Opening GATES & Getting the Word out about ‘Apeel’

[EDITOR’ NOTE: Well it looks like the insane, psychopathic, murdering, sonofabitch Bill Gates has finally managed to add another notch to his gun in his global quest to jab and poison and kill as many of the world’s population as this disgusting excuse for a human being possibly can.

How in hell he’s got this far without being locked up in an asylum is beyond me. For one estranged maniac to be allowed to roam around loose causing the amount of damage he’s inflicted upon the human species begs the question as to where we, as a race of beings supposedly created and endowed with intelligence, morality, common sense, dignity, honour, love for our fellow beings and for this Garden of Eden we call Mother Earth bequeathed to us by a loving God, truly are today.

If this criminal assault upon the people and all lifeforms of planet Earth is left unattended by us then we’ll truly be fucked and unworthy of remaining here on this once glorious gift we’ve allowed these psychos to continually degrade and destroy. This is an issue that MUST BE STOPPED DEAD in its tracks and those responsible for attempting to initiate it arrested and quarantined for the good of all humanity.

There’s NO EXCUSE possible for any of us to shrug this off. WE THE PEOPLE must begin taking it to the streets everywhere and BOYCOTTING every corporation and business that has acquiesced to Gates’s diabolic, DESTRUCTIVE agenda.]

Opening the GATES & Getting the Word out about ‘Apeel’

Posted by Valerie Wilson 10GS on June 12, 2023

I have been telling everyone I come across about the new toxic coating ‘Apeel’ that has been approved to be put on our fruits and vegetables. So far, I have not come across anyone who has heard of it. I have a booth at the local farmer’s market and last Thursday, here in Westland, Michigan where I live, I had flyers to hand out about ‘Apeel’. No one had heard of it and the people who sell produce at the market had not either and they were very interested to learn more about it.

This is the third blog I have written about ‘Apeel’ and everyone I talk to about it, post on social media about it, or send emails to about it, wants more information about it, so I will keep sharing the places I am getting information about ‘Apeel’.

Just like when GMO food came out and I started talking about it, most had not heard of genetically modifying food. I have been teaching others to stay away from GMO food or anything made this way for years. Just like I am sounding the alarm bell now about ‘Apeel’.

Some people who I have shared this information with have not been so fast to see the harmful effects of putting this on our foods. Why may you ask? Because the website for ‘Apeel’ says it is made with plants and only has one ingredient. Therefore, they come to the conclusion it is not so bad. Let’s use this analogy, that would be like asking the people who created GMO food, if the food is harmful for us to eat… of course they are going to say it is safe and lie to get it to the public! Can we use common sense here and not use the information from the creator of the ‘made for profit’ item if it is good for us?

The website for ‘Apeel’ (to me) is just disgusting, lying about how good it is for us and our food. (I will not share that link here, if you are interested in seeing it just google ‘Apeel’.) Here is a quote from the website totally misleading about what it is made from and also that it is perfectly safe for even infants or the elderly to ingest. “Apeel is composed entirely of purified monoglycerides and diglycerides, edible compounds that can be found in a variety of foods. They are safe to eat as verified by regulatory authorities around the world, including Health Canada, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the World Health Organization (WHO). In fact, they are so safe they can be found in products designed for the most sensitive populations, including infant formula and nutrition shakes for the elderly.”

Now for the truth.

This comes directly from the FDA Papers about ‘Apeel’.

• Contains: Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, Palladium, and Mercury

• Contains: Citric Acid which is almost always derived from GMO corn

• Contains: Soap, sodium oleate (yes, extra salt, sodium in your diet)

• Contains: Ethyl acetate, a flavoring agent, used in solvents, paints, lacquers, perfumes, and processed foods, which is toxic if ingested or inhaled

• Heptane: Used in test fuels, petroleum refinements, cements, and inks

• Contains: Toluene, a highly toxic chemical with a wide range of detrimental health effects when inhaled, swallowed, or when comes in contact with skin or eyes

Other Terrible Things about ‘Apeel’:

• Countries selling produce coated with Apeel include the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Peru, Spain, Sweden, Norway, China, Australia, South Africa, Poland, and Japan.

• It cannot be washed off

• No information campaign or consent was ever done, they just quietly started spraying our food with this toxic substance

• This is a creation from Bill Gates, the same person who gave us GMOs

• Labeling laws vary from state to state and country to country

• It is made from diglycerides of fatty acids, which means it contains trans fats

• The ‘Apeel’ substance is going to be heated before putting on the produce, so if you are eating all raw, will your produce really be raw anymore?

• The produce is also being ‘sanitized’ before the ‘Apeel’ is applied: https://patenent/US20170332650A1/

• Apeel describes how they apply voltage in their coating process. The goal is to turn the liquid spray into a polymer like wax or plastic:

This is the FDA document for ‘Apeel’:

Here is a list of stores that are going to carry ‘Apeel’:

• Costco
• Trader Joe’s
• Fairway Market
• Ralphs
• Sprouts
• Vons
• Walmart
• Whole Foods
• Kroger
• Harps Foods
• Price Right
• Target Moms

Across America Editor’s note:
APEEL is on and will be marketed as organic! It has secured the following partnerships:

• Nature’s Pride
• Sage Fruit Co.
• Del Monte
• Eco Farms
• Del Rey
• Horton Fruit Co.
• RV Aguacates
• Alpine Fresh
• Beta
• Farm Direct Supply
• La Venta
• Stemilt
• Sicar Farms

*This is a partial list

I hope everyone reading this is as outraged as I am that they are spraying our produce with this toxic substance and it was without letting the public have a voice about it. I do believe had they informed us or had a vote about this that ‘Apeel’ would have been rejected unanimously.

Moms Across America Editor’s note: Please sign our petition.

We will submit all signatures to the FDA and the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) to demand that Apeel conduct further testing on its products and suspend the uninformed application of Apeel coating on fresh fruits and vegetables, both conventional and organic—worldwide.

Every signature counts! We have the power to protect our food. Thank you to Valerie Wilson for reporting on this important issue.