A statement from the BC RCMP regarding travel restriction enforcement

A statement from the BC RCMP regarding travel restriction enforcement


2021-04-30 16:23 PDT

Earlier this month the BC Provincial Government announced a ban on non-essential travel between three regional zones in British Columbia. This morning they expanded on this announcement by authorizing police to conduct road checks on travel corridors between the regions.

The checks, as outlined in the provincial government announcement, are specifically intended to help limit non-essential travel in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. The emphasis will be on informing travellers of the order, identifying whether or not the purpose for travel is essential as listed in the order, and providing every opportunity for travellers to turn around voluntarily. It is anticipated that the vast majority of travellers will voluntarily comply, minimising the need for enforcement.

The BC RCMP is currently in the process of determining where checks will be conducted to ensure public and officer safety.

These checks will be conducted by a dedicated team and will not reduce police service in the communities which we serve. All police personnel and partner agencies taking part in the checks will be following COVID-19 protocols to ensure the safety of everyone.

Signs placed well ahead of the road checks will warn travellers and provide them the opportunity to safely turn around if the purpose of their travel in not essential.

As outlined in the provincial announcement, the BC RCMP will not be conducting random checks of vehicles or persons. Enforcement will only occur at the designated road check locations on Highways #1, #3, #5, and #99 near to the boundaries between the combined Coastal and Fraser Health Regions and the combined Northern and Interior Health Regions. When a road check is active, a notification will also been made on the BC RCMP website and social media channels.

In preparation for the upcoming checks we would ask the public review the restrictions and provisions that the provincial government has issued, and to avoid non-essential travel between the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island, and Northern/Interior regions.

We recognize that these checks will impact traffic flow and could potentially lead to delays. Leading up to the May long weekend we encourage everyone to revisit their plans and limit travel outside of their community. By working together, we will help to slow the spread of COVID-19 and return to normal seasonal travel more quickly.

Chief Superintendent Dave Attfield
Deputy Criminal Operations Officer, Core Policing

Released by:

BC RCMP Communications


As a former elementary school teacher and a satirist I have to say that this video is an absolute work of genius. It lays out the basic modus operandi of the NWO mindset which obviously includes the MSM or mainstream media.

It’s so reminiscent of the original faux pa of the late Communist taskmaster Joseph Stalin who, back in the late 1920s issued an edict to the people regarding his “5 Year Plan” to boost the economy of the USSR. It eventually manifested as “2+2=5”.

After decades of endless brainwashing and mind-control designed to drill into our heads the concept of “Political Correctness” and, later on, “Diversity” this NWO of swamp rats appears to have convinced themselves (at least) that the general public will fall for whatever they dish out to them via the msm and their controlled political parties throughout the Western world. The current Covid-1984 Plandemic and all that it entails is the consummate example now.

Whoever produced this video was a genius at the use of parody and satire. I have to admit that it even surpasses my own attempt to do likewise. In my case the NWO forces flipped my satire upside down and then proceeded to use it in order to charge me with a “Hate Crime”.

Here we have the wit and wisdom of Pope and Archie Bunker combined. Do enjoy and please share it with all your politically correct friends and neighbours. 🙂