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As you know, I am running as the PPC candidate in the upcoming Portage—Lisgar by-election.

I am going to do everything it takes to win. Pull out all the stops.

Because this is more than just a by-election. It’s about the future of our country.

This situation reminds me a lot of the Reform Party.

The Reform Party first entered Parliament in 1989 when they won a single seat in a by-election.

In the subsequent general election in 1993, 51 more MPs were sent to Ottawa. The following election saw them become the official opposition.

All the populist-conservative Reform Party needed was a foothold into Parliament, a single seat, and then the floodgates opened.

Sounds familiar?

The PPC will pick up the torch from the Reform Party, and it starts right here in Portage—Lisgar.

And we learned from the mistakes of the Reform Party.

We will never compromise our values. We won’t merge with a corrupt party. We will fight until we win and restore sanity in this country.

This by-election is a special opportunity. The start of something big.

This is how we start to take our country back from the elites and corrupt globalist politicians currently in charge.

To show the political establishment that we reject their perverted and authoritarian vision of the future.

To stand up for Canadian values and Canadian identity.

But I need your help to win this election and start turning Parliament Purple.

Pitch in $10 today to help start the political revolution in Canada.

Thank you,

P.S.: If you have trouble finding where you can donate, you can just click this link!


[EDITOR’S NOTE: The time has come for all those patriotic, freedom-loving Canadians who now realize there’s only ONE federal party to vote for if they wish to take back Canada from the NWO criminal cartel to get up off their complacent knees, stand up strong and free and put their collective shoulders to the wheel.

Common sense tells us that to attempt, once again, to replace the Liberals with the Conservatives or the NDP would be a most unfortunate and futile endeavor on the part of Canadians who truly want to see real and lasting changes come about for this beleaguered nation.

Speaking of ‘common sense’ reminds one of the writings of America’s Godfather, Thomas Paine, who, in his pamphlet Crisis, written prior to the war for Independence in an effort to unite the patriots, had the following to say:

“These are times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”

Were I twenty years younger I would welcome the opportunity to stand as a PPC candidate and be a part of Max Bernier’s People Party of Canada. I’ve ‘been there done that’ in the past and know just how challenging such an endeavor is. Nonetheless, I too will be doing everything I can to assist in this vital effort on other levels.

Are there 342 dedicated Canadians out there who will step up to the plate in a united effort to save Canada from the throes and woes that the NWO psychopaths have planned for us? Time will tell but the least that one might do would be to share this important message from Max Bernier with your friends and neighbours in order to get the word out.]


I need 342 courageous Canadian patriots to step up.

I am working on building my team for the next election.

Selecting candidates for every riding in the country. I need courageous leaders willing to stand by my side and spread our message in their communities so we can succeed in the next election and start getting Canada back on track.

I am often asked, “How did things get this bad?”

It’s because over the last 50 or so years, leftists have worked diligently to take over every aspect of our society.

Not just municipal, provincial, and federal governments. They’ve taken over schools, universities, and school boards. Charities, churches, and courts. Cultural institutions like television networks and media companies. Not to mention bureaucracies at every level.

Once they take on these positions, these leftists are unafraid to push their political philosophy through their work.

The result has been complete dominance of the leftist worldview, not only in government but through our culture as well. People hardly understand what it means to be conservative anymore.

This cultural dominance of the left acts as a backstop politically. If so-called “Conservatives” are lucky enough to get elected, they’ve typically watered down their beliefs to the point where they’re hardly different from the left!

This explains the corruption of the fake Conservative Party here in Canada. They have submitted to the fact that the left dominates society and instead of working to change that, they work within the left’s framing.

So you’re probably wondering, “What’s the solution?”

I’m reminded of a quote generally attributed to Sir Edmund Burke.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

The fatal flaw of small-c conservatives like you and me is we’re individualist by nature, and we mostly care about our immediate communities.

Typically we want to be left alone so we can raise our families, work our jobs, and get involved in charities, religious or community groups that we care about.

But this has left a vacuum in the larger society that the left has taken full advantage of.

So we need good men and women to start getting involved. To reclaim our governments, schools, and cultural institutions.

That’s why I started the PPC. I knew from working inside the CPC that it was a lost cause, and true conservatives needed a new party to start taking back Canadian society from misguided leftists.

For the last month and a half I have been working on building our team of PPC candidates to represent the Party in the next election.

We’ve received interest from some incredible applicants so far, and I am confident that our next slate of candidates will be our best ever!

That being said, there are still more than 100 ridings we have not received applications for.

If you think you’d make a great PPC Candidate, submit an application today!

But Arthur, I won’t lie to you, being a PPC Candidate isn’t easy. We’re the underdogs and the deck is stacked against us.

The left is terrified of having to deal with a true conservative opposition with a distinct vision for this country. They prefer Pierre Poilievre and his weak, unprincipled CPC.

They’ll weaponize their institutional power against you—against us. The political establishment, the corporate media, and professional activists, will work in tandem to try and cancel you.

Being a PPC candidate isn’t easy, but it is empowering.

To finally take off the shackles of the UniParty and to fight for what you truly believe in. To advocate for ideas that will make this country a better place.

It’s worth the adversity. We can’t run from this fight, it will only make matters worse.

We must take this battle head on! For the sake of our children and grandchildren!

Apply today to join the fight for Canada’s future:

The application window closes on Sunday, May 7th.





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Alberta’s Thorhild County Council Defeats the Proposed Land Use Bylaw!

[Editor’s Note: Recent events in the County of Thorhild, Alberta, north of Edmonton, have sparked a tinder of debate virtually setting off a mini-firestorm of interest in Land Use Bylaws that appear to be surreptitiously slipping into Canada via some rather suspect sources out of the country. I’m not sure why or how Green Spaces Alliance (GSA) located in Pune, India has penetrated the Alberta market when it comes to designing and/or influencing Land Use Bylaws (LUB) for rural Canada but one thing is certain, a small group of concerned citizens living in Thorhild Country who refer to themselves as “Thorhild County Residents United” managed to organize and effectively lobby their local Council and then issue the following public statement:

“WE DID IT! We here in Thorhild County have some really amazing news! Thorhild County held a Special Meeting on 2pm on Feb 2, 2023 at the Thorhild County Council Chambers with the specific intent to defeat the proposed Land Use Bylaw! The proposed Land Use Bylaw was unanimously defeated!”

In an email to the group from Shannon Stubbs, M.P. on February 1st, 2023 she had the following to say:

Stubbs, Shannon –
1 February 2023 at 11:54
To: Thorhild County Residents United

Good morning,

Thank you for reaching out to us on this important issue, we appreciate that you included the email strain below it helps a lot for us to be able to follow the issue. We want you to know we have been looking into it as many people have reached out and we are trying to follow up with everyone to give them as much information as we can, we have seen this strain of emails sent from your group from a few residents that are following it, so the message you are trying to share is getting out to people.

Regarding the Land Use Bylaws itself, there is a requirement for municipalities to either develop or update their land use bylaws to include regulations for development. However it does not require use of consultants nor does is give specific requirements for the development regulations. Many administrations are doing them in house. If there is a land use bylaw being put forward, it is important people reach out to their elected officials as those local municipal officials have full power to change or create them, so they can act on the concerns and address it. The steps you listed below would be the steps that would be recommended for bylaw concerns, so that information to people in your email below is great, as it provides not only an overview but also action steps.

Some of the other communities that have updated did not change any level of authority, nor did they add in any other government levels, they only addressed zoning, and process for application for development so there was very little concern by their residents, however that is why residents have the right and should reach out to their local municipality who is putting this forward. We also encourage people to reach out to their provincial representative as it is always good to loop in your local MLA. If every anyone has trouble getting those contacts, please never hesitate to reach out, while that is provincial, we are still happy to help with that. It is also fair to raise concerns with the local municipality in regards to whom they chose to contract as there was not requirement to contract a specific group.

We will continue to follow it this also so please feel free to loop us in on these concerns and reach out if you need additional information we are happy to try find it for you. You can email back to this email or my direct email is below and I am happy to have you contact me directly.

Take care,

Office of MP Shannon Stubbs
Shadow Minister for Natural Resources

E: Shannon.Stubbs@parl.gc.a
T: 780-657-7075
F: 780-657-7079

This is but a short introduction to what is an extensive coverage of this issue. The importance of understanding what’s going on behind the scenes when it comes to international organizations effectively influencing Canadian Land Use Bylaws is an issue that rural communities across the country need to be made aware of for as one will see (and hopefully learn from the information contained in this article) it’s critical that counties and regional districts like those we have in B.C. as well as municipalities everywhere, understand the possible repercussions should some of these new (world order?) initiatives begin to take root in Canada.

As will be visibly evident from the two graphics in black in the article depicting some of the glaring anti-democratic rules and regulations that the folks in Thorhild County discovered when they dug below the surface rhetoric and discovered the fine print, these Land Use Bylaws can contain laws that would scare the living daylights out of the average Canadian citizen who values their fundamental human rights and freedoms.

It’s my intention to send this story out to as many regional districts in the province of B.C. as possible along with every rural hamlet, town and city. As I said once a person realizes the overall agenda here it’s certain to cause a major backlash everywhere there are citizens who don’t wish to be told how many chickens they may want to have roosting in their henhouse.]

Re: Thorhild Land Use Bylaw

From: Thorhild County Residents United

To: editorcs

Sent Friday, February 10, 2023 at 12:04 PM

“Hi Arthur,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We are in Thorhild County, northeast of Edmonton and just defeated the proposed Land Use Bylaw in our county. Unfortunately, we don’t have contact information for groups out of Thornhill.

We’re a small group of Thorhild County residents (we aren’t politicians or lawyers, and we have farms, families, and day jobs) in Thorhild County who stumbled onto our proposed Land Use Bylaw (LUB). None of us expected that our concern and experience would reach so many people. We are pleased that it has, though! We are not associated with the government at any level, and none of us are lawyers (some of us do have municipal government experience, though not as elected officials). Our group of Thorhild County residents are the ones who sounded the alarm to the proposed Land Use Bylaw, got the momentum going on Facebook, in person, and by email, and have been fielding emails, phone calls, and Facebook messages from across the country about our story here in Thorhild and on how to approach the LUB in municipalities – including Councillors from other municipalities.

Our group hasn’t actually put out any videos – any videos that you have seen on social media aren’t directly related to our group. We do have some interviews on podcasts, mostly available through Rumble.

Our group hasn’t actually put out any videos – any videos that you have seen on social media aren’t directly related to our group. We do have some interviews on podcasts, mostly available through Rumble.

Master Your Life by Leaha Mattinson:

The Human Responsibility Tribunal:

There are videos that we have seen from TikTok and YouTube, but most of them have incorrect information about the proposed Land Use Bylaw in Thorhild County and contain levels of alarmism and action items that we do not support or condone. Our Councillors are still members of our community and remain our Council – we in the community still have to work with them, so all county residents who have been engaged in this process have been encouraged to be positive and collaborative, since this was the course of action which was agreed upon in our community meeting (detailed below). Calling Council and threatening or reaming them out is not what we encourage in ANY municipality – it is not the way in which to get Councils to work with us, the public – their residents. In our experience that we are currently living, these TikTokers who have hijacked our efforts in posting sensational videos are the reason why Councillors hate us (their residents) and refuse to be civil with the residents in our county – NOT a successful outcome for any municipality when there is the potential to build good working relationships to create and maintain communities that everyone is happy with (the only way to successfully build a strong community that is protected from any top-down measures). We only endorse positive, respectful communication as this is what we expect for ourselves.

While we thank everyone who has endeavoured to bring attention to this, we as a group of concerned citizens and moderators of the FB page, the website, and the public meeting organizers, have not spoken with any creators. They may well have had an impact outside of Thorhild County, but we give full credit to the engaged residents of Thorhild County who took the initiative to get involved. Our own residents here were instrumental in affecting change for our own community. It also seems that a couple of TikTokers have taken credit for our community’s efforts and are taking all of the credit for the momentum our community has seen in defeating the proposed Land Use Bylaw – we had momentum long before any TikTokers went viral (we have attached primary sources in the email further down).

We believe in information transparency and have been encouraging people to engage with their municipalities about their Land Use Bylaws. We have also been providing people with guidance on how to get engaged – we’ve attached the information below for you. This process was successful for us. The information that we provide below has links to original sources: municipal government and provincial government resources.

All the best,

Voice of Thorhild County


WE DID IT! We here in Thorhild County have some really amazing news! Thorhild County held a Special Meeting on 2pm on Feb 2, 2023 at the Thorhild County Council Chambers with the specific intent to defeat the proposed Land Use Bylaw! The proposed Land Use Bylaw was unanimously defeated!

We are so grateful that Council listened to the feedback from our community – thank you, Councillors!

We have attached the release to this email, and you can find it here on the Thorhild County website here:

***Editor’s Note: I’ve added the text of the News Release below:

Local News

Wednesday, February 1, 2023 3070

Council to Hold Special Council Meeting Regarding Draft Land Use Bylaw

Thorhild, AB…Thorhild County’s Reeve, Joyce Pierce, has called a Special Council meeting on February 2, 2023, at 2 pm at the Thorhild County Council Chambers with the intent of defeating second reading of the draft Land Use Bylaw.

Bylaw 14-2022 received its First Reading on November 22, 2022, and was followed by a public hearing on January 10, 2023. Many residents have voiced concerns over some of the proposed regulations during the public hearing and since that time.

“We recognize that residents have many questions and concerns about the draft bylaw in its current form,” said Reeve Pierce. “While we intended to take time to look at areas where the bylaw could be changed to reduce the level of concerns, Council has clearly heard that this Land Use Bylaw is not acceptable to the public.”

A draft bylaw can be rescinded by either defeating the Second or Third Readings or if the bylaw does not receive the Third reading within two years of the First Reading.

All Alberta municipalities must have a land use bylaw in place. The County will continue using the current land use bylaw established in 2015, which remains in effect.

The only matter to be discussed at the February 2, 2023, Special Council Meeting is the Second Reading of Land Use Bylaw 14-2022. The draft bylaw will be defeated if the Second Reading does not pass.

Residents can listen to live audio of the Special Council meeting by visiting and clicking on the meeting link listed under Council Events. 

For the hundreds of people who have been emailing us for guidance and help, this is an example displaying how community engagement is successful. Democracy at its finest. We believe in information transparency and have attached the information that we have been sharing in the email below – these are the steps that we followed. It’s a long email full of valid information and links to each source – municipal and provincial.

Additionally, we received an email directly from our MP Shannon Stubb’s office this morning – we had been CC’d into a fellow citizen’s email and she responded to us directly that “The steps [we] listed below would be the steps that would be recommended for bylaw concerns, so that information to people in your email below is great, as it provides not only an overview but also action steps.”

We have attached that email for your reference, as well.

Congratulations, Thorhild County residents!

Keep engaging with your municipal governments.

Information that we’ve been sharing on our process and what you can do:

Because there is so much information to be had surrounding this conversation, we have found it best to provide it through email or social media – it’s a long email, but we have a lot of valid information in one spot, with links to the municipal or provincial sources. We believe in information transparency.

We’re a small group of Thorhild County residents (we aren’t politicians or lawyers, and we have farms, families, and day jobs) in Thorhild County who stumbled onto our proposed Land Use Bylaw (LUB). None of us expected that our concern and experience would reach so many people. We are pleased that it has, though! We are not associated with the government at any level, and none of us are lawyers (some of us do have municipal government experience, though not as elected officials).

We have your [editor’s. Ed.] email in our contacts, so we will update you when we have updates – we won’t be spamming, only sending email updates when we have them. We also won’t share your information.

Through social media, our website, and our email, it has become clear that this is not an issue specific to our county, but all municipalities all over Alberta and Canada. This is happening everywhere. Right now. We don’t have specific processes for people outside of Alberta, the framework of what information we do have is below and can be used throughout Alberta.

We have information that we’re sharing with people who have been asking for it – it’s posted to the Facebook page and will be up on the website within the day, though most of the information is available in multiple places.  The main message is: get people involved. The more people we have encouraging local councils (emails and phone calls, showing up to Council Meetings) to make the right decisions, the better outcomes we are likely to have. In terms of our challenge, share our story as far and loud as we can get it. Bring attention to the issue in all the counties and municipalities and stop these prohibitive LUBs in their tracks – province and country wide.

There is so much information to share with fellow members of the public, that it’s difficult to condense the information into one or two small paragraphs. Especially since all municipalities are experiencing the LUB reviews in different stages and using slightly altered language. The process is mostly the same though, so we are sending you the information we share with people who contact us asking for direction and help. We hope that you find it helpful!  You’re welcome to share this email with your friends, family, neighbours.

At the end of this email, there is a list of some of the options available to you as a community/the general public. Unfortunately, Land Use topics themselves can’t be petitioned, but in communicating with your Council and CAO that the community is willing to mobilize in keeping them accountable, the hope is that they will choose to do the right thing. For example: People in our community were saying that they were wanting Council to be investigated for corruption and put in jail, so a couple of people told their Councillors over the phone that that was some of the conversation occurring in the community and those Councillors took notice really quickly of what the people calling them and emailing them were saying. Now, that’s not a viable option, but it communicates to them how upset people are. We have provided some viable options at the end – ones our community may end up using if necessary. Municipal Affairs is also a very good resource for information (information included below).  

Green Space Alliance is an international company based out of India with a small office in Edmonton and a small office in Ashburn, Virginia; their specialty – as written all over their website – is urban planning and development. Big cities, like Mumbai (over 23 million people) and Nagpur (population about 46.5 million people). Clearly not an appropriate choice for an almost entirely agricultural community.

Here is their website:

We encourage our fellow residents to call or email their councillors and the CAO (Chief Administrative Officer), as advised by Municipal Affairs advisors. This is the advice for people in all municipalities. Encourage everyone in your county/regional district to contact the CAO AND your councillors to express their concerns – the more people who engage, the more “pressure” there is for councils to be accountable and act in a way responsible to the people who voted for them.

As Albertans, we are always allowed to contact the Government of Alberta Office of Municipal Affairs and speak to their advisors if we have questions or concerns about our municipal bylaws and government. We have spoken with the advisors there multiple times about many questions. They aren’t lawyers, so they advise you on how the Municipal Government Act applies to your concern (they have been great with us so far). If you call the switchboard (phone number 310-0000) and ask to speak to an advisor at Municipal Affairs, they will direct you to the correct people.

You can also contact the Law Society of Alberta. They will connect you with an appropriate lawyer and you get the first half an hour free. 1 (800) 661-1095.

The CAO brings forth documents from the Administration to the councillors to read, debate the merits of, and ultimately pass and enact or defeat. If there are clauses or statements in the documents that councillors don’t agree with or don’t like, it is their responsibility to address those with other Council members and the Administration/CAO.

As residents of our county, the feedback that we have for our Council is that we needed more awareness of the LUB review process before it got to the “Final Draft” stage and before the Public Hearing- engage people on social media, by mail, and in person. Make sure you and the people in your community voice your concerns before or during the Public Hearing – do this by registering to speak, submitting letters to the CAO or Council to be read at the Public Hearing by the Administration (if you can’t attend), attending digitally or by phone (if those are an option), and by attending the meeting and speaking when the floor is open to people who wish to speak (unregistered speakers). We bolded and underlined before or during the Public Hearing, because residents and the Public should also be made aware ahead of time that- by protocol set out in the Municipal Government Act (all municipalities must follow this Government of Alberta document)- once the Public Hearing is closed, Councillors are not permitted to discuss or consider further input or feedback from the public in regards to Bylaw content. Any issue brought to Council before the closing of the Public Hearing is supposed to be considered by Council in their deliberations.

A lot of people have asked us what a Land Use Bylaw (LUB) is and why/how it impacts them. All municipalities in Alberta (and most everywhere else) are required to have one in place. This document governs how different land types can be used and how – for example, it can stop a dump from popping up in your backyard or regulate how your neighbours can use dynamite underground so your well doesn’t collapse in. LUBs are used to govern all land types such as agricultural, residential, commercial, and industrial.

We are encouraging people to check the status of their own municipality’s LUB and get involved if it is in review or rewrite stages. Participate in the surveys and watch the progress – provide input when it’s asked for. A good place to start looking for a Land Use Bylaw document for your county is the County/ Municipality website or simply searching, “Municipality Name” Land Use Bylaw. We had to use a search engine to find the document, since it wasn’t readily available or searchable on our County’s website. Our proposed LUB can be found here: 

Our recommendations to members of the public (in any municipality) for this process are below:

1 – Familiarize yourself with the existing Bylaws.

2 – When were they last written/updated? Do they need updating?

3 – Check out your consultant – their company name and logo will be on the front page or within the first two pages of the document. Some consultants are easy to tell if they’re a good match for your County. Some are easy to determine that they aren’t a good fit, too (like having an “Urban Planning” firm draft documents for an agricultural county). Most have a website, browse it.

4 – Read your new proposed Land Use Bylaw (take a glass of wine, tea, or hot chocolate if you need to).

4a – Make a list of all of the changes that concern you, or as many as you can.

4b – Look for “In case of an emergency” clauses (lockdowns, climate lockdowns, and public emergencies).

5 – If you aren’t happy with what you see in the proposed Bylaw, request justification for the specific changes from your Councillor and the CAO/Administration and communicate your concerns with the CAO and your Councillor.

6 – Request amendments and edits to the draft before it passes the First Hearing. Read the document and be prepared before the First Hearing, which is where the Councillors can ask questions about the document and put forth motions to have it adjusted before returning it to Chambers for another attempt at a First Reading.

6a – Tell your neighbours and friends. If the document is still unsatisfactory to you and passes the First Reading, speak at the Public Hearing and get your neighbours and friends to as well. (People can speak if they aren’t registered, but if you are registered to speak, then you will have a designated time to speak). Articulate the issues you/they have with the document. Having people in the community like us who monitor the activity of Council is awesome to keep Council accountable and transparent.

7 – Ask questions and demand answers.

8 – Stick with the process. Watch for when Council brings the LUB to its next reading (second or third) and be there for the meeting.

Approaching the new proposed LUB, we highly recommend reading it through. Every page.

Do not forget to cross-reference the definitions of terms because those definitions can be quite restrictive without you realizing it. Look at the sections on “Enforcement,” “Non-Conforming” structures or “Non-conformity,” and Land Use Districts that are relevant to you (though it’s good to have a sense of what is happening in all of the Land Use Zones; for example, some of our members are on farms and others are on residential properties, so we each looked at the Land Use Zone appropriate to where we live and then kept reading about the other zones). Also, search the document for language like “in the opinion of,” “to the satisfaction of,” and “deemed necessary by” the Development Authority. Every municipality uses slightly different language, so you can key word search for (Find in page): satisfaction, opinion, non-con (to bring up clauses that have non-conforming or non-conformity in them). Some other places to look for excessive restrictions are Signage (freedom of expression and speech), Landscaping (and other General Requirements like Fencing), and Hens (yes, chickens- check if hen enclosures need permits no matter how big or small they are, even if they’re on farms).

If the Bylaw refers you to another County Bylaw, cross-check with that Bylaw and make sure that the document exists AND is what the new proposed LUB suggests it is (for example, our proposed LUB directs the reader to the “Urban Hen Bylaw” though Council voted against Urban Hens in 2021 and there is no such document. Our proposed LUB also directs us to the Animal Control Act for how to keep animals; however, our County’s Animal Control Bylaw is specific to dogs).

We have been encouraging the residents in Thorhild County who contact us to call and/or email our Councillors and the CAO (Chief Administrative Officer). So this also applies to other counties. The key is ALSO to contact the municipality’s office of the CAO, since they also have to record input and engagement. There are no wrong or right questions to ask, but asking questions instead of making statements is a good tactic. Making statements is also necessary.

IF your Councillors decide to move forward with decisions after people from the community have been engaging them, and the community is unhappy, there are a couple of petitions that you can launch as a community:

1- Petition Council to rescind the resolution. This is asking for Council to reverse their decision.
Here is the user-friendly handbook on how to petition your council.

2- Recall petitions. For each Councillor that you want replaced, you will need an individual petition. This triggers by-elections in the districts that each Councillor was removed from. If all councillors are removed, then a full election would be called.

3- Petition the Minister of Municipal Affairs, Rebecca Schultz for an investigation into the affairs of the municipality. The Minister may recommend a variety of options from firing/hiring staff, removing Council members and calling a by-election, to appointing an administrator to act in replacement of Council.

Side note: If enough people are dissatisfied with how the County is operating, this is always an option. 20% of the electors in the municipality have to sign the petition for a sufficient petition.

The user-friendly handbook on how to petition the Minister of Municipal Affairs (options 3 and 4)

4- Petition the Minister of Municipal Affairs to Initiate a Viability Review for the County.

If enough people are disgruntled with how the County is being run, instead of Option 3, the Minister of Municipal Affairs can initiate a review of the County’s viability. This is requesting a review to dissolve the county. Effectively, once the examination of the County is complete, the Minister may dissolve the municipality and partition portions of the County out to other surrounding Counties. This petition can be undertaken at any point, and 30% of the County electors must sign the petition for it to be sufficient.

5- Hire a lawyer to represent the interests of the residents in your municipality.

It’s a lot of work to keep councils accountable if they are not conducting business in a way that is best for the residents of their county. We look forward to updates.

We also recognize that this issue isn’t localized to our county! We’re encouraging people across the province and the country to start paying attention to their municipal LUBs, whether they are in a review or rewrite, and what stage of the process they’re in. Hopefully an engaged and watchful public can keep the punitive and overreaching Land Use Bylaws from being enacted all over the country.

We have information available on our website: 

The “Feelin’ Lazy” page is an umbrella page with our Cole’s notes points, but “Impact on Everyone” and the other impact pages (Agriculture, Acreages, and In Town) have specific breakdowns of our concerns with references to sections and pages in the proposed Land Use Bylaw.

And if you’re on Facebook, we have a page there, too, where you can find discussion around this topic: Thorhild County Friends Fighting the Land Use Bylaw

Good luck and all the best!

A small group of engaged citizens


Stop Trudeau’s Bill C-11 Censorship Law

As 2022 draws to a close I see Canada’s Independent and Social Media along with the Conservative Party of Canada all abuzz over PM Justin Trudeau’s latest effort on the part of his globalist handlers to deliver a final blow to the New World Order’s inescapable Nemesis – the INTERNET.

Ads on Facebook by the Conservative Party of Canada, like the one below, are calling on Canadians to sign their petition and help them stop the Liberal’s blatant attempt to curb the tongues of the general public when they’re online before the final judgement call occurs and “the People” learn who is really behind all the madness the world’s been subjected to since the advent of the Great Scamdemic of 2020.

When I clicked on their petition ad to sign it a window opened stated the following:


“We the undersigned call on the Liberal government to stop their C-11 censorship law that will curtail the freedom of expression Canadians enjoy online.

Whereas the Liberal Bill C-11 threatens to end the freedoms of Canadians on the internet in an open marketplace with a free exchange of ideas.

Whereas under this archaic system of censorship, government gatekeepers will now have the power to control which videos, posts and other content Canadians can see online.

Whereas Conservative Senators are keeping up the pressure in the Senate to abandon this ill-conceived censorship of freedom of expression online.

And whereas Conservatives will continue to fight back to defend the freedom of expression of Canadians, without which no other Charter rights are possible.

Therefore be it resolved that we call on this Liberal government to roll back their online censorship law C-11, and ensure Canadians’ right to freedom of expression online is protected.”

Of course for old radical’s such as myself who’ve been in the freedom of speech front line trenches for decades (and still am!) there’s a bit of irony (and possibly even hypocrisy) attached to the Conservative Party’s current love affair today with the concept of “freedom of expression”.

I can readily recall that it was under the dictatorship of the late Conservative PM Stephen Harper that the freedom of expression loving folks in Canada were already living in and suffering under a tyrannical, Orwellian dystopia thanks to former PM Pierre Trudeau and the Liberal’s draconian Sec. 13 “hate crime” legislation which they had surreptitiously slipped in under the wire immediately following 911 when the House was adjourning for the Christmas break.

Below is an image of many of the former victims of Canada’s undemocratic Censorship Laws.

While Sec.13 was obviously not the creation of the Conservative Party, PM Harper’s government had been going along with it up until the point where they finally realized that it was in fact a double-edged sword; one that could be used to silence not only critics of the left but also critics of the right. This occurred when a couple of media personalities of the day (who I’m not able to identify due to legal restrictions) had complaints laid against them by those who they were running down in the controlled media.

As a result of the conundrum the Conservatives found themselves in they were able to eventually repeal this specious piece of Orwellian legislation with the help of some Conservative Senators back in 2012.

Their fundamental error though at the time of repealing Sec.13 from the Canadian Human Rights Act was to fail to go one step further and repeal the more sinister and dangerous freedom-destroying legislation contained in the Canadian Criminal Code under Sections 318-320; ones which the Liberal government continues to embellish with further restrictions and undoubtedly plan to use against Canadian citizens in the times ahead.

It’s my hope that this time around the Conservative Party of Canada, should they gain a majority in the next federal election, will resolve this issue of freedom of expression once and for all and return to the common sense approach that existed in the former Canadian Bill of Rights which Conservative PM John Diefenbaker bequeathed to Canada on July 1, 1960. His words, spoken 62 years ago, still strike the hearts of all freedom loving Canadians today:

“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and for all mankind.”

History of Censorship in Canada

For those too young to remember and those still asleep at the wheel a decade ago it’s incumbent upon me to clarify the who, what and where of this former Censorship legislation known as Sec.13 and Sec. 318-320 of the CCC as well as the history of censorship in Canada from its nascent beginnings.

It’s my position, based upon over 20 years of research and 15 years of ongoing litigation, that Canada’s judicial system was infiltrated and co-opted by globalist interests operating in Canada since as early as 1919. Of course such an assertion will automatically be met with a loud hue and cry of “preposterous! outrageous!” followed immediately by much hand-wringing and declamations of “hatred” and “racism” and further punctuated, dramatized and broadcast across the nation via the Controlled Mainstream Media. So be it. It doesn’t detract one iota from the facts.

All that’s required in order to verify this war against our rights and freedoms, including our most basic right of speaking out and expressing our views on issues vital to our national well being, is to delve into any and all of the legal cases over the past 55 years associated with the issue of freedom of expression and one will see immediately that in practically every instance the globalist elites lining up and vying for intervenor status. And furthermore, concomitant with their zealousness to intervene is usually the underlying fact that it was themselves who were instrumental in bringing forth the charges. And if that isn’t the norm then they’re undoubtedly there to make sure that the complainant (usually an agent in one form or another) gets the maximum support of their power and influence in the courts and the media.

One might legitimately say that these deceptive measures to control freedom of speech actually began before the commencement of WW2. After Hitler and the National Socialist Party came to power in 1933 the world’s globalists in Canada were already growing fearful that Canadians might begin to believe what Chancellor Hitler was saying about the International banking cartel and their control of Germany’s own beleaguered nation and so, as a result of their growing paranoia, the provincial government of Manitoba, (of all places) passed a statute to combat what was apparently perceived to be a “rise in the dissemination of Nazi propaganda”, the premise of which (The Libel Act, R.S.M. 1913, c. 113, s. 13A (added S.M. 1934, c. 23, s. 1) was later to become The Defamation Act, R.S.M. 1987, c. D20, s. 19(1) and was in all likelihood the first volley launched against freedom of expression in Canada.

Up until 1970 Section 181 of the Criminal Code which reads, “Every one who wilfully publishes a statement, tale or news that he knows is false and that causes or is likely to cause injury or mischief to a public interest is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.” was the only provision in the Code even remotely connected to the offence of group defamation but it didn’t, at the time, specifically make mention of “hate propaganda”.

When WW2 ended the work of the globalists began in earnest. Their first step in the direction of censorship was the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 with its references to “hate propaganda”. By 1953 we find that the globalists in Canada were already diligently pursuing efforts toward this same end with their attempt to insert anti-hate propaganda provisions into the Canadian Criminal Code which was being revised in that same year.

Their deceptive labours eventually bore fruit in 1965 when they were finally able to convince Canada’s federal Justice Minister Guy Favreau to appoint a special (interest?) committee to look into the purported “problems” connected with the dissemination of “hate propaganda” in Canada.

Surprisingly (not) what became known as “The Special Committee on Hate Propaganda in Canada” was fully furnished with a gaggle of legal beagles that included one notable lawyer who would become instrumental in aiding the globalists in their relentless quest for censorship laws.

This was none other than Professor Pierre E. Trudeau, Associate Professor of Law, University of Montreal, soon to become Canada’s Prime Minister.

The committee studied the alleged “problem” from January 29th to November 10th, 1965 and their conclusions called for new legislation that ultimately affected the Post Office Act, the Customs Act, and most critically in today’s context, what is now Section 319 of the Criminal Code.

Only now that the true history of the last eighty years is finally coming to light, thanks to the free and open Internet, are we allowed to search for and see the original, unadulterated script that was so cleverly designed by the NWO forces of the day and it turns out to be a program of diabolic, treacherous, political pragmatism designed to destroy democratic institutions and replace them with an atheistic, elitist, macabre vision of a New World Order where they, and only they, would hold all the power and control over the world’s people along with all the resources of the planet.

It was back in the mid-1970s when the globalists began lobbying Ontario’s then Deputy Attorney General, F.W. Callaghan and putting pressure on him to silence one of their critics, a rather vociferous fellow by the name John Ross Taylor who had come up with the novel idea of leaving telephone messages on the phone lines of those who he was critical of. The recipients of Ross’s unwelcome expressions were demanding of the Federal Department of Justice the inclusion of speech-restricting legislation that removed the need for “willfulness” or fair comment based on public interest. In that way they could circumvent having to pay their own legal costs which would, under the new law, be off loaded on to the unsuspecting Canadian taxpayer instead.

According to the history of Section 13 by Marc Lemire, an advocate and fighter for freedom of speech during PM Harper’s reign, he states, “In 1976, the Federal Government was looking at a larger Act for employment issues and the provision of federally regulated services. This Act eventually would end up with the innocuous sounding name: the Canadian Human Rights Act. Although no other section of the Canadian Human Rights Act covered speech, it was not a problem for the Federal government to capitulate and slip in an extra section to satisfy Ontario’s Attorney General’s lust to silence John Ross Taylor and his home-based answering machine.”

“In 1977 Bill C-25 or the “Canadian Human Rights Act” was passed by the House of Commons on July 14th. Contained within it under the sub-title of “Hate messages” was Section 13 which read:

13(1) It is a discriminatory practice for a person or a group of persons acting in concert to communicate telephonically or to cause to be so communicated, repeatedly, in whole or in part by means of the facilities of a telecommunication undertaking within the legislative authority of Parliament, any matter that is likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt by reason of the fact that that person or those persons are identifiable on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination.

As Lemire goes on to state:

“Only a few years after the law was enacted, Mr. Callaghan finally got his wish and John Ross Taylor became its first victim, with the Canadian Human Rights Commission itself and several globalists as the complainants.

“Since the law was first enacted, two major changes were made to Section 13.  These changes fundamentally shifted the original intent of the legislation, and turned Section 13 into an instrument to financially and morally punish those with politically incorrect views.

“The first change to the legislation occurred on May 15, 1998, when Royal Accent was given to Bill S-5 (1998), which added a new penalty provision to the Canadian Human Rights Act. Bill S-5 added Section 54 to the Canadian Human Rights Act, and allows the Human Rights Tribunal to impose a financial penalty of up to $10,000.  On top of the fines, Section 54 also gave the fanatical Tribunal the ability to impose penalties of up to $20,000 as so-called ‘special compensation’.

“According to the background section of Bill S-5, these penalties were added ‘as a response to the rising incidence of hate crimes around the world. The government believes that stronger measures are needed to deter individuals and organizations from establishing hate lines. It hopes to accomplish this by allowing victims of such lines to apply for compensation and subjecting offenders to financial penalty.’

“The second change occurred in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001.  Sadly, this legislation equated non-violent politically incorrect words – which are covered by Section 13 – with terrorism and concerns of national security. Under the guise of Bill C-36 – Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act, Section 13 was expanded to cover “a group of interconnected or related computers, including the Internet.”

This change, gave the power to the Canadian Human Rights Commission to censor the internet and harass Canadians with views that the Rights Fanatics disagree with.

Closer to Home

Of itself censorship is nothing new having been around since Cicero’s day. It didn’t become established to any degree until after the middle of the 15th Century when Johannes Gutenberg invented the movable-type printing press and set off the Gutenberg revolution. Once the technical means were in place allowing mass communication to occur the inevitable pursuit of controlling the narrative also appeared and by the turn of the 20th Century the globalists of the day had already firmly established their worldwide news networks. They’re still with us today and the times we now live in are, in many ways, but a reflection of the effects that the controlled media has produced upon the planet over the past 125 years.

Having arrived on this 3rd rock from the sun in 1947 I was in a sense a Johnny-come-lately in terms of understanding how the mass media was structured even though by the time I left high school in 1965 Marshall McLuhan’s Gutenberg Galaxy had already been on the market for three years. My time spent at Simon Fraser University from its opening in the fall of ’65 until I left with my Teaching Certificate in hand was the precursor to what would eventually turn out to be a rather radical life spent within McLuhan’s famed galaxy.

I didn’t encountered the malevolent effects of censorship until I reached my 50th year. It was only then I finally realized that if a Canadian citizen wishes to express themselves in a free and open manner that the heavy hand of Big Brother can and will appear to silence you. My reaction at the time to having my letters to the editor of the local community newspaper the Quesnel–Cariboo Observer censored by my then employer School District #28 set me on a new path that would eventually lead up to the present moment and the issue now at hand.

Those who know me and my previous published works since I began publishing my own newspaper The Radical back in June of 1998 will understand perfectly well what I’m talking about when I state that ever since I first encountered head on the diabolic, Big Brother, Communist threat to individual freedom of expression back in 2007 the issue of CENSORSHIP has over shadowed my life’s work.

The legal consequences alone, after spending over a decade in and out of the Provincial and Supreme Court systems, have left an indelible mark on my ability to speak TRUTH to the power brokers who, since the onset of their transparently overt 2020 Covid attack upon humanity, have now turned the socio-political world into a farcical free-for-all with no holds barred.

Front Page News for November 23, 2012

Concluding Remarks

“Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them,
I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:
And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and
beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.

And everyone that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not,
Shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand:
And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and
Beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.”
~ Jesus Christ, St. Matthew Ch. 7, vs 24 -27

The premise of my argument that Canada’s Legacy media or MSM is, and always has been, an integral part of the NWO’s overall plan to formulate and establish Orwellian laws inimical to the rights and freedoms of the Canadian people stands undefeated to this day for the simple reason that the globalists will never debate the issue in an open public forum as they’re fully aware it’s much easier to just use the power of their press to vilify and smear anyone who exhibits the testicular audacity to openly challenge their verifiable culpability in every criminal deception they’ve been involved in over the past century and longer. Frankly stated it’s the modus operandi of these globalists to react precisely in this fashion for that is how they mendaciously twist and stifle debate on any issue of national importance to Canadians, be it our Charter rights or our fundamental right (and responsibility as patriotic protectors of our country) to question the direction of the nation’s domestic and foreign policies.

It’s also my ardent contention that the Censorship template for Canada’s anti-free speech legislation, falsely labelled “Hate Propaganda” was, from the start, designed in such a way as to function as a legal shield which the globalists could then use to defend themselves against any allegations aimed at exposing their covert actions, all of which were designed to benefit their inordinate influence over Canadian politics.

Back during the period of my legal battles with the Canadian Human Rights Commission then Conservative PM Stephen Harper was the globalist’s Trojan Horse de jure and front man in this deliberate, ongoing, slow motion coup to capture the nation’s political and legal systems. His only saving grace was to have not stood in the way of repealed the Sec. 13 law before his tenure ended.

When we go back in history and retrace the steps these Machiavellian interlopers have taken since the end of World War 2 it’s clearly evident what they’ve been up to, especially in light of the now increasing displeasure that more and more Canadians are exhibiting toward the actions of the current Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when it comes to his relentless, mean-spirited attacks upon our truckers, our clergy and our nurses and doctors.

Those despicable actions, exacerbated to the nth degree by his psychotic obsession with wanting to jab every living soul in the country, from pregnant mothers and new born babies to the aged, with the World Health Organization and Fauci’s poisons that are now decimating the world’s populations everywhere make it abundantly evident that our nation is under serious attack by these foreign globalist insiders who are manipulating the Prime Minister of the country to commit treasonous acts designed to obliterate the people’s fundamental rights and freedoms.

These examples coupled with his outright phony posturing and endless display of abject obeisance to the wishes of international globalist organizations like the World Economic Forum of which he’s a charter member and one of the more fanatical and embarrassing examples of what a true Statesman ought not to be all point to the unequivocal conclusion that the nation has been betrayed by the Liberal Party of Canada and it MUST BE REPLACED in the most expedient manner as possible.

A final reminder for readers is Sec. 2b of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms which clearly delineates our fundamental right to freedom of expression:

Sec.2b(2): Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:

(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.

As fate would have it my own legal case was destined to be the test case for the globalists working in Canada. Should they win and find me guilty under Sec. 319(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada then that precedent would undoubtedly unleash a flood of subsequent attacks upon the rest of the bloggers and publishers and writers and artists living in Canada who might also see an imminent threat to their freedom of expression encapsulated in this draconian, Orwellian legislation designed with malicious forethought to censor truth and stymie any and all attempts to achieve and maintain justice and freedom of speech in Canada.

Just as the great parable of Jesus Christ shown above regarding the foolish man who built his house upon the sand has come down through history so too has the foolish attempt by those who labour for the Satanic forces to build a globalist house of invisible governance upon the sands of deception, usury and an insatiable lust for power and control over their fellow mortals.

Now that the rains of the peoples’ outrageous indignation and the floods of perceived injustice and repression of personal freedoms and the winds of Truth and Freedom are beginning to beat with greater and greater intensity upon the once mighty and powerful House of the New World Order (thanks to the miracle of the Internet), the underpinnings of this deceptive, age-old hoax are giving way and, if the people continue to unite and persevere in their staunch resistance to and abolition of all the censorious “Hate Propaganda” laws now being used against them, then soon and with great relief and thankfulness, will come the inevitable fall of this House of Horrors followed by a new beginning for those who want only peace and love and justice and brotherhood to reign supreme.


Reality Check | The government should leave the internet alone

from True North intro:

Two troubling pieces of legislation are set to become law, and could have drastic implications for how Canadians access the internet. Bills C-11 and C-18 would give the government unprecedented powers to regulate what type of content Canadians are able to view online and stifle free speech.

The government claims that more regulation of the internet is needed in order to combat hate speech and protect vulnerable groups. It’s time for a reality check.

On this episode of Reality Check, Jasmine explains how both bills are redundant and counterproductive. Jasmine says Canadians can choose what they want to say and hear and that this shouldn’t be up to the government to decide.

Tune into the final episode of this season of Reality Check with Jasmine Moulton!

Editor’s Note: As one Canadian forced by the provincial and federal governments of Canada to endure 16 years of ongoing legal battles, arrests by “Hate Crime Units”, jail time, searches of my home resulting in the seizure of all my computers and electronic files, confiscation of all of my firearms, traumatizing of my wife and endless smear campaigns by the mainstream media thanks to relentless pressure from foreign lobby groups, I can testify to the fact that Jasmine Moulton’s video on internet freedom, freedom of speech legislation and government overreach into the personal lives and fundamental freedoms of all Canadians is a most welcome addition to the prospering and popular alternative news site True North and a fitting ending to her season’s popular True North podcast REALITY CHECK with Jasmine Moulton.

Being a publisher, editor and journalist of the Alternative News Media since 1998 I applaud both True North and Jasmine Moulton for bringing this repressive totalitarian topic to her show and helping to clarify for her viewers and listeners the seriousness of current PM Justin Trudeau and the federal Liberal party’s draconian designs for the last bastion of freedom on the planet – the World Wide Web (WWW).

In my own trials (and tribulations) regarding freedom of speech the taxpayers of Canada, over the course of the past 16 years of litigation, paid out well over $1,000,000.00 of their hard-earned money in order to shut down my former website RadicalPress[.]com and silence my voice. One can only imagine if thousands of Canadians refused to kowtow to these mind-controlling ‘laws’ and were charged similarly what the price tag would be.

Were I not STILL under the thumb of the state and able to speak freely I might have more to say about the issue of freedom of speech in Canada but unfortunately my freedom to speak openly on this subject must wait until the end of 2023 when at last I will be released from Big Brother’s suffocating stranglehold and able to speak Truth to the inordinate and undemocratic Powers of these NWO ‘governments’, the duplicious nature of the Legacy Media (MSM) and all the international orgs and personalities now hell bent on turning humanity into one gigantic global gulag.

Please share this video with everyone and don’t forget to subscribe to (and if you’re able) donate to this rising star – TRUE NORTH.

… Ω …

PRE-CRIME IS HERE: Proposed Canadian Bill C-36 criminalizes THINKING about posting “hate” speech

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The issue of freedom of speech or freedom of expression is one that I hold to be THE MOST SACROSANCT freedoms that the Creator bestowed upon Humanity. Without it no individual or nation can expect to retain its other freedoms. When ANY government body assumes the right to prevent the individual from expressing their views, ideas or opinions on any subject that government forfits the right to exist and ought to be removed from whatever power it might possess; power, of course, bestowed up it by the people.

As some readers may already be aware I have personally been fighting for the right to freedom of speech/expression since the year 2007 when vested, foreign interest lobbyists here in Canada first attacked me and my former website RadicalPress[.]com by filing a formal complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission alleging that I had committed a “Hate Crime” under the then Sec. 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Code.

That particular piece of specious legislation was finally laid to rest back in 2012 when it was repealed by the former Conservative government of PM Stephen Harper after many years of lobbying by numerous individuals and organizations who deemed it to be unconstitutional. At the time it was repealed my case was still in the “Tribunal” stage and was stayed but that didn’t stop the complainants who then turned around and used Sec. 319(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada to lay a second (and identical) complaint against me and my website. In May of 2012 I was arrested, jailed, all of my computers and electronic files “seized”, all of my firearms “seized” and thus began a legal process against me that TO THIS DAY is still ongoing after 15 years!

So if anyone tries to tell you that free speech ought to have limitations placed upon it be very wary of them. Canada already had and continues to have laws in place that deal with libel and defamation so there’s no need whatsoever for these “Hate Crime” laws which only end up being exploited by the NWO forces who were able to influence the politicians into placing them in Canada’s judicial system in order to cover their own asses when the fecal matter finally hits the fan, which by all indications, won’t be long in coming.

As a footnote I might add that it costs the complainant bugger all to lay a complaint against anyone. But it costs the Canadian taxpayer millions in court costs and police costs to prosecute just one individual. In my own case I’ve estimated that thus far the taxpayers of Canada have forked over one and a half million dollars into destroying my website and prohibiting me from naming the guilty party online.]

PRE-CRIME IS HERE: Proposed Canadian Bill C-36 criminalizes THINKING about posting “hate” speech

By PatriotRising
March 12, 2022

A new proposed bill recently presented to the Canadian parliament would allow people to report so-called “hate speech” online before it even happens.

The proposed “hate speech” law, Bill C-36, allows Canadians to take another person to court if they feel like they might post something hateful online.

According to the proposed legislation, Canadians will be encouraged to report anybody to the authorities. Those who have had reports filed against them will then be taken to court and potentially penalized before they even post any so-called “hate speech” online if there is sufficient evidence to suggest that they have hateful motives.

“A person may, with the Attorney General’s consent, lay an information before a provincial court judge if the person fears on reasonable grounds that another person will commit (a) an offense under section 318 [pushing or advocating for genocide] or subsection 318 [inciting or promoting hate],” reads the proposed bill.

“That’s right. A person can get in trouble for something they are suspected of intending to post … online,” wrote David Fiorazo for Harbingers Daily.

The bill makes amendments to Canada’s Criminal Code to create a recognizance for people accused of hate propaganda or hate crimes. It also amends the code to define “hatred” for the purposes of the two aforementioned potential accusations against people.

Furthermore, the bill amends the Canadian Human Rights Act, passed in 1977 and last amended in 2017, to codify into law that communicating hate speech online is a “discriminatory practice.” In this instance, hate speech is defined as any speech that is supposedly “likely to foment detestation or vilification of an individual or group of individuals on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination.”

The bill tasks the Canadian Human Rights Commission to handle complaints of hate speech or intent to communicate hate speech online and it authorizes the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to adjudicate these complaints.

Canadian parliament wants to pass laws that prevent dissent

The introduction of Bill C-36 is just the first salvo in a series of new proposed legislation intended to curtail the expression of dissent online and in public.

Bill C-36, which was first read in late June 2021, died in parliament when the September election was called. It was reintroduced this year in response to the anti-Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) mandate Freedom Convoys. If passed, penalties for breaching Bill C-36 include up to four years in prison.

Another bill designed to curtail dissent, Bill C-229, was recently tabled by left-wing New Democratic Party (NDP) member of parliament Peter Julian. Like C-36, C-229 amends the Criminal Code to explicitly ban “symbols of hate.”

Julian and the entirety of the NDP claim Bill C-229 would only be used to target symbols like the insignia of the Ku Klux Klan and the swastika. But they have also expressed their intention to ban the use of the Confederate flag. This signals the desire of the NDP to ban any symbol of dissent that it wants to get rid of.

If passed, the penalty for flying the Confederate flag or any other symbol the government designates to be hateful includes a prison sentence of up to two years.

Fortunately, the future of these bills remains uncertain. Political analysts have noted that C-36 was heavily criticized when it was first presented to parliament last year due to its difficulty to enforce and its attacks on freedom of speech.

Lulu Cheng Meservy, vice president of communications for the online blogging platform Substack, also pointed out that there were several “alarming aspects” to C-36.

These include the bill’s fuzzy and circular definition of what speech is considered “hateful,” and the fact that it encourages citizens to basically act as snitches for the government.

Finally, the fact that it wants to create a precedent in law for punishing people for something they have not actually done yet is a grave cause for concern.


Trust the truckers

Trust the truckers

Our freedoms ride with them



John Kaminski

The entire population of the world, minus all the paid off political puppets, already know what the deal is — it’s a no brainer. Trust the government? No way! Trust the truckers? Definitely.

Jail the so-called leaders, those disgustingly corrupt bureaucrats, working for Klaus Schwab’s beastly bribes? Absolutely.

Thanks to Ben Garrison

The people have spoken and the truckers are speaking for them while the limp wristed legislative liars bribed by Big Pharma’s crooked cash cowboys think they can tell the world what to do.

Well, the real men in the 16 wheelers have declared in no uncertain terms that they can’t, and the whole world of ordinary working class families standing by the side of the highways of the world waving their flags in freezing weather will never stop backing these upstanding family heroes against all the murderous might their demented governments can muster.

That cute little girl in the snowsuit speaks for all of us. Her sign said, “The trucks have come to save us!” And they have.

Truckers rolling worldwide

At this moment truck convoys are spreading worldwide. Finally, humanity is starting to assert itself. Even the U.S. government is now expecting American truckers to snarl Sunday’s Super Bowl by clogging the routes to the stadium.

Nobody needs to watch that pornographic halftime show and the rigged football game when the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world are on the line, victimized by the lies of Big Pharma murderers, hedge fund henchmen and jaded politicians fattened by foreign billionaires trying their best to obliterate the lives of everyone on the planet.

I say honk your horns for freedom, everyone, everywhere, and don’t stop ’til we get it.

Trust the truckers. Tell the police to stand down. Remind them they have families too. They can either stand on the side of real people or commit crimes for the criminals who pay them, judges appointed by perverted rich industrialists and elected officials who couldn’t tell the truth if their country depended on it, which it does.

Maybe in my lifetime there has never been a popular cause so pure, so motivated by goodness, so promoted by families waving their flags and opposed by tyrants counting their money, as the massive movement of big trucks to the Canadian capital for one purpose only, to say ‘Why are you doing this to us? Why have you taken away our freedom?’

And what does our cowardly government do? Leaders hide in their opulent apartments afraid to even speak to the people whose votes they begged for, promising justice and compassion but now delivering indifference and abandonment. These leaders are cowards. The people must abandon them much faster than they have abandoned us, and abandon them now.

This is not government of the people, this is the tyranny of the billionaire bastards who could care less about the naive natives dropping dead from poison vaccines or the freezing homeless too smart to forfeit their lives to money hungry doctors too selfish to behave honourably.

This is the people speaking, this is us speaking! Not some invisible wraith of corporate contempt, attempting to tell us they have to reconfigure everything to cover the crime of all the money they have already stolen from us.

When you realize this, it reveals the colossal scam that has been played on us, trying to ruin all our systems and herd us into prisons of purposeful poverty, totally controlled by people who want not only to control us but to eliminate us permanently.

Think about the well-meaning people who have died following government orders to get jabbed with a fatal bioweapon. Think of all those babies who never made it out of their jabbed mothers’ wombs because of smarmy executives insisting that their experimental jabs were perfectly safe.

Think of all those prissy politicians mandating experimental inoculations — a totally illegal act — and continuing to say those empty words as the death toll surpasses all previous totals.

Sabotaging the republic

Think about it. Biden the Buffoon opens the borders to let the world stroll in and deliberately overload all our financial systems — welfare, health, education, housing, you name it. Three hundred thousand new residents in a single year, no criminal or disease checks, most unable to speak English. They all get debit cards, while unemployed Americans watch their savings dry up from bills they can no longer pay.

This is a deliberate recipe for disaster. And the Communist psychos who stole the election and put up barbed wire around the White House? What an appropriate symbol to represent what the forces of evil have constructed around the American mind! Around the minds of the entire world.

Truckers have now blocked many of the major bridges to Canada. The bridge in Detroit is a jugular, especially because it has caused the major auto manufacturers to either close or restrict their operations due to lack of parts, which need to be brought in by trucks. Excellent.

Ambassador Bridge, Detroit, Michigan

The truckers haven’t wrecked the economy. The politicians have wrecked the economy, deliberately. End the mandates and the economy will come back, if the politicians let it.

For weeks now the patriotic citizens of Alberta have braved Arctic temperatures to block a border crossing to compel aberrant autocrats from mandating poison jabs for a disease that isn’t killing anybody with shots that are, wrecking businesses that never needed to be closed for a flu turned into a plague by pharmaceutical PR prostitutes.

Coutts, Alberta Canada Border Crossing

All over Canada, all over the U.S., soon throughout Europe and eventually in Australia, the trucks are coming to save us. Don’t let the government stop them, shut them off or shoot them down.

The trucks are coming to save us from governments demanding to turn us into robots. Ride with them. Bring them food and fuel as well. If they fail, we all fail. If they die, we all die.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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Arthur Topham

Cariboo Sentinel Reporter

October 16, 2021

“I have been released from one prison into a COVID prison.”

~ Comment by Dr. James Sears upon his release from 

the South Toronto Detention Centre, Oct. 14, 2021

We are living in unprecedented dark times. Never in recorded history have so many evil men and women around the world conspired together in the greatest plot to wrest the power of the global community away from the people and into their own blood-stained hands. Were they to succeed in this demon-inspired deed humanity, as we’ve known it for millennia, will be on the verge of extinction. The present civilization, an accumulation of thousands of years of endless, slow progression toward a world of egalitarianism and world peace, suddenly is facing the most egregious, pre-meditated threat to its survival.

I say “pre-meditated” because, for a few stalwart seekers and revealers of truth who have been labouring for decades to inform the general public of the event currently manifesting before us in full force, most people never truly realized what was being planned for them. Now that the fecal matter has hit the proverbial fan and all hell is breaking loose the tide in the affairs of humankind has risen to its peak and God only knows what the future will bring us.

One of those prescient people who saw the writing on the wall and began in earnest alerting the Canadian public to the coming danger was Dr. James Sears. As Editor-in-Chief he, along with long time publisher Leroy St. Germaine who had been operating the newspaper titled Your Ward News since 2007 around Toronto, Ontario began to spice up the content with Sears’ satirical writings on controversial political issues. 

Having been in the alt media business for a long time I learned about Dr. Sears’ publication in 2015 at a time when I was facing unprecedented challenges from the New World Order censors here in Canada and spending all my time and money in B.C. Supreme Court defending myself against the same specious charges that Sears and St. Germaine were also later to face.

The interesting parallel between James Sears and myself was that, because we used satire and parody (Sears more than I) to expose the machinations of the globalists who were bound and determined to take over the planet, we both ended up facing a similar charge; one that fell within the scope of the Canadian Criminal Code (CCC) and appeared under the heading “Hate Crime Propaganda” which, technically, is what Sec. 319 of the CCC is all about. 

Returning to 2015 and my own court case, part of my legal strategy was to file a Constitutional Challenge under Sec. 2 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms should I end up losing the court battle. As it turned out that was what I ended up doing when eventually I was found guilty in November of 2015 of one of two charges of promoting “hate” toward the particular ethnic group who had initially filed the complaint against me via the BC Hate Crime Team back in 2011.  

In order for me to challenge the legislation it was necessary to purchase the full transcript of the 14 day trial in BC Supreme Court that had ran through October and November of 2015 at a cost of close to $7,500.00. At that point in the legal process, one which had commenced back in May of 2012 and ran continuously throughout the next three years, I was flat broke and dependent upon donations from supporters of free speech around the world. It was then that Dr. James Sears contacted me and offered to pay for the transcript to be produced so that the constitutional challenge could go ahead. I gratefully accepted his offer.

Following the end of the trial I received an email from Dr. Sears telling me that he had penned a satirical piece on the outcome of my court case in the December edition of Your Ward News. It should also be noted that back then the country had just gone through another federal election and James Sears, prior to the event, had formed his own federal party called the New Constitution Party of Canada. He ran as an independent during the election in his home riding and raise a lot of eye-brows with his criticism of a particular foreign nation who he felt wielded way too much influence and control over Canada’s associated infrastructure from media to government to the court system. 

It wasn’t too long after my trial ended that Dr. James Sears and Leroy St. Germaine began to be attacked by the usual suspects who use Canada’s notorious “Hate Crime” laws to silence anyone who is critical of their activities. Complaints were laid followed by charges and what best might be termed a mock trial that ended in January of 2019 when Dr. James Sears and Leroy St. Germaine, Publisher of the satirical tabloid Your Ward News were convicted on two counts of “wilfully promoting hate” against privileged groups in contravention of Canada’s notorious “hate law” – Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code. 

As Paul Fromm, Executive Director for the Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE) put it in one of his regular newsletters, “Each was sentenced to the maximum — unprecedented for a first time offender — of a year in jail. As Leroy is of Metis heritage, he was allowed to serve his sentence at home.”

In November, 2020, under protest, Dr. Sears and Leroy St. Germaine argued their appeal by Zoom thanks to the Covid-19 restriction.

On June 14, 2021 the appeal was denied and the sentences upheld. Dr. Sears was immediately ordered to prison and denied even a few hours to say goodbye to his wife and young son. Dr. Sears’ Application for Leave to Appeal his conviction and sentence was turned down by an Ontario judge on July 16, 2021 but Dr. Sears was NOT informed and had to learn of the decision from a friend on the outside on July 29, 2021.

Following Sears’ incarceration Paul Fromm and those who supported freedom of speech began holding regular protest gatherings outside the South Toronto Detention Centre demanding the release of Dr. Sears and claiming, rightfully, that as Amnesty International states, he is a “prisoner of conscience” or a political prisoner being punished solely for the non-violent expression of his political, religious or cultural views. 

On Thursday, October 14, 2021 I received an email from Videotographer Leslie Bory telling me that after six successful protests that were organized by CAFE and videotaped by himself prison officials finally released Dr. James Sears from jail on early parole that morning. 

Due to legal restrictions that I am still currently under I cannot post the url to video showing Dr. Sears’ release and his interview with Leslie Bory but I was able to take some screen shots of the event.

I jokingly told Leslie in my reply to his email that I thought Dr. Sears was looking a bit like the infamous Charlie Manson with his full beard and long curly hair but as James said when being interviewed he had lost a lot of weight while in prison thanks to the shitty food they served but that he was generally feeling good and his time inside wasn’t all that bad. He was greeted by his well-wishers and presented with a huge bouquet of white roses.

To quote further from Paul Fromm’s latest Newsletter:

“Dr. Sears emerged bearded and very thin, but cheerful, after serving four months of a 12 months sentence (the maximum) for writing satire of [Censored. A.T.] and radical feminists, contrary to Canada’s notorious “hate law” (Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code).

He told supporters who hugged him and gave him a bouquet of flowers that he had gotten on well with fellow prisoners and most of the guards. The prison food was, he said, “garbage better than hospital food, but not as good as army food.”

“Freedom of speech is dying in Canada and will die because too many people just don’t care. People may have to leave this country for freedom.”

A new generation of free speech activists will have to join the fight, he explained.

“People should not be afraid of prison,” he told his supporters. I’m 58 years old and survived,” he said. In prison, he wrote 300 pages of several books, including a fictitious prison romance, based on reality, he grinned, between a political prisoner and a female guard.

Several bad things happened to him in prison. “I was kept for 27 days in isolation. That was illegal. The maximum is 15.” Even worse, prison authorities never gave him the legal papers he needed to argue his appeal. They ended up in his property bag.

He said, as part of his probation, he must attend a propaganda course on anti-social behaviour. He looks forward to this as he hopes to convert the teachers.

“I was a first time offender,” he said, “but I was sentenced to a year in prison — the maximum! One of my cellmates, who wished me the best of luck as I left, had been sentenced to nine and a half weeks. He’d stabbed a man, stolen a truck and had been found with a quantity of fentanyl.” Just as in the old Soviet Union, common criminals are seen by the state as a sympathetic class. On the other hand, political dissidents receive the harshest treatment of the law. “Hate speech,” he said, “is considered the worst of the worst.”

It was a warm sunny Autumn morning: “I have been released from one prison into a COVID prison,” he said to applause from the free speech supporters.

He promised that he’d be writing about “the toxic culture” among the prison guards.”

Having summed things up Dr. Sears said he just wanted to get back home to see his family and make himself a big plate of fried eggs and bacon!