Quesnel Facebook Page ‘Rise Up Quesnel’ Joins the Growing Fight for Freedom Happening around British Columbia

Like so many other smaller communities and towns and cities around the province of B.C. Quesnel stepped forward onto the world stage March 20, 2021 to join the first World Wide Rally For Freedom Day. Since then the struggle to end the Covid-19 Lockdowns and mandated Mask policies and the fake vaccine agenda that the provincial NDP government implemented back in 2020 has continued escalating around the province.

Here at home in local community a group of concerned citizens have banded together and formed the Rise Up Quesnel Facebook Page to disseminate information to the general public about the Lockdowns and the Deception surrounding their implementation and to provide factual data based on real Science and voices of growing numbers of Doctors and Scientists who are being Censored by the Mainstream Media and Governments in general.

Check out there vision and check in to join their page.