Canada Is Awake, and the Big Numbers Attending Derek Sloan’s Alberta Tour Are Proving It!

[Editor’s Note: Let’s hear it for a Canadian politician who’s got the guts and the moral integrity to take a stand for Canada and defend our traditional values and our fundamental freedoms. More power to him and may God bless and keep him safe and strong.]


What a great week I’ve had on the road in beautiful Alberta!

Medicine Hat, Taber, Lethbridge, Pincher Creek, Strathmore, Claresholm, Brooks, Okotoks, Canmore, Cochrane, and Airdrie!

Did I miss any?

It’s such a pleasure to meet face to face with so many freedom-loving Canadians who are eager to be part of our movement to stand up for Canada, and the huge numbers I see at every stop I make underline one important reality that we can no longer deny. 

Canada is broken.

The events that have led us here are a national tragedy.

The Liberal government under Justin Trudeau has done nothing but inflame tensions in this country while attempting to divide us based on ethnic, regional, religious, and cultural differences.

They have brought in some of the most regressive, far-left legislation this country has ever seen, including an internet censorship bill so repressive, that if passed, it’s likely to make the communist bullies in China express an admiration for the “basic dictatorship” of Justin Trudeau, for a change.

In response to COVID, the Liberal government and other governmental authorities, have enacted the greatest crackdown on personal liberties, outside of wartime, in the history of Canada.

They have created deficit numbers that would have been thought inconceivable until a year ago, which will tighten the noose of debt around the necks of generations yet unborn.

That’s the bad news, but there’s also good news!

Canada is awake! The huge turnouts at my Alberta events are proving it!

I’m so happy and grateful that you’re with me. 

Together, we’re going to grow the largest, most patriotic and freedom-loving movement that Canada has ever seen.

Together, we’re going to make Canadian history, and just in the nick of time! 


The fear-mongering that has driven the lockdown narrative and decimated the economy, bringing financial ruin to so many Canadian families, isn’t about to end. 

The aspiring tyrants have become addicted to the power and control over our lives that it has given them, so it will only intensify. 

The relentless and co-ordinated push to inoculate everyone with “emergency use only” vaccines when there is no emergency continues, and so do calls for “vaccine passports” to coerce more people to get these shots.

Premier Francois Legault of Quebec just used a joint press conference with Justin Trudeau to announce that Quebec would be introducing a vaccine passport, while Trudeau said he’d be asking the Privy Council to look into making vaccines mandatory for federal employees, and perhaps even for federally mandated industries, such as airlines and banking. Click here to read more about it.  

These vaxxports have nothing to do with protecting anyone’s health. They protect the profits of Big Pharma and the tyrannical aspirations of politicians who have lost all concept of the meaning of “public service”. 

This is why I have opposed mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports from day one. Our freedoms were given by God to us. They are not subject to removal by elected officials, only to be offered back to us under certain conditions.

Canadians have had enough of “expert advice” replacing the scientific process with toxic anti-scientific pursuit, which has resulted in the greatest fiasco in the history of Public Health, and mass violation of our liberties. 

Never again should the healthy be locked down. And a Royal Commission of Inquiry will be necessary to re-establish trust.

For months, I’ve told you that I will never stop fighting for Canada, and now I am seeing, meeting, and hearing from so many of you who want to do the same.

We’re going to make sure that voters have a clear choice in the upcoming election. 

Our political movement will represent ALL Canadians and will never back down from standing up for the freedoms with which we are all endowed, no matter how much pushback we get from Trudeau, from his lapdog media, or from faux-conservative sycophants like Erin O’Toole.

We’re lighting a fire that’s going to spread from coast to coast!

What I need you to do is spread the word by sharing this email with as many of your friends and family as possible.

Ask them to sign up at my website 

It’s so great to be with you in this vital, historical endeavour!

God Bless You! God Bless and Long Live Canada!

Derek Sloan

Member of Parliament

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The Truth Has Gone Viral, and the Walls Are Tumbling Down!

[Editor’s Note: It’s more than just a little ironic that in posting this important story about Derek Sloan, MP and his Press Conference on the censorship of scientific and medical information here in Canada that I should find myself in the position where I’m forced to censor the good MP’s video itself! Why of course is too long a tale to relate here but suffice it to say that I’ve been subjected to censorship in Canada since 2007 and after 14 years of ongoing litigation still remain under a severe Probation Order that prohibits me from mentioning any words connected to this latest assault upon our fundamental rights as citizens of an alleged ‘free and democratic society’. I cannot think of a more blatant example of just how insidious the laws of Canada are when it comes to freedom of speech on the Internet. Now, with the passing of Trudeau’s latest underhanded Bill C-10 in the wee hours of the morning while Canadians were fast asleep, these draconian, Big Brother Bolshevik tactics of driving a stake through the heart of Truth and Free Expression have only been exacerbated further. God grant that we shall all awake soon to what’s really going on in this once free nation.]


We live in truly astonishing times!

After well over a year of government overreach that has trampled on our rights, destroyed our economy, and played havoc with the mental health of everyone, especially children, cracks are appearing in the armour of those who have ruled by fear.

All it takes to defeat lying tyranny is to tell the truth. The truth is setting us free, just as we knew it would!

I was pleased to play my part in this process last Thursday, when I hosted a Parliamentary Press Conference on the censorship of scientific and medical information.

I was joined by three brave men – Dr. Patrick Phillips, Dr. Byram Bridle, and Dr. Don Welsh.

All three of these doctors and scientists have been targeted with harassment, abuse, and censorship, all because they dared to follow actual science and speak the truth, even when it contradicted official government and Public Health narratives on the COVID-19 response.

And, of course, they are not alone.

During a health crisis, the most unscientific thing one can do is to discourage open scientific debate, but that’s exactly what’s happened in Canada.

Ironically, right in the middle of my press conference on the censorship of scientific and medical information, Facebook Live took it down.

Facebook doesn’t like the truth, but the more they try to hide the truth, the hungrier Canadians are for it, and the numbers prove this.

The (interrupted) Facebook video of the press conference now has more than 175,000 views, and the full video…, after taking just two days to become their most watched video ever, now has more than half a million views!

My press conference is revealing another important truth about Canada that has nothing to do with science or medicine.

As the video’s views soar to unprecedented totals for a political video in Canada, we see just how poorly served we are by a government-subsidized mainstream media.

The MSM ignored the press conference when it was held, and have ignored the extraordinary online traction its video has created. As usual, they are revealing themselves to be nothing more than the compliant messengers of the Federal and Provincial governments and the Public Health departments.

If a message or event contradicts the official COVID response narrative, our MSM pretends it didn’t happen. In ignoring reality, they are taking Canadians for fools, but they won’t be able to stop the great awakening to the truth that cannot be stopped now.

I’m going to continue to do my part in spreading the truth, and I’m asking for your help.

I want to hold more Parliamentary Press Conferences like last Thursday’s, featuring other truth-tellers.

That’s why I’m putting out a call for whistleblowers of all kinds.

I just put out a special call for whistleblowers in the media. I had a journalist from the Parliamentary Press Gallery reach out to me and confide she was getting editorial pushback for trying to cover non-mainstream COVID-19 narratives. She asked me to put out a call for others like her. So I did. If you’re in the media and you’re being censored contact me! We will ensure your confidentiality, but we want to know your story.

Whether it’s science, medicine, the military, media, education, or wherever, I know the truth is out there because I’ve been hearing it from people just like you.

Contact me and I’ll use my influence as a Member of Parliament to make it known. Please email

Together, we have the truth, and the truth will never be stopped!

I’ve never stopped fighting hard for Canadians when all the other parties have failed to do so. If they won’t stand up as an official opposition, I’ll do it myself!

All we hear is silence in Parliament on issues like detainment of Canadians at airports, research into promising COVID treatments such as Ivermectin, the unconstitutional push for vaccine passports with no debate, and the endless, life-destroying lockdowns while other countries move on.

Silence is unacceptable! We have to make some noise!

Together, I promise you, we will not only make Canadian history and secure Canada’s future for our children, but also ensure that this country will continue to be what it has always been – the true north, strong and free!

God Bless You and God Bless Canada!


Derek Sloan

Member of Parliament

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Sitting Member of Parliament Threatened with Jail Time and Massive fines!

We need your help!

MPP Randy Hillier, Pastor Henry Hildebrandt, MP Derek Sloan

Sitting member of Parliament threatened with Jail time
and massive fines!

Dear Reader,

What’s the crime? “Speaking to his supporters at a political event”!

Surprised? We’re not! Read what state-owned media has to say:

These three Canadians have been charged with a fine of $100,000. If they refuse to pay? JAIL!

MPP Randy Hillier, left, and MP Derek Sloan flank Church of God Restoration pastor Henry Hildebrandt after a church service on Sunday. The two politicians were among those charged for defying Ontario’s pandemic rules. (

MP Derek Sloan and MPP Randy Hillier, who both represent Kingston-area ridings as Independents, are scheduled to appear in Elgin County provincial offences court in June.

The crime you ask? Money Laundering through the Trudeau and Clinton Foundations? Fraternizing with foreign interests on a private island to make a profit? Giving SNC Lavalin inflated government contracts? Oh no wait, that was Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party.

THESE guys, these 3 guys in the photo have been charged with…wait for it…”talking to supporters in a church”. Yup. That’s it. You heard that correctly.

“Talking to supporters in a church” in Canada, in daylight, in public, is now considered a crime in Canada, punishable by a fine up to $100,000 or a year in jail.

While the CBC was forced to retract its statement with no fine or penalty for committing an egregious act of libel by writing that “Sloan, who was kicked out of the Conservative caucus by leader Erin O’Toole in January for accepting a donation from a white supremacist…”

Who stands to gain if these men go to jail? You?

When was the last time the government did ANYTHING for you?! If you do not stand and fight for it, then who? The CCP? The Corrupt Liberal government that is stripping away your freedoms with every Bill they sneak through Parliament. DO you trust the government with you tax dollars? Then why in God’s green earth do you trust them with your freedom? Think slavery is a thing of the past? Think again.

Derek Sloan and Randy Hillier are fighting for your freedom. YOUR freedom. Don’t let them down! It’s time to fight for them. If we do not protect our soldiers who are sacrificing all to save us, then who will?

Please…. Call and email the Attorney General, Minister Downey and Premier Doug Ford, and demand this egregious and flagrant violation of our God-Given inalienable rights be squashed! Permanently.  General phone # for Ministry of the Attorney General: 416-326-2220 Premier’s Office: 416-325-1941

Also show your support for Derek Sloan and Randy Hiller by tweeting out and posting THIS statement: “We reject Communism in Canada. Our Canadian Constitution supports political gatherings in public. We expect the AG and all police officers in Canada to uphold their oath to uphold the law. Drop the threat of fines and threat of jail time now!

God bless Canada! 

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