When Push Comes to Shove, Canadians Take a Stand!

When Push Comes to Shove, Canadians Take a Stand!


Tammy Harkies

We are facing one of the most monumental tests of character, that we have ever encountered in our lifetime.  The fate of Trudeau’s passports will show us exactly what Canadians are made of.  This is a test of our strength, character and fortitude.  A test that will determine exactly how much of our humanity remains.

We are talking about segregating a large portion of society simply because they refuse to inject themselves with an unknown, untested and unstudied concoction of Lord knows what.  If this is allowed to go forward, it will open the door to a dangerous trend.  The repercussions from this can and will be disastrous.  The majority of us refusing, understand this.   We will not bend, regardless of Trudeau’s tyrannical mandates, or whatever daily dose of madness he decides to present.  Businesses will go under.  People will lose their homes and livelihoods.  Many will starve.  Depression and suicide will be at an all-time high.  Even worse, our children’s freedom of movement and their future generations will be controlled at the whim of a government whose level of integrity I certainly question.  They will no longer live in a world where they have the right to express themselves without fear of repercussion or what view-points they choose to embrace.  This is already happening to many.  They will not be able to decide upon where they can go, what they can do or what is put into their bodies.  Saying no to these passports is our last line of defense and it is critical that we make a decision wisely.  It is our final chance to draw our line in the sand.

I hate to admit it but I was losing faith in the vast majority of my fellow Canadians.  Everywhere I would go everyone was wearing a mask when the mandates were in effect.  Maybe this was the goal all along.  To make us feel as if we were the minority.  Thank God my lack of faith appears to have been unfounded.  I opened my Facebook page and I was overjoyed to find that I had been proven wrong.  Thousands and thousands of businesses all across Canada are standing up and saying they refuse to discriminate against anyone, regardless of their vaccination status!  The vaccinated, right along with the unvaccinated, are declaring they will not ask anyone to disclose their health information.  They are not comfortable with the direction our government is headed in.  No longer are Canadians going along just to get along!  This was the last straw and they are drawing their line in the sand.  Yes, these businesses are more than likely aware that discrimination is not only not acceptable, but also illegal.  I am sure that they are well aware that the government was passing their dirty work onto them.  They are the ones taking all the chances when the flood of lawsuits would ultimately come pouring in.  They are the ones whose businesses are at risk and had the foresight to see the writing on the wall.  Standing their ground and telling the government that they will not participate in these crimes takes courage and willpower.  I applaud every single one of them!  I, for one, will be showing my appreciation by supporting their businesses and avoiding any big box store.  These big box stores, with their oppressive and overbearing attitudes, have made billions throughout this crisis while many small businesses were barely surviving.  A good portion did not.

It wasn’t just the businesses that were proving themselves to be of noble character.  I came across several vaccinated individuals stating they would not support any business who mandated these passports.  They believe in freedom of choice and that every single one of us has the right to choose what goes into our bodies.  I found myself very close to tears at times and my heart swelled with pride.  In spite of our government’s non-stop news tactics to try and create divide, many vaccinated individuals were refusing to buy into it.  This showed me that they are loyal to their unvaccinated loved ones, regardless of their choices.  They will not stand by, while potentially, millions will be segregated and subjected to discrimination.  They understood that this went far beyond being able to go to a football game or the cinema.  If our government is willing to go to these lengths what would follow next?  Will we be denied entry into a grocery store or a doctor’s office?  With the track record of government lying about vaccines not being mandated and two weeks to flatten the curve this was a distinct possibility.  Sure, Trudeau says he won’t force people to vaccinate.  But isn’t the threat of being fired the same thing?  I was hopeful that more and more people would continue to stand arm in arm in solidarity with their unvaccinated brothers and sisters.  

You know that Canadians have now passed the test and are showing true grit, courage and character as they continue to stand their ground.  Canada is a free country!  For the sake of us all, and future generations, it is imperative it stays that way.  We must stand united against any policy that jeopardizes our freedoms.  It is my hope that more and more vaccinated continue to stand up and tell the government to shove that passport where the sun doesn’t shine!  As for the countries that think Canadians are meek and mild mannered I’m beginning to think we just might surprise you, as well as our government.  When push comes to shove, Canadians will take a stand and we will fight back!


Tammy can be reached at: tammyappelharkies@gmail.com





Arthur Topham – Reporter


Quesnel, BC] – The last straw in the BC NDP’s ongoing attempts at locking down and controlling the citizens of British Columbia may just have broken the backs of countless citizens and small business owners across the province who are finally beginning to see through all the government and media propaganda and smoke and mirrors and realizing that the pending ultimatum regarding forced jabs of experimental, untested poison vaccines is not the way to deal with this massive global scamdemic. 

Thanks to the courage, insight and initiative of a group of local concerned citizens in the Quesnel area a private members group on Facebook known as “QUESNEL AGAINST HEALTH PASS” was formed and its membership is expanding faster than the Lone Ranger’s proverbial “speeding bullet”.

Informed minds and creative thinking and collaboration with an older group known as RISE UP QUESNEL which was formed back in March of 2021 in response to the then World Wide Rally For Freedom that took place on March 21st has resulted in a very proactive group of conscientious resisters to all the Covid madness that’s been disrupting the lives and safety of people everywhere.  

One of the more recent events was a Rally to protest the NDP’s impending vaccine passport mandate held on Saturday, August 28th at the old Footbridge across the Fraser River where the Waterwheel is located across from the historic Hudson’s Bay Trading Post store. The turn-out was great even though the weather was not the best but rain these days, after months of sweltering heat and smoke from the wildfires, is practically a pleasurable event in itself. The following photo montage will give viewers a good idea of event and the messages that the citizens are sending out to the passing public and to the government and mainstream media.

Rain or shine Quesnel will be out on the street informing citizens of their rights and freedoms.

People of all ages were in attendance and declaring their God-given rights.

“Teach your children well” is a lesson that the 1960’s coined in music and it’s a maxim that’s still very relevant today.

Without freedom of choice the people are nothing but pawns in the games that corrupt governments and orgs like the World Heath Organization (WHO) play with the global community. This MUST end and end soon.

Tami Viktil founder of RISE UP QUESNEL is a dedicated trooper in the battle to retain our rights and freedoms and her booth and information is always available for interested citizens looking for truthful answers to many of the concerns people now feel about the experimental jabs and the masks filled with toxic graphene oxide.

The gathering also is a great way of getting petitions signed once interested parties can see what the issues are.

The messages are clear. The people must stand in solidarity against all these draconian, Orwellian mandates being heaped upon the citizenry without any input from those who are being impacted the most by these totalitarian measures.

Now that the MSM (mainstream media) has revealed itself to be nothing more than the mouthpiece for the likes of Gates and Fauci and the WHO and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and corrupt, subservient governments around the world maybe you’d “druther” enjoy reading one of the more popular hardcopy newspapers being sold across Canada.

There doesn’t appear to be any shortage of imaginative people when it comes to getting the messages across to the still slumbering masses who’ve been programmed all their lives by the endless, repetitive propaganda that emanates forth from the boob tube and radio and newspapers on a daily basis. A fleet of trucks like this one would certainly go a long way to draw attention to the issues of the day.  

This foot soldier for freedom is ready to pass along information to any passer by be they mobile or walking. Behind her the sign says, “SUPPORT OUR NURSES”. 

Gatherings like this also make great places for meeting new folks who share the same ideals and principles and it looks from this photo that there’s also the element of humour, an essential ingredient in any campaign to make the world a better place to live in.

This sign, “VACCINE MANDATES = MEDICAL TYRANNY” is an extremely important message for the general public to consider given the great rupture within society today between those who have taken the jab believing they could trust their health officials and government and those who have done their own research into these lethal injections that are literally killing thousands upon thousands of innocent people around the world. 


It’s hoped that events such as these will grow in numbers and strength not only here in Quesnel but around the province and across the nation. It’s only when the people stand up in large numbers and demand that the tyranny stops that the politicians begin to take notice. God grant that this process will finally convince the “leaders” to come to their senses and start listening to those who elected them to be leaders rather than following the dictates of foreign entities who are more interested in maximizing their profits than in caring for the people and the Earth. 


Rise Up British Columbia & STOP the Horganized Crime Syndicate!

Rise Up British Columbia & STOP the Horganized Crime Syndicate!


Arthur Topham, Reporter, The Cariboo Sentinel


Revelation 17:5

Events around the world since the beginning of 2020 are showing people in the most graphic ways that it’s well past time for average citizens of Canada to wake up and smell the coffee. The lunatics running the government asylums around the globe are becoming more and more brazen in their efforts to poison and kill millions of innocent children, women and men with their demonic, experimental fake ‘vaccines’.

Here in British Columbia the “Horganized” Crime Syndicate aka the NDP party, is right on board with the rest of the psychopaths in their deceptive, lying, fraudulent, Satanic, hypocritical bullshit line about how the “unvaccinated” are becoming a threat to all the rest of the innocent fools who were so gullible as to actually believe that if they just took the jab once they’d all be healthy and happy as clam.

The latest pronouncements by Premier Horgan’s Whore of Babylon aka Bonnie ‘the Brutal’ Henry that the people of the province are going to have to get stabbed at least twice (for starters) with these lethal toxic substances in order to go out to their favourite restaurant for a coffee or a meal is so fucking ludicrous and mental that it makes BC’s government nothing more than a mockery of what the late Tommy Douglas worked so hard to establish throughout the first half of the 20th Century.

These sick, demented traitors to B.C. and to Canada ALL deserve to be rounded up and placed in quarantine somewhere on a deserted island off the west coast where they can forage for themselves and relearn how to become decent moral human being once again.

When I think of how Horgan’s Whore Henry murdered my late Aunt Flo with the mandated Moderna poison only one month ago it makes me all the more determined to STAND UP AND RESIST THESE DEVILS IN DISGUISE!!!

In her statements to the media on Monday, August 23, 2021 Henry unabashedly proclaims to the people of B.C. that the new “B.C. vaccine cards” will be implemented on Sept. 13th, 2021 and the commie NDP government “will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination for anyone who wants to attend a concert, sporting event, movie, restaurant, nightclub, casino or fitness class.”

But of course that won’t be enough assurance that they kill off their quota of British Columbians and so she adds to it that “Initially, eligible British Columbians will require proof of one dose of vaccine. By Oct. 24, two doses will be required. The cards will be required for a wide range of non-essential recreational and social activities.” Of course the asshole Premier Horgan has to chime in with another stupid statement that “”Getting vaccinated is the way forward through this pandemic.” Then the 3rd of the these 3 Stooges, Health Minister Adrian Dix, starts yapping off about “increasing case and hospitalization numbers, B.C.” and like a typical viper his forked tongue reneges on the government’s earlier promise to move on to the next step in its COVID-19 restart plan which was supposed to begin on Sept. 7th.

The full list of rules covered by these Commissars of Collusion includes:

  • indoor ticketed sporting events
  • indoor concerts
  • indoor theatre/dance/symphony events
  • restaurants (indoor and patio dining)
  • night clubs
  • casinos
  • movie theatres
  • fitness centres/gyms (excluding youth recreational sport)
  • businesses offering indoor high-intensity group exercise activities
  • organized indoor events (e.g., weddings, parties, conferences, meetings, workshops)
  • discretionary organized indoor group recreational classes and activities
  • student housing on college and university campuses

Now all of these draconian dictates are designed for more than one purpose but crucial to their heinous scheming is their conspiracy to create “the fall guy” who just happens to be (surprise, surprise) you and me i.e., the “unvaccinated people” who Whore Henry goes on to emphatically state “currently account for about 90 per cent of COVID-19 cases in B.C., and 93 per cent of hospitalizations. The risk of infection is about 10 times higher for people who aren’t vaccinated.” Let me make this perfectly clear. THIS IS NOTHING LESS THAN AN OUTRIGHT BULLSHIT LIE! Just one of many that these silver-tongued devils keep preaching to the masses via their controlled media.

Everywhere in cities across the country people are banding together in unified groups and taking their messages to the streets and here in Quesnel, BC it’s no different. RISE UP QUESNEL, formed back in March of 2021, has been working tirelessly to draw the attention of the public to the growing crisis that’s happening everywhere throughout the West and down under in Australia.

One member of RISE UP QUESNEL, Tamara Morneau posed the question well on social media recently when she stated:

Please join us on these dates in support of Medical Freedom. This mandate is tyrannical and is an overreach of Government authority, they have NO AUTHORITY OVER OUR BODIES! Come out & support our government employees as well as those in the private sector that will be impacted by this mandate.

When the nurses, bank tellers, CN workers and so on get fired, is that when it’s going to be enough? No one should lose their livelihood because they choose not to be vaccinated. I guess when staffing shortages happen, maybe then you’ll stand up. This has nothing to do with sides, it has everything to do with choice. No one should be exiled from society if they choose not to be vaccinated either. Whether you got it or not, it’s time to support those who are under siege.

Whether you choose to vaccinate or not the meaning of freedom should be the same…TRUE FREEDOM EQUATES TO BODILY AUTONOMY AND WE WILL ACCEPT NOTHING LESS!!

Bring your signs!

As the above poster states, “WE ARE THE RESISTANCE”. The people themselves have to get up and stand up and take back the reins that the governments around the globe are using to steer us on a course not bound for glory by any stretch of the imagination. We’re hell-bound on the Satanic Express when elected political parties suddenly turn against their constituents and lose all semblance of common sense, integrity and justice in their vain attempts to satisfy their own lust for power by doing the bidding of foreign agents and international communist organizations like the UN and WHO that definitely don’t have the best interests of the PEOPLE at heart.

Whore Henry’s bullshit line to the people of B.C. regarding her poison dart that “It’s quick, it’s safe and it’s easy….” has to be the height of this preposterous, condescending, arrogant idiot’s dangerous and disgusting behaviour. Given all the real scientific data now available to the public these Gates manufactured kill shots will be the quick and easy way to an early grave for those taken in by the mass media’s mendacious, traitorous lies.

And where, might I ask, throughout all this horror show of stupidity and Machiavellian intrigue are our own local political leaders? Where is our Liberal MLA Coralee Oakes in these dire times of need? What has she done for the North Cariboo to “restore confidence and rebuild BC”? Where are we seeing Coralee challenging all these disastrous covert covid Orwellian measures that the Horganized Crime Syndicate keeps dumping on the people of North Cariboo? She wants to be re-elected yet she, like 99.99% of all the politicians in this godforsaken province, refuses to challenge the NWO narrative where Eugenics appears to be more important to her and her party than freedom and the right to refuse these deadly toxic fake vaccines now killing people indiscriminately across our nation?

And what about that other federal “leader” from Prince George the ‘Con’servative MP “Toad” Doherty for Cariboo-Prince George. You know, the guy who never responds to open letters written to him? Where the hell is his voice when it’s required? Yes, we known, lost in the echo chamber of endless bullshit that all the federal parties are spewing forth daily to the great unwashed.

And let’s not forget our own local Quesnel City Mayor and Council. What has Mayor Bob Simpson done to challenge the Horganized Crime Syndicate’s diabolical treatment of his city’s residents? Diddly squat. The only Councilman/person worthy of mention is Ron Paull (below the “nel” in photo) who has stood up with the people on various issues and has been harassed and bullied by the rest of these mealy-mouthed merchants of misery for doing so. Question the illegitimate authority of the 3 Stooges in that rock pile in Victoria? Heaven forbid! Condone the diaper-covered faces of the public? For sure. Condone the unnecessary lockdowns and loss of jobs and stress and misery caused by all this heinous activity everywhere? Definitely!

I could go on and on until the cows come home but I’ll conclude with one last remark concerning small businesses around the province. I was pleasantly surprised to find that on social media small businesses everywhere across the province are becoming increasingly proactive in joining together and telling this commie controlled NDP government that they WILL NOT COMPLY OR CONSENT TO BRUTAL BONNIE’S DICTATES ANY LONGER! This is a sure sign that the people are finally speaking out and rising up to resist the NWO agenda. God bless them all!


facebook: The Ugly Side

[Editor’s Note: Recently I learned that a good friend of mine on Facebook, Michelle Burstrom, had been give a 30 day ban from posting simply because she was posting the Truth. I was not a happy camper when I heard this bs and immediately created a meme which I posted on my own Facebook page expressing my angst.

When Michelle saw the meme she sent me the following article expressing her views on this globalist NWO platform created by the FBI a couple of decades ago. I felt that she expressed in a poignant manner how many users on that platform feel about the Orwellian tactics it’s now using to censor Canadians and promote the NWO agenda.

Michelle is blessed to be living in one of the most beautiful regions of the province of B.C. so I thought that just as a preface to her comments on being jailed by Facebook I’d share some photos of the ranch where she and her husband live and work.]

A child’s Paradise



The Ugly Side


Michelle Burstrom

The thing is Facebook is not our life. It’s not our everything. It’s not how we define ourselves ultimately.

Facebook is a platform where we speak to matters of our heart and reach others with our message.

Some choose to share pictures of animals, children, a good meal, or poetry that resonates with their soul. I was that person, and I enjoyed a high rate of approval with large amounts of likes and congratulations from many. Facebook was fun and engaging and informative when I first started.

Now I am well aware that Facebook is invasive in ways we weren’t originally told about. It’s a giant social experiment and the people sharing on this platform are the rats for sure. Not only are advertisers privy to our personal information and pictures but our governments watch Facebook posts very closely to see the mood of its citizens and the direction our political affiliations swing. I still participated in the sharing of information and sharing of warm fuzzy animal pictures without much concern and did so for about three years.

Around the time Justin Trudeau was placed in his position of sunny ways and transparency guardianship over our beautiful nation, I started to wake up to a hypocrisy and double standard in our government that made my stomach churn with sickness. I became a researcher and spent endless hours navigating alternate news options and underground sources of information. All I learned simply confirmed my suspicions of deep corruption and down right evil at the highest level. I began to share posts concerning the hypocrisy and corruption of our bought and paid for mainstream media and the Trudeau Liberal fascist dictatorship that was morphing from sunny ways to out and outright dirty identity politics and a disgusting attack on our beautiful culture and peaceful, prosperous nation.

My posts caught the eye of an admin on one of the largest conservative patriot Facebook pages in Canada. The page’s following was well over a 100 thousand and the reach was massive. He asked me to post on his page and I joined two others in doing so and we increased the following consistently. We did receive the odd warning from Facebook but it was rare and no consequences were forthcoming. 

As time went on my focus on that page turned to revealing the increasing levels of communism in our country and then I immediately zoomed in on the covid issue as it appeared to be a massive lie right from the beginning. I began to unearth information that confirmed the covid story was fraudulent and I hammered that information out on the page repeatedly as I came across more and more sources that proved it was all a lie. 

The controlling weaponized masks really bothered me as anyone with a drop of common sense should clearly see that they don’t stop aerosols and do literally nothing to stop micro viruses from getting through their material. Once I started to reveal information from experts around the world that debunked mask use as a form of protection….well, our page started to take a beating. 

We were warned that comments against masks went against Facebook’s community standards. We were cut back in our reach and we were shut down for 24 hours on a couple of occasions. I watched our views slide down from 40 thousand per post to 10 thousand and eventually to just a few hundred. Sometimes we were released from restrictions and our views went back up into very high numbers, once reaching 150 thousand for one post. 

As the covid scam went along and more and more doctors came on board with information that went against the Commie main stream media’s propaganda my focus became exposing the covid lies and revealing information about a coming vaccination that had not been announced yet. The page was getting more and more cut back so we opened several new patriot pages and we were able to increase followers to 5 or 6 thousand per page. We posted the same information on these pages and found the smaller audience far more engaging and comments were both interesting and informative. 

One day a little over a year ago I tried to open up our big page and it was gone. It had been taken down without warning and there was no accessing it. There was no way to appeal nor was there anywhere to lodge a complaint. Losing the page was angering not only because I lost an ability to reach a great number of people with an opposing view to the mainstream accounts of present day issues but also I was incensed that followers who chose to view our content had this freedom removed from them. My freedom of speech was removed but also our followers freedom to choose who they listened to was also removed. It reminded me very much of a stern elementary school teacher reprimanding children and giving them no opportunity to carry on a civil conversation. The thing is we were all adults who should be able to think what we want, discuss what we want, and share opinions freely. The big page was gone and in my opinion everyone’s freedoms were violated when this happened.

I took to my small page with vigour and enjoyed the lively conversations that this mini community of patriotic Canadians shared. Likes went up, comments were in the hundreds and views were usually around 5 thousand a post. I decided to share followers’ posts, comments and stories on the page – to include their valid concerns and ideas about the current state of encroaching communism upon our country. We were all learning together and sharing information that exposed the state controlled propaganda from mainstream media like CBC.

My posting really began to focus mainly on the Messenger-RNA, spike protein, experimental poison system that the blinded Canadians were lining up to have stuck into their arms. The more I revealed and uncovered about the lies concerning this fake vaccine the more Facebook ground me into the dirt on my little page. I say my page because bit by bit the other admins were shut down off of facebook and could no longer post. This left me to post alone and I decided to keep going no matter the consequences. 

My little page was warned, reduced in reach, and fact checked on almost every post I placed on site. Comments disappeared, being reduced from several 100 a post to maybe 3 or 4 comments if I was lucky. Almost no shares occurred and my reach went down to about 400 a post. Facebook had strangled the little page almost completely and violations of community standards became a regular daily occurrence. 

A few days ago a troll came on the page mocking my posts, calling me a wing nut conspiracy theorist, and posting tinfoil hat memes with replies of “this is you dduuhhhh.” Usually I ignore stuff like this as I find people who reply in this manner are very limited in their intellectual perspective and are blinded by years of ideological subversion. Their attacks are never based on facts but rather name calling and childish finger pointing. The tin foil hat giffs they send are so lame. Anyway I took the bait and responded with a curt rebuttal of his repeated attacks and I informed him I wouldn’t be taking any advice from a grown man who wears such a childish hat in his profile picture. Yes, I looked at his profile picture and it revealed a middle aged, squishy eyed, paunchy, swollen looking dim wit with a hat only a three year old would wear. I didn’t say all I would have liked to say to him even though I felt like it, but my limited reply was duly noted and no sooner had I made my comment in defence of all his repeated noxious replies to my post and BAM! Instantly….I mean absolutely the second I said it Facebook shut me down.  Account restricted and please see account status. You have shared a post that went against our community standards, as you have bullied, harassed, and terrorized a person. 

Your standard Facebook troll at work for the NWO

Not only did Facebook shut down my Patriots page but they also shut down my personal page. I decided to check an old facebook page that I hadn’t used in years and was under a different name with a different email address only to find it too had been shut down. I’m not shut down for two days I’m shut down for a month with no appeal allowed. When I tried to appeal I was told that the appeal couldn’t go forward because of covid. Ridiculous!

As I said at the beginning of my little rant, Facebook isn’t my life however the treatment I have received on this platform should concern everyone in Canada because it is a reflection of the censorship that is upon us in our country and is now in all western nations across the world. Voices that go against mainstream government propaganda are being arrogantly crushed to stifle truthful discussion and diligent research. Think about that….if we have to ask our government for permission to speak on any subject and if we are censored for wrong think then we clearly don’t live in a free country. 

Communism isn’t just on our doorstep, it has entered the building. So yes, please Facebook free me immediately so I can put one more post on the platform. It will say:


Have a lovely day.


Victory for Freedom to Assemble: Tamara Morneau case stayed by BC Court

It was a good day for freedom of assembly when Tamara Morneau arrived at the Quesnel, B.C. Court House to attend her 2 p.m. appearance for having refused to pay a $2300.00 ticket which the RCMP issued her back on March 23, 2021.

Tamara had been one of a group of local Quesnel residence who had gathered in a local park back on March 20, 2021 when the first World Wide Rally for Freedom was taking place in cities and towns around the world.

Quesnel citizens attending the first World Wide Rally for Freedom on March 20, 2021

The local RCMP had sent some of their officers to observe the event and then a couple of days after the peaceful gathering ended they showed up at Tamara’s doorstep to issue her with a ticket stating:

Count (1) of the DESCRIPTION OF OFFENCE(S) readS: “ORGANIZE OR HOST NON-COMPLIANT EVENT”. It was issued under the “Emergency Program Act” Section 4(1). The Ticket Amount read $2300.00. 

Early in July Tamara received a letter from the B.C. Court notifying her that she was to attend a hearing on the 27th of this month.

As a reporter for the Cariboo Sentinel and knowing that there wouldn’t be a snow-ball’s chance in hell that the other community paper would cover her story I was there to see what might unfold. Arriving at the Court House a few minutes before 2:00 pm I could see that Tamara was there outside the building talking with some friends. When I approached her the first thing she said was, “It was stayed!” I could tell from the look on her face that she was pleased with the fact. Not seeing her name on the docket when she arrived she then went up to the Registrar’s Office to check and was informed by one of the court clerks that her hearing had been stayed.

As we were discussing the outcome some of her supporters arrived and they too were thrilled to find out the good news.

Supporters of Tamara Morneau were thrilled with the news that a threat of a $2300.00 fine for a mother of 3 young children had been stayed.

Asked if this was then end of her efforts to help stop all the government lockdowns and other curtailments of the people’s human rights she replied that she was not about to quit fighting for the freedoms that her and her family valued so much and that those who felt strongly about their fundamental rights would continue to gather every week and do their best to educate the general public about all the government disinformation and lies that were causing so much fear, anxiety, pain and death not to mention destroying the economy of the nation.

With young people like Tamara Morneau and others fighting hard to wake up the slumbering masses their dedication to retaining their rightful freedoms left me with a feeling of hope that the struggle to regain our basic freedoms was not in vain.

It’s time that the power was returned to the people everywhere.


Open Letter to the Warriors of Light from Connie Fogal

Open Letter to the Warriors of Light from Connie Fogal

July 1, 2021

I am taking the liberty to write my thoughts to you.

Today, July 1, 2021 I celebrate you, Warriors of Light. I urge you to celebrate your sovereign body, your sovereign person, your sovereign nation state. I applaud your “NO “to cancel culture, your “NO” to cancel humanity.

Our complicit politicians can cancel Canada Day and destroy Canadian statues to cancel our history. Our complicit politicians will do all they can to destroy our soveregn nation, but they cannot destroy our personal sovereignty and freedom. These are direct gifts to us from the Creator and as such cannot be destroyed. They cannot cancel the power and strength these gifts bestow on us. They cannot cancel our free will.

(But they can deceive, so we must be wary and wise.)

This letter maybe will say nothing new to you informed warriors. It is my letter of support to you. It is my synopsis of where we are at and what we can do all based on the plethora of trusted information circulating. It is my way of connecting to like-minded souls.

As you know, we are in WW3 which intends massive global depopulation. It is a eugenics program. As you know, this is not a war of battle ships and trench warfare and air power. It is one of technocratic mind control in effort to eradicate most of humanity, except for those few (who may not be human at all or only part) who pull the strings, and the few to be their slaves.

As you know, the Plandemic was the tool to convince the masses to accept the killing jab, and it still is because of censored evidence of the resulting deaths and serious damage to many. With “vaccine resistance” growing, the Plandemic talks of strong variants of the virus requiring more vaccinations. The seriousness is “proven” by the return of significant numbers of “cases” established by a faulty and rigged PCR test.

Those of us who resisted the brain washing (or were protected from it) and will never take the jab will survive this first round of the lockstep plan.

Resistance to the oppression is growing in the form of emerging awareness and “vaccine hesitancy” due to the successful alternate media information of deaths and grave injuries from the injections. Some with one injection are saying no to the next. They, like we original resisters, are seeking ways to defend against these attacks, and ways to go on the offensive to take control of the shaping of a new world in the interest of humanity.

But because the masses are waking up to the lies, two other rounds are forming. We must consider how to survive them. Which round will come first is unclear, but rumblings on both fronts are emerging.

One is a cyber attack. A practice run scenario is set for mid July, 2021. Just as Event 201 laid out the strategy for the plandemic and was applied verbatim globally, the July 2021 practice run will work out the mechanism to deliver and manage a cyber-attack. It will be a practice session of how to reassert massive control over humanity and continue delivery of the eugenics program. When this round will be implemented following the Event is not yet revealed. We will learn more after the Event.

But remember, how much these controllers accomplish on all fronts depends on how much we let them. The power of “NO’, the power of “WE SEE YOU”, the power of “WE KNOW” is everything.

The other round will be a “climate change” lockdown. The WHO is currently shaping language of the climate global carbon disaster which they will say can be stopped only by once more locking up the world. The WHO expects humanity will be as gullible again as with the GREAT LIE of the Plandemic, i.e., locking up the world as a solution to a fake problem.

This current lifting of restrictions in parts of Canada is only a lull in the storm. Canada moves later than other commonwealth countries who are already reverting to lockdowns.

Because the damage from the injections will continue and will escalate once flu season hits, we must prepare not only resistance to the next phases of tyranny, but also for the social shock and health issues that will emerge as the number of casualties increase. We must prepare to care for each other. The system will not. It may not even be able to do so.

We must go on the offensive:

• by taking the initiative,

• by acquiring supplies and means to provide for the sick and dying and for ourselves and our families,

• by considering actions to defy future lockdowns in order to protect and assist the vaccine injured or dying and especially to prevent a repeat of devastation and suffering for everyone caused by the last lockdown.

Together we face massive and growing censorship designed precisely to prevent resistance and defence, and especially prevent strategies of offence. We face complete betrayal and treason by our political leaders who promote the death of the nation state and the death of sovereignty. They have “taken the knee” to the rule of un-elected, unaccountable medical and technological and financial mafia with intent of delivering us to them on a platter.

We are on our own.

So what to do??


The best way to accomplish this is to realize and remember, as David Icke and others say, that we are eternal spirits (energy) having an earthly experience. We are immortal beings created in the image of God. Our life force is so much more than our earthly bodies. Our force is infinite and powerful.

As says Chris Sky, Canada’s leading Light Warrior, “Just say No”. And he implores us to do so in unison.


There is no question it is a spiritual matter. We are here now at this time for a reason. We have a job to do. It is to restore this earth as a garden of Eden, and preserve humanity’s experience of the gift of life: the gift from the Creator.

Third: UNITE in safety and success.

Because we are in a war, this will not be and is not easy. However, each of us has the wisdom in our hearts to guide us. We can take time to be still. We can ask for guidance. If we open our hearts, the direction will come to us despite the difficulty, pain, suffering, sorrow.


• FIND YOUR LOCAL TRIBE. We are on our own. There is no political body, no non -governmental organization, no organized historical group, no country to lead us. We must be as the partisans ever were in every period of war. It is no use to try to be one giant group. That is too easy a target for the enemy.

• GATHER WITH OTHERS. All significant gatherings (especially churches where emotional and spiritual support are fundamental practices) have been criminalized because when people gather they share thoughts and strategies. Alberta’s disgraceful imprisoning of Pastors who follow the command of scripture to gather and nurture their flock, to pray and sing together, is a shock reverberating around the world. That spiritual leadership and sacrifice and courage is a beacon of light and direction.


• keep televisions and radio off,

• avoid google,

• use email rather than social media where possible,

• support all forms of alternate media, like Rebel News and Druthers and many others,

• watch the great videos on alternate media platforms,

• listen to great speakers and thinkers, and warriors of various sorts,

• participate in the emerging groups like Vaccine Choice Canada, Action4Canada, Rocco Galati’s Constitutional Law Centre, other law groups, CLEAR, church gatherings, etc.,

• follow the numerous movements in the USA of heavy duty resistance and leadership offensives to take back their country, their sovereignty, their humanity, their community, their jobs, their education systems, their elections, their laws, their communications,

• identify our like-minded souls in our immediate neighborhoods,

• meet frequently in small groups to share our thoughts, to keep abreast of emerging information, and be mutual support,

• establish our tribe’s safe meeting place (maybe more than one) where we can gather in an emergency to be with supportive, protective people, friends and family,

• prepare as if for an environmental emergency, e.g., have a significant food supply, water supply, medical supply, emergency health kits, weather protection, survival equipment,

• consider getting a satellite operated phone. Alex Jones of Infowars sells them,

• consider having short wave radios or walkie talkies,

• get a crank wound radio from an emergency supply store.

These points are being expressed and already practiced by some. An unfolding collective consciousness is mushrooming. Just flow with it. Recognize your power. Be ready to STAND!

~ Constance  Fogal

connie fogal conniefogal@protonmail.com

Mike Farnworth lying in the Legislature. Is anyone doing their job in government?

“What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself.”

~ Abraham Lincoln

Dear Mr. Farnworth and Ms. Furstenau,

Thank-you for confirming outright that our MLA’s are lying in the Legislature. On April 19th, 2021, in the afternoon session of the Legislature, Ms Furstenau asks: “Who is making decisions about public health measures and what is the process for that decision-making?“. Mr. Farnworth’s response is: “Obviously, as the member stated, the provincial health officer has been making orders and recommendations that have been put in place for British Columbians to follow.”

Your response is just not true, Mr. Farnworth, as you well know. It is your signature, and not Dr. Henry’s, on the dotted line of the one and only mask order in British Columbia. Since when are geography majors qualified to mandate a medical procedure? Is this why you lied in the Legislature yesterday?

Ms. Furstenau, you asked a question of Mr. Farnworth, but then did not call him on his lie. Why not? Were you not aware that Dr. Henry did not sign the mask order? Do you wonder why Dr. Henry was unable to sign this order? (Hint: perjury. Page 57, sxn 178 https://www.canlii.org/en/on/onla/doc/2015/2015canlii62106/2015canlii62106.pdf) Why didn’t you bring this matter of law up? Why didn’t you insist that Mr. Farnworth answer your question fully? If the role of the opposition is to keep the governing party in check, you and your party’s failure to do so is immense.

The link to Mr. Farnworth’s order: https://www.bclaws.gov.bc.ca/civix/document/id/mo/mo/m0012_2021

Mr. Farnworth, the reason you are not qualified to make such an order is evidenced in Health Canada’s Medical Devices regulation:

11 (1) A medical device other than a decorative contact lens shall not, when used for the medical conditions, purposes or uses for which it is manufactured, sold or represented, adversely affect the health or safety of a patient, user or other person, except to the extent that a possible adverse effect of the device constitutes an acceptable risk when weighed against the benefits to the patient and the risk is compatible with a high level of protection of health and safety. This from : Medical Devices Regulation found at https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/regulations/SOR-98-282/page-2.html#docCont  Confirmation masks are medical devices: https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/drugs-health-products/covid19-industry/medical-devices/authorized/other.html.

Given that masks are medical devices which do adversely affect the physiological and mental health of the wearer, why are you not insisting on the informed consent of the good people of British Columbia? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7680614/

Ms. Furstenau, you and your cohorts need to start doing your job, hold the opposition to account, and start asking the hard questions. Mr. Farnworth, you would bell well advised to heed the words of Abraham Lincoln: “No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar”.

Marcie Crozier and family

Ontario Lockdown Political godfather breaks down in tears and apologises

By Mike Walsh

April 22, 2021

Boss Ontario Premier Doug Ford broke down in tears and issued an apology after his province applied, then relaxed, the strictest coronavirus restrictions in North America. His critics weren’t pacified.

The Canadian province of Ontario has had the longest lockdown of any North American territory, with little to show for its efforts except for business closures and a spike in suicides and depression. Nevertheless, Ford’s government ratcheted up the restrictions last week, sealing off Ontario’s borders to non-essential travellers, extending a stay-at-home order to six weeks, closing playgrounds and empowering police to enforce the draconian crackdown.

After a massive public backlash, in which Ontario’s scientific advisers disavowed Ford’s decisions, the provincial regime reversed course almost immediately, dropping the new police powers and reopening playgrounds. Ford himself addressed the public on Thursday and apologized for the overreach.

‘Simply put, we got it wrong. We made a mistake. These decisions, left a lot of people really concerned,’ Ford said. ’For that I am sorry, and I sincerely apologize.’

Ford then broke down into tears. ’I understand your frustration,’ he said, addressing struggling business owners and citizens unable to visit dying relatives in hospital,’ This experience, this pandemic, it’s something that has affected every single person.’

The premier’s apology came amid a public outcry, as even US newspapers were publishing op-eds calling for his resignation. As such, it didn’t win his critics over. 

‘Doug Ford has no idea what he’s doing, he has no interest in learning, he can fake remorse for about thirty seconds and then goes right back to blustery self-defence,’ one Toronto writer declared.’Nothing is going to change until he’s out of office, and people will keep getting sick and dying.’

Aside from the severity of Ontario’s lockdown, Ford is also facing criticism for his reluctance to implement a provincial paid sick-days program, and for allowing hospitals to become overcrowded and vaccine deliveries delayed.

The question is, when will the appallingly corrupt political cults infesting the Western nations be driven from office at the point of the people’s pikes or pilloried. Source

Dr. Henry is the biggest liar in B.C. – she knows there is no virus!

Submitted by

Marcie Crozier and Family


Let’s talk about the elephant in the room…the big lie. Premier Horgan, have you bothered to ask Dr. Henry if her staff have found the corona virus yet? If Dr. Henry’s people have found the virus, they’re not sharing this information with Health Canada, because Christine Massey has received confirmation from Health Canada that they have no proof of the virus. https://www.fluoridefreepeel.ca/health-canada-has-no-record-of-covid-19-virus-isolation/ Mr. Dix, as Dr. Henry’s boss, will her next performance review question her knowledge of the existence of viruses? Have any of you asked Ms. Hajdu and Dr. Tam on what they based their declaration of a pandemic in Canada? Anyone? If the virus has not been detected, HOW CAN THERE BE A PANDEMIC? This is not a rhetorical question!

Dr. Knauss has a PhD in virology and immunology and tested 1500 samples of so called corona virus, using the gold standard: Koch’s Postulates. Are Doctors Tam and Henry even aware of Koch’s Postulates? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koch%27s_postulates  Dr. Henry is well aware that Dr. Knauss did not find a virus in any of these 1500 samples, and if she says she isn’t privy to this knowledge, she is either lying or she and/or her staff are highly incompetent as Dr. Knauss’s work has been available for some time now and is no secret. Is Dr. Henry even bothering to pursue proof of the existence of the virus? Dr. Knauss confirms his proof in this video, which is under 4 minutes long: https://www.brighteon.com/2833a107-84e0-48d4-8467-2b9d44ccca80  This article describes his project: https://rightsfreedoms.wordpress.com/2021/02/15/im-a-clinical-lab-scientist-covid-19-is-fake-wake-up-america/  Christine Massey’s multiple documents from hospitals and scientific institutions around the world confirm the same: https://www.fluoridefreepeel.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/FOI-responses-re-covid19-virus-isolation-purification-34-institutions-Nov-11-2020-chrono.pdf  Christine Massey continues to collect this data. Her email address is Christine.Massey@protonmail.com if any of you care to receive future documents confirming the non-existence of this deadly killer virus you all are lying about. Dr. Henry or one of her staff might want to consider getting on this email list!

Here’s the ten million person study confirming there is no asymptomatic spread of this so called virus: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/asymptomatic-transmission-of-covid-19-didnt-occur-at-all-study-of-10-million-finds  THIS PROVES LOCKDOWNS DO NOTHING!  Having said that, please feel free to further restrict the good people of B.C. because your most recent restrictions did much to awake the fence sitters. Have any of you even bothered to find a gold standard study that proves viruses are contagious? I have, and there are none. Seriously, try and find one.

And then there’s this inconvenient letter – inconvenient to liars that is – from the 100+ doctors and scientists from 25 countries to the Europeans Medicines Agency (EMA), who state: “…failure to inform “vaccine” recipients of the risks and negligible benefits outlined here represents serious violations of medical ethics and citizens’ medical rights. Those violations are especially grave as all the risks we describe can be expected to increase with each re-vaccination, and each intervening corona virus exposure. This renders both repeated vaccination and common corona viruses dangerous to young and healthy age groups, for whom — in the absence of “vaccination” — COVID-19 poses no substantive risk…We remind the EMA that Nuremberg violations constitute crimes against humanity under the Geneva Convention. Crimes against humanity are deemed “the worst atrocities known to mankind”, and are prosecuted under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. https://www.un.org/en/chronicle/article/role-international-criminal-court-ending-impunity-and-establishing-rule-law  Given the hundreds of millions and eventually billions of people who may be coerced into accepting these agents, the EMA, in persistently shrinking from open debate and the truth, will be seen by lawyers and historians as having actively assisted in crimes against humanity, with the full weight of the implications to all involved. We demand that you engage openly with us to ensure that the public have an objective understanding of the clinical risk profile of these gene-based interventions.”  https://doctors4covidethics.medium.com/rebuttal-letter-to-european-medicines-agency-from-doctors-for-covid-ethics-april-1-2021-7d867f0121e  Of course, like you all, the criminals at the EMA are also avoiding the real questions. If you have any doubt that people are being coerced, we heard from an LNG employee yesterday who was told he had to take the shot or he would lose his job. He felt he had no choice as he has to feed his family. Shame on you!

Once the public recovers from the fear you have been promoting, can you imagine the backlash that will be directed at you all, especially from those who have unwittingly either taken the vaccine or who have family members who have done so? Oh, wait, this is already happening in the UK: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9469529/Mother-demands-answers-son-20-died-12-hours-receiving-Pfizer-jab.html

Has Dr. Henry bothered to honour the highly ethical and courageous Dr. Hoffe with a response yet? https://cariboosentinel.ca/2021/04/11/small-community-of-lytton-bc-has-one-person-dead-and-three-people-permanently-disabled-following-their-first-dose-of-experimental-moderna-gene-modification-vaccine/  Tough questions for liars!

So, in summary, make no mistake that you all are complicit in this massive pandemic fraud. And now the lot of you truly have blood on your hands by continuing to stand for this lie and promote these death shots – yes, that includes you Misters Arnold and Kyllo as you have been provided with the truth, and you chose to ignore it. The level of depravity of you all is shocking!


Marcie Crozier and family

Choose your leaders with wisdom and forethought. To be led by a coward is to be controlled by all that the coward fears. To be led by a fool is to be led by the opportunists who control the fool. To be led by a thief is to offer up your most precious treasures to be stolen. To be led by a liar is to ask to be told lies. To be led by a tyrant is to sell yourself and those you love into slavery.

~Octavia Butler

MONDAY, APRIL 19, 2021


Further to the letter below, Christine Massey has since received another response confirming that the covid-19/corona virus does not exist. This one is pretty big news as it comes from the U.S. CDC, the corporation that Dr. Henry’s office claims they follow the “science” of. https://www.fluoridefreepeel.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/CDC-FOIA-request-response-influenza-purification.pdf  “Trust the science” you all say? Yes, yes, we do trust the real science. Why don’t you?

There is a very succinct definition of insanity: “Unsoundness of mind sufficient to render a person unfit to maintain a contractual or other legal relationship…”  Given that the word “person” means corporation, and corporation describes the Province of British Columbia (according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s website – see link following), the word “insanity” is a perfect word to describe the current state of the Government of the Province of British Columbia. https://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?company=province+of+british+columbia&owner=exclude&action=getcompany.

When will one of you – including the media – stand up to the huge lie and do the right thing? Already you all have buckets of blood on your hands with regard to the plethora of deaths and injuries resulting from these experimental mRNA gene therapies! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YK0JR_lFy88Zu3rcC3L5NvL_Xr3ib6zY/view  We are aware that the bogus “state of emergency” is what allows you to push these experimental death shots!

The Nuremberg Code trials are already happening. Were you aware that the Nuremberg Code is actually part of Canadian law? “Canada is the only western country, [where] any international treaty rights must be incorporated into Canadian domestic law; court said any treaty right is a minimal constitutional protection and standard.” In other words, the standards in the Nuremberg code are not mere guidelines in Canada, they are actionable constitutional guarantees.” https://vaccinechoicecanada.com/exemptions/traiblazing-canadian-constitutional-lawyer-rocco-galati-fights-for-the-world/  In case any of your were unaware, Rocco Galati is one of Canada’s premier constitutional lawyers. https://www.canadianlawyermag.com/surveys-reports/top-25-most-influential-lawyers/the-top-25-most-influential-2015/269873

Were you aware that world renowned lawyer, Reiner Fuellmich, is setting up a class action lawsuit under the Nuremberg Code that will be available to all Canadians? https://unitynewsnetwork.co.uk/the-covid-19-crimes-against-humanity-class-action-lawsuit/ 

Either you rise above the gag order you have been placed under or you rise up for the good people of B.C., Canada and the world. It’s your choice: to be the hero of the people or someone who stayed silent. Do you all truly believe you will escape the sharp sound of the gavel?

Marcie Crozier and family