letter to you regarding the political situation that I find my country in; one that demands the utmost in cognitive realization and circumspect response from every Canadian who loves and cherishes their homeland.

And this third Open Letter to you, Todd Doherty, MP for Cariboo-Prince George, is my final fast ball. It’s your Third Strike and once again you’ve swung in vain. The words of the Umpire now ring loud and clear – Y’ER OUT! God grant that in the next election you are sent back to the benches for good.

In the service of Truth and Justice.

A concerned Canadian citizen,

Arthur Topham


The Quesnel Cariboo Sentinel

“Standing on Guard for the People and the Land.”


Post Script: 

It’s hoped that readers will contact Todd Doherty, MP and let him know how you feel about his and the Conservative Party of Canada’s efforts to end this colossal crime against humanity.