Whole Grains of Truth

[***Editor’s Note: At times the wonderful world of social media can be a tad confusticating. The recent issue surrounding the case of Dr. Hoffe is a good example of what can happen when otherwise well-meaning, conscientious supporters send out information to the net that’s not fully correct and which ends up spawning confusion as to what’s actually going on.

Shit happens like this all the time and I’m just as guilty of it as anyone else, especially when one is working in the field and the field is now so immense that it’s easy to trip over the keys on one’s pc and send something out without having fully checked it out.

Setting the record straight is always helpful, even in retrospect and that’s what this post is for.

I received the following email below from Dr. Hoffe’s lawyer, Michael Alexander, last evening and I’m posting it and the original statement that ended up slipping into the Rumour Mill.]

Re: Status of Dr. Hoffe’s case

Hi Arthur,

I’m sorry to be so delayed in getting back to you. I’ve been very wrapped up in getting the adjournment for Charles, which was successful.

Here is the original statement, which I had misplaced on my computer. It’s the same as below, but it contains a paragraph that Vaccine Choice excluded. I’m sure this is too late to go press. But, if you wanted to report on the latest news, which you may done already, it would be that we did get the adjournment, and I will putting out a press release shortly about what this means going forward.

Best wishes,

Michael Alexander,MA, JD, LLM

LITIGATIONWORKSMerchandise Building155 Dalhousie Street,

Suite 410Toronto, 

ON M5B 2P7

Direct: 416-318-4512

Re: Status of Dr. Hoffe’s case

An unidentified party sent out an e-mail regarding Dr. Hoffe’s case on the weekend, and it has caused considerable misunderstanding and harm. Dr. Hoffe and I have reviewed the e-mail, and Dr. Hoffe has authorized me to correct misapprehensions resulting from it.

First, I have not missed any deadlines for Dr. Hoffe or any of my other physician clients. Dr. Hoffe was scheduled for a hearing at the College of Physicians in BC, which was to begin on February 12th. However, I experienced a serious adverse health event just before Christmas and ended up in the ER, and I am still recovering from the episode. Shortly after being discharged from the hospital, I notified the College that I would need an adjournment of the hearing on health grounds. At that time, all filing deadlines were provisionally suspended. Subsequently, I provided a medical note to the College in pursuit of the adjournment. Later today, February 7th, my external counsel in BC will appear at a College case conference to formally present the request for a re-scheduling of Dr. Hoffe’s hearing.

Second, Dr. Hoffe was charged under the old Health Professions Act. It is by no means clear at this point that the College has a right to try him under the new legislation, with its enhanced penalties. Those who suggest otherwise have jumped the gun.

Third, this e-mail was brought to my attention on Saturday evening when I attended the dinner for the Justice for the Vaccinated Conference in Toronto. During the pre-dinner reception, I learned that an attendee was spreading false information about my conduct of the Hoffe case and other physician cases on my docket. I had a meeting with her at the end of the evening in the presence of conference organizers. We had a professional and civilized conversation, and I was able to disabuse her of her mistaken views. However, another e-mail was soon circulated stating that we had been engaged in a “fight.” That is not true. The matter was resolved amicably. 

Finally, some of the people who circulated the original e-mail know me or have social media connections with me. They could easily have reached out to me for clarification. If they had, this whole affair, which has been damaging for me and Dr. Hoffe, might been stopped in its tracks. Social media is a great way for us to share information and remain united in our efforts, but when it degenerates and becomes a rumour mill, as in this case, it harms the very people we are trying to help. Please think twice before tweeting, texting or posting unsubstantiated claims. 

Michael Alexander, JD