Letter to Arthur From Connie Fogal

[Editor’s Note: Connie Fogal writes from Mexico to convey her thoughts and feelings on the situation in which Humanity finds itself during these heady days that “try men’s souls”, as famed American Godfather Thomas Paine once wrote back in 1776.

Connie has been a fighter for Truth and Justice all her life and she’s lived it to the fullest throughout her many years as a social activist in Vancouver, B.C. As the wife of former radical Vancouver lawyer Harry Rankin, Connie has carried on his tradition of speaking out and defending the downtrodden masses always afflicted by injustices in the courts and the media. 

But as time moves on in its inexorable and mysterious way Connie eventually grew tired of rat race and fled that vortex of fashion and frivolity called Vancouver to take refuge on the Island, Vancouver Island that is. Finding time to relax, as we do if given the good fortune to have not expired before retiring, Connie has been spending her Golden Years reflecting, not only on her own life but on all of the global conditions that have led us down the path to where we now find ourselves today. 

As she surveys the panorama of the Caribbean seaside while on a personal trip to attend to family business Connie shares her thoughts with me. With her kind permission I now share them with the world in the hope that her prescient reflections and her heartfelt concerns for the welfare of the people and the planet will help to inspire others to take the time to reconsider the course we’re now on. May God bless and keep you safe and happy always Connie.]

Letter to Arthur


Connie Fogal

April 12, 2021

“I think it is the duty at this time of all human beings, indeed, to look 

this force of evil in the eye and say: Get thee Behind Me, Satan.”

~ Connie Fogal

Hi Arthur,

There really is a lot of good information coming out but so few people access it. I am satisfied now that I truly do know the totality of what is going on. I truly accept the satanic nature of all this and it is very, very disturbing.

I reach out to you to hold your hand in support. I am a strong person but I am very bothered by all this. I ache to the pit of my stomach. I suppose the worst is that my family and many friends are in denial.

Very disturbing is the oppression of the churches (the bodies which nurture and sustain the community of soul) that do fight back, and on the other hand the fact that so many faith groups seem complicit in supporting this demonic program in that  they refuse to fight it or even acknowledge it. That so many humans comply with this and perpetrate/accept the oppression of the faith communities, the right of religious freedom and expression, as well as the overall oppression we face now, is so disturbing.

I am in Mexico on business dealing with the legalities of my property here. Interestingly, I keep meeting other foreigners as well as local Mexicans who are fully aware and informed, so that is a good sign and a comforting fact. (I am so fortunate to be able to be here where I can walk an amazing beach in communion with nature and feel the power of the universe).

I am at the point now of thinking it is time, maybe only little time left, for the aware people to be more deliberately strategizing where and how we go from here to survive and fulfill the duty we have been given. I accept what many are saying: that to be aware is a gift which brings with it a duty, a responsibility. I accept that we who are aware are here at this time on this earth for a reason. I guess, simply, it is to fight this evil, to do what we can to save humanity, to remain human and to preserve the human being made in the image of God on this jewel of a planet, Earth. But the toughest task is to defeat the evil force, destroy it, wipe it out, banish it off this earth and off our backs. Could it be that all we have to do or say is: Get Thee Behind Me Satan????

There is a very, very strong global push back but we do not see it easily because of the censorship. Even knowing all this, often I feel really bad, not despairing, but I ache to the deepest part of my heart and soul. This is why we need the faith community leadership at this time helping the flocks to remain connected to Source or God or whatever you want to call that power of Goodness. We need the faith community confirming we are eternal beings of energy/spirit who have been given by Source/God this magnificent human body of such potential to experience at this time, all the while holding within each of us this power of Source/ God. 

I think it is the duty at this time of all human beings, indeed, to look this force of evil in the eye and say: Get thee Behind Me, Satan. The many are suffering from mind control and so cannot. Worst of all that mind control is turning many into vigilantes. Therefore, those of us who are aware must do the job in all the ways we can – talking, writing, standing, gathering, refusing to mask however we can, communicating, hugging, holding each other, laughing, singing, rejoicing in the power of our own souls, holding hands, sharing, connecting, communicating, being physically close to each other. Could it be this simple?

Anyway Arthur , your letter this morning prompted me to write down my thoughts of today. Writing them helps me to sort out my own direction, to stabilize my own strength. You can share any of these, my thoughts, as you wish, if you like, if you think they can be of any benefit in any way .  Maybe this is one way I can be doing my duty.

Stay connected.